25 October 2002
Blood 'N' Thunder #2 - Now Available
Blood 'N' Thunder #2 made its debut at Pulp Adventurecon on 19 October and is now available.
Subscriber copies were mailed this week and should be arriving soon.

Blood 'N' Thunder #2 is a Halloween horror issue. Pulp Page to Silver Screen takes a look at the 1939 movie RETURN OF DR. X, which was adapted from a short novel that appeared in DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY. From the Top Shelf examines a 1942 issue of G-8 AND HIS BATTLE ACES in which the Flying Spy tangles with a zombie master. Tricks of the Trade reprints a 1931 WRITER'S DIGEST article dispensing tips for selling horror stories to WEIRD TALES, STRANGE TALES, MIND MAGIC, GHOST STORIES, et al. 

The feature article, Unholy Jitters, explores the sexy and sadistic weird-menace pulps published by Martin Goodman's Red Circle group. To accompany this study—which includes extensive excerpts from the most twisted stories—we've reprinted the covers of all 17 weird-menace issues (nine MYSTERY TALES, five UNCANNY TALES, two REAL MYSTERY, and two MARVEL TALES), five of them in color. There's also a one-page montage of Red Circle interior illustrations. Staying on topic, the Blood 'n' Thunder Reprint revisits Arthur J. Burks' Mates for the Morgue Master, a 1939 MYSTERY TALES yarn that deals with necrophilia.

This issue contains 40 pages, with front and back covers printed in full color on card stock. 
Single copies are $6.00 postpaid. 
Four issue subscriptions are available for $20.
Send a check (payable to Ed Hulse) to the Mountain Club, Bldg 15, Apt 4B, Morris Plains, NJ 07950. 
More copies of #1 were sold than anticipated, but some copies are still available. 
If you missed out, order one now; supplies are limited. 

Click here or on the image to the right for a larger picture of the front cover and the back cover.

Blood 'N' Thunder #3 - Available in January 2003
Blood 'N' Thunder #3 will have a "Mystery Man" theme. The feature article will be on a Shadow precursor created for a 19th-century "story paper." The original story was called The Man in the Black Cloak, and there are indeed some striking similarities. What's even more interesting is that the periodical in which it was appeared was later bought by Street & Smith.  It is not altogether unreasonable to suspect that bound volumes would have been in the files at Street & Smith's 79 Seventh Avenue headquarters in 1930. Joe Rainone, who discovered the story in question and wrote a brief article on it for a comic fanzine ten or so years ago, is expanding his original piece. Illustrations and a portion of the original story will be included in the article.

Blood 'N' Thunder #3 will also reprint most if not all of the covers of the original French-language first editions of the "Fantomas" novels. They are beautifully garish paintings, very much like American pulp covers. All 32 books in the original series are available for scanning purposes, and most of the covers are in excellent shape. 

The Blood 'N' Thunder reprint will be a 1936 WRITER'S DIGEST piece—not a how-to article, mind you, but a satirical short story by Richard Sale about writing a mystery-man pulp a la The Spider. It has lots of "inside" references.

Finally, Blood 'N' Thunder #3 will debut a regular department devoted to serials. The department will cover silent and 
early sound serials that haven't been done to death. The initial installment will focus on the serial screen's first mystery-man hero, "The Laughing Mask," who appeared in the 1916 Pearl White chapterplay, THE IRON CLAW. 
Only a portion of the serial itself survives.  However, a complete copy of the novelization, which ran episodically in newspapers but was never released in hardcover has survived. It was credited to Arthur Stringer, whose fiction appeared in early pulps like THE POPULAR MAGAZINE. You can expect some excerpts and some of the illustrations in addition to original ads for the serial and possibly some stills.

Issue #4 is already in the works and will be available in April at the Windy City Show

Contact Ed Hulse (bloodnthunder@hotmail.com) if you're interested in advertising. 
Ads of all sizes, including classifieds, are being accepted.  Subscribers get free classifieds of up to 40 words.

Burroughs Bulletin
The Summer 2002 issue of The Burroughs Bulletin is now available.  This issue features articles on 
Burroughs’ fifty-first story, Pirates of Venus.  It is profusely illustrated in color and black & white.
Articles include:
Edgar's Medium by David Arthur Adams
German and Dutch Tarzan Comics of the Early 1960's by Rob Donkers
What Tarzan Could Be ...In This Decade! by Michael Winger
Cloudland Revisited: Richard Hescox on The Pirates of Venus by Robert R. Barrett
Tarzan Meets Einstein Somewhere in Time by Dugald Warbaby
Normal Bean: A Case of Identity by R. E. Prindle
Picture Gallery featuring Ray Capella 

Subscriptions are $28 for four quarterly issues from: 
The Burroughs Bibliophiles,  University of Louisville Library, Louisville, KY 40292. 
Single issues are available from Weinberg Books (847-570-5919) for $7 each plus shipping.

COLLECTABLE PAPERBACK BOOKS - A New Vintage Paperback Price Reference
Collectable Paperback Books - A New Vintage Paperback Price Reference By Jeff Canja is now available.
Paperbacks have been a staple of literature since the Pocket Books line began in 1939. Low price, convenient size, attractive cover art and popular authors were all factors that led to a print revolution that every publishing house was getting in on.  Every day thousands of paperbacks are sold for a fraction of their value, or simply tossed away. This will help you identify those valuable paperbacks you have lying around by showing you which paperbacks are bought by collectors; how much they can be worth; how to grade their condition; which authors and cover artists are the most desirable; pseudonyms of popular authors; and more. Includes more than 12,000 actual market prices, more than 3000 auction prices, hundreds of cover illustrations and an author index.  Published by Glenmoor Publishing.
Softcover, Second Edition, 6" x 9", 378 pages, text/b&w, $29.95
This title is available from Bud Plant Comic Art
Conan of Cimmeria Volume 1 (1932 - 1933) from Wandering Star
The first book in a three volume set from Wandering Star covering all the Conan stories. Howard’s greatest hero…restored and complete, with a treasure trove of special extras…for the first time EVER! The finest artists, craftsmen and designers have produced a masterpiece equal to the best illustrated classics; textually restored and meticulously researched, full colour paintings, exquisite black and white line work throughout, slip cased with embossed colour plate, dust jacket, gilt edged, embossed cover and signed and numbered from by the award winning artist Mark Shultz. Extras include contextual notes, synopses, and plot outlines, plus from the Robert E Howard archives a wealth of never before seen material: original ideas, notes, hand drawn maps of the Hyborian world…. everything Conan’s creator ever wrote about the greatest barbarian adventurer of all time. 480 pages, 7 oil paintings and over 80 line drawings. Click here on on the image to the right for a larger picture.

