25 April 2003
7th Annual Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale - Canada's premier pulp event!
The 7th Annual Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale will be held on Saturday April 26, 2003.
The show is a small but pulp specific event, with lots of great stuff for the collector and the curious alike. 
From 10am to 5pm, located at the Lillian H. Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library, 239 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  For more information, contact Girasol Collectables at info@girasolcollectables.com or
visit the shows website at http://www.friendsofmerril.org/pulpshow.html
Adventure House
ROSCOES IN THE NIGHT by Robert Leslie Bellem is scheduled to arrive in comic shops on 30 July.
This softcover collection of Dan Turner stories by Robert Leslie Bellem has an introduction by John Wooley and comes complete with pictures and great new information on everyone's favorite Hollywood Private Eye - Dan Turner!   Softcover, 7" x 10", 400 pages, b&w, $17.95.

ROSCOES IN THE NIGHT can be pre-ordered at your local comic shop from the May PREVIEWS.
The Diamond Item Code is MAY032626. 


Adventure House
G-8 AND HIS BATTLE ACES #8 featuring The Invisible Staffel is now available.
“For two days that phantom Fokker had terrified the Front. A strange, weird ship of death, all men could see was its dim outline. The fuselage—the wings—the pilot—were invisible! How could men fight an invisible enemy? What good was Vickers lead against a plane that was as transparent as air?”
$9.95 plus $2.50 shipping (Media Mail) for a single copy. 

G-8 AND HIS BATTLE ACES #8 will be available in comic shops on 30 April.

ALIAS Season 1 on DVD
ALIAS Season 1 will be release on DVD in September.
The six disc box set features: pilot production diary, Deleted scenes, "A Mission Around the World", Marshall Finkman's gadget gallery, Auditions, Gag reel, Audio commentaries, Special Season 2 preview, PS2 game sneak peak, DVD-ROM web puzzle, script link, and Season 3 preview link.
The list price is $69.99.
Black Dog Books
Tom Roberts' two latest additions to his Black Dog Books reprint line should be available at the Windy City Pulp and Paperback Show on April 4, 5, and 6.  The new titles are:

THE STINGING 'NTING AND OTHERS by Hugh B. Cave---Four rare short stories of adventure taken from
(the "impossible" to find pulps) FAR EAST ADVENTURE STORIES and MAN STORIES.

The final installments of Dr. Zarkov, the mysterious Surgeon of Souls from SPICY MYSTERY.

These are the same format as previous Black Dog Book publications, 5.5 X 8.5 inches in size.
These books are are priced at $9 each, due to increased printing costs.

Order from Mike Chomko at chomko@enter.net  and Adventure House.

Black Mask Magazine.com
The Black Mask Magazine website has several stories from DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY, ADVENTURE and BLACK MASK available for download in PDF format.
Burroughs Bookjackets from Normand Design
In 1999, Normand Design began the Edgar Rice Burroughs Dust Jacket Reconstruction Project. The intent was to produce high quality reproductions of some of the most exciting and sought-after dust jackets in book collecting.

Advances in digital imaging tools have made it possible for all collectors to have reproduction jackets gracing the volumes in their libraries, and indeed, there has been quite a proliferation of "laser-copies" and color photocopies in the book collecting market. When it comes to reproducing painted artwork, these methods suffer from the limitations of the equipment in being able to adjust colors for the greatest range and balance.

Normand Design painstakingly adjusts the color and cleans each image to assure brightness and detail. They work from several sources to obtain the best reproduction available. The type is completely reset with digital fonts to match the originals—even to kerning and typos. The jackets are complete and printed in one piece on glossy paper. 

Each jacket comes with a free, specially produced bookmark detailing the date when the story was written, the first magazine publication, the first edition publisher, the print run, the original price of the book and the cover illustrator.  All jackets are $25.00 each, except the alternate jackets which are $40.00 each.

Bookmarks are available separately in sets of four.

Postage is $5.00 per package/order in the U.S. and $10 U.S. Overseas Air. 
All shipments are Priority Mail in sturdy flat doublewall board.

Visit Normand Design's website at http://www.recoverings.com/ to view these lovely reproductions.

Chaosium - New Call of Cthulhu fiction anthology!
Disciples of Cthulhu II - Blasphemous Tales of the Followers is schedule for mid-May release.
Bad things tend happen to people who go where they are not wanted, or who  over-stay their welcome once they reach their destination. This book contains thirteen new personal explorations of the Cthulhu Mythos. As its title suggests, this is a companion volume to Edward P. Berglund's earlier classic Mythos collection, The Disciples of Cthulhu. Both books are published by Chaosium, but their contents are entirely different. All of the stories in Cthulhu II are original and have never been published before. All the stories record the dire fates of people whose destinies intertwine with the Mythos.

This book is part of an expanding collection of Cthulhu Mythos horror fiction and related topics. Call of Cthulhu fiction focuses on single entities, concepts, or authors significant to  readers and fans of H.P. Lovecraft.
Includes 13 new works of fiction based upon the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft.

Editor's Preface -- Edward P. Berglund
The Bookseller's Second Wife -- Walter C. DeBill, Jr.
Eldritch -- Brad Linaweaver and Fred Olen Ray
The Web -- Gary Myers
Passing Through -- Robert Weinberg
The Idol -- Scott David Aniolowski
Time in the Hourless House -- A. A. Attanasio
Special Order -- Henry Lee Forrest
Lujan's Trunk -- Donald R. Burleson
The San Francisco Treat -- C. J. Henderson
Acute Spiritual Fear -- Robert M. Price
The Eldridge Collection -- Will Murray
An Arkham Home Companion -- Brad Strickland
The Last Temptation of Ricky Perez -- Benjamin Adams

Trade Paperback, 5.25 X 8.5 inches, 240 pages, $13.95.
You can now order Chaosium books online at http://chaosium.com/online-store/scstore/ 

Charlie Chan
IGN Filmforce reports that screenwriters Mike Dougherty & Dan Harris (X-Men 2) are currently working on a remake of Charlie Chan for 20th Century Fox and Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal, Charlie's Angels).

The trades reported last year that Liu would star in and executive produce an update of the classic detective tales. She'll portray the granddaughter of the titular Chinese/Hawaiian sleuth. John Woo and Terence Chang will produce the film under their Lion Rock Productions banner.

Culture House Books - Glen Morris biography
Culture House Books has published a biography of movie Tarzan Glen Morris, THE GOLD AND THE GLORY.
The book is written by Mike Chapman with a Foreward by Bob Mathias, two-time Olympic champion.
Follow Glen Morris as he goes from college football star to Olympic decathlon champion...from Tarzan to the NFL and on to World War II...its an amazing story of triumph and tragedy on a grand scale!

This is an oversized, softbound book with a total of 125 photos, many never seen before.
It includes 30 Tarzan photos and 44 photos from the 1936 Olympic Games.

THE GOLD AND THE GLORY is $19.95 per copy plus shipping.
Shipping is $5 for one book, plus $2 for each additional book.
Send to: Culture House Books, P.O.Box 293, Newton, IA 50208.

DUM-DUM 2003
DUM-DUM 2003 will be held on August 28-31, 2003 in Louisville, Kentucky.
Hotel:  The Galt House, 4th Avenue & Main Street at the Ohio River, Louisville, Kentucky 40202.
Registration: $75 per person. Please make checks payable to "Burroughs Bibliophiles" and mail to Burroughs Memorial Collection, University of Louisville, Elkstrom Library, Louisville KY 40292.
Reservations: 1-800-626-1814
Rates:  Single and Double rooms - $89, Triple Rooms - $99, Quads - $109.  Be sure to mention the Burroughs Bibliophiles to get the convention rates.
Huckster Room:  Open from Thursday through Saturday evening.  Twenty tables with one white tablecloth and two chairs have been reserved for $35 each.  More tables will be supplied as needed.
Celebrity Guests: Danton Burroughs (grandson of ERB), Boris Vallejo (Tarzan artist), Max Allan Collins (author of ERB mystery, The Pearl Harbor Mystery), Denny Miller (Tarzan actor #12), Miles O'Keeffe (Tarzan actor #16).
Activities: ERB Film Festival, Wine and cheese social, tours of the Burroughs Memorial Collection and ERB exhibit on the ground floor of the library at the University of Louisville, huckster room, annual Burroughs Bibliophiles auction, Annual Banquet and Awards Program, Sunday Farewell Brunch.
E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
The Blackest Mail (08/01/46)

Robert Mullen's Shadow PDF
The Cup of Confucius (05/01/37), House of Silence (07/15/37), Serpents of Siva (04/15/38), 
The Rackets King  (06/15/38), Silver Skull (01/01/39), Crime Rides the Sea (01/15/39), 
Realm of Doom (02/01/39), The Vindicator (03/15/39), Death Ship (04/01/39), 
Battle of Greed (04/15/39),Deaths Harlequin (05/01/39), and Smugglers of Death (06/01/39)

The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork:
Charg, Monster (07/01/34), Death From Nowhere (07/15/39), Murder by Moonlight (12/43)

Doc Savage PDF: Nothing new this week.

