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26 July 2002
The Art of Jeffrey Jones
The Art of Jeffrey Jones is the largest collection of the artist's work ever published, as well as the first comprehensive assessment of his remarkable career.  This illustrated biography features 175 heroic and disturbing works including numerous book covers for such literary luminaries as Fritz Lieber, Robert E. Howard, Dean Koontz, and Andre Norton.  Also included are samples of his earliest drawings, covers for Wonder Woman and Batman, pages from Idyl and I'm Age, and all of his Soloman Kane illustrations.  The book also features 35 major new unpublished pieces.

This book will be published in two editions.
Trade Edition:    Hardcover, 9X12, 175 pages for $35.  Available in October.
Limited Edition: Hardcover, 9X12, 191 pages for $100.  Available in August/September.
The Special Edition includes 16 additional pages of full-color paintings, a signature plate and a slipcase. 

The Art of Jeffrey Jones is published by Underwood Books.
Both the trade and limited edition can be purchased from Bud Plant Comic Art.

Blue Mushroom Books
Blue Mushroom Books is a new publisher that debuted three new chapbooks at Pulpcon. 
They are edited and published by Larry Estep.  The covers are full color on heavy cardstock. 
Future releases will be in trade paperback format.
The following titles are available in limited supply from Adventure House and Mike Chomko (chomko@enter.net).
Blue Mushroom Books
THE CHINESE CODE by George Allan England
What do a half million dollars in diamonds, a mysterious Chinaman, and a beautiful Spanish woman have in common? That is what T. Ashley, private investigator would like to know. A plane carrying a fortune in diamonds and the wealthy Manual Ybarra explodes over the Florida Straits, leaving a lot of questions behind. Ashley will have to sort through the secrets to find the answers. Was it staged to collect on insurance money. What are Ybarra's partners hiding? How is the Chinaman, Wang Tu involved? And who is that dark-haired beauty watching from the shadows? The Chinese Code will have to be cracked before it spells death for T. Ashley? 
(Reprinted from Real Detective Tales and Mystery Stories for April 1930 and May 1930.) 
76 pages, saddle-stitched, 5.5"x8.5", color cover, $8.00 plus shipping
Blue Mushroom Books
TONG WAR by Ralph Milne Farley & E. Hoffmann Price
Chinese Tong vs. Chicago Mob; Dames and Gats and a Cross-Country Chase! "And then a shot rang out. The captive slumped against the ropes, dragging the chair over. Then his body lay grotesquely on the floor, while a streamlet of blood spread out on the left side of his shirt." Looks like a Tong War!  (Reprinted from True Gang Life for May 1935.) 80 pages, saddle-stitched, 5.5"x8.5", color cover, $8.00 plus shipping
Blue Mushroom Books
THE SCARLET ACE by Theodore A. Tinsley
The Scarlet Ace, a criminal mastermind who controls organized crime and holds a city in his iron grip, versus Amusement, Inc., the secret crime-fighting organization headed by Major John Tattersall Lacy. "Caxton's plunging body whirled over and over like a twisting dummy. He dwindled with appalling swiftness to a distant dot. Far below in the dizzy depths the pilot chute ripped open a huge spinning parasol. Down toward the cluttered street dropped man and parachute." (Reprinted from All Detective, February 1933.) 
88 pages, saddle-stitched, 7"x8.5", color cover, $9.00 plus shipping

The Scarlet Ace cover is by David Flora. 
Visit his website at http://www.geocities.com/roguehill/boxofflies

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow MagazineThe Book of Death from THE SHADOW MAGAZINE (01/15/42)
The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork: The Devil's Partner (10/01/42) and Gems of Jeopardy (09/01/41)
Doc Savage PDFThe Man of Bronze from DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE (March 1933)
Blackmask Online:  The Shadow in The North Woods Mystery (02/15/36).
Haffner Press
Haffner Press was present at Pulpcon and had a proof of a forthcoming release.
STARK AND THE STAR KINGS by Edmond Hamilton and Leigh Brackett will debut on February 14th, 2003 in Boston at Boskone 40.  This is a  600+ page hardcover collection illustrated by Jim Steranko!
The contents include The Star Kings, Queen of the Martian Catacombs, Enchantress of Venus, Black Amazon of Mars, Return to the Stars, and Stark and the Star Kings. Stark and the Star Kings is one of the many stories commissioned and purchased by Harlan Ellison for The Last Dangerous Visions which never appeared.