Conan of Cimmeria Volume 1 contains the following stories: The Phoenix and the Sword, The Frost Giant’s Daughter, The God in the Bowl, The Tower of the Elephant, The Scarlet Citadel, Black Colossus, Xuthal of the Dusk, The Pool of the Black One, Rogues in the House, The Vale of Lost Women, Iron Shadows of the Moon, Queen of the Black Coast, and The Devil in Iron.

Conan of Cimmeria Volume 1 is available in three editions:
Signed and Numbered Slipcased Limited Edition of 1950 - $195
Artists Edition limited to 100 copies - $270
     The Artist's Edition includes additional preliminary drawings
Ultra limited deluxe edition limited to 100 copies - $390
     The Ultra limited deluxe edition is leatherbound and comes with an extra colour plate and additional preliminary drawings.

The exact release date has not yet been announced.
The Book Palace is now accepting advance orders for Conan of Cimmeria Volume 1.
Visit their website at http://www.bookpalace.com/.

Conan of Cimmeria Volume 1 will be available from Bud Plant and Diamond Comic Distributors in the U.S.

Crippen & Landru
Crippin & Landru have announced The Evidence of the Sword: The Mystery Stories of Rafael Sabatini by Rafael Sabatini as a future publication in their "Lost Classics" series. 
Cross Plains Comics
Cross Plains Comics was dedicated to bringing the worlds of Robert E. Howard to life in the comics format.
Although Cross Plains Comics is no longer publishing, several of their publications are still available.

Robert E. Howard's Horror - $5.95
Robert E. Howard's Myth Maker - $6.95
Robert E. Howard's Biography - $14.95
Robert E. Howard's Wolfshead - $6.95
Worms of the Earth - $9.95

Visit Bud Plant Comic Art to order these titles.

Cthulhu Sex Magazine 
This purports to be a magazine for connoisseurs of erotic horror featuring sex, blood, and tentacles. 
Issue 24 is now available. Cthulhu Sex Magazine is intended for Mature Readers
Visit the website at http://www.cthulhusex.com/.
E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine:   Happy Death Day from THE SHADOW MAGAZINE (09/01/46)
The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork: The Four Signets  (01/01/35), Temple of Crime (11/15/41), 
                                                          Gypsy Vengeance (08/15/34)
Doc Savage PDF  Pirate Isle  from DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE (May 1942)
Blackmask Online:  The Shadow in Hidden Death (09/32), Doc Savage in Pirate Isle (05/42)
Larry Estep-Online PulpsThubway Tham's Baggage Check  by Johnston McCulley
                                        from DETECTIVE STORY (03/25/19)
Fritz Leiber - Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
The Science Fiction Book Club has published a hardcover collection of Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser tales.  The Three of Swords includes the contents of previously published paperback collections Swords and Deviltry, Swords Against Death, and Swords in the Mist.  The hardcover is 512 pages and retails for $13.99 plus shipping to Science Fiction Book Club members.  A followup volume is planned collecting the remainder of this sword and sorcey series.  Visit the Science Fiction Book Club website at http://www.sfbc.com/.
The Ghostbreakers
THE GHOSTBREAKERS is a new web site at http://occultdetective.tripod.com/index.html dedicated to all the great ghostbreakers from Dr. Hesselius (1872) to modern incarnations like Harry D'Amour and Harry Dresden. Numerous ghostbreakers from the pulps are represented.  The website attempts to give fans a place to find tv episodes, books, comics, just about anything associated with ghost busters. 

The site is also going to be offering two new anthologies THE GHOSTBREAKERS: DARK BEGINNINGS (public domain stories from 1841 to 1917) and THE GHOSTBREAKERS: NEW HORRORS, an e-anthology edited by G. W. Thomas & Danielle Naibert

Wanted: stories in the ghostbreaker tradition (John Silence, Jules DeGrandin, X-Files,  Kolchak the Nightstalker, Ghostbusters) – we’re not looking for pastiches but new and creative cases from today’s brightest writers. Setting does not have to be modern. Stories should be between 2000-10,000 wrds. (5000-6000 preferred).  There will be 10 spots in this anthology. Deadline: January 31, 2003. All writers receive an equal 10% of royalities. 
E-rights only – free to publish in print elsewhere. No reprints without permission. No copyrighted characters. 
E-Subs only. Send to: genrenews@hotmail.com. No attachments, embedded in an email. 

This anthology will appear along side THE GHOSTBREAKERS: DARK BEGINNINGS (1841-1913) and possible sequel anthologies. 

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
DC Comics has announced that The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #4 and #5 will be delayed.
The new shipping dates are:
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #4 - 26 December 2002
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #5 - 15 January 2003
Peter the Brazen - Complete Pulp Series Reprint
Robert Weinberg has been persuaded to help out with a new series of pulp reprints from the great fiction magazines of the 1920's and 1930's.  Terms are still being worked out, but the books will be published in large size omnibus hardcovers by The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box Press and be available from Arkham House Publishers. 
The first book, already in the advance planning stages, is THE COMPLETE PETER THE BRAZEN, which will reprint the early Peter the Brazen series from 1918-1919, as well as the entire 1930-1935 series in one (or perhaps two) huge omnibus volumes.   Many pulp fans consider the 2nd Peter the Brazen series to be among the best pulp action fiction ever written.

Peter the Brazen first appeared as a continuing character in ARGOSY in 1918-1919 in a series of novelets and one novel as a dashing radio operator working on ships on the China run.  In these adventures, Peter Moore fights a powerful Chinese warlord known as the Gray Mandarin.  The series was published in an edited-down version as a
book in 1922 called PETER THE BRAZEN, the nickname given to Peter for his heroic acts performed with no fear. 
At the end of the novel, Peter returns to the USA and a peaceful life.

Then, ten years later, in 1930, Peter returns to the orient.  He's now a lot smarter and much more of a soldier of fortune working for the big power companies of the time.  Peter's in search of the Holy Grail of the 1920's and 1930's - the secret of wireless transmission of energy - and he's convinced some Chinese super scientist has the answer.  Right away, Peter meets Susan, a madcap heiress looking for excitement in her life.  Peter loves Susan and she loves him, but she's more concerned about having a wild time then settling down.  Peter and Susan appear in 13 stories from 1930 - 1935.