The Shrevnitz Memorial Library:  Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Doc Savage in The Running Skeletons (June 1943)

Larry Estep-Online Pulps
Headache Hurler by Michael Avallone from the October, 1955 issue of TEN-STORY SPORTS. 
Stamp of Doom by Ray Cummings from the March, 1946 issue of CRACK DETECTIVE. 
Red Bamboo by Jason Lyttell from the June, 1935 issue of SPICY MYSTERY. 
Thubway Tham's Inthane Moment by Johnston McCulley from the November 19, 1918 issue of DETECTIVE STORY. 
Storm Over the Americas by Capt. Kerry McRoberts from the Fall, 1939 issue of THRILLING SPY STORIES. 
This story features "The Eagle" (NOT "The Lone Eagle") who was featured in the lead novels of this short lived 
pulp.  I thought this one was pretty good.  Lots of action, particularly at the end of it.

ERB Chain of Friendship
ERB Chain of Friendship Convention will be held June 27-29, 2003.   The registration fee of $75.00 includes events at the three-day ECOF, banquet ticket, souvenirs, and special discount tickets on selected collectibles.
Click here for the registration form and click here for the schedule of events.
ERBville Press announced the forthcoming publication of the FOURTH volume in the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Uniform Edition Hardcover Collection: THE MASTER MIND OF MARS.  Illustrated with the original interior artwork from AMAZING STORIES ANNUAL; color frontispiece by Frank R. Paul 
The price: $40.95 postpaid in the United States; $61.95 postpaid for the rest of the world. 
The pre-publication deadline is June 15, 2003. 
The publication date is July 15, 2003. 
You can order online at the ERBville Press website at http://www.angelfire.com/film/locationbooks/uniform.htm
Flash Gordon by Mac Raboy Volume 1 
Dark Horse Comics collection of Mac Raboy's run on Flash Gordon will be available in comic shops on 30 April.
Continuing Dark Horse Comics' tradition of fine reprint books, this tome is the first ever collection of Flash Gordon work by Raboy. Beginning his comics career in 1940, after taking government-funded drawing classes, Emanuel 'Mac' Raboy drew comics for the Harry "A" Chesler Studio and for Fawcett Publications. He's perhaps best known for his work on Captain Marvel, Jr. and the Green Lama in the 1940s. In the Spring of 1948 he signed on with King Features to illustrate the Flash Gordon Sunday page, following in the footsteps of his idol, Alex Raymond, and drawing the strip until his death in December of 1967. 

This is a 256 page, black and white, trade paperback for a retail price of $19.95.
Click here to order a copy online.

Fritz Leiber - Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser 
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser: Book Three - Swords in the Mist featuring a cover illustration by Jim Steranko!

Swords in the Mist is volume three of the chronicles of the adventures of Fafhrd and The Grey Mouser, the two greatest swordsmen ever seen in the kingdom of Lankhmar. The two heroes forfeit a peaceful new way of life in favor of adventure on the high seas and the promise in a sorcerer's gambit, and are lead into unfamiliar territory and unequal contests against crafty magicians and tempting enchantresses. Yet not even two such erstwhile swordsmen could have predicted the abruptly strange paths they would be taking into the heart of the kingdom, through its dark alleys and mist-shrouded shores. In a forgotten tomb lies many secrets, and only the greatest duel of The Grey Mouser's life will help to reveal them. 

This is a mass market paperback to be published by Pocket Books in August.
It runs 240 pages for $6.99.  ISBN: 0743474651

Galactic Central
Phil Stephensen-Payne has generated and uploaded a new version of the Galactic Central website at
http://www.philsp.com with hundreds of new cover scans (total now 5906), dozens more magazines (total now 5420) and numerous corrections and tweaks throughout. 
The Hollywood Reporter says that actor Chi McBride (Boston Public) has joined the cast of Alex Proyas' I, ROBOT production. McBride will play the lieutenant of Will Smith's character in the film who puts pressure on the detective to drop the murder investigation surrounding a robot. Bridget Moynahan and Alan Tudyk round out the cast. The film is scheduled for theaters next Summer.
James Bond
Irish heart-throb Jonathan Rhys-Meyers [Bend it like Beckham] screen-tested for the part in London last week.  Brosnan is signed to star in one more 007 movie, but at the age of 50 sources say he's ready to hang up the superspy's trademark tuxedo. And Bond producers are thought to be keen to have a replacement appointed in advance. According to reports, Meyers met with the James Bond organization representative Linda Broccoli for an initial screen test. Other actors thought to be in the running include Gerard Butler and Clive Owen. 
Jane Rice
Jane Rice passed away just a few weeks short of her ninetieth birthday in March.  Jane Rice's short fiction was a staple of the landmark fantasy magazine UNKNOWN and UNKNOWN WORLDS in the 1940's. Her work was praised by editor John W. Campbell, Jr., as "beautiful" and "magnificent". Her stories are fondly remembered for their believable everyday characters who confront uncanny disruptions in their lives with quiet dignity and a good sense of humor. Over the decades, reprintings of Rice's tales have introduced legions of fantasy readers to her trademark style of horror leavened with whimsy.

Ms. Rice had been working with editors Stefan Dziemianowicz and Jim Rockhill on the preparation of a volume that would collect all of her weird and macabre tales in one massive tome. The Idol of the Flies is a massive retrospective of Jane Rice's sixty-year career in weird fiction. From her earliest stories for John Campbell's UNKNOWN WORLDS, through the 1950's tales written for CHARM and THE MAGAZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE-FICTION, to the recent novelette The Sixth Dog, all of Ms. Rice's macabre fiction is collected in this book. Editors Stefan Dziemianowicz and Jim Rockhill have done a splendid job of tracking down stories from a wide variety of sources. Ms. Rice herself did revisions on several pieces to restore previously excised supernatural elements. 

Rumor has long been rampant of "missing" Jane Rice stories written for Campell's UNKNOWN WORLDS. Midnight House is pleased to report that those stories have been found and while not restored exactly to their original form, they now represent the author's preferred version. 

The Idol of the Flies will be available in a month or two from Midnight House.
The list price is $40 and it can be pre-ordered now by clicking on the link above.

Jungle Girl
IDW Publishing has announced a July release for Janet Harvey's JUNGLE GIRL. 

Here's how IDW describes the book: 
"Civilization and savagery collide in SouthAmerica's uncharted jungles!  "South America, 1916. When a young blue eyed girl is reported to be leadingIndian insurrections against the Putamayo rubber companies, Nicholas Carston, a representative of the English House of Commons, is sent to investigate. He needs to determine if she is a British citizen and if so, extract her from this volatile region without causing an international incident. There's only one problem. "She won't wear clothes, she can't speak English and she attacks any whiteman who comes near her…." 

"The way I have been describing it to people is Tarzan meets Apocalypse Now," Harvey said. "In the early 20th century, the Peruvian Rubber Company basically enslaved and decimated over half of the native indian population of the Putamayo region. In JUNGLE GIRL, the only vocal European proponent of the rights of these indians - a guy from the British Foreign Office - is 'disappeared' by the rubber companies. However, his infant daughter grows up in the care of a local tribe and comes back to haunt them with a vengeance. And that's what sets up the chain of events that takes place in the story. 

"It's two-fisted action adventure, and I'm overjoyed that it's found a home at IDW. The IDW team has been a dream to work with, and they've taken every care to make sure that the comic is the best it can be. So I feel very lucky." 

Editor-in-chief Jeff Mariotte said, "Most modern comics seem to be set in New York City, so some artists never have to learn how to draw any othersetting. But JUNGLE GIRL is rich in historical detail and accuracy, and we wanted it to be visually accurate as well. So I turned to a Brazilian Studio called Magic Eye, and the work we got back by Eduardo Müller blew us away. Between Janet's thrilling script and Eduardo's compelling art,this comic is sure to please adventure fans everywhere." Janet Harvey's JUNGLE GIRL is a standard format, 32-page comic book for $3.99.

JUNGLE GIRL can be pre-ordered at your local comic shop from the May PREVIEWS.
The Diamond Item Code is MAY032308. 

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 
The official site for the comic adaptation in which famous Victorian-era literature characters fight to stop a madman's world domination scheme has opened with all sorts of new stuff including new photos. 
Mandrake the Magician
Screenwriters Josh Oppenheimer and Tom Donnelly (A Sound of Thunder) have turned in a draft of the script for the proposed big-screen update of Lee Falk's "Mandrake the Magician" comic strip.
Modern Pulp featuring DOCTOR SATAN and THE MOON MAN!
For the first time, two characters from the pulp era, DOCTOR SATAN and THE MOON MAN, will meet face to face in a single adventure, as they go toe-to-toe against one another.  When the canine population of Great City suddenly turns into an army of fanged killers, the Moon Man goes into action to solve the mystery. Thus begins his most dangerous mission pitting him against the merciless, evil mastermind known as Doctor Satan!

Hounds Of Hell by Ron Fortier & Gordon Linzner with spot illustrations provided by Jim Schumaker and Bradley Walton is a classic pulp tale in 29 chapters. Chapter Two: A Strange Transformation is now availableon the Modern Pulp website. Visit the Modern Pulp website at http://www.modernpulp.com/index.htm to read this new adventure.

