26 September 2003
Back Numbers Can Be Easily Procured
Warren Harris's apa-zine, BACK NUMBERS CAN BE EASILY PROCURED #8 (September 2003) is now available.
This issue features:
The Men Who Made The Argosy: Donald Barr Chidsey
Review: Smithsonian Magazine
Reading and Rot: Book Reviews
Pulpcon 2003 Report
Pulpcon Treasures
Featured Issue: 10-Story Book (February 1904)

The excellent Pulpcon 2003 Report alone is worth reading this issue!  It includes many black and white photos including a photo of the STERANKO cover for Bold Venture Press's DOMINO LADY coming this Fall.

If you have not read Warren's excellent apa-zine, click on over to Bill Burns' eFanzines website at http://efanzines.com/ and download #1 through #8.  All issues are in PDF format. 

Bill Burns has many other great efanzines on his site that you might also want to investigate. 

Bold Venture Press - Spider Update!
Bold Venture Press has announced that Spider #6: Citadel of Hell  will be on sale within the next seven days. 
It ships from the printer on Friday, September 26.  Subscriber copies will ship direct from the printer. 
Unfortunately, the printer shipped Diamond Distribution's copies to Bold Venture Press who will then have to ship copies to Diamond Distribution.  Consequently, Spider #6 is estimated to appear in comic shops on 09 October.

Spider #6 is $12 postpaid and can ordered direct from the publisher.
Send a check or money order to:
Bold Venture Press, P.O. Box 64, Bordentown, NJ 08505

THE SPIDER: #5 Empire of Doom is on the fast track and will be coming very soon!

CHRONICLES OF CONAN Volume 1 will be available in comic shops on 01 October.

Here is how Dark Horse describes the book:
In the early 1970s, Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian exploded on to the comics scene. Writer Roy Thomas teamed with a young artist named Barry Smith, and together the two mapped out some of the most stirring and memorable Conan adventures to come along since those written by Howard himself. Over the course of their 24 issue run together, Thomas and Smith defined Conan for a generation of comics readers, and now those stories are collected here in a series of trade paperbacks.  Featuring completely remastered color and text corrections, and containing material not available for nearly thirty years, these books are the perfect companions to the upcoming all-new Conan series from Dark Horse. 

Soft Cover, 144 pages, Full Color, and retails for $15.95.

Dark Horse Comic's THE CHRONICLES OF CONAN VOL. 3: THE MONSTER OF THE MONOLITHS AND OTHER STORIES will be available on 28 January 2004.  This is the third volume in a series collecting the early Conan comic-book stories by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith. Originally created in the 1930s, Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian has survived to emerge as one of this century's most powerful and popular characters. Even more impressive than the character's lasting appeal over the past seven decades, is the caliber of talent involved in all of the various Conan incarnations. Of those, there are few that speak as clearly and as uniquely as artist Barry Windsor-Smith. Over the course of these early stories, Windsor-Smith's stunning evolution from comic-book cartoonist to full-fledged artist is apparent. This volume collects issues #14, #15 and #17-#21 and features completely remastered color. 

THE CHRONICLES OF CONAN VOL. 3 is 156 pages for $15.95.
THE CHRONICLES OF CONAN VOL. 3 can be pre-ordered from the October PREVIEWS (now available).
The Diamond Item Code is OCT03 0031.

COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #105 is now available and features several articles of interest. 
This is a DC Comics of the 1970s theme issue.
It features an interview with Michael W. Kaluta, illustrator of DC's 1970 SHADOW series.
It also features the article Secret Shadows by Will Murray. Secret Shadows  runs eight pages and is profusely illustrated including a STERANKO unpublished ad for DC's SHADOW series.
Other artists featured in this issue are Jeff Jones, Frank Brunner, Bernie Wrightson, and Bruce Jones.
The Frank Brunner interview includes a full page illustration of John Carter of Mars, Deja Thoris and Tars Tarkas.
COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #105 is 84 pages for $6.95.

COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE is available in comic shops or direct from Gemstone Publishing.
MasterCard or VISA orders call 800-322-7978. 

Dark Horse Comics solicited the second mini-bust in their Conan series in the September PREVIEWS.
Now the Official Conan Website has a sneak peak at the finished product. 
Click here for a look. A prototype is pictured at the right. 