More recent Peter the Brazen reprints are:
Cave of the Blue Scorpion wasreprinted in Famous Pulp Classics #1 from FAX Collectors Editionsin 1975.
The Sapphire Death wasreprinted in Pulp Vault #1 and #2 from Tattered Pages Press in 1988.
The Octopus of Hong Kong was reprinted in It's Raining Corpses in Chinatown from Starmont House in 1991.
That Cargo of Opium was reprinted in Behind the Mask #21 from Fading Shadows in 1993.

Possible candidates for future reprint collections are:
Singapore Sammy by George F. Worts
The Minions series by William Gray Beyer
The entire Dean detective series 
The entire Green Lama series
Otis Adelbert Kline's Mars and Venus novels at their full length, double the size they ever appeared in paperback.

The Phantom - New film in the works
According to Variety, The Phantom is slated to make a return to the big screen with Crusader Entertainment and Hyde Park pushing the Lee Falk created property to film. This one will have nothing to do with the previous film - filmed in Australia and starring Billy Zane - Instead, said Crusader Entertainment CEO Howard Baldwin and Hyde Park CEO Ashok Armitraj, the character will be reinvented to be closer to films such as Spider-Man and The Matrix."The fact is this character is terrific and has been followed by people around the world," said Armitraj. "There is a great history there, the whole legend of the Phantom, how it was handed down four centuries with the vow to take on piracy and bad guys, these people out to destroy the world... The major thing is to put him in a contemporary setting with the weapons and gizmos and 'Matrix'-style stuff which wasn't done in the previous film.
Pulp AdventureCon III
Pulp AdventureCon III was a rousing success. 
The dealer tables were sold out and attendance was up 5% over Pulp AdventureCon II.
Pulp AdventureCon IV is planned for October 2003.
The Rocket's Blast Comicollector
Coming this January is the fourth issue of James Van Hise's Rocket's Blast Comicollector.  It features a full-color Conan cover painting by Mark "Xenozoic Tales" Schultz and an extensive interview with Schultz as well as material from the forthcoming Conan hardback published by Wandering Star.  Additional articles focus on Robert E. Howard, the Silver Age Flash, Steve Ditko's Spider-Man, and the Golden Age art of Reed Crandall. 
Softcover, 8"x11", 128pages,  $9.95
This item can be pre-ordered through your local comic shop. 
Request Diamond Item Code NOV022975.
Savage Land of Jur
Savage Land of Jur by Tom Johnson is now available. This is the second book in the saga of Jur. 
Searching for the Ancient Ones, Aaron and Odette must face great dangers in this savage land. 
And when they do find the Ancient One, will they fall into even greater danger? 
Click here or on the image to the right for a larger image.

Order from Fading Shadows for $15.95 postpaid. 
All orders to Fading Shadows will be autographed by Tom Johnson. 
Contact Fading Shadows Inc., 504 East Morris Street, Seymour, Texas 76380-2212, email: fadingshadows@juno.com

The Shadow PDF Files
The Shadow PDF Files website has announced that a newly-written Shadow story, with graphics created especially for the new story, is coming in the near future.  Stay tuned to Coming Attractions and the Shadow PDF Files website for future announcements.
The Son of Tarzan
Video Specialists International is looking for the best copies of the 15-chapter serial The Son of Tarzan.
The serial featured P. Dempsey Tabler (Tarzan), Karla Schramm (Jane),  and Kamuela C. Searle (Korak). 

Tarzan's son Jack (Korak to the apes) is kidnapped from England by Tarzan's old enemy Paulovich. He escapes into the African jungle with the help of Paulovich's trained ape Akut. There he meets Meriem, a white girl held by Arabs. He frees her and falls in love. Meriem (who is really an heiress) is sought by Paulovich. Tarzan arrives with Jane at his African estate and intervenes. 
The serial was edited by Edgar Rice Burroughs himself in 1920.

Video Specialists International hopes to make available a commercial version of the serial.
If you can help, contact Video Specialists International at 182-V Jackson Street, Dallas, PA, 717-675-0227.

Van Helsing
Shiri Appleby, Winona Ryder and Udo Kier are all in negotiations for Stephen Sommer's new film, Van Helsing.
Hugh Jackman (X-men, Swordfish) has signed on to play the title role. 
The film will reportedly follow Van Helsing as he battles werewolves, demons and vampires across Old England.
Stephen Sommers (The Mummy, The Mummy Returns) will direct. 
Current plans are to release the film on May 21, 2004.
Zorro - Available October 29 on DVD 
Zorro (1975, 85 min.) - A newly arrived governor secretly he masquerades as Zorro to fight for justice against a corrupt colonel. Alain Delon plays the legendary masked hero, Zorro in this classic action adventure film where he fights to liberate the oppressed. As the new governor of Spanish California, he's disturbed by the state of tyranny his province has descended into due to Colonel Huerta's harsh control. Delon secretly becomes Zorro, joining forces with the monk Francisco and the beautiful aristocrat Hortensia and together they fight against Huerta for the freedom and equality of the people of Spanish California. This is an Italian take on the Zorro legend.

Three Swords of Zorro (1963, 92 min.) - The great masked sword fighter returns in this period adventure drama. In 1830, Zorro (Guy Stockwell) decides that he needs a bit of help in battling no-goodnicks in Old California, so he begins teaching the fine art of swordsmanship to his son and daughter. When Zorro is thrown into jail by a crooked governor, it's up to his children to free Zorro from bondage and show the bad guys the error of their ways. The Three Swords of Zorro also starred Gloria Milland and Franco Fantasia. 

18 October 2002
The Art of Jeffrey Jones
The Deluxe Edition of The Art of Jeffrey Jones is now available.
The Art of Jeffrey Jones is the largest collection of the artist's work ever published, as well as the first comprehensive assessment of his remarkable career.  This illustrated biography features 175 heroic and disturbing works including numerous book covers for such literary luminaries as Fritz Lieber, Robert E. Howard, Dean Koontz, and Andre Norton.  Also included are samples of his earliest drawings, covers for Wonder Woman and Batman, pages from Idyl and I'm Age, all of his Soloman Kane illustrations, and a superb series of Tarzan paintings.  The book also features 35 major new unpublished pieces. 