Hounds Of Hell is copyright © 2003 Ron Fortier and Gordon Linzner.

The Phantom
Screenwriter Steven De Souza (Die Hard) is hard at work on the first draft of the script for the film, which is expected to be completed in the near future. 

According to an interview with the Comics2film website, "Steven De Souza is a 'Phantom' junkie. He is passionate about the Phantom and wants to be as loyal to the character as is possible," our source told us. "The most important element of 'The Phantom' is his supposed immortality -- the idea that a crime fighting 'responsibility' is passed down from generation to generation.  One of the challenges the filmmakers face is updating the almost-seventy-year-old character for today's moviegoers. "That was the biggest issue for us," the spokesperson told Comics2film. "We have worked hard to create a contemporary Phantom while remaining faithful to the source material. Certain elements are being updated to appeal to a modern audience." 

The Phantom's trademark purple tights with the blue and black striped trunks may be a particular hard sell. Crusader said the character will wear his costume, but it'll be an updated version of it. Howard Baldwin's Crusader Entertainment and Ashok Armitraj's Hyde Park Entertainment announced that they'd picked up the film rights to the classic comic strip last fall. 

Pulp Rack
The Pulp Rack has posted an excellent article Nelson S. Bond, Master Pulpster by Peter Ruber.
Rawhide Kid #5
Rawhide Kid #5 (of 5) will be in comic shops on 30 April.
The new series pairs the original artist, John Severin, now 86, with Ron Zimmerman, a writer for the "Howard Stern Show." This controversial series will reveal that the Rawhide Kid is gay.  This is a 32 page color comic for $2.99.
Coming in late July is ROBERT E. HOWARD'S CONAN: DRAWINGS & SKETCHES by Gary Gianni.
Gianni will be illustrating the second (and possibly the third) volumes in Wandering Star's Robert E. Howard set, The Complete Conan of Cimmeria.  Gary Gianni, the Spectrum and Eisner Award-winning illustrator, has previously illustrated  Wandering Star's Soloman Kane.  Get behind-the-scenes look at preliminary designs, oil paintings, and illustrations created for the upcoming set, The Complete Conan of Cimmeria
Softcover, 8" x 7", 36 pages, b&w, $9.95.

ROBERT E. HOWARD'S CONAN: DRAWINGS & SKETCHES can be pre-ordered at your local comic shop from the May PREVIEWS. The Diamond Item Code is MAY032287. 

Robert Weinberg - EXTINCTION EVENT #1
At long last, DC Comics Wildstorm imprint presents EXTINCTION EVENT by Robert Weinberg.
What if humans weren't the first intelligent species on Earth?  Since the dawn of time, man has believed himself to be the most advanced species to ever inhabit the planet.  We were wrong.  When a Texas earthquake unearths evidence of an advanced civilization thousands of years old, a team of specialists is dispatched to investigate.  But what they find will turn this mission into an adventure of Jurassic proportions! 

Over 65 million years ago, mutated, intelligent raptors ruled the globe.  When they discovered that a gigantic meteor was on a collision course with Earth, they tunneled far beneath the planet's surface and entered cryogenic sleep, planning to return once the globe had reccovered.  But their wake-up mechanism failed and the dinosaurs slept...until now.  The've awakened, and they want their world back.  Three men and three women are all that stands between intelligent, carnivorous dinosaurs and the survival of humanity.  It's going to be an extinction event, but for which species?

This five issue miniseries is illustrated by Brett Booth and Sal Regla with covers by Brett Booth.
Full Color, 32 pages, $2.50, the first issue is scheduled to be in comic shops on 02 July. 

EXTINCTION EVENT #1 can be pre-ordered at your local comic shop from the May PREVIEWS. 
The Diamond Item Code is MAY030211.

For a look at the artwork from this series, visit Robert Weinberg's website at http://www.robertweinberg.net/.

Shadow Interior Artwork Needed
The Shadow Interior Artwork website is still look for artwork contributions for about 100 issues of THE SHADOW MAGAZINE.  Click here for a complete list of the issues for which artwork is needed.
Shadow PDF
The Shadow PDF website has posted a NEW Shadow fan fiction novel by Steve Kaye, Seven Tides of Doom.
Follow The Shadow as he races across New York in search of a master villain - a killer whose clues present the greatest mystery The Shadow has ever encountered.  The madman strikes without warning; his victims seemingly chosen at random; the police are baffled ... and yet, The Shadow knows!

The Shadow PDF website has moved to a new location.
The new site is located at http://www.shadowpdf.net/

George Lucas's official STAR WARS website has informed fans that another classic character from EPISODES IV - V will be appearing in EPISODE III. Chewbacca the Wookiee, the 200-year-old co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon, will make an appearance in this final chapter of the prequels. The role will again be played by the man who originated the part, Peter Mayhew. 

"I'm delighted to return as Chewbacca," Mayhew was quoted as saying on Lucasfilm's website. "I think his re-appearance in this film is a fitting way to tie the whole saga together, especially for Wookiee fans." 

Also confirmed for EPISODE III were Anthony Daniels as C-3PO and Kenny Baker as R2-D2. 

Johnny Messner (Tears of the Sun) has been added to the cast of the WB's Tarzan update (which will now run under the title "Tarzan & Jane") as Jane's boyfriend and Tarzan's nemesis.
Ultimate Guide to the Pulps
Ultimate Guide to the Pulps is the largest, most comprehensive price guide on the subject published to date.
It lists nearly 200 cover artists, more than 300 authors, more than 1,000 titles, more than 20,000 prices and also includes authors' first appearances, cover art descriptions, key stories and more. 
The first edition is still available from Bud Plant Comic Art for $44.95.

A second edition is planned for 2004.

VISCO - The Visual Index of SF Cover Art
Visco Version 2.03 was uploaded on 22 April 2003 at http://www.sfcovers.net.
1.  Fantasy and Science Fiction is now complete with more than 600 issues from 1949 to date
2.  Australian edition of F&SF was added
3.  Complete runs of Imagination and Imaginative Tales
4.  Complete run of Authentic Science Fiction
Now VISCO has finished F&SF, the plan is to tackle one of the other major magazines. 
Analog and Asimov's were added to the wants list - please contact at Terry Gibbons if you can help.
Xena: Warrior Princess
The Complete 1st Season on DVD will be available on Tuesday, 29 April. The list price is $89.98.
This is a 7-Disc Set with Screensavers and "Xena chronicles".
18 April 2003
7th Annual Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale - Canada's premier pulp event!
The 7th Annual Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale will be held on Saturday April 26, 2003.
The show is a small but pulp specific event, with lots of great stuff for the collector and the curious alike. 
From 10am to 5pm, located at the Lillian H. Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library, 239 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  For more information, contact Girasol Collectables at info@girasolcollectables.com or
visit the shows website at http://www.friendsofmerril.org/pulpshow.html
Adventure House
Adventure House has announced the contents of HIGH ADVENTURE #73 and #74.

HIGH ADVENTURE #73 will feature Secret Agent X in Ambassador of Doom by Brant House.
HIGH ADVENTURE #73 will be available in November 2003.

HIGH ADVENTURE #74 will feature The Phantom Detective in The Grim Shadow of Hate by Robert Wallace. 
HIGH ADVENTURE #74 will be available in January 2004.

BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER #4 is now available. 
Advance copies were available at the Windy City show, and subscribers’ copies were mailed on Monday.
BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER #3 was a little late, but with this issue it is back on schedule. 

The cover story of our Spring 2003 issue is “Disposable Heroes,” an article chronicling the all-too-brief careers of delightfully offbeat heroes whose one-shot adventures appeared in Popular Publications’ detective pulps of the ‘30s. For our second feature article, Rex W. Layton offers an inside look at L. Ron Hubbard’s 1937 Hollywood sojourn, during which he wrote the screenplay for THE SECRET OF TREASURE ISLAND, a Columbia serial based on his unpublished story, “Murder at Pirate Castle.” Rex has unearthed fascinating, behind-the-scenes information on Hubbard’s screenwriting stint, including heretofore unpublished letters and transcripts in which the author discussed the adaptation of “Pirate Castle.”

Our departments this issue include “From the Top Shelf,” in which we review the only pulp magazine to include stories by both Ayn Rand and Franz Kafka (!); “Tricks of the Trade,” which features a 1931 WRITERS DIGEST profile/interview of prolific Western writer William MacLeod Raine; and the “Blood ‘n’ Thunder Reprint,” which is “The Taking of Cloudy McGee,” a gently humorous W. C. Tuttle yarn from a 1924 issue of SHORT STORIES. 

Click here or on the image at the right for a larger image.

BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER #4 is available for $6.00 postpaid from: 
Ed Hulse, Mountain Club, Bldg. 15, Apt. 4B, Morris Plains, NJ 07950. 
The first two issues are now sold out and very few copies of #3 remain in stock.

Work has already begun on #5 (Summer), which will be available at Pulpcon.
As always, BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER is looking for articles and suggestions for articles.