Here is how Dark Horse describes the bust:
This bust is another masterpiece of savagery from sculptor Jeffery Scott and the painting and production team at Gentle Giant Studios. This piece features Robert E. Howard’s immortal warrior intertwined in a fearsome death struggle with a gigantic snake. In a piece that burns with the bloody fury of hell, the hard-to-define but obvious-when-seen quality that is Conan burns brightly. The bust is approximately 7" high, packaged in deluxe full-color box, includes certificate of authenticity signed by the sculptor, limited, numbered edition of 3,500 pieces, and will retail for $49.99.  The on-sale date is December 17.

Keep your sole warm and your soul cold with these giant, fuzzy, green slippers, featuring the image of Cthulhu, tentacled horror from beyond!  The slippers fit women sizes 8-12 and men sizes 6-13. 
The retail price is $29.99.  The Cthulhu Plush Slippers are scheduled to ship in January 2004.

The Cthulhu Plush Slippers are in the October PREVIEWS (now available). 
You can pre-order them from your local comic shop. 
The Diamond Item Code is OCT033739.
They can also be pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth.

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
Crime County  (09/01/40) 
The Phantom Killer by John Olsen this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Robert Mullen's Shadow PDF:   Nothing new this week.

The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork: Nothing new this week.

ShadowPDF:  Nothing new this week.

Doc Savage PDF:   The Three Devils (May 1944) 

The Shrevnitz Memorial Library
Coming Soon: The Phantom Detective in The Island of Death  (June 1933)

Blackmask Online
War Plans Divided by Robert Leslie Bellem
Bill Barnes in Earmarked Gold by George L. Eaton from BILL BARNES AIR TRAILS (03/38)
There Are No Crooks by Frank R. Adams
Mistress of Snarling Death by Paul Chadwick 
Satan's Faceless Henchmen by Steve Fisher 

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 250 stories online!
Naughty Nightmares by Don Amour from SCREEN SCANDALS (August, 1936) 
Treasure of Su by George Foxhall from ALL-STORY (September, 1913) 
Facing the Mob by Margie Harris from GANGLAND STORIES (February, 1931) 
The Red Devil From Blue Wells by J. R. Johnston from WESTERN OUTLAWS (February, 1930) 
The Talkie Murder by Albert Edward Ullman from THRILLING DETECTIVE (January, 1932) 

EXTINCTION EVENT #4 by Robert Weinberg - Available 01 October!
EXTINCTION EVENT #4 will be available in comic shops on 01 October.

Here is how DC describes the book:
The War of the Ages has begun! No one outside Camp Forever is aware that dinosaurs have returned to reclaim the Earth. With Rick and Samantha behind bars and Jamal and the others on the run from the creatures, can anyone warn the world of the impending doom? 

This five issue miniseries is illustrated by Brett Booth and Sal Regla with covers by Brett Booth.
Full Color, 32 pages, $2.50. 

Firefly: The Complete Series DVD
20th Century Fox has released the full details on their upcoming Firefly: The Complete Series DVD due on 12/9 (SRP $49.98). The series will be in anamorphic widescreen video and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio on 4 discs. Extras will include audio commentary on the episodes Serenity Part 1 & 2, The Train Job, Shindig, Out of Gas, War Stories, Objects in Space and The Message, the Here's How How it Was, Serenity: The Tenth Character and Joss' Tour of the Set featurettes, Alan Tudyk's audition video, a gag reel, the Joss Sings the Firefly Theme video, 4 deleted scenes, an Easter egg of Adam Baldwin singing Hero of Canton and more. 
Flash Gordon Volume 2 by Mac Raboy - Available 01 October!
FLASH GORDON Volume 2 will be available in comic shops on 01 October.

Here is how Dark Horse describes the book:
Continuing Dark Horse Comics' tradition of finer reprint books, the second volume in the archival collection of Mac Raboy's lengthy Flash Gordon run will be available on 25 June. This series marks the first time that Raboy's Flash Gordon strips have ever been collected. Beginning his comics career in 1940, Emanuel "Mac" Raboy is perhaps best known for his work on Captain Marvel, Jr. and the Green Lama in the 1940s. He graduated from a government-funded art class, was heavily influenced by Alex Raymond's style, and, in the Spring of 1948, he signed on with King Features to illustrate the "Flash Gordon" Sunday page. Following in the footsteps of his idol, Mac Raboy's run on this serial was actually longer than Raymond's. Raboy drew the strip until his death in December of 1967, and several of his early wood engravings (from his fine art days) remain in the permanent collection of New York's Metropolitan Museum.  This is a 256 page, black and white, trade paperback for a retail price of $19.95.