The Limited Edition is still available and has 16 additional pages of full-color paintings, several previously unpublished, a signature plate and slipcase, none of which are in the $35 trade edition. The Limited Edition is already close to being out of print.  Hardcover, 9X12, 191 pages for $100. 

The Art of Jeffrey Jones is published by Underwood Books.
The limited and trade editions can be purchased from Bud Plant Comic Art.

Avatar Press
Avatar Press has announced that it will be publishing Alan Moore's The Courtyard.  This is a tale of dread and psychological horror from one of the comic medium's acknowledged masters.  The two issue mini-series begins in January 2003 with story by Alan Moore, art by Jacen Burrows and sequential adaptation by Antony Johnston and Moore.

"The Courtyard was my attempt to write a story within the mythology of H.P. Lovecraft that did not try to regurgitate Lovecraft's style," says creator Alan Moore. "It was an attempt to write a Lovecraftian story that was set in what was then the near future rather than in a Lovecraftian Era.  As such, I thought it was a very successful story and it has always been a little favorite of mine in terms of my horror output.  I am looking forward a great deal to seeing what Jacen does with the Avatar version."

Comic Book Marketplace - Zorro Article
Comic Book Marketplace #94 (September 2002) is now available.
This issue features a four page article on the Zorro comics published by Dell and Walt Disney.
The article is by David Ainsworth Cook and originally appeared in Overstreet's Advanced Collector (Summer 1993).
This issue also features articles on the DC Comic's character The Spectre and an interview with Steven T. Seagle on his recent resurrection of DC Comic's Golden Age Green Lantern. 
The magazine is profusely illustrated in color and black and white.
The retail price is $5.95.

Comic Book Marketplace is available in comic shops and from Bud Plant Comic Art.
Bud Plant has not listed this issue as being in stock as of this date.
Watch the Bud Plant website to determine availability or sign up for Bud's weekly email newsletter.

Conan the Swordsman 
Conan the Swordsman by L. Sprague De Camp, Lin Carter, and Bjorn Nyberg will be published in November 2002.
This is a 256 page hardcover from Tor Books.  The retail price is $23.95.  ISBN: 0765300699

This collection reprints eight adventures including Legions of the Dead, Shadows in the Dark, The Ivory Goddess, and Moon of Blood. There is also a map of Conan's world and an essay on the character by L. Sprague De Camp.

Dennis Patrick Dies in L.A. House Fire
Dennis Patrick, a regular in the cast of Dallas and the classic daytime horror soap opera Dark Shadows, died of possible smoke inhalation, in a weekend fire at his Hollywood Hills home, officials said on Monday. He was 84. 

Patrick appeared on dozens of shows spanning four decades of television, ranging from Gunsmoke, Perry Mason and Kojak to All in the Family, Eight is Enough and Coach.  Patrick also played businessman Vaughn Lelend, a competitor of the Ewing family and a suspect in the famed "Who Shot J.R.?" episode, on the CBS drama Dallas and appeared in two different roles on the gothic daytime serial Dark Shadows.

According to career background posted by the Internet Movie Database, Patrick also had a notable role as television's first vampire in a 1951 episode of the short-lived mystery and suspense anthology series, Stage 13.

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine:   Hidden Death from THE SHADOW MAGAZINE (09/32)
The Shadow PDF:          Cards of Death (05/01/38)
The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork: Hidden Death  (09/32), Murder Mansion (12/01/41), 
                                                          The Wealth Seekers(01/15/34), The Seven Drops of Blood (12/01/36)
Doc Savage PDF  Quest of the Spider  from DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE (May 1933)
Blackmask Online:  The Shadow in Murder House (03/15/37)
Larry Estep-Online PulpsNazi Fury by Lt. Scott Morgan from THRILLING ADVENTURES (10/40)
Giant Winged Bird Sited in Southwest Alaska 
Like something out of a Doc Savage novel, a giant winged creature has reportedly been sighted several times in Southwest Alaska in recent weeks.  A pilot says he spotted the creature while flying passengers to Manokotak last week. He calculated that its wingspan matched the length of a wing on his Cessna 207. That's about 14 feet.
The story was written by Peter Porco for the Anchorage Daily News.
Click here to read the entire story.
The WB is developing a new version of the 1980's action series MacGyver that revolves around the resourceful agent's nephew. Young MacGyver could debut as early as next fall. "Our MacGyver will be a little more irreverent than the original," WB exec Carolyn Bernstein tells Variety. "It will have a lot in terms of the same elements of the original series, but with a brand-new cast of characters and updated for present day." 
Moonstone Books
Coming from Moonstone Books in February 

Written by Ben Raab, art by Lou Manna, colored by Matt Webb, cover by Joel Naprstek. 
The Phantom follows the trail of jewel-thieving pirates into a most dangerous adventure. An old foe comes forth to put every skill The Phantom has to the test. Trapped on a Madman's island, the chance of his survival looks as slim as Satan's smile. He must fight sharks with his hands and feet- he must gain the trust of a beautiful woman- and he must prevail through all of this to an explosion conclusion. 

48 pages, full color, $6.95

Written by Joe Gentile, art by Trevor Von Eeden, tones by Ken Wolak, cover by Dennis Calero. 

Moonstone continues its new line of crime books. Moonstone shines it's dark glow on the old time radio drama "the Mysterious Traveler", and offers up a new "phase" on a creepy classic. On a midnight train to nowhere, a man needs
to hear your story. He's a mysterious traveler and where you're headed is the mystery he's destined to solve. On this ride, sit with a man who burned with an intense desire for a beautiful woman, and was willing to do whatever it took to fulfill that need. Like putting out a fire with gasoline, it just makes things worse. Listen to his mad tale, as he rides the rails to his final destination. One way ticket...to nowhere. 

48 pages, black and white, $5.50. 

Written by Martin Powell, art by Seppo Makinen, cover by Tim Seelig. 
This tome reprints the team of Martin Powell and Seppo Makinen's Scarlet in Gaslight and A Case of Blind Fear. First, in Scarlet in Gaslight, the Great Detective comes face to face with the master vampire Count Dracula. A beautiful young woman is afflicted with a strange anemia, losing her blood for no apparent reason. Called in to investigate, Holmes and Watson meet the eccentric Dr. Van Helsing, a noted scientist with an obsession for the occult. Together the three men uncover the most insidious plot ever master-minded by Holmes' nemesis, the infamous Professor Moriarty. Only Holmes himself has the ability to stop Moriary's diabolical vampire invasion, but the cost may be his very sanity, his life, and ultimately, his mortal soul. 