Visit the new Haffner Press website at http://www.haffnerpress.com

DETOUR TO OTHERNESS - A Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore short story collection should be available within the next few months.   It may be ready for ConJose, the 60th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), to be held in San José, California August 29th through September 2nd. The book will have Richard Powers cover art. 
The contents include Cold War, Call Him Demon, The Dark Angel, The Piper's Son, Absalom, The Little Things, Nothing But Gingerbread Left, Housing Problem, See You Later, This is the House, The Proud Robot, Gallegher Plus, The Ego Machine, Android, The Sky is Falling Juke-Box, Open Secret, All is Illusion, Rite of Passage,Baby Face, Happy Ending, The Children's Hour, Dream's End, and Near Miss. The book will have a Foreword by Robert Silverberg and an Afterword by Frederik Pohl.   The retail price will be $35.
MARTIAN QUEST: THE EARLY BRACKETT is scheduled for December 2002.
The contents include Martian Quest, The Treasure of Ptakuth, The Tapestry Gate, The Stellar Legion, The Demons of Darkside, Water Pirate, Interplanetary Reporter, The Dragon-Queen of Venus, Lord of the Earthquake, No Man's Land in Space, A World is Born, Retreat to the Stars, Child of the Green Light, Child of the Sun, Out of the Sea, Cube from Space, Outpost on Io, The Hafling, and The Citadel of Lost Ships. The book will have a Foreword by Michael Moorcock and an Afterword by the author. Artwork is by Virgil Finlay.  The retail price will be $35.
2003 will mark Jack Williamson's 75th Anniversary as a published writer. SEVENTY-FIVE is a massive look back at all aspects of Williamson's career. The contents include classic stories, excerpts from some of the most famous novels, non-fiction & academic texts, and some never-before-published works. Keynote speeches, illustrated sidebars with historial data, and a color section with photographs will also be included.  Additionally, a segment of the early 1950s newspaper comic-strip, BEYOND MARS will be included. 
The Hand of Zorro
This October, AC Comics will publish The Hand of Zorro #1 by Everett Raymond Kinstler. 
Ladrones, dreaded highwaymen of the lonely roads of Atla, California strike terror across the territory.  Investigations by Don Diego de la Vega ferret out their secret leader, the Marquis de Rigos, and it is left to the black-clad swashbuckler, El Zorro, to bring this would-be despot to justice.  As an extra, the career of artist Everett Raymond Kinstler is examned with many illustrations provided by the artist.  This is a 44 page, black and white comic for $5.95.  The story is reprinted from Dell Four Color #574 which was originally published in August 1954. 
This item can be pre-ordered through your local comic shop. 
Request Diamond Item Code AUG021771.
James Van Hise
The Fantastic Worlds of Clark Ashton Smith is planned for Fall and will be followed by The Rocket's Blast and Comicollector #4 and League of Masks, a novel previewed in The Rocket's Blast and Comicollector #3.
Moonstone Books
Coming from Moonstone Books in November is the first title in the Moonstone Noir series: Boston Blackie.
This title is written by Stefan Petrucha with art by Kirk Van Wormer and a cover by Tim Seelig.

He's a safe-cracker, an ex-con, but as always, Boston Blackie is misunderstood. At an extravagant costume ball, a jewel heist goes horribly wrong. The five-year-old son of the wealthy Greene family dissapears, is presumed dead, and all fingers point to Boston Blackie as the main suspect. The body is never found, and seven years later BB is still haunted by what happened that night. He's drawn back into the case, and finds that his memory and the truth of what happened that night lay deep and distorted in a watery grave.

This is the first in a new line of crime books that will feature The Hat Squad, Bulldog Drummond, Johnny Dollar, Mysterious Traveller, The Lone Wolf, and Jack Hagee, Private Eye.

48 pages, black and white, $5.50. 

Moonstone Books are available from Ed Bond Books after publication. 

Moonstone Books
Coming from Moonstone Books in November is Legacy of the Invisible Man.
This title is written by Dave Ulanski with art by Art Nichols, coloring by Ken Wolak and a cover by Doug Klauba. 

Inspired by the H.G. Wells classic, the legend of the Invisible Man that once haunted the small English town of Iping
is revisited. Nearly 100 years after the passing of the insane genius, his long-hidden journals are rediscovered, and their secrets unlocked. The books make their way from proper old England to Birch Station, Indiana... where their owner attempts to recruit the aid of the great-nephew of the legendary Invisible Man to duplicate the experiements from a century past. But what is unleashed on the unsuspecting town is not only a new disappearing mystery antagonist... but quite possibly nother madman, as well. Are they necessarily one and the same, or is more going on here than meets the eye? Will the intentions of the Invisible Man be carried out... or will the authorities of Birch Station see through him before it's too late? 
48 pgs, squarebound, color, $6.95 

Moonstone Books are available from Ed Bond Books after publication.

The Spider #2
This October, Action Ink will publish The Spider #2 by Jason Daly and Gene Colan.  The story features the master villain from the Spider novel Death Reign of the Vampire King, The Bat Man.  When terror rears its loathsome head in the New York City subway system, The Spider dispatches his own brand of justice in electrifying fashion.  The comic also features a graphic introduction by Gray Morrow and a black and white cover by Raphael De Soto.  The comic is 64 pages, black and white for $5. 

According to Rich Harvey, Editor and Publisher of Bold Venture Press, this comic is apparently a preview of a second planned Spider graphic novel.

This item can be pre-ordered through your local comic shop. 
Request Diamond Item Code AUG021778. 
The comic cover is from the original pulp cover depicted to the right.

Tarzan Statue
This October, Dark Horse Comics will add to their line of Classic Comic Character statues with Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan.  The statue comes packaged in a full-color tin box with pinback button, an informational booklet, and a certificate of authenticity.  The statue is five inches tall, limited to only 600 numbered copies, and retails for $49.95.  A prototype is pictured to the right.  The actual statue may vary. 
This item can be pre-ordered through your local comic shop. 
Request Diamond Item Code AUG020048. 