Gotham Pulp Collector's Club
If you collect pulps and want to interact with other pulp collectors, a new group has been started.
The plan is to meet once a month. The first meeting was Sunday, Sept. 28th at 2PM at the New Yorker hotel.
The group will discuss what they want to do in future meetings, where those meetings will be, and, hopefully, talk and trade pulps.  If you would like more information, email  info@pulps1st.com 
GRAPHIC CLASSICS VOLUME 7: BRAM STOKER featuring Lair of the White Worm and five more tales of terror, fantasy, and humor by Bram Stoker is now available. Also featured are two excerpts from Dracula, and a bonus Dracula Gallery illustrated by 15 great artists.  Softcover, 7x10, 144 pages, b&w, $9.95

GRAPHIC CLASSICS VOLUME 7: BRAM STOKER is available in comic shops.
If your local store does not carry this title, it can be re-ordered for you.
Request Diamond Item Code  JUL032206.

You can also order from the GRAPHIC CLASSICS publisher at http://www.graphicclassics.com/index.htm.

Green Hornet
On October 4th, 2003, Encore's ACTION channel returns The Green Hornet and Kato to battle crime on cable/satellite TV!  For those who have only seen the badly-edited feature film, the cut FX Channel reruns, or purchased 3rd generation videos at conventions, here's the chance to see the COMPLETE, UNCUT, and UNINTERRUPTED episodes starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee as the pulp-inspired men of mystery!

Two episodes every Saturday morning, 8-9am Eastern.
There are still no plans for a VHS/DVD release from 20th Century Fox. 

Thanks to Dom Dawes for passing along this information.

Hunter Quatermain’s Story
Over a century after the début of the intrepid hunter explorer Allan Quatermain in King Solomon’s Mines (1885), he remains one of the great heroes of literature. The most famous of H. Rider Haggard’s dozen novels about him — including She, Allan Quatermain and Allan and the Ice Gods — have been regularly reprinted for new generations of readers. But there is also a novelette, Allan's Wife, and four short stories of his adventures which have never been collected in one volume. Peter Haining at last brings these stories together, introducing the tales with a detailed résumé of the author’s life and career from 1856 to his death in 1925. He also supplies a chronology of the fictional explorer’s life linked to the novels and stories, so that new readers can follow his career to his death in 1885.

Hunter Quatermain’s Story is published by Peter Owen Publisher.
It is available from Amazon Books.

James Rollins
Anyone who has enjoyed the books of James Rollins (ICE HUNT, AMAZONIA, DEEP FATHOM, EXCAVATION, and SUBTERRANEAN) may be interested to know that Rollins also writes under the pseudonym James Clemens.  So far, he has written a four book fantasy series (WIT'CH FIRE, WIT'CH STORM, WIT'CH WAR, and WIT'CH GATE) as James Clemens and has a new fantasy series on the way.  All four Clemen's books are available in paperback editions.  James Clemens website is at http://www.jamesclemens.com/
JINX is an action thriller film based on the female CIA spy character played by Halle Berry in the last James Bond film, DIE ANOTHER DAY.  Berry will reprise her role as the sexy secret agent Jacinta Johnson, with shooting to begin once the actress wraps up work on CATWOMAN. Industry sources have confirmed that November 2004 has  been set as the release date for the JINX movie. Writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade (THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH and DIE ANOTHER DAY) are currently working on further drafts of the script, however no director has been announced as yet for the project. It has been suggested MGM plans to leapfrog this and the Bond movies, releasing the potential JINXmovie sequels at the halfway point between future Bond film releases. 
King Kong
According to Variety, actress Naomi Watts (The Ring) may star in director Peter Jackson's planned remake of King Kong. Watts has reportedly been offered the female lead played by Fay Wray in the classic 1933 film and by Jessica Lange in the 1976 version. The Universal epic will lens in New Zealand for a Christmas 2005 release.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen DVD
On December 16, Fox Home Entertainment will release The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen starring Sean Connery and Peta Wilson on DVD. The DVD will include audio commentary with actors Trevor Albert, Jason Flemyng and Tony Curran, audio commentary with the Visual Effects Crew, 12 deleted scenes, a making-of featurette and theatrical trailers.
Lost in Space
LOST IN SPACE looks to be headed back to mainstream television in a new series from director John Woo and writer Doug Petrie along with Synthesis Entertainment. Regency and 20th Century Fox are producing. The new TV LOST IN SPACE will return the show to its roots as a family drama, which is what Allen intended when he penned the original pilot, the trade paper reported.  The project will be set about 100 years in the future and will feature a relatable, contemporary family at its core.  Several networks have already expressed interest in the project.
Lost in Space: The Complete First Season on DVD
LOST IN SPACE: The Complete First Season on DVD will be released on January 6, 2004.
The eight disc set will include all 29 first season episodes on disks one through seven. 
Disk eight will contain the unaired pilot, No Place to Hide
Full screen (1:33 to 1) with monaural sound.
Moonstone Books
Moonstone Books will release the following new titles in December.