Clive Cussler - SAHARA: New Dirk Pitt Film
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Matthew McConaughey is in final negotiations to star in and executive produce a big-screen adaptation of Clive Cussler's 1992 novel "Sahara." The Crusader Entertainment project will begin production in the fall, with Paramount Pictures distributing.  It will be directed by Breck Eisner,son of Walt Disney Co. Chairman Michael Eisner. The first installment of Cussler's best-selling Dirk Pitt series about an intrepid adventurer and explorer, "Sahara" centers on Pitt (McConaughey) searching the African desert for a
toxin that is killing marine life. 

McConaughey will executive produce the project with Gus Gustawes, his producing partner in their j.k. livin prods. There are 13 Pitt books in Cussler's series, and Crusader hopes that "Sahara" will be the beginning of a franchise with McConaughey at the center. 

DVDs - Coming Soon!
On 13 May, Madacy Entertainment will release Dick Tracy (15-chapter serial), yet another Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (12-chapter serial), The New Adventures of Tarzan (12-chapter serial), and Zorro's Fighting Legion (12-chapter serial).  All will be available from Amazon.com and other DVD retailers.
E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
Death in the Stars (05/01/40)

Robert Mullen's Shadow PDF: Nothing new this week.

The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork
The Death Giver (05/15/33) and The Shadow's Rival (06/15/37)

Doc Savage PDF: The Talking Devil (May 1943)

The Shrevnitz Memorial Library:  Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: The Moon Maid by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Quetzal (02/15/37), Death's Bright Finger (05/15/42), The Devil Monsters (02/01/43), Messenger of Death  (08/01/43), The Shadow's Justice (04/15/33), Shadow over Alcatraz (12/01/38), Three Stamps of Death (06/45), Trail of Vengeance (11/01/42), The Isle of Doubt (08/15/33), Lingo (04/01/35), Mardi Gras Mystery (09/01/35), and Tower of Death (05/01/34)

Larry Estep-Online Pulps
When Super-Apes Plot by Anthony Wilder from the December 15, 1919 issue of TOP-NOTCH. 
Satan's Faceless Henchmen by Steve Fisher from the May, 1936 issue of ACE MYSTERY. 
Gun Guile by Goeffrey North from the February, 1934 issue of GREATER GANGSTER STORIES. 
A Long Rope by Archie Oboler from the April, 1933 issue of TEN DETECTIVE ACES. 
Pay Out West by Thomas Thursday from the December, 1929 issue of WESTERN OUTLAWS.

Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan 
Now available from McFarland & Company is Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan.

Here is what McFarland has to say about the book:
Robert W. Fenton's 1967 biography of Burroughs has been long out of print, but it reappears from McFarland & Company this Fall as a wonderful source for a new generation of readers.   This book includes letters, documents, synopses, lists of characters, and plots and themes Burroughs used in his work, and also reveals his interest in and ready observations on such issues as women’s suffrage, prohibition, morality in Hollywood, and the Scopes trial in Tennessee. The book has a Foreword by George T. McWhorter, 272 pages, 7 x 10 in size, 65 photographs, appendices, notes, an index, and illustrated case binding. The retail price is $35 plus shipping.

McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, Box 611, Jefferson, North Carolina 28640
Telephone (336) 246-4460. Fax (336) 246-5018. Orders 800-253-2187.

Cover art is copyright © 2003 by McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers.

Illustration Magazine

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE #6 will be in comic shops on 23 April.
Click here for information on this issue.

Larry Estep - Update!
The Index to Street & Smith Adventure and General fiction magazines on CDROM
Len Robbins' Index to SHORT STORIES on CDROM
Both projects were previously reported as tentatively scheduled for debut in April at the Windy City Pulp and Paperback Show.

Larry has informed me that both projects are progressing, just not as quickly as hoped for.
More news as these projects reach completion. 

Mike Chomko - Catalog Update
Mail order dealer Mike Chomko's Catalog has been updated with new arrivals through mid-April 2003.
The catalog is is now available for download in PDF format.
Mike carries pulp-related publications from Adventure House, Arkham House, Black Dog Books, Blue Mushroom Books, Bold Venture Press, Comic Art Magazine, Crippen & Landru, Ed Bond Books (Zorro), Facts on File, Fedogan & Bremer, Haffner Press, Illustration Magazine, NESFA Press, University of Nebraska (Bison Frontiers of Imagination Series—classic science fiction), Watson-Guptill, and Wildside Press. 

Orders over $25 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid.
Contact Mike at chomko@enter.net.
Click here to download the full catalog.

SCIENCE OF SUPERHEROES Writers Win Two National Awards!
On Friday, April 11, at the Rochester Chapter Award dinner for the Society of Technical Communications, THE SCIENCE OF SUPERHEROES by Lois H. Gresh and Robert Weinberg won two awards in the International-Level Competition sponsored each year by the Organization. The book received an award for Distinguished International-Level Merit in Technical Communications and also won the special Best in Show 2003 award from the Rochester Chapter of the Organization. This is the first time ever that a book on pop-science and comic books has been so honored by this highly regarded professional association.

STC is the world's largest professional association for technical communicators. With more than 20,000 members across the globe, STC provides unparalleled opportunities for continuing education and peer networking. Members include every kind of technical communicator, including technical writers, editors, and illustrators as well as Web designers, technical translators, and managers and teachers of technical communication. They work in industries as diverse as computer software, medicine, aviation, manufacturing, and entertainment. STC has 150 local chapters on six continents -- anywhere people need technical information, STC members are there.

Ms. Gresh, a member of the Society’s Rochester Chapter, attended the dinner and was caught completely by surprise by the double honor. In her short, impromptu, acceptance speech, she thanked the Society for the two Awards and promised to keep up the good work, as she and Mr. Weinberg are hard at work on their new science book, THE SCIENCE OF SUPERVILLAINS.

Tom Strong
Tom Strong #20 will be in comic shops on 23 April.
The issue is written by Alan Moore, with art by Jerry Ordway and Karl Story and a cover by Chris Sprouse. 

Here's how DC describes the issue: 
"Part 1 of a new 3-part adventure. 'What might have been' - just four melancholy words that conjure so many emotions. Four words that suddenly take on new meaning when Tom Strong learns what would have happened - who he would be - if things had been a fraction different. Journey back to the last days of the 19th century, to a time before Tom Strong was born, and learn what can happen in the blink of an eye in a tale called How Tom Strong Got Started!

Tom Strong #20 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.25. 

Now available from McFarland & Company is WALTER B. GIBSON AND THE SHADOW.

Here is what McFarland has to say about the book:
“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? . . . The Shadow knows!” And who knew The Shadow better than his creator, Walter B. Gibson. Relatively few people have heard of Gibson, but many more are familiar with The Shadow having heard the program on the Blue Coal Radio Program in the 1930s and read the Street & Smith Shadow novels.

Walter B. Gibson’s life and career come out from behind The Shadow in this biography. It covers his youth in Philadelphia, his development as a writer and magician, his wives, including the third, (Litzka, who was a harpist and magician in her own right), his time living in Maine and upstate New York, and his later years and death.

In addition to being credited with creating The Shadow (he used the pseudonym Maxwell Grant), Gibson wrote 187 books, contributed 668 articles to periodicals, created 282 stories for The Shadow Magazine, wrote 48 separate syndicated feature columns, reported the adventures of The Shadow and Blackstone the magician in 394 comic books and newspaper strips, and helped develop 147 radio scripts and many other works under numerous pseudonyms. Gibson has invented many widely used magic tricks and traveled with and befriended Harry Houdini, Howard Thurston, Harry Blackstone, Sr., and Joseph Dunninger.

The book is written by Thomas J. Shimeld with a Foreword by Robert W. Gibson.
It is 7" X 10", 152 pages with photographs, appendices, references, an index, and illustrated case binding.
The book retails for $45 plus shipping.

McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, Box 611, Jefferson, North Carolina 28640
Telephone (336) 246-4460. Fax (336) 246-5018. Orders 800-253-2187.

Cover art is copyright © 2003 by McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers.

Wildside Press
The following titles are now available from Wildside Press (http://www.wildsidepress.com/):

THE MAD KING by Edgar Rice Burroughs 
Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote this tale of confused identity and royal intrigue in 1914 and 1915, as World War I was getting ready to happen: it means to be an homage to Anthony Hope's PRIZONER OF ZENDA. But, of course, it isn't Hope writing, but Burroughs: the events that led to the war inform the book, and it speaks to the real events happening as Burroughs wrote. That makes it a very different story from Hope's almost-whimsical novel. Part of the reason Burroughs left such a lasting mark on the world is because he was engaged in the events that surrounded him; the news troubled him deeply and personally. As well it might! He was writing, as he always did, on fantastical topics; but it is the fantastic nature of the twentieth century that is the real text of the man's career. The events that shape our own times now inform the work at hand: Edgar Rice Burroughs is generally described as a "Pulp Writer" -- that's code for a successful hack -- but the truth is that he was much, much more. 

296 pages, Trade Hardcover ISBN: 1-59224-933-7, $32.95 

LOVE AT ARMS by Rafael Sabatini 
There was no question to any patriotic man of Babbiano that Caesar Borgia meant to invade; he meant to make the tiny nation into a province of his growing empire. And who had the stomach for that? 

Gian Maria, Babbiano's playboy Duke, was no match for the crisis. And so when the people of Babbiano foresaw the war they called for Count Aquila. 