21 July 2002
Charlie Chan
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Lucy Liu plans to revive the Charlie Chan adventures.  Liu will rework the series while using the title, reforming it around her as the granddaughter of the famous Chinese-American detective of the 1930s and 1940s series.  John Woo will produce the film, though it’’s not known if he will direct. 
Conan Parody Film
The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Rob Schneider has been signed to star in a new comedy, Harv the Barbarian.   David Zucker is in negotiations to direct.  The project is being co-financed and co-produced by DreamWorks Pictures and Winchester Films. Wind Dancer Films is also producing the project, scheduled to start shooting Oct. 1.  Zucker will helm from a script by Wind Dancer principal Carmen Finestra and scribe Jack Handey that is described only as a Monty Python-esque tale of a simple barbarian who finds himself on a voyage of self-discovery. 
E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow MagazineThe North Woods Mystery from THE SHADOW MAGAZINE (02/15/36)
The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork: Trail of Vengeance (11/01/42) and No Time for Murder (12/01/44)
Doc Savage PDFRepel from DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE (October 1937)
Blackmask Online:  Doc Savage in Birds of Death (October 1941) and The Shadow in Double Z (June 1932).
Frank Robinson: Through My Glasses Darkly
The Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society has released Through My Glasses Darkly.  This is a signed and limited edition perfect bound book reprinting five classic Science Fiction pulp stories by Frank Robinson.  The book has a full color cover and is also signed by the editor and cover artist, Robin Wayne Bailey. The book is available from Adventure House for $15 plus $3 shipping (Book Rate). 
Adventure House, 914 Laredo Road, Silver Springs, MD 20901,  http://www.adventurehouse.com.
H. P. Lovecraft
Guillermo del Toro (Blade II) will adapt H. P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness for the big screen. 
He is presently scripting the movie with Matthew (Mimic) Robbins.

Stuart P. Gordon’s adaptation of Lovecraft’s Dagon is presently in limited release at theaters and available on DVD.  Cinescape reviewer Jason Henderson had the following to say about this film: “the movie is a remarkably creative piece that accomplishes two seemingly at-odds mean cinematic feats: it successfully adapts H.P. Lovecraft, one of the last century’’s most unfilmable writers, and it does it with humor that enhances the horror rather than detracts from it”and “Stuart Gordon’s work has matured and given us a classic horror film that fans of the genre simply cannot ignore.” 

Hippocampus Press
Hippocampus Press is now accepting pre-publication orders for The Last Oblivion: The Best Fantastic Poetry of Clark Ashton Smith.  The book is edited by S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz and will be available in September.  Clark Ashton Smith could well be considered one of the great poets of the twentieth century, and much of his verse explores the realms of fantasy, terror, wonder, and the supernatural. In this volume-the first major selection of Smith's poetry in more than thirty years-editors S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz have presented an extensive array of poetic work that fully reveals Smith's exotic language, imaginative range, and metrical precision. Including work from as early as the precocious Star-Treader and Other Poems (1912) and as late as the posthumously published The Hill of Dionysus (1962), The Last Oblivion features such celebrated works as Nero, Ode to the Abyss, and Smith's exquisite elegies to his mentor George Sterling and to his colleague in fantasy, H. P. Lovecraft. Poems on Zothique, Averoigne, and Atlantis-realms in which many of his prose tales are set-are also featured. More than two dozen unpublished or uncollected poems, never previously included in any of Smith's books, make The Last Oblivion a must for Smith devotees. As an aid to readers, an exhaustive glossary of unusual words and names used in Smith's poetry is provided. The retail price is $15 plus $2 shipping.  Personal checks and money orders are accepted.  Contact Hippocampus Press, P.O. Box 641, New York, NY 10156,  Phone: 212-681-9120, Fax: 212-681-9126.
Indiana Jones
Variety reports that Frank Darabont (Minority Report) has been offered the job of writing the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise and a deal is expected to be inked imminently. Paramount insiders say the film will be aimed at a July 2005 holiday weekend berth. Spielberg says “We have the story, which is a story George Lucas wrote. It’s a wonderful story. We have Harrison Ford, who’s approved the story. He’s ready to perform in the movie.”
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
One of the most celebrated comics series in recent memory, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, makes its triumphant return on 24 July.  Volume 2 begins immediately following the events of Volume 1.  It is 1898, and there are strange rumblings in the sky.  Flashing lights dance across the horizon. The Martians are coming...and the Earth will never be the same.  This series brings together the well known literary characters Allan Quartermain, Dracula’s Mina Murray, Captain Nemo, Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde and The Invisible Man’s Hawley Griffen.  The six part mini-series is written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Kevin O’Neill.  It will be published under DC Comic’s imprint, America’s Best Comics.  The 32 page (no ads) first issue arrives in comic shops 24 July with a cover price of $3.50.
Click here or on the image to the right for a preview of the first issue!

Available in September from DC Comics is a 192 page trade paperback collection of  The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 1.  This volume includes all six original covers, an illustrated  text feature Allan and the Sundered Veil, and a sketchbook section giving a glimpse into artist Kevin O’Neil’s artistic process.  The retail price is $14.95.