The Phantom: Valley of the Golden Men 
Written by Tom DeFalco and illustrated by Art Nichols, Terry Pallot, and Lou Manna with a cover by Joel Naprstek.  48pgs, color, squarebound, self-contained, $6.95

An airplane crashes in Bangalla, carrying both a much needed vaccine AND Diana Walker. THE PHANTOM wastes no time making his way onto the scene, but a tribe of unusual natives find his quarry first!  The "Golden Men" of whispered legend hold both medicine and Mrs.Phantom as a prize in a bloody competition "The Ghost Who Walks" must be victorious in.  But closing in quick are the Singh pirates, hungry for the riches the vaccine will fetch on the black market!

This title is in the October PREVIEWS (now available). 
You can pre-order it from your local comic shop. 
The Diamond Item Code is OCT032579.

Kolchak the Night Stalker: Pain Most Human
Written by CJ Henderson, art by Greg Scott, colors by Andre Maitland, cover by Doug Klauba. 
48pgs, color, squarebound, self-contained, $6.95

This issue really cranks up the noir, as it dives deep into Kolchak's very soul. He begged Tony for a nice, normal lead, and that's what he got. Seems an Air Force base in upstate New York's engaged in a little cover up, so our man Carl Kolchak high-tails it cross country in a fresh pressed suit and a smile on his face. Using his singular reporting skills, and his annoying interpersonal skills, he gets all the answers allright. Too bad these answers may send him straight to an insane asylum. How cruel is Man? Wanna find out? Carl did, and would love to lay it out for you. Right here. Right now. 

This title is in the October PREVIEWS (now available). 
You can pre-order it from your local comic shop. 
The Diamond Item Code is OCT032578.

NESFA Press has two new collections of classic science fiction from Chad Oliver.
A STAR ABOVE IT AND OTHER STORIES edited by Priscilla Olson

Click on the links above for a complete story listing and a look at the covers on the NESFA website.
Both books list for $24 each and are available from Mike Chomko.
Orders over $25 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid.
Contact Mike at chomko@enter.net.
Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542 

Printed Poison
Issue 3 of Printed Poison is finally here! This is the biggest, boldest, most poisonous issue to date. 
Inside there are stories by Brian Cain, Jack Draper, Ron Fortier, TP Keating, Cavan Scott, and more of Henry Ponopscotch's "Demon-Haunted City"! Also in this issue: the first ever Printed Poison t-shirtcontest, a puzzle from Dr Macabre of Saucy Tales of the Supernatural fame, and all new art by Katey Ashcraft and Rob Davis!

Download Printed Poison today at http://members.lycos.co.uk/printedpoison/

The goal of Printed Poison is to gather together original tales of pulse-pounding, two-fisted, spine-tingling action.  Issue 3 is another outstanding effort with an absolutely great cover! 
Click on over and check it out. You won't be disappointed!

Robert Weinberg
Robert Weinberg has updated his website with new items of interest to pulp fans.  In my photo section, there are  photos of Henry Steeger, Norman Saunders, Murphy Anderson, Edd Cartier, and Alex Schomburg.  There is also have a nice photo of Walter Gibson, plus photos of two Brundage WEIRD TALES cover paintings that turned up at pulpcon years ago.  Additionally, there's photos of Bob Bloch, E. Hoffmann Price, Julius Schwartz, Dwight V. Swain, Johbn Fleming Gould, Frank Belknap Long, Lloyd Eshbach, and many other pulp veterans.