But Aquila was having none of it. 

"I tell you, Fanfulla, that were I at present in my cousin's shoes, I would cast crown and purple at whomsoever had a fancy for them ere they crushed the life out of me and left me a poor puppet. Sooner than endure that hollow mockery of a life I would become a peasant or a vassal; I would delve the earth and lead a humble life, but lead it in my own way, and thank God for the freedom of it; choose my own comrades; live as I list, where I list; love as I list, where I list, and die when God pleases with the knowledge that my life had not been altogether barren. And that poor girl, Fanfulla! Think of her. She is to be joined in loveless union to such a gross, unfeeling clod as Gian Maria. Have you no pity for her?" 

Fanfulla sighed, his brow clouded. 

"I am not so dull but that I can see why you should reason thus today," said he. "These thoughts have come to you since you have seen her." 

Franceseo sighed deeply. 

"Who knows?" he made answer wistfully. "In the few moments that we talked together, in the little time that I beheld her, it may be that she dealt me a wound far deeper than the one to which she so mercifully sought to minister." 

220 pages
Library (Jacketless) Hardcover, ISBN: 1-59224-974-4,  $29.95 
Trade Paperback, ISBN: 1-58715-649-0,  $19.95 

11 April 2003
7th Annual Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale - Canada's premier pulp event!
The 7th Annual Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale will be held on Saturday April 26, 2003.
The show is a small but pulp specific event, with lots of great stuff for the collector and the curious alike. 
From 10am to 5pm, located at the Lillian H. Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library, 239 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  For more information, contact Girasol Collectables at info@girasolcollectables.com.
Alien 5
James Cameron is apparently willing to throw his hat back into the Alien franchise according to his recent interview with Jam Movies. Cameron said that he would be interested in another Aliens Project if 20th Century Fox is willing to throw out the Aliens vs Predator project.  This week, Cameron told the Edmonton Sun that he does indeed have "high hopes" of returning to the Alien franchise, as long as he gets the go-ahead to make the fifth installment truly scary.

"[The original Alien] holds a special classic niche as one of the great terrifying experiences. And the trick is you don't go crazy and make a $150-million movie because you don't want to have to compromise, you don't want to try to do a PG-13 Alien that is all things to everyone." With Alien 5, Cameron would like to return to Alien's roots as a psychological horror. "It's got to still maintain its roots in this kind of cinematic id. Ridley did it really beautifully. He just kind of put you into this Freudian nightmare space."

Cameron told the Houston Chronicle that he and Ridley Scott have talked about doing an Alien film together, with Cameron writing and producing and Scott directing. 

Alien Quadrilogy
The May edition of the UK's Empire magazine has some details on the upcoming Alien Quadrilogy direct from 20th Century Fox. Look for the 9-disc set to include new "extended" cuts of Alien, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection (Aliens will be the previous director's cut), along with audio commentaries, documentaries and lots more. Each film will get 2-disc treatment (a disc for the film and a disc of extras), along with a 9th bonus disc of just supplementary material (including the Alien Legacy documentary). The film discs will reportedly give you the choice of watching the theatrical version or the new extended cuts via seamless branching. The set is tentatively due for a late 2003 release.
Bud Plant Comic Art has reduced the price on THE CLASSIC ERA OF AMERICAN PULP MAGAZINES
By Peter Haining from $39.95 to $24.95. 
Hardcover, 8" X 9", 224 pages.
Cliffhanger Productions
Cliffhanger Productions, Inc., are the producers of the first new cliffhanger serials since 1956.
Their first serial, KING OF THE PARK RANGERS, is going to be re-released on video and DVD-R later this year in a special edition.  The new edition will run 30 minutes shorter, include new footage, and improved picture and sound quality, and--for the first time--the film will be presented in a brand new Widescreen (1:85) format.  KING OF THE PARK RANGERS was a 12 chapter serial that was done in the style of the late model Republics.  The film will be available in standard black and white or sepia editions as well (the DVD-R will likely carry both editions).

Later this year, Cliffhanger Productions will be making the first ever TALES OF THE DARK AVENGER feature length movie, entitled STAR WITNESS.  It will run in between 65 and 80 minutes in length and be in black and white.

Cliffhanger Productions can be found on the web at http://cliffhangerproductions.8m.com

The Official Conan Website is reporting that Rittenhouse Archives will create a line of Conan trading cards featuring Conan, his friends and his foes!  A limited toy line is also being developed with the leading innovator in action figures.
Crippen & Landru - MARKSMAN AND OTHER STORIES by William Campbell Gault
Now available from Crippen & Landru is the next book in their “Lost Classics Series,” MARKSMAN AND OTHER STORIES by William Campbell Gault.  The book contains 12 stories, including all 6 about P.I. Joe Puma.  The stories are from BLACK MASK, CLUES, DETECTIVE STORY MAGAZINE, DIME DETECTIVE, MANHUNT, etc. 
The cover is by Tom Roberts with some neat touches--a copy of NEW DETECTIVE in a basket and a 1st of THE THIN MAN on Joe's desk.  The book is 208 pages, assembled and introduced by Bill Pronzini, and has an afterword by Gault's daughter Shelley.  The retail price is $29 for the hardcover edition and $19 for the trade softcover. 

To order, visit the Crippen & Landru website at http://www.crippenlandru.com/

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
Three Stamps of Death (06/01/45)

Robert Mullen's Shadow PDF: Nothing new this week.

The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork
The Key (06/01/34), The Third Shadow (03/15/36), and Intimidation Inc. (12/15/36)

Doc Savage PDF: The Annihilist (December 1934)

The Shrevnitz Memorial Library:  Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: The Talking Devil (May 1943) 

Larry Estep-Online Pulps
King of the Pod & Kelly the Sea Dog by J. Allan Dunn from  TOP-NOTCH, November 15, 1917 & December 1, 1917 
The Seventh Man by Joel Rogers from WINGS, Spring, 1936 
The Green Shiver (Captain Trouble #4) by Perley Poore Sheehan from THRILLING ADVENTURES, October, 1932 
Pay For Your Peanuts byThomas Thursday from CRACK DETECTIVE, May, 1943
Great Minds Run-- by Harold Ward from BLACK MASK, January, 1922 

Joss Whedon’s adored but cancelled space Western is coming to a DVD player near you in widescreen! 
Fox Home Entertainment will be releasing the entire season, including the unaired episodes, in widescreen format  and, most likely, in the "correct" order.  The DVD Box set will reportedly include lots of extras. 
Illustration Magazine
ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE #6 is now available.
ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE #6 is devoted to the life and work of legendary illustrator Robert Peak. 
Written by the artist's son Tom Peak, this issue promises to reveal a uniquely personal look at the artist as well as hundreds of beautiful reproductions shot directly from the original art. It's the first major coverage ever on this master, who did famous posters for many films and is very much in the class of Bob McGinnis. Perhaps the last truly "famous" illustrator, Peak's work spanned more than four decades. The "Peak look" was the most widely admired and imitated style of the day. The text -- written largely by his son Thomas -- takes you on a journey through Peak's life and career.  This has more than 110 illustrations and photographs that highlight the extraordinary talents of Peak.

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE, 540 Wooddell Court,Kirkwood, MO 63122.
48 pages in black and white and full color for $9.
Four issue subscriptions are available for $36.

ILLUSTRATION MAGAZINE is also available from:
Adventure House
Bud Plant Comic Art
Michael Chomko (chomko@enter.net )

Cover © 2003
The Estate of Bob Peak

Indiana Jones IV 
In an interview with US Magazine, Harrison Ford announced he is planning to take some time off until next year, when production on Indy's last adventure is slated to begin.  "We have a great story line," said Ford, who is enthusiastic to don the fedora again. "Spielberg will direct, and it will be as good as any of the others we've made. Maybe even better!"  Sean Connery is likely to play Indy's father, Henry Jones Sr., in several scenes, and former girlfriends of Indy's may also show up. Indiana Jones IV will be set some time during the 1950s.

Writer Frank Darabont contacted Dark Horizons last week to debunk some rumors that have been floating around on the Internet about the fourth Indiana Jones picture. Contrary to scuttlebutt, Ford has yet to see or comment on the script, since it's not even completed yet. Darabont is about 80 pages into the first draft so far. He describes it as "entertaining and adventurous."

Indiana Jones DVD 
TheForce.net quotes an insider as saying that Industrial Light + Magic is working right now on restoring the original prints for a DVD release. 

"Industrial Light and Magic are working on the Indy DVD Trilogy right now. Hard to believe, isn't it? Hopefully, it will be worth the wait. Here's what I do know – apparently ILM is having to conduct a major restoration of the original print. There's quite a bit of digital film cleanup they're conducting as well."

It should be stressed that they are not making a "special edition" with added or modified footage, merely cleaning up the old celluloid and tweaking or removing distracting and errant elements.

Additionally, Indyfan.com quotes this relevant paragraph from the March edition of Hotdog magazine:

"Good news concerning the Indiana Jones trilogy; It's definitely happening this year, and about bloody time too. Details are scarce, but so far stunt coordinator Vic Armstrong has been confirmed as providing a commentary for each film, which will be recorded shortly. It does look as though Raiders may have the prefix added, but hopefully Spielberg will refrain from any CGI additions, like replacing Indy's whip with a walkie-talkie."