A feature film version of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is also in the works.  Sean Connery will play the part of Alan Quartermain, Stuart (Queen of the Damned) Townsend is Dorian Gray, Shane (Once and Again) West is Secret Service Agent Tom Sawyer, and Peta (La Femme Nikita) Wilson stars as Mina Harker.  The film will be directed by Stephen Norrington.  The Twentieth Century Fox production began filming earlier this month. The film is being shot in Prague, Morocco, and Iceland, and is due out in theaters Summer 2003.

Moonstone Books
In September, Moonstone Books will publish the third book in their Phantom series, The Treasures of Bangalla.  Deep in the jungle of Bangalla, pirates steal a priceless treasure for a greedy art collector. Meanwhile, in London, Diana Walker and her disturbed friend Naida are kidnapped and locked up tight in a twisted sanitarium.  The story is written by Ron Goulart, penciled by Mike Collins, inked by Art Nichols, colored by Ken Wolak, and has a cover by Joel Naprstek. It is 48 pages for $6.95. 

This item can be pre-ordered through your local comic shop.  Request Diamond Item Code JUL022170. 
After publication, Moonstone Books can be ordered from Ed Bond Books, PO Box 45495, Madison, WI 53744, FAX: 608-241-3004, or visit their website to order online at http://members.aol.com/pulpadventures/home.html

Night Shade Books
Night Shade Books will be publishing a series of volumes collecting H.P. Lovecraft's letters.  Rather than chronological, as with the Arkham editions, the Night Shade editions will be thematic. Each volume will be dedicated to a specific subject, time, or place.  The Arkham editions have severely edited/cut the letters, eliminating a great deal of material.  These editions will be uncut, containing the complete texts of the letters, as well as any additional illustrations.  The Night Shade editions will be far more comprehensive.

The first volume will be Mysteries of Time and Spirit: Letters of H.P. Lovecraft and Donald Wandrei, edited by S.T. Joshi and David E. Schultz.  This volume collects all known correspondence between Lovecraft and Wandrei.  Most of Mysteries of Time and Spirit is unpublished material, as will be most of the letters volumes  produced in the future.  Mysteries of Time and Spirit will be available as a $40 trade hardcover or a $20 trade paperback, and will run about 450 pages.  The first volume is planned for the Fall, and future volumes will follow about one per year. 

Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos
Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos edited by Robert M. Price will be available in trade paperback from Del Rey Books in October. This volume is 352 pages with cover art by John Jude Palencar and retails for $14.95.  Contents include The Thing on the Roof and  The Fire of Asshurbanipal by Robert E. Howard, The Seven Geases by Clark Ashton Smith, Fane of the Black Pharoah by Robert Bloch, The Invaders and Bells of Horror by Henry Kuttner, The Thing That Walked on the Wind and Ithaqua by August Derleth, The Lair of the Star-Spawn by August Derleth and Mark Schorer, The Lord of Illusion by E. Hoffman Price, The Warder of Knowledge by Richard F. Searight, The Scourge of B'Moth by Bertram Russell, The House of the Worm by Mearle Prout, Spawn of the Green Abyss by C. Hall Thompson, The Guardian of the Book by Henry Hasse, The Abyss by Robert A.W. Lowndes, Music of the Stars by Duane W. Rimel,  The Aquarium by Carl Jacobi, The Horror out of Lovecraft by Donald A. Wollheim, and To Arkham and the Stars by Fritz Leiber.  This collection was originally published in hardcover by Fedogan & Bremer in 1992.
Titanic Tales
Insight Studios’ Mark Wheatley was recently interviewed and revealed that Insight Studios has a pretty large handful of projects in the hopper, all in various stages of development, including a sequel to Titanic Tales (with art by Gray Morrow, Frank Cho and other members of the studio). 
Now available on one DVD are Mark of Zorro and Don Q, Son of Zorro

Mark of Zorro (1920, 107 min.): Don Diego Vega must assume the masked identity of Zorro to convince the Caballeros to join him in his quest to save San Juan Capistrano from an evil governor and his lecherous captain in the nineteenth century. 

Don Q, Son Of Zorro (1925, 111 min.): Don Cesar De Vega crosses swords with a vicious member of the Queen's Guard, and steals the affection of a young heiress. When the officer frames the young upstart for murder, Don Cesar fakes his own death and retreats to the crumbling ruins of the family castle where he plots his vengeance. 
Both films star Douglas Fairbanks Senior as Zorro.