In the pulp cover section, there are stunning copies of all four issues of SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE (from 1931-1932), three issues of the THRILL BOOK, some scarce issues of ALL-DETECTIVE, and lots of others, around 50 pulp covers in all.

Visit the website at http://www.robertweinberg.net/

The Spider
Bud Plant Comic Art has a special sale offer on select Spider back issues.
Spider 31: The Cholera King, Spider 69: Rule of the Monster Men, and Spider 70: The Spider and the Slaves of Hell are available as a set for $16.95.
Star Wars: Clone Wars
Picking up where STAR WARS Episode II left off, the saga of the Clone Wars will continue in a series of 20 animated shorts that will air on the Cartoon Network between other programming. 
The series of mini-episodes will air beginning November 7.
Shaun Cassidy has joined the WB Network's TARZAN.
On TARZAN, Cassidy will serve as an executive producer alongside Laura Ziskin, David Gerber, P.K. Simonds and David Nutter. Eric Kripke, who wrote the pilot, is co-executive producing. Cassidy is expected to help the show's producing team with overseeing the writing, production and postproduction on the series. The show stars Travis Fimmel as Tarzan, who is brought back to his native New York. 
TARZAN premieres Sunday, October 5th at 9PM on the WB network.
Tease Magazine
TEASE MAGAZINE #10 will be available this December. 
It will feature outer space babes and pulp art of women in drastic and strange situations.
The cover is from ALL DETECTIVE MAGAZINE, January 1935.
TEASE MAGAZINE #10 is 72 pages for a retail price of $6.95.

This title is in the October PREVIEWS (now available). 
You can pre-order it from your local comic shop. 
The Diamond Item Code is OCT032925.

Web Mystery Magazine
Tom & Ginger Johnson have new pulp articles in Web Mystery Magazine.
Volume 1 Issue 2 contains an article on GOLD SEAL DETECTIVE.
Volume 1 Issue 3 contains an article on ALL STAR DETECTIVE STORIES.

Visit the Web Mystery Magazine home page at http://www.lifeloom.com/webmysterymagazine.htm

Wildside Press
Wildside Press reports that their printer offered them a special production deal that was too good to resist.  As a result, their goal is to send 600 books to the printer this month! Click here for a complete list of new and recently released books.  Wildside Press will be adding the new titles to their online store as fast as they can.

Now available:
THE BAT by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood

A remote country house filled with suspects, a forbidden romance, a cache of hidden money and a mysterious killer known only as The Bat. . . . 

"You've got to get him, boys -- get him or bust!" said a tired police chief, pounding a heavy fist on a table.  The detectives he bellowed the words at looked at the floor. They had done their best and failed. Failure meant "resignation" for the police chief, return to the hated work of pounding the pavements for them -- they knew it, and, knowing it, could summon no gesture of bravado to answer their chief's. Gunmen, thugs, hijackers, loft-robbers, murderers, they could get them all in time -- but they could not get the man he wanted. 

"Get him -- to hell with expense -- I'll give you carte blanche -- but get  him!" said a haggard millionaire in the sedate inner offices of the best  private detective firm in the country. 

The man on the other side of the desk, man hunter extraordinary, old servant of Government and State, sleuthhound without a peer, threw up his hands in a gesture of odd hopelessness. 

"It isn't the money, Mr. De Courcy -- I'd give every cent I've made to get the man you want -- but I can't promise you results -- for the first time in my life."

252 pages, Trade Hardcover, ISBN: 1-59224-550-1, $32.95

by Algernon Blackwood

Dr. John Silence, physician extraordinaire, specializes in a very particular sort of illness - call it a sickness of the spirit. Many of his patients, of course, suffer from mundane concerns, like madness. He knows how to help madmen when he must.  But many others -- require the skills not merely of a physician, but of a spiritual detective; a Sherlock Holmes of the arcane; an M. Pirot of the outré.   Here are the tales of those extraordinary cases, these are the tales of  JOHN SILENCE -- Psychical Investigator!

200 pages
Trade Paperback, ISBN: 1-58715-534-6,  $16.95
Trade Hardcover,, ISBN: 1-58715-535-4,  $29.95

19 September 2003
Adventure House
HIGH ADVENTURE #72  featuring Captain Hazzard in Python Men