Jurassic Park 4
Variety reports that "Con Air" director Simon West will direct Jurassic Park 4.
King Conan: Crown of Iron
Two years after the original King Conan script, John Milius has finished his 2nd draft.  The revised script trimmed down his long epic from a 3.5 hour movie to a 2 hour (+) time and added a couple of script suggestions by The Wachowski Brothers. A review of the 2nd draft script is available at The Arnold Fans website.

The Arnold Fans also reports that writer-director John Milius wants Oscar-winner Sean Connery (LXG) to co-star in King Conan: Crown of Iron. The role would be that of "Alba Metallus Fortunas, Conan's commander and tyrannical Emperor."  The site also claims that wrestlers Triple H and Chyna are up for the villainous roles of "Felexio" and "Carnifexia," respectively.

King Conan has yet to be officially green-lighted by Warner Brothers. Perhaps the studio wishes to see how T3 does before they shell out too much money on either Schwarzenegger or the film.

Lone Ranger DVD Box Set 
This Lone Ranger DVD Box Set is now available.
With his faithful Indian companion Tonto, the daring and resourceful masked rider of the plains led the fight for law and order in the early west. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear. The Lone Ranger Rides Again! Contains the first 19 episodes of the classic western television program.
Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels star in this collection. DVD extras include interviews with Silver’s wrangler, Louise Thomas; Clayton Moore’s daughter, Dawn Moore; and his longtime friend, Rand Brooks.
The list price is $59.95.
It is available from Rhino, Deep Discount DVD, DVD Planet, and Amazon.com

The second Lone Ranger DVD Box Set is scheduled for June. 

Modern Pulp featuring DOCTOR SATAN and THE MOON MAN!
For the first time, two characters from the pulp era, DOCTOR SATAN and THE MOON MAN, will meet face to face in a single adventure, as they go toe-to-toe against one another.  When the canine population of Great City suddenly turns into an army of fanged killers, the Moon Man goes into action to solve the mystery. Thus begins his most dangerous mission pitting him against the merciless, evil mastermind known as Doctor Satan!

Hounds Of Hell by Ron Fortier & Gordon Linzner with spot illustrations provided by Jim Schumaker and Bradley Walton is a classic pulp tale in 29 chapters.  Chapter One: The Dark Angel is now available on the Modern Pulp website. Visit the Modern Pulp website at http://www.modernpulp.com/index.htm to read this new adventure.

Hounds Of Hell is copyright © 2003 Ron Fortier and Gordon Linzner.

Moonstone Books

KOLCHAK THE NIGHT STALKER: LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER will be in comic shops on 16 April.
Written by Joe Gentile, art by Trevor Von Eden, and a cover by Doug Kiauba. 
Kolchak investigates a spree of "typical" missing persons cases in Hollywood.  Tinseltown dreams led the poor kids astray, right?  It's an old story told here, but exactly how old is sure to come as a shock to Carl - as will the genetic experiments covered up by unknown forces.

48 pages, full color, $6.95

Pirates of the Carribean
The full version of the Pirates of the Carribean trailer was posted online shortly after its premiere last Sunday night at 8:15pm on ABC. Visit the Pirates of the Carribean website to view the trailer. The film will be in theaters on 09 July.
PULP ART By Robert Lesser
A new printing of PULP ART by Robert Lesser is now available. 
The first and only art book devoted to paintings (all from original artwork!) from those wonderful, lurid, and colorful pulp magazines. BLACK MASK, THE SHADOW, ARGOSY, TRUE DETECTIVE, AMAZING STORIES, WEIRD TALES--these were just a few of the "pulps" that crowded the magazine racks from the 1920s until the 1950s. An art genre all its own, the pulp covers were a "highly colored circus in which everything was pushed to the nth degree."
Articles and essays by noted figures, including Jim Steranko, Walt Reed, Sam Moskowitz, Danton Burroughs, Fred Cook, Jim Van Hise, and Charles Martignette. Includes art by Virgil Finlay, Rafael de Soto, J. Allen St. John, Hannes Bok, H.J. Ward, Brundage, Belarski, Cartier, Bergey, Saunders and dozens of others. Superb reproduction entirely from original paintings! More than 100 color illustrations, many full-page. Hardcover, 8" X 11", 184 pages, Full Color.

PULP ART is available from Bud Plant Comic Art and Amazon.com.

PULP CULTURE: The Art of Fiction Magazines By Frank Robinson and Lawrence Davidson
Bud Plant Comic Art has reduced the price on PULP CULTURE from $39.95 to $21.95. 
A comprehensive look at the art of the pulps. Over 420 full-color covers reproduced. This value-priced hardback offers the most comprehensive look at pulps ever done (and we've seen them all). More than seven years in the making. 
Hardcover, 11" X 11", 204 pages, Full Color.
Rawhide Kid #4 
Rawhide Kid #4 (of 5) will be in comic shops on 16 April.
The new series pairs the original artist, John Severin, now 86, with Ron Zimmerman, a writer for the "Howard Stern Show." This controversial series will reveal that the Rawhide Kid is gay.  This is a 32 page color comic for $2.99.
The Shadow Magazine Website - New Premium Offer!
An amazing, mystifying magic trick from The Shadow. And you don't even need to send in a box-top; just send a dime!  With his mysterious powers of deduction, The Shadow will help you confound your audience with this display of your mental powers. Which character from the mystery novels has been secretly selected? Only The Shadow knows! Visit The Shadow Magazine for ordering details.
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
DreamWorks animated film, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas is set to sail into theaters everywhere on July 2nd.  The picture's all-star voice cast includes Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michelle Pfeiffer, Joseph Fiennes and Dennis Haysbert.

Pitt voices Sinbad, a daring rogue who has spent his life sailing the seven seas looking for trouble. The film tells the story of what happens when trouble answers... in a big way.  Sinbad has been framed for stealing one of the world's most priceless and powerful treasures – the Book of Peace.  Sinbad must find the book and return it or his best friend Proteus (Fiennes) will die.  But the swashbuckler opts for leisure over adventure and sets sail for the fun and sun of the Fiji Islands.  He doesn't know that Proteus' girlfriend, Marina (Zeta-Jones), has stowed away on the ship to make sure that he fulfills his mission.  And Sinbad's woman problems get even worse when Eris, the goddess of chaos (Pfeiffer), starts to wreak havoc by putting storms and sea monsters in his way. Tim Johnson directed the animated adventure from a screenplay by John Logan (Gladiator, Star Trek Nemesis).

Wild Cat Books
STRANGE WORLDS #11 is now available for $13 postpaid.
This issue features the conclusion of A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs with art by David Burton, A Tale Of Three Lions by H. Rider Haggard (An Allan Quatermain story), Two articles on "Operator 5" by Nick Carr,  A Teleportation article by Chuck Juzek, and a short article on the passing of Pulp Heroes by Ver Curtiss.  8.5"x11", Color cover and nicely bound.

Click here or on the image at the right for a larger picture.

Wild Cat Books, 6664 Valley Pike, Middletown, VA 22645-1720
Please make all checks payable to Ron Hanna and not Wild Cat Books

Wild Cat Books
THE AVENGERis also now available for $13 postpaid.
THE AVENGER features 4 novelettes by Emile Tepperman from CLUES DETECTIVE (1942-1943).
8.5"x11", Color cover and nicely bound.

Click here or on the image at the right for a larger picture.

Wild Cat Books, 6664 Valley Pike, Middletown, VA 22645-1720
Please make all checks payable to Ron Hanna and not Wild Cat Books

Wild Cat Books
GHOST HUNTER is also now available for $18 postpaid.
GHOST HUNTER is a collection of 9 "Carnacki" stories by William Hope Hodgson.
Stories include: The Gateway Of The Monster, The House Among The Laurels, The Whistling Room,
The Horse Of The Invisible, The Searcher Of The End House, The Thing Invisible,
The Haunted Jarvee, The Find, and The Hog.
116 pages, Color Cover, and nicely bound, 8.5"x11"

Click here or on the image at the right for a larger picture.

Wild Cat Books, 6664 Valley Pike, Middletown, VA 22645-1720
Please make all checks payable to Ron Hanna and not Wild Cat Books

Wild Cat Books - Coming Soon!
THE LEGEND OF SPRINGHEELED JACK - collecting ALL 10 of the Springheeled Jack short stories, from SECRET SANCTUM and STRANGE WORLDS, PLUS the brand-new tale The Origin Of Springheeled Jack, appearing here for the first time anywhere!!! Written by Kevin N. Olson with Artwork by Ver Curtiss. This will also contain 3 full-color pages of  full-size artwork!
Wildside Press
The following titles are now available from Wildside Press (http://www.wildsidepress.com/):

THE IVORY TRAIL by Talbot Mundy 
Sometimes, a great adventure is about fabulous wealth. There were one hundred million pounds of ivory just waiting for them! But of course the ivory was secreted in the darkest heart of feral Africa, and if they got it out of the continent they'd have to deal with the avaricious colonial government. But what's a great adventure without a challenge? 