Released in June and Early July
Adventure House
High Adventure #65 featuring Dusty Ayers and his Battle Birds in Crimson Doom is now available for $7.95 plus $2.50 shipping (Media Mail) for one copy.
Adventure House
G-8 and his Battle Aces #5 featuring The Vampire Staffel is now available for $9.95 plus $2.50 shipping (Media Mail) for one copy.
Adventure House
The New Pulpwood Editor by Harold Hersey is now available.  This volume is a complete reprint from the scarce hardcover edition.  It features over 200 illustrations and cover reproductions, many of which are so scarce you might never see them reproduced anywhere else.  This 7x10 volume has a full color cover. The retail price is $16.95 plus shipping. 
Black Dog Books

THE SHIP OF SHADOWS by H. Bedford-Jones  (Vol. III of the H. Bedford-Jones Pathways to Adventure series)
A fallen from grace minister, six Russian revolutionaries, and a former Russian Aristocrat are the players in this long novelette from BLUE BOOK. Fate draws this odd band together ­ fate and the Devil¹s Hand aboard the Kum Chao a vessel destined to become known as the Ship of Shadows!
Saddle-stitched booklet under single-color card stock cover 82 pages. $8.00 US

Lemuel De Bra worked as a US Secret Service agent assigned to investigate the opium trade in San Francisco¹s Chinatown district. Before as his contemporary Dashiell Hammett turned to writing fiction drawing upon his own
experiences as a Pinkerton Detective, Lemuel De Bra was bringing forth his own first-hand knowledge of the Chinese underworld, woven into dozens of  Chinatown mysteries for such pulps as CLUES, BLUE BOOK, and SHORT STORIES.  Here are four tales of Oriental intrigue. 
Saddle-stitched booklet under single-color card stock cover 69 pages.  $8.00 US

DEATH¹S DETOUR by Robert Leslie Bellem
The Surgeon of Souls Collection Volume I, with an introduction by Alfred Jan
We dare you to risk a glimpse into the strange world of Dr. Zarkov, the  mystic "The Surgeon of Souls" in these four tales of moral dilemma from SPICY MYSTERY
Saddle-stitched booklet, under single-color card stock cover. 72 pages  $7.00 US

Watch for our second volume, "Gallow¹s Heritage" collecting the remaining tales!

GRAVEYARD HONEYMOON by Arthur Leo Zagat [writing as Morgan Lefay] 
Zagat was a much-respected contributor to such magazines as ARGOSY, DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLYand DIME MYSTERY. Here are three ghastly tales resurrected from the pages of SPICY MYSTERY
Saddle-stitched booklet under single-color card stock cover 69 pages. $7.00 US

WITCHCRAFT by L. Patrick Greene
The "Major" again deals out the hand of justice and plays the trump card in these two sequential novelettes.
Saddle-stitched booklet under single-color card stock cover 65 pages.  $7.00 US

Make all checks payable to: Black Dog Books/Tom Roberts.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.
Shipping & Handling (at New Media Mail Rates) - 1 booklet $2.00; 2-3 booklets $4.00; 4-7 booklets $5.50
Black Dog Books, 1102 N. Roosevelt Ave., Bloomington, IL 61701, blackdogbooks_tomroberts@yahoo.com

Black Dog Books are also available from Adventure House and Mike Chomko (chomko@enter.net).

Blood 'N' Thunder
Blood ‘N’ Thunder is an all-new quarterly fanzine for fans of adventure, mystery, and melodrama in American popular culture with emphasis on pre-1950 subjects. A 4,500-word cover story revisits Edgar Wallace's classic thriller, The Green Archer, and the long-lost movie serial adapted from it in 1925. Illustrated with many rare, never-before-reprinted stills. Also in this issue: Pulp Page to Silver Screen, which compares a 1932 pulp western story, Tombstone Canyon, with the Ken Maynard movie adapted from it,... Airwave Adventures, which reexamines a 1946 Adventures of Superman radio continuity inspired by sci-fi pulp yarns,... From the Top Shelf, which reviews two rare, highly collectible issues of the exemplary pulps ADVENTURE and CRIME BUSTERS,... Tricks of the Trade, which reprints a 1936 writer's-magazine article listing all the pulp magazines, their editors, requirements, and pay scales,... and the first Blood 'N' Thunder Reprint, a heretofore-unreprinted Wade Hammond mystery from a 1933 issue of TEN DETECTIVE ACES. Full-color front and back covers printed on glossy card stock, interiors printed on coated paper. Saddle-stitched binding. 36 pages, 8 1/2 X 11". Single-copy price is $6.00 postpaid. Supplies are limited, so get your copy now!   Payment can be sent to: Ed Hulse, Mountain Club, Bldg 15, Apt 4B, Morris Plains, NJ 07950.
Bold Venture Press
The Spider #69: Rule of the Monster Men is now available for $12 postpaid.   It includes the short story Doc Turner and the Winged Terror by Arthur Leo Zagat and a special feature article for the story's World's Fair background by Rich Harvey. 
The Book of the Black Sun
The Book of the Black Sun by G. W. Thomas is now available.  The Book of the Black Sun is thirty-two Lovecraftian stories arranged in eight clusters of four stories: a micro story, a flash piece, a short story, and a longer short story. Each cluster is named after a chapter in the Book of the Black Sun. References to the Cthulhu Mythos, strange mandalas, spinning eldritch gates and other themes are woven throughout the book so that the reader learns more about the mythology of the Black Sun as they read along. The final result is a creepy, self-referential mandala in itself. The book of the title is supposed to be from the future! A Mythos tome that hasn't been written yet. 
The Book of the Black Sun is 221 pages for $4.99 (download price only).  Titles are also available on CDROM including the software to read the selection for an additional $8.  All hard copy books have an associated shipping and handling charge. Contact Double Dragon eBooks at Double Dragon Publishing, P.O. Box 540161, 5762 Highway 7 East Markham, ON L3P 7Y4Canada, email: info@double-dragon-ebooks.com, or visit the website at http://www.double-dragon-ebooks.com/
The Bronze Gazette
The Bronze Gazette #34 is now available. This issues features The Mystery of the Majii by Will Murray, Lions and Lizards and Bats! Oh My! by Keith Julius, Revelations From The Phantom City by Mary Streblow, Revelations From The Spotted Men by Mary Streblow, a parody advertisement, Letters to the Editor, Editor’s Corner, News Update, and a fabulous unpublished Doc cover by Bob Larkin.