In the second mystery, A Case of Blind Fear, strange occurrences are plaguing 1895 London. A fruit vender sees an apple suspended in mid-air like a balloon, a clerk encounters a ghostly apparition, only its skeleton and internal organs visible, and a large quality of obscure drugs has been stolen from several London chemists. Then there began the murders. Murders that no one seemed to commit. Was it a plague of hallucinations or was London truly haunted by a monstrous unseen evil? The Great Detective is called into the case by Scotland Yard itself to uncover the horror and mystery of the Invisible Man. 

216 pages, black and white, $18.95. 

Moonstone Books are available from Ed Bond Books after publication. 

New Lovecraftian Anthology 
Locus reported that John Pelan and Michael Reaves delivered Shadows Over Baker Street, an anthology of Sherlock Holmes stories set in the Lovecraftian worlds, to Steve Saffel at Del Rey Books.  Contributors include Neil Gaiman, Brian Stableford, Poppy Z. Brite, and Barbara Hambly.
Robert Weinberg
Cemetery Dance Magazine issue 40 contains A Conversation with Robert Weinberg conducted by Darrell Schweitzer.
The conversation runs eight pages and is illustrated with several covers from his novels.
Cemetery Dance Magazine is available at Borders and Barnes & Noble. 
It can also be ordered direct from Cemetery Dance Publications at http://www.cemeterydance.com/.
Vintage Library - New electronic format Spider reprint
Vintage Library has available a new Spider novel, Laboratory of the Damned, in PDF format.
This story was originally published in July 1936.  The reprint is 56 pages for $4.95.

Richard Wentworth--whose grim, anti-crime crusades as the SPIDER have made him world-famous--was the first objective in the Poison Master's murder campaign. His best friend, Kirkpatrick, lay in a death-like stupor. His beloved, Nita van Sloan, was stricken with the horrible living death! And at the same time, countless thousands were felled by the same fatal venom.... Caught in the crossfire between the Law and the Underworld, the SPIDER must battle the blind apathy of a nation ensnared in a subtle death-trap--must overcome the despair in his own brave heart!

Visit the Vintage Library website at http://www.vintagelibrary.com/ or click on the link above to go directly to the Spider page.

Trace Adventure Magazine
Trace Adventure Magazine is a new fiction magazine whose first issue was originally planned for December. 
Unfortunately, the magazine did not make it into the October Previews soliciting product for December release.
All obstacles have now been overcome and the magazine will be in the January Previews (available in late December) soliciting product for March 2003 release. 
Wildside Press
The following titles are now available from Wildside Press (http://www.wildsidepress.com/):

TARZAN OF THE APES by Edgar Rice Burroughs 
Edgar Rice Burroughs' first classic Tarzan story, in a beautifully-produced new edition, with new introduction. 
324 pages, Library (Jacketless) Hardcover,  ISBN: 1-58715-617-2, $29.95 

He was the nicest, most helpful spaceman on the Venus cargo run and just happened to be the biggest menace 
in all of space!  A classic science fiction novel, originally published in science fiction pulp magazines in the 1950s. 
Still a lot of fun and better than much of what is being published today. 
228 pages, Trade Paperback, ISBN: 1-58715-154-5,  $15.00

Zorro Unmasked
Zorro Unmasked is the planned sequel to the 1998 film The Mask of Zorro
The stars that had long been expected to star in this movie are Antonio Banderas (Alejandro "Zorro" Murrieta) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Elena), but it appears that at least Banderas is out of the project. Talking to a Czech newspaper, Banderas said that he could have gotten $20 million for this sequel (and others to follow), but he decided to concentrate on other things. The film is being produced by Amblin Entertainment for Columbia Pictures.
11 October 2002
Adventure House
G-8 and his Battle Aces #6 featuring The Skeleton Patrol is now available.

"Ghosts!  Ha-ha-ha-ha -- there ain't no such thing!"  From the wreck of a crashed D.H. Came those strange words - words spoken with mad laughter by a dying Yank.  What had he seen in German skies that had turned him insane with fright?  Had a "ghost" wiped out the rest of his patrol?  Grimly G-8 and his buddies seek the answer down a haunted cloud trail.

The Skeleton Patrol was originally published in March 1934.
$9.95 plus $2.50 shipping (Media Mail)  for a single copy. 

Adventure HouseUNCOVERED: The Hidden Art of the Girlie Pulps
Coming next April from Adventure House is UNCOVERED: The Hidden Art of the Girlie Pulps by Doug Ellis.
UNCOVERED will contain approximately 400 full color reproductions from the girlie and spicy pulps (such as PEP STORIES, LAPAREE STORIES, TATTLE TALES, BEDTIME STORIES, SPICY ADVENTURE STORIES, SPICY SCREEN STORIES, SAUCY MOVIE TALES, etc.), and will trace the history of the girlie pulps from their earliest days through their heyday in the 1930's.  In addition to discussions of the various publishers (Doug will be tying together for the first time several publishing companies that most have viewed as separate before now) and artists (such as Earle Bergey, H.J. Ward, Enoch Bolles, Norman Saunders, Peter Driben and George Quintana), there will also be discussion of the various censorship groups that fought against these magazines (and, for example, succeeded in banning them from NYC newsstands).  Many of the covers reproduced are very rare, and even a collector of this type of material should find plenty that they've never seen.

Publication is planned for early next spring and should debut at the 3rd Windy City Pulp & Paperback Convention which runs the first weekend in April. 

This is a hardcover publication, 12" X 9", 400 plus images, 200 pages for $40.
Visit the Adventure House website for the latest information.

Arkham House
Arkham House has announced their next project, Rendezvous in Averoigne by Clark Ashton Smith.
This will be a special reprint edition of one of Arkham's great storytellers.  No further details were announced.
ART OF IMAGINATION - 20th Century Visions of Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy
ART OF IMAGINATION - 20th Century Visions of Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy by Frank M. Robinson, Robert Weinberg, and Randy Broecker will be published by Collectors Press this month.

Since the beginning of his existence, man has used imagination to create magical worlds that would transport him beyond the borders of reality. Art of Imagination is a trilogy consisting of the award winning Illustrated History series Science Fiction of the 20th Century (Year 2000 Hugo Award Winner), Horror of the 20th Century (Bram Stoker Award nominee), Fantasy of the 20th Century (groundbreaking new look into the art of fantasy), creating the ultimate collection. 