336 pages, Library (Jacketless) Hardcover,  ISBN: 1-59224-874-8,  $29.95 

Windy City Pulp & Paperback Convention 
It appears that the 3rd Windy City Pulp & Paperback Convention was a great success based on Internet reports.
The new hotel apparently worked out well and the show will return there next year.
Mark your calendars now for Windy City #4 on March 26-28, 2004!

For those who couldn't make the show, the promotors should have available for sale at Pulpcon a limited number of videotapes of Hugh Cave's and Frank Robinson's Guest of Honor interviews. 

04 April 2003
The world of pulp magazine crimefighters was largely a (men's only) Club, but there were exceptions. One of them, THE DOMINO LADY, is targeted in a new trade paperback from Bold Venture Press, with a sensational, new cover by JIM STERANKO.

"We'll revive the Domino Lady in the beauty and style with which she was created," Steranko says. "When I accepted the assignment, I already had most of the image composed on the canvas of my imagination: dangerous, elegant, mysterious--and sexy!  She's the quintessential '30s pulp vixen, a masked manhunter in a noir deco world, right out of a Warner Bros. thriller." The Steranko portfolio is a virtual Who's Who of classic fictional icons. For Marvel comics, he set the pace for Captain America, the X-Men, and Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. In other media, he redefined such characters as The Green Hornet, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Philip Marlowe, Indiana 
Jones, Mike Hammer, and The Phantom, plus a phalanx of pulp heroes, including Conan, Doc Savage, G-8 and his Battle Aces, Norgil the Magician, Buck Rogers, and The Shadow, for which he painted 30 covers and created the definitive paperback version of the character. Now, he'll add another credit to his line-up.

The Domino Lady incorporates four Steranko favorites: pulp fiction, mystery, art deco, and beautiful women. One of a handful of series femme fatales depicted on pulp covers, she starred in six stories, originally published in SAUCY ROMANTIC STORIES and MYSTERY ADVENTURE STORIES--two of the infamous "spicy" pulps from Fiction Magazines Inc.

Author Lars Anderson pitted the Domino Lady against vicious gangsters and secret societies, while maintaining the breezy, light-hearted style of a romantic cinematic comedy. As the Domino Lady, socialite Ellen Patrick devoted her life to fighting the politicians and criminals responsible for her father's murder--but still makes time for penthouse parties, bubble baths, ballroom dances, and romantic evenings with handsome playboys on both sides of the law. 

COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY marks the first time that her lethal adventures have been collected in a single volume. The new 96-page edition will retail for $12.95 and goes on sale in August.

Mike Chomko is now accepting pre-orders for this title.
Orders over $25 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid.
Shipping will be $1-$2 for orders of $25 or less.
Contact Mike at chomko@enter.net.
Click here to download Mike's latest product catalog.

Clark Ashton Smith
On January 11, 2003 there was a ceremony dedicating a plaque and boulder in honor of Clark Ashton Smith in the town of Auburn, California, where he was known as "The Bard of Auburn."  The plaque was mounted on a boulder beside which Smith's ashes were once buried.  Construction on the site of Smith's old cabin prompted the city to move the landmark boulder into Bicentennial Park in Old Town, Auburn, where a public plaque dedication took place on 11 January 2003.  It was followed by a reading of Smith's works at the Placer County Library, Auburn, California. The entire proceedings (two and a half hours) were filmed by Henry J. Vester III and have been transferred on to two CD-ROMs.

The CD-ROMs are available from The Eldrich Dark for a $5 donation to cover costs.
Visit The Eldrich Dark website at http://www.eldritchdark.com/misc/video.html for details.

Classic Comic Characters #39: Buck Rogers Statue - NOW AVAILABLE

Buck Rogers, a hero whose name came to define a genre, first appeared in an original story entitled Armageddon-2419, written by Philip Francis Nowlan. The main character was a pursuit pilot, who in an unlikely turn of events stepped into a cloud of radioactive gas inside an abandoned mine and disappeared into 500 years of suspended animation. When he emerged, Anthony - soon to be "Buck" - Rogers, found himself in a land of rocket pistols, hovercrafts, paralysis rays, and electo-hypno mentalaphones. Artist Dick Calkins made the strip rich with sidebar features, designing scores of odd aliens, sleek rayguns, and streamlined rocketships. 

5 1/2" tall, packaged in full-color tin box w/certificate, pinback button, and information booklet.
This piece is limited to only 600 numbered copies and retails for $49.95. 
Click here to order.

Classic Comic Characters #40: Wilma Deering Statue - NOW AVAILABLE

When Buck Rogers found himself in the year 2419 A.D., and joined the resistance he discovered a beautiful fellow freedom fighter, Wilma Deering. Once described as "a flapper with a ray gun," Wilma was a sprightly combination of beauty and brains. While Wilma was steady and competent, she also had a sense of humor. Her boyfriend Buck inspired her wild streak, and her costumes typified the space-babe look that was seen later in pop culture from Flash Gordon to Star Wars.

5 1/2" tall, packaged in full-color tin box w/certificate, pinback button, and info. booklet, limited to 600 copies.
The retail price is $49.95.  Click here to order.

Clive Cussler - SAHARA: New Dirk Pitt Film
Clive Cussler's reps have indicated that the author himself will make the announcement over who will direct (and possibly star) before the Cannes Film Festival this year.  Cussler has also announced that this years new Dirk Pitt novel will most likely be his last.
Carl Ford will be resurrecting DAGON, the award-winning journal dedicated to Lovecraft and the Weird Tales circle of writers, in the Autumn of 2003. The publication will be A5 format, colour covers by Dave Carson, 100pp and perfect bound and limited to 750 signed and numbered copies. Many names form the Lovecraftian scene are to contribute and the publication promises to be a sell-out - articles will feature the works of C. A. Smith, Lovecraft, Stefan Grabinski, and there will be fiction by D. S. Lewis, and unpublished pices by Karl Edward Wagner specially written for DAGON before his death, and many other infamous names from DAGON's past. Contributions and review materials are still being sought and should be sent to Carl Ford, 11 Warwick Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW2 6SW, UK.
Dark Angel
The second and final season of James Cameron's Dark Angel are slated for a DVD boxed set. 
At $60 the boxed set is slated for an October 2003 release. 
The first season DVD boxed set is slated for release on 20 May.
E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
Death's Bright Finger (05/15/42)

Robert Mullen's Shadow PDF: Nothing new this week.

The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork
The Python (11/15/35), The Cup of Confucius (05/01/37), and Racket Town (12/15/37)

Doc Savage PDF: The King of Terror (April 1943)

The Shrevnitz Memorial Library:  Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online
The King of Terror (04/43)
Seven Slayers by Paul Cain

Larry Estep-Online Pulps
That Finished Product by C. S. Montanye from the September 1, 1918 issue of TOP-NOTCH. 
A humorous story of a bumbling inventor.  This idea has been around for a long time, hasn't it?  Not one of Montanye's better stories.

Hair of the Cat by Robert Turner from the June, 1947 issue of CRACK DETECTIVE. 
So what's a guy to do when he comes home to find his cat dead and his wife accused of murder? 

The Road Runner by Arthur J. Burks from the November, 1938 issue of THE LONE EAGLE. 
A nice WWII era "the kid can do it" type of story. 

Escape by Georges Surdez from March, 1937 issue of THE POPULAR. 
An escaped convict has more on his mind that just escaping.

The Electric Warden by Peter Singer from the March, 1931 issue of PRISON STORIES.

Fading Shadows - Now Available!
The Masked Rider in Sapphire Mesa by Orrin Hollmer and Ranger's Reckoning by J. Allan Dunn.

BEHIND THE MASK #64 featuring:
   Vindex in Mask of Vindex by Tracey French
   The Creeps by G. T. Fleming Roberts
   The Griffin in The Seventh Griffin by J. Allan Dunn

ALIEN WORLDS #37 featuring The Devil World by Tom Condarcure; Walt’s Matrix by Barbara Custer; The Queen of Jur (Part 2 of 4) by Tom Johnson; A Partial Listing of the Ape Language of Jur

DOUBLE DANGER TALES #61 featuringThe Voice in Plutonium Nightmare (Part 2) by Erwim K. Roberts; The Dark Avenger in King of Crime (Part four) by T. J. Moore; Puck’s Posse by Douglas Roome; The Vampire Murders by Jeff Deischer

DETECTIVE MYSTERY STORIES #35  featuring Cypress Dawn by Dan A. Sproul; Saint Valentine’s Revenge by Lucille Cali; Angel Eyes by Byron Quertermous; Paula Manning by Barbara Custer; Satisfaction Guaranteed by Robert DiFrancisco; Root of Evil by Eli Farkas; Triple Target by Don Hornbostel; The Virus by Rick Jankowski

Each issue is 5.5 by 8.5 inches in size and runs approximately 80 pages.
One issue is $6.30 postpaid. Two or more issues are $6 each postpaid.
Not responsible for packages lost in the mail.
Insurance is $1.10 per $50.00 value and highly recommended.
Order from: Fading Shadows, Inc., 504 E. Morris Street, Seymour, TX 76380-2212

Girasol Collectables - New Pulp Replicas!
Girasol Collectables is pleased to announce two more issues in its ongoing series of Pulp Replicas.
Click here or on the image to the right for look at some Pulp Replica covers.