Subscriptions to The Bronze Gazette are available for issues 35, 36 and 37 at this time.  Subscriptions are $16.50/3 issues in USA;  $18.00/3 issues Canada;  $22.00/3 issues Foreign. Make checks or money orders payable to Green Eagle Publications. U.S. currency only. Individual issues are available for $6 (U.S.), $6.50 (Canada) and $8 (Foreign) each (includes postage). Available issues: 18-25, 29, 31, 32, 33. Contact Green Eagle Publications, 2900 Standiford Ave 16B/PMB #136, Modesto, Ca 95350.

Burroughs Bulletin
The Spring 2002 issue of The Burroughs Bulletin is now available.  This issue features articles on Burroughs’ fiftieth story, Tarzan and the Leopard Men.  Subscriptions are $28 for four quarterly issues from the Burroughs Bibliophiles,  University of Louisville Library, Louisville, KY 40292. 

Single issues are available from Weinberg Books (847-570-5919) for $7 each plus shipping.

DC Comics: High Roads
High Roads is the newest project from DC Comics Wildstorm/Cliffhanger imprint. High Roads harkens back to the days of action-adventure in comic books and has a Saturday afternoon matinee feel to it.  If you liked Indiana Jones, you'll want to experience High Roads.  The six-issue limited series is written by Scott Lobdell and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu.  The first four issues are now available with a retail price of $2.95 each.

The premise is as follows.  It’s the final days of World War II and all the free world is celebrating the impending end of the Third Reich - everyone except U.S. Army Sergeant Nick Highroad, who is currently dangling from the side of a mansion carved out of ice at a secret Nazi compound located in the Arctic! How did he get there? And who are the diminutive English actor, the former Fuehrer's mistress, and the ex-kamikaze pilot who seem to be his only friends? How did they come up with their misguided plan to steal one of Hitler's most valued possessions out from under that tight little mustache of his...at a time when he's pretty distracted? And how is it these four desperate strangers find themselves involved in a plot to thwart the dictator's Final Solution? 

Ed Bond Books/Pulp Adventures
A Task for Zorro is now available for $15 plus $3 shipping. 
This is the 5th Zorro Novel.  It has a cover and additional artwork courtesy of Joel F. Naprstek.

Don Diego Vega dares to challenge the might of powerful, deadly foes! When thieves and highwaymen disrupt the peace of Alta California, the masked avenger of the night rides forth to strike down a vicious, evil ring of death and destruction!


Fading Shadows: Echoes Revisited
Echoes Revisited is now available.  This special issue features long out-of-print articles from the magazines 20 year history as well as several new articles and some fantastic art.  The contents include: A Portrait of Dan Fowler and G-MEN by Nick Carr, The 10 Best G-8 Novels by Nick Carr, The Crimson Mask by Nick Carr, City of Madness by Tom Johnson, Trouble In Chapter 1 by Will Murray, Mask of the Scar by Will Murray, Lords of the Phantom by Will Murray, The Late Rex Ward by Will Murray, G-8's Rightful Time by Rex Ward, The Shadow's Greatest Locale by Rex Ward, Random Thoughts From Yesteryear by Rex Ward, Bagdad In The Morning by Rex Ward, Ramblings From The Past by Rex Ward, The Crimson Caliph by Rex Ward, The Discover by Allan J. Isobel, Ye Old Science Fiction Magazine Department by Allan Isobel, Requiem For Sports Fiction by John Dinan, The End of the Trail by John Dinan, The Ranger And The Bad Man by James M. Reasoner, The Doctor Is In by Michael A. Black, She: The Eternal Romance of Ayesha by Gary Lovisi, Is The Avenger A Killer? by Jeffrey T. Zverloff, The Corinth/Regency Paperbacks by Tom Johnson, Chance Without A Ghost by Monte Herridge, Contributors’ Profiles compiled by Ginger Johnson, Ron Wilber's Domino Lady portfolio, artwork by Bruce Heller, Kevin Duncan and David Burton including a full color cover by David Burton. Echoes Revisited is 8.5"X11" and approximately 120 pages.  David Burton is providing numbered addressed art pages to insert loose leaf for the first 120 people that purchase a copy. Echoes Revisited retails for $18 postpaid. Contact Fading Shadows Inc., 504 East Morris Street, Seymour, Texas 76380-2212.
Haffner Press: Spider Island
The latest release from Haffner Press, Spider Island - The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson Volume Four debuted at the 2nd Annual Windy City Pulp Show in March.  Clocking in at over 600 pages, Spider Island is the latest volume to collect the short fiction, in order of original publication of Science Fiction Grand Master Jack Williamson.  The contents of Spider Island are: The Ruler of Fate (from WEIRD TALES); Death's Cold Daughter (from THRILLING MYSTERY); The Great Illusion (from FANTASY MAGAZINE); The Blue Spot (from ASTOUNDING STORIES); The Ice Entity (from THRILLING WONDER STORIES); Spider Island (from THRILLING MYSTERY); The Mark of the Monster (from WEIRD TALES); The Devil in Steel (from THRILLING MYSTERY); Released Entropy (from ASTOUNDING STORIES); Dreadful Sleep (from WEIRD TALES); The Infinite Enemy (from THRILLING WONDER STORIES); The Legion of Time (from ASTOUNDING SCIENCE-FICTION).  Also included is a foreword by SF & Horror scholar Edward Bryant, an appendix of Williamson's essays and articles from the same story-period, and an afterword by the author.   As with the previous volumes in The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Spider Island is a smythe-sewn 6" x 9" hardcover bound in a custom-dyed cloth, and typeset in a format designed to honor the Fantasy Press editions of Williamson's first books from the 1940s & 50s.  Full-color endpapers reproduce the pulp magazine cover art for each story's first appearance.