Hardcover with jacket, 10"x 13", 768 pages, over 1300 full-color images, ISBN: 1-888054-72-7,  $99.95
Introduction by Frank M. Robinson

Donald Grant
Donald Grant has The Averoigne Chronicles by Clark Ashton Smith in production.
The book is illustrated by Fernando Duval with introductions by Gahan Wilson and Ron Hilger and an afterward by Donald Sidney-Fryer.  This collection contains 12 stories and 13 poems and is illustrated with 12 full page color illustrations.  This book was originally announce years ago, but is hopefully nearing completion.
Duck Dodgers - A Buck Rogers Parody
Daffy Duck returns to play Duck Dodgers in an all-new, half-hour action/comedy animated series for Cartoon Network. DUCK DODGERS showcases classic Looney Tunes characters Daffy Duck and Porky Pig in the 24th 1/2 century as they attempt to protect the planet Earth from its enemies. Cartoon Network will premiere the original series from Warner Bros. Animation in 2004. Each episode of DUCK DODGERS will feature two 11-minute cartoons. 

Duck Dodgers was created by Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese in the classic 1953 Merrie Melodies short. 
The new series is created, written and directed by Spike Brandt and Tony Cervone with Paul Dini (Batman the Animated Series) and Tom Minton serving as producers and writers.  In the new show, Duck Dodgers (Daffy Duck) is a hapless soul who was accidentally frozen inside a spacecraft in the 21st century and thawed out 351 years later. Through his scheming and lies, Duck has convinced the Earth's Defensive Protectorate that he is a hero from the 21st century and has been given a starship and crew - an adoring and eager young Space Cadet (Porky Pig).  Together they form a "galactic force" that must team up against Earth's major foe, Mars, and its Martian Commander X-2 (played by Marvin the Martian).  Each episode will revolve around Duck Dodgers' adventures, blundering successes and "day-saving" defeats.

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine:   Murder House from THE SHADOW MAGAZINE (03/15/37)
The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork: Road of Crime (10/01/33), Crime's Stronghold (12/15/41),
                                                          A Quarter of Eight (10/45)
Doc Savage PDFThe Magic Forest from DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE (April 1942)
Blackmask Online:  The Shadow in Ships of Doom (11/01/39)
                              Doc Savage in The Magic Forest (04/42)
Larry Estep-Online PulpsThe Girl on the Torture Wheel byJefferson Ames from SAUCY MOVIE TALES (1934)
The Eerie Mr. Murphy
Amazon Books lists The Eerie Mr. Murphy by Howard Wandrei as a December 2002 release. 
This is a companion volume to Time Burial which gathers the rest of Wandrei’s short horror, fantasy, and science fiction.  Included are a liberal selection of previously unpublished stories and the largest selection of Wandrei’s artwork published to date.  This hardcover book will retail for $32.  Fedogan & Bremer is the publisher.
Fading Shadows - Now Available
Action Adventure Stories #118 featuring Green Lama in The Green Lama, April 1940, V5 N5
Behind The Mask #62 featuring: 
    Murder Bride (Wade Hammond) by Paul Chadwick
    Suicide Lottery (Paul Kirk) by Frederick C. Davis
    Dragnet Dynamite (Captain Murdock) by Carl Mck Saunders
    The Scarlet Ace (Scarlet Ace) by Theodore Tinsley
    A Stir-Bug's Bite by Charles Marquis Warren
Classic Pulp Fiction Stories #89
Alien Worlds #31
Double Danger Tales #55
Detective Mystery Stories #29

Each issue is 5.5 by 8.5 inches in size and runs approximately 80 pages.
One issue is $6.30 postpaid. Two or more issues are $6 each postpaid.
Not responsible for packages lost in the mail. Insurance is $1.10 per $50.00 value and highly recommended.
Order from: Fading Shadows, Inc., 504 E. Morris Street, Seymour, TX 76380-2212

Fantastic Worlds of Clark Ashton Smith
Fantastic Worlds of Clark Ashton Smith is in the works from James Van Hise for publication in mid-2003.
It will be the same size and format as the previous publications on Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft.
James is presently looking for contributions (new and reprint) of articles and artwork for the book.
He is also interested in suggestions for non-fiction material worth reprinting that may have appeared in fanzines and/or magazine that he might not be aware of.  Contact James by email at  Jimvanhise@aol.com.
Hippocampus Press - 2003 Publication Schedule

H. P. LOVECRAFT: LETTERS TO ALFRED GALPIN  Edited by S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz
February 2003: 0-9673215-9-X: Paper, $15.00
Lovecraft's fascinating letters to his friend Alfred Galpin are collected for the first time, with introduction and footnotes by the editors. Galpin, a fellow member with Lovecraft of the United Amateur Press Association, later assisted Clark Ashton Smith with both his translations from Baudelaire and his attempts at original composition of poetry in French. A full selection of Galpin's own poetry and prose, long unavailable, is included as an appendix.

Edited by David E. Schultz
April 2003: 0-9673215-6-5: Paper, $15.00
This annotated volume will contain all of Lovecraft's "commonplace book" plus all his other writings on the craft of weird fiction, including Lovecraft material published here for the first time. 

Edited by S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz
June 2003: 0-9721644-1-3: Hardcover $40.00
The first volume in our massive series of Lovecraft's Collected Essays, CE1 will run approximately 400 pages, with introduction, extensive footnotes and scholarly apparatus by the editors.

August 2003: 0-9721644-6-4: Paper, $15.00
Once hailed by Ambrose Bierce as the future "poet of the skies, prophet of the suns," George Sterling is best remembered today as mentor of the young Clark Ashton Smith. Sterling's best poetical work, compared to that of Spenser, Milton and Keats during his lifetime but now undeservedly forgotten, finds its renaissance in this new edition.

October 2003: 0-9721644-0-5: Paper, $15.00
Acclaimed Lovecraft scholar S. T. Joshi's best pieces on H. P. Lovecraft are collected for the first time in one volume, resulting in an exciting tour-de-force for fans and scholars alike. 

Hugh B. Cave - The Restless Dead
The Restless Dead from Dorchester Publishing will be available as a mass market paperback in December.
Pulp Vault
A new issue of Pulp Vault is in the works, but on hold until Doug Ellis finishes with Uncovered (see above). 
Hopefully it will be out next spring at the 3rd Windy City Pulp & Paperback Convention which runs the first weekend in April.  However, if not, it should be out in time for for Pulpcon. 