At last! Due to popular demand, Girasol Collectables is pleased to announce the cover you've all been waiting for... the Feb/36 'Batman' SPICY MYSTERY issue! This classic HJ Ward cover is the stuff the Spicy titles are famous
for, and high grade copies of the original pulp are going well over four figures, so don't miss your chance to own the Replica at a fraction of the price of the pulp. $25 including postage within North America.

Also this month, the Jan/32 issue of STRANGE TALES (#3), with Jack Williamson's Wolves of Darkness, among other great stories. $25 including postage within North America.

As always, these reprints are exact copies including the illustrations, ads and back-up stories and have been printed on off-white paper, staple-bound and finished off with a high quality reproduction of the original cover.
The only thing missing is the smell (alas) and the flaking newsprint.

Here is a complete listing of the Pulp Replicas currently available for $25 each postpaid within North America. Overseas will be a few dollars more.

The Living Shadow (April 1931)
The Five Chameleons (11/01/32)
The Shadow's Justice  (04/15/33)
The Black Hush (08/01/33)
Gray Fist  (02/15/34)
The Green Box  (03/15/34)
The Plot Master (02/01/35)
Strange Disappearance of Joe Cardona (11/15/36)
Intimidation Inc (12/15/36)
House of Silence  (07/15/37)
The Golden Dog Murders  (09/01/38) 
The Voice (11/01/38)
House of Shadows (12/15/39) 
Death About Town  (07/15/42) 

May 1935:  Great Middle Eastern motif cover

October 1936:  Incredible, truly classic HJ Ward cover
August 1940:   Great HJ Ward cover, Dan Turner, Eel stories

February 1936: Batman

January 1932: Wolves of Darkness
October 1932: Famous 'Worm Monster' cover
November 1932 
January 1933

Dec 37:  Great HJ Ward cover

March 1923:  WEIRD TALES #1 ($35 each postpaid within North America)
Available in 2 cover choices: the 'regular' cover, or the recently discovered 'rarer' version. 
Exactly the same, except the black and orange of the cover illustration are switched.

April 1923:WEIRD TALES #2

Email Girasol Collectables at: girasol@interlog.com to purchase any of these Pulp Replicas.
A complete listing, along with other items such as books, fanzines and of course pulps, can be found on
the Girasol Collectables website at http://www.girasolcollectables.com/

All payments must be made in $US payable to Girasol Collectables and mailed to:
Neil Mechem c/o Girasol Collectables
3501 Glen Erin Drive, Apt. 1409, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5L 2E9

Last Months Replicas

Hippocampus Press - Now Available!

Daniel Dreeme has come to the small Massachusetts town of Marlborough to pursue his medical practice; but he quickly discovers that there is more beneath the surface of this placid-seeming farming community than meets the eye. The mystery seems to center around Jeffrey Westcott, a sardonic figure who has filled his house with strange books and speaks ominously of summoning up "old gods" at some region he terms "the place called Dagon." And what role does his wife, the dark beauty Martha Westcott, play in this scenario? And is the saturnine preacher George Burroughs really as pious as he seems? When the Westcotts' hired man is killed in a particularly brutal fashion, Dreeme knows that he has become ineluctably enmeshed in a horror that may engulf both his body and his soul.  Edited by S. T. Joshi,  Paperback: $15.00

Contact Hippocampus Press, P.O. Box 641, New York, NY 10156, 
Phone: 212-681-9120, Fax: 212-681-9126.
Visit the Hippocampus Press website at http://www.hippocampuspress.com/

King Kong
Universal Pictures unveiled the following press release this week.

Director Peter Jackson has finally gotten his precious. 

After earning critical and commercial acclaim for two LORD OF THE RINGS films, Universal Pictures has agreed to allow Jackson to remake the classic 1933 RKO Radio Pictures KING KONG. Jackson wrote the script for his version of KONG about five years ago (together with RINGS writing partners Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens) but at the time Universal passed on the notion of greenlighting the film. See how things change when your previous two films make a billion dollars at the box office? 

"No film has captivated my imagination more than KING KONG," Jackson said in a press release yesterday. "I'm making movies today because I saw this film when I was 9 years old. It has been my sustained dream to reinterpret this classic story for a new age. 

"The story of Kong offers everything that any storyteller could hope for: an archetypal narrative, thrilling action, resonating emotion and memorable characters. It has endured for precisely these reasons and I am honored to be a part of its continuing legacy." 

Universal wants to release the film sometime around the holiday 2005 period. As with his RINGS films, Jackson's company, Wingnut Films, will produce the new KONG movie and the WETA special effects company will create the movie's FX. Jackson wrote his version of KONG just as the original film was set in the 1930s, and the movie will be set in that same period. 

"Anyone who has seen the first two installments of THE LORD OF THE RINGS knows that Peter will bring Kong to life as a real character," said Stacey Snider, Chairman, Universal Pictures. "His vision for the tragic tale of the misunderstood creature, with its poignant character development and technological wonder, will make KING KONG compulsory viewing for any real movie lover." 

Lost In Space
Fox has scheduled the cult series Lost In Space for a season one boxed set due out January 2004.
The retail price is anticipated to be $79.95. 
McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of THRILLING TALES
Now available from Vintage Books is McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of THRILLING TALES.
This is a new anthology of stories in the pulp tradition. It is edited by Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Michael Chabon. The collection is heavy on science fiction and detective stories that are often updated with contemporary twists.
The contents include:
A Planetary Romance by Michael Chabon; Ghost Dance by Sherman Alexie; The Case of the Salt & Pepper Shakers by Aimee Bender; The Bees by Dan Chaon; Blood Doesn't Come Out by Michael Crichton; Up the Mountain Coming Down Slowly by Dave Eggers; Goodby to All That by Harlan Ellison; The General by Carol Emshwiller; Private Grave 9 by Karen Joy Fowler; Closing TIme by Neil Gaiman; The Tears of Squonk, and What Happened Thereafter by Nick Hornby; Weaving the Dark by Laurie King; The Tale of Gray Dick by Stephen King; How Carlos Webster Changed His Name to Carl and Became a Famous Oklahoma Lawman by Elmore Leonard; Catskin by Kelly Link; The Albertine Notes by Rick Moody; The Case of the Nazi Canary by Michael Moocock; Chuck's Bucket by Chris Offutt; Tedford and the Megalodon by Jim Shepard.
The cover is by H.J. Ward from the 1940 issue of RED STAR MYSTERY MAGAZINE. 
Howard Chaykin does lead illustrations for each story. 
This 480 page trade paperback was published in March 2003 and retails for $13.95.  ISBN: 140003339X 
It is available in bookstores everywhere and from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.com.

The SECOND McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of THRILLING TALES is in the works.

Night Shade Books
Owls Hoot in the Daytime & Other Omens, the 5th (and final) volume, is now available.
This volume contains all of the John the Balladeer stories (sometimes better known as Silver John), Manly's most famous character.  The Trade Hardcover retails for $35. 

Boats of the "Glen Carrig" and Other Nautical Adventures, the first volume of the William Hope Hodgson series, will begin shipping around the first or second week of May. The Trade Hardcover will retail for $35. 

Pulpdom #33 (February 2002) is now available.  The contents include:
George F. Worts: An Argosy Virtuoso by Al Lybeck
3 George Worts Book Reviews
George F. Worts in ARGOSY and  BLUE BOOKby Caz
Insulation - 1943 fiction by E. E. "Doc" Smith
H. Bedford-Jones in FC/Pulpdom, A Proud Record by Caz
HBJ story illustration from 1940
3 pages of color ARGOSY covers (12 total) featuring George F. Worts stories
Conan Revisited by J. G. Huckenphoeler
This issue has full color front and back covers and is profusely illustrated with full color and black & white illustrations throughout. 

Copies are $6 each (postpaid) anywhere in USA.  Six issue subscriptions are $30.
Contact C. Cazedessus II, P.O. Box 2340, Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147, email: cazbooks@frontier.net

Windy City Pulp & Paperback Convention is this weekend!
The 3rd Windy City Pulp & Paperback Convention is now less than 1 day away (April 4-6). 

This will be our first year in our new hotel, the Radisson Lincolnwood, having outgrown the old one.  In addition to a larger dealer room, there will be a large display of original illustration art (among them covers to Doc Savage, The Avenger, Operator 5 and The Phantom Detective, and artists such as Finlay, Belarski, Rozen and Emsh), and much better facilities for the pulp film fest (16 mm prints, not video), a collection of 1930's and 1940's films based on pulp stories.  The hotel is also much closer to the airport, and an airport shuttle is available (please call the hotel in advance for this).  It's also closer to downtown if significant others are bored with the show and want to see some of the city.  The hotel's phone number, and other info, can be found at the con's website, http://www.pulpshow.com.

The program book has full color covers (a Spicy Mystery themed front cover and Barsoomian back cover, both by Fastner and Larson) and perfect binding.  The book will contain, among other things, pulp fiction by both author GoH's, Hugh Cave and Frank Robinson.

Visit the March News Archive for older stories.