Two editions of Spider Island are available.  The 1000-copy trade edition is $35.00 (U.S.) and the 100-copy signed limited  edition in slipcase is $125.00 (U.S.).  Please add $5.00 for shipping (via Media Mail) for the first book, and $1.00 for each additional book per order.  Checks and money orders only made payable and sent to Haffner Press, 5005 Crooks Road, Suite 35, Royal Oak, Michigan 48073-1239.  Spider Island is also available from Weinberg Books (847-570-5919), Mike Chomko (chomko@enter.net) and Chris Drumm Books (515-984-6749, cdrummbks@aol.com).

Hippocampus Press
The Metal Monster by A. Merritt is now available.  A. Merritt's second published novel, The Metal Monster was first serialized in 1920.  Its exotic setting and extravagant scientific speculations make it a landmark of lost-race fantasy fiction. Dissatisfied with its writing, Merritt kept his story from book publication until 1946, revising and reshaping it for more than twenty years. This edition reprints for the first time the tale as it was originally published, restoring close to 10,000 words of text Merritt cut from the original.  It features stunning cover art by the great Virgil Finlay!  The retail price is $15 plus $2 shipping for one book and $3 for two books. Personal checks and money orders are accepted.  Contact Hippocampus Press, P.O. Box 641, New York, NY 10156,  Phone: 212-681-9120, Fax: 212-681-9126.
Illustration Magazine
Illustration Magazine #3 is now available and features 50's paperback illustrator Robert Maguire, best known for his sexy femme fatales and art noir covers, Eugene Iverd, Saturday Evening Post cover artist of the 1920s and ‘30s, and Al Parker, an American illustrator in the 1950s and ‘60s. 

Illustration Magazine #3 is available from Bud Plant Comic Art and Adventure House
Illustration Magazine is published quarterly and is 48 pages in black and white and full color. 
Individual issues are $9 postpaid.
Four issue subscriptions are available for $36. 
Illustration Magazine, 540 Wooddell Court,Kirkwood, MO 63122.