Among the highlights of the issue will be a 20,000+ word history of BLUE BOOK by Mike Ashley and a previously unpublished Cyrus North novelette by Donald Wandrei.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Weird and Horror Magazine Covers
Terry Gibbons has launched an ambitious project to create a website that contains a scan of the cover of every issue of the science fiction, fantasy, weird and horror fiction magazines from the early twentieth century to the present day. 
The site is located at http://visco.users.btopenworld.com/.
This is one website that you will need to bookmark!
Soloman Kane
VARIETY has reported that the Robert E. Howard character Solomon Kane is in development as a feature film property. From Hell producer Don Murphy and Greg Hoffman are attached to produce, as are Michael and Paul Berrow, who control the Howard estate. David Jung and Steve Dandois pitched the property to New Line Cinema.  New Line’s Toby Emmerich, Lynn Harris, and David Brewington will oversee the film for New Line. 

Tentatively, the story will follow Kane to colonial America that will pull together various elements from Howard’s Kane stories. As can be expected, given the character’s creation and history, Kane will face off against both human and supernatural forces as the Puritan adventurer seeks to revenge himself upon the shapeshifting sorcerer who killed his family. 

Thriller UK
The latest issue of ThrillerUK (#11) features:
Cricketer and Cracksman - The life and times of A J Raffles
Gorilla Killer - The second in a series of Doc Atlas (a Doc Savage-type hero set in the Cold War) adventures. 
Captain W E Johns in Norway  - The Norwegian publishing history of Biggles and friends
The Detective of St Frank's - Juvenile schoolmaster detective, Nelson Lee
Classic Thrillers - A review of The Latin Touch by Leslie Charteris
Theatre of the Deranged - Part 4 of a Springheeled Jack adventure

Price: £3.95 + 0.55p P&P (overseas shipping + £1.55)
Subscriptions: £15.00 (overseas £20.00) 

Please make cheques, postal orders or international money orders payable to: T. Fountain and send to: 
ThrillerUK, 130 Sackville Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 7AA, United Kingdom. 
Cash can be sent at your own risk (and in your own currency!)
ThrillerUK now accepts credit cards via Paypal.

Visit the ThrillerUK website at http://www.thrilleruk.fsnet.co.uk/index.htm

04 October 2002
Action Ink - The Spider #2 
The Spider #2 is now available. 
The Spider #2 is by Jason Daly and Gene Colan and features the master villain from the Spider novel Death Reign of the Vampire King, The Bat Man.  This comic is a preview of a second planned Spider graphic novel according to Rich Harvey, Editor and Publisher of Bold Venture Press.

This book contains 49 pages of Gene Colan's pencil art (un-inked) from the story The Bat Man.
Each page is a full page panel. 
The remaining pages reproduce the cover from Death Reign of the Vampire King (black & white), the contents page, four interior pages with John Fleming Gould illustrations, and one page with four reduced interior pages with John Fleming Gould illustrations.

The comic is 64 pages, black and white for $5.  Click here or on the image to the right for a preview.

AC Comics - Best of the West featuring Zorro
This December, AC Comics will publish Best of the West #33 featuring a Zorro story by Warren Tufts. 
Zorro crosses swords with the fat sergeant to learn the secret of Garcia's Package.

Also in this issue are stories of The Durango Kid by Fred Guardineer, The Haunted Horseman by Dick Ayers, 
Tom Mix by Carl Pfeufer and Redmask of the Rio Grande by Frank Bolle.

This is a 44 page, black and white comic for $6.95. 
This item can be pre-ordered through your local comic shop. 
Request Diamond Item Code OCT022267.
It will be available from AC Comics online after publication.

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine:   Ships of Doom from THE SHADOW MAGAZINE (11/01/39)
The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork: Green Eyes (10/01/32), Ships of Doom (11/01/39), Blue Face (02/15/42)
                                       The Mask of Mephisto (07/45), and Death Diamonds (02/01/42)
Doc Savage PDFThe Too-Wise Owl from DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE (March 1942)
Blackmask Online:  The Shadow in Mobsmen on the Spot (04/01/32), The Green Hoods (08/15/38), 
                              and No Safety In Numbers (11/46)
Larry Estep-Online PulpsThe Shanghai Jester by Robert Leslie Bellem from SPICY ADVENTURE (07/34). 
                                        This is another story from the Spicy ashcan set.
Hippocampus Press - Coming Soon

Edited by S. T. Joshi, David E. Schultz and Douglas A. Anderson 
November 2002: ISBN 0-9673215-4-9: Paperback: $15.00
R. H. Barlow (1918-1951) was in every way a remarkable individual. An enthusiast of fantasy and horror fiction since childhood, he came in touch with H. P. Lovecraft when he was only 13. He was already attempting to write short fantasy tales, and Lovecraft took onsiderable pains to tutor Barlow in the principles of fiction writing. This volume, which for the first time gathers Barlow's substantial body of weird fiction and poetry, contains all six of Barlow's collaborations with Lovecraft, including such celebrated works as The Battle That Ended the Century and The Night Ocean (which new research has shown to be almost entirely Barlow's work). Barlow went on to write superb short stories without Lovecraft's assistance, including A Dim-Remembered Story, The Root-Gatherers, and Return by Sunset. In the 1940s, when Barlow moved to Mexico (where he became a noted anthropologist), he turned to poetry, producing such scintillating volumes as Poems for a Competition (1942) and View from a Hill (1947). Barlow's life was tragically cut short by suicide, but this volume shows that he had already fulfilled the promise of his early work by producing tales of a substance, maturity, and depth that few of Lovecraft's colleagues could match. The gathering together of his collected weird fiction and poetry is an event that should be welcomed by all lovers of the weird and 

Edited by S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz
December 2002: 0-9673215-8-1: Paperback: $15.00
This volume contains exhaustively annotated editions of The Shunned House, The Horror at Red Hook, He, In the Vault, and Cool Air. While some of these stories are available in annotated form elsewhere, the new volume will be much more thorough in its critical appraisal of the tales. It also will feature a new introduction, examining the circumstances surrounding Lovecraft's creation of each story, and featuring illuminating excerpts from Lovecraft's letters.

Edited by David E. Schultz
February 2003: ISBN 0-9673215-6-5: Paperback: $15.00
This annotated volume will contain all of Lovecraft's "commonplace book" plus his other writings on the craft of weird fiction, including Lovecraft material published here for the first time. 