Jur: A Story of Pre-dawn Earth
Jur: A Story of Pre-dawn Earth Johnson & James Reasoner is now available. From the 20th Century, Aaron and Odette are lost in a land of dinosaurs and savage beasts. Can they survive this violent prehistoric world?  The novel is  available in print (ISBN 1-59105-035-9) and PDF downloadable (ISBN 1-59105-010-3) formats.  The novel can be downloaded from the NBI website for $5.50.  The print edition is available from NBI and Fading Shadows.  Order from Fading Shadows for $15.95 postpaid.  All orders to Fading Shadows will be autographed by Tom Johnson.  Contact Fading Shadows Inc., 504 East Morris Street, Seymour, Texas 76380-2212.  Contact Novel Books Inc., PO Box 277, Pacolet, SC  29372-0277. Visit the NBI website at http://www.novelbooksinc.com for their weekly releases, plus free downloads of short stories.
Night Shade Books
Now available is Gods in Darkness by Karl Edward Wagner. Gods in Darkness gathers together in one hardcover volume the complete novels of Kane. Karl Edward Wagner's complex and compelling character of Kane redefined the boundaries of heroic fantasy, and stands besides Robert E. Howard’s Conan, Michael Moorcock's Elric, and Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and Gray Mouser as one of the most idiosyncratic and compelling characters of the fantasy genre.  The book retails for $35 plus $5.50 shipping for the first book and $1 for each additional book. 
Contact Night Shade Books, 501 S. Willamette St., Newberg, OR 97132, 503-475-7408 
Pulpdom #30 is now available.  This issue spotlights THE POPULAR MAGAZINE.  Articles include Fantasy in The Popular Magazine by Caz, The Popular: 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, & 1924 by Caz, and Is Conan a Hero? No! by Kevin Cook.   Fiction includes Barney of the World Police by Arthur Tuckman and Glued by H. de Vere Stacpoole.  This issue has full color front and back covers and is profusely illustrated with full color illustrations of pulp covers, primarily from THE POPULAR MAGAZINE.
Copies are $6 each (postpaid) anywhere in USA. 
Contact C. Cazedessus II, P.O. Box 2340, Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147.
Purple Prose
Purple Prose #16 is now available.  This issue marks the first publication of the late Henry Steeger's Notes and Name Droppings from an Editor's Chair, a draft history of the pulps that Steeger was working on in the early seventies. Partly drawn from research and partly drawn from Steeger's memories as the president of Popular Publications, The Steeger Papers form an important addition to pulp history.  The manuscript has been carefully annotated by Purple Prose editor Mike Chomko, correcting errors that crept into the original document and filling out some of the more obscure references in the document. There is also an afterword by Don Hutchison.  The issue is illustrated with interior illustrations from a wide variety of pulps, a gallery of 12 covers, and a Spider-like front cover by Neil Mechem.  You can subscribe to the next two issues for $10.00.  Single issues are also available for $5.50 postage paid.  Send check or money order to Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview St., Allentown, PA  18104-6542. You can also pay via Paypal by sending funds drawn from a bank account (sorry, no credit cards) to chomko@enter.net.
Rocket’s Blast and the Comicollector
The third issue of Rocket’s Blast and the Comicollector is now available.  This issue showcases horror comics of the Golden Age with emphasis on the classic E.C. comics pre-code era.  Articles include a Johnny Craig Tribute, a George Evans Tribute, Why Do We Collect Comics?, Prince Valiant, a Hal Foster Interview, Comic Artists in the Pulps, League of Masks (Fiction), Snuff Comics, Weird Science, Don Rosa's Info Center, and The Boy From Mercury.  This issue is 8X11, 128 pages and retails for $9.95 plus $4.00 shipping. 
Contact James Van Hise, 57754 Onaga Trail, Yucca Valley, CA 92284. 
Tarzan and Jane
Now available on DVD is Tarzan and Jane, the sequel to Walt Disney's Tarzan.  This animated adventure finds Tarzan and Jane's one-year anniversary fast approaching. Jane searches the jungle for the perfect gift for Tarzan, even enlisting the help of the hilarious Terk and Tantor. As they recall the many adventures they've shared so far, Jane realizes what an exciting year it's been in the jungle: from encounters with both old friends and new adversaries to outsmarting prowling panthers to surfing the lava down an erupting volcano. But that's nothing compared to what Tarzan has in store for Jane - a surprise that'll show her just how much he understands her world. Features a new duet of Two Worlds performed by Phil Collins and Mandy Moore.
Wandering Star
Now available from Wandering Star is the Conan Sketchbook.  This is a handsome chapbook that includes a behind-the-scenes look at artist Mark Schultz’s artwork in progress for Wandering Star’s forthcoming Conan of Cimmeria Volume One.  It features dozens of preliminary pencil drawings, pen-and-ink studies, and a fold-out cover showcasing a full-color oil painting.  The chapbook is 6"X8", 20 pages, black and white for $5.95.  I had the opportunity to see this book at the International Comic-Con in San Diego last July.  The artwork is truly stunning! 

Conan Sketchbook is now available for $7.95 plus shipping from Bud Plant Comic Art, POBox 1689, Grass Valley, CA 95945, 1-800-242-6642,  http://www.budplant.com.

Wild Cat Books: Strange Worlds #10
STRANGE WORLDS # 10 featuring the continuation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Princess of Mars (Part 4 of 5) and is illustrated by David Burton, who also provides the full-color cover. This issue also includes The Cats of Ulthar by H. P. Lovecraft, Operator 5: The Men in Uniform (Part 4 of 4) by Nick Carr, The Revenge of The Horned Man (Part 3 of 3) by Kevin Olson, Space, Time and Relativity by Captain Future historian Chuck Juzek, and a sampler of Ver Curtiss' new comic strip Grey Matters

The price is $10 plus $3 shipping and handling. 
Special Offer: Order both STRANGE WORLDS #10 and THE WHISPERER and the total will be only $24.50 postage paid, a savings of $1.50!

Wild Cat Books/Ron Hanna, 6664 Valley Pike, Middletown, VA  22645-11720
email: wildcatbooks@netzero.net

Wild Cat Books: The Whisperer
THE WHISPERER is a collection of seven short stories that appeared as the back-up feature in issues of THE SHADOW magazine. Written by Clifford Goodrich (pen name of Alan Hathway), the tales of James "Wildcat" Gordon are full of action, adventure, and mystery!  The stories include Bullet Bait (1937), The Air-Mail Murders (1938), Evil Eye (1938), The Ghost of Lin San Fu (1938), Death in Black (1939), The Band of Fear (1939), and Fuel for Murder (1940). Each book is 8.5"x11", nicely bound, and features a full-color cover. 

The price is $10 plus $3 shipping and handling. 
Special Offer: Order both STRANGE WORLDS #10 and THE WHISPERER and the total will be only $24.50 postage paid, a savings of $1.50!

Wild Cat Books/Ron Hanna, 6664 Valley Pike, Middletown, VA  22645-11720
email: wildcatbooks@netzero.net