Contact Hippocampus Press, P.O. Box 641, New York, NY 10156, 
Phone: 212-681-9120, Fax: 212-681-9126.
Visit the Hippocampus Press website at http://www.hippocampuspress.com/

Jack Williamson
Science Fiction Weekly #284 is now online. 
This week features an  interview with Jack Williamson about his 75 years of writing and selling science fiction.
Visit the Science Fiction Weekly website at http://www.scifiweekly.com/issue284/interview.html
Jungle Jim
Now available from VCI Entertainment is the 12 Chapter serial adventure, Jungle Jim.
Jungle Jim is based on a comic strip by Alex Raymond, the creator of ‘Flash Gordon,’ and produced by Universal in 12 exciting chapters. Jungle Jim (Grant Withers) goes on safari to darkest Africa to find an heiress (Betty Jane Rhodes) who disappeared in the jungle a few years earlier. It turns out the heiress is not really lost but has become the ruler of a tribe of natives. It also appears that she has fallen under the influence of a mysterious figure known as The Cobra (Henry Brandon) who holds some kind of evil dominion over her. With Jungle Jim's help, Joan escapes from The Cobra's spell, but now our hero and heroine must fight their way back to civilization against all manner of wild beasts and bad guys.

Special Features (DVD only) include Actor Bios & Filmographies, Photo Gallery, and Serial Trailers.
2 Disc Set (DVD-5 & 9), Dolby Digital Mono, Region 0, Macrovision
12 chapters, 232 minutes, B/W, 1936

Order online at the VCI Entertainment website or call 800-331-4077.
Jungle Jim is available on DVD or VHS for $29.99.

Killraven - War of the Worlds
Coming in December is the third issue (of 6) in Marvel Comics new Killraven series by Alan Davis.
This is a 32 page color comic for $2.99.
Killraven - War of the Worlds
Diamond Comic Distributors is shipping the first book in the Killraven mini-series to comic shops to arrive on 09 October.  This is a six issue mini-series written and pencilled by Alan Davis with Mark Farmer inking and Gregory Wright coloring. This project starts completely at square one again, with no history or back story
extant before the reader opens the first cover. There will be themes and character arcs similar to what had been done in the past, but updated and modernized for a contemporary audience--an audience that's likely never read a Killraven story before.  Each issue is 32 pages with ads for $2.99. 

Click here or on the image to the right for a preview.


Lovecraft - Waking Up Screaming
Waking Up Screaming is a new H. P. Lovecraft antholgy from Del Rey Books.
The anthology includes Cool Air, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, The Terrible Old Man, Herber West - Reanimator, The Lurking Fear, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, and ten other spine-chilling tales.
This is a 384 page mass market paperback for $6.99.
It will be available in bookstores everywhere in January 2003.
Moonstone Books
Diamond Comic Distributors is shipping the third book in the Phantom series, The Treasures of Bangalla to comic shops to arrive on 09 October.  Deep in the jungle of Bangalla, pirates steal a priceless treasure for a greedy art collector. Meanwhile, in London, Diana Walker and her disturbed friend Naida are kidnapped and locked up tight in a twisted sanitarium.  The story is written by Ron Goulart, penciled by Mike Collins, inked by Art Nichols, colored by Ken Wolak, and has a cover by Joel Naprstek. It is 48 pages for $6.95. Click here for a preview.

Moonstone Books can be ordered online from their website at http://www.moonstonebooks.com/.
They can also be ordered online from Ed Bond Books at http://members.aol.com/pulpadventures/home.html
For snail mail orders:  Ed Bond Books, PO Box 45495, Madison, WI 53744 or FAX: 608-241-3004.
Ed Bond Books shipping is $3 Media Mail for the first book. Add .50 cents for each additional book.
Ed Bond Books has offered a discounted price on previous Moonstone titles. 
Check their website to verify the price before ordering.

Moonstone Books
Diamond Comic Distributors is shipping Kolchak:The Get of Belial to comic shops to arrive on 09 October.
This is an unfilmed TV episode adaptation! Kolchak heads down to Winship County, West Virginia to get the lowdown on a heated miner's strike. The story is adapted by Joe Gentile with art by Art Nichols and a cover by Doug Klauba.
It is 48 pages for $6.95.  Click here for a preview.

Moonstone Books can be ordered online from their website at http://www.moonstonebooks.com/.
They can also be ordered online from Ed Bond Books at http://members.aol.com/pulpadventures/home.html
For snail mail orders: Ed Bond Books, PO Box 45495, Madison, WI 53744 or FAX: 608-241-3004.
Ed Bond Books shipping is $3 Media Mail for the first book. Add .50 cents for each additional book.
Ed Bond Books has offered a discounted price on previous Moonstone titles. 
Check their website to verify the price before ordering.

Ray Bradbury - An Illustrated Life
Ray Bradbury - An Illustrated Life by Jerry Weist is now available.
This volume is a stunning visual record of its subject's long, varied career.  Jerry Wiest has created an affectionate tribute to Ray Bradbury that would be a most striking gift for any science fiction fan. 

Barnes & Noble reviewer Bill Sheehan had this to say about the book:
"After briefly touching on Bradbury's boyhood, formative influences, and seminal exposure to SF fandom, Wiest embarks on a profusely illustrated tour of a multifaceted career in the verbal and visual arts. In the process, he addresses Bradbury's primary vocation as a writer of fiction; his long association with the world of comics; his passionate involvement in film, theater, and television; and his lesser-known work as an enthusiastic amateur painter. Textual highlights include an illuminating exchange of letters with EC Comics founder William Gaines, and François Truffaut's log on the filming of Fahrenheit 451. But the real treasures of this volume are visual ones, among them rare private photos, film stills, and posters, excerpts from EC's comic adaptations, a retrospective of Bradbury cover art, and a portfolio of the work of the late Joseph Mugnaini, who, more than any other artist, successfully captured the spirit of Bradbury's work."

The 208 page hardcover (ISBN: 0060011823) is published by William Morrow & Co and retails for $34.95.
The book has an Introduction by Ray Bradbury.

Ray Bradbury - One More For The Road
A mass-market paperback edition of Ray Bradbury's One More For The Road will be published in January.
This assemblage of 25 of Bradbury's short pieces constitutes a worthwhile addition to most sf and fantasy collections.  It contains 18 brand-new stories and seven previously uncollected stories. 
The 368 page collections will be published by Avon Books and retail for $6.99.

A hardcover edition was published by William Morrow & Co. in March 2002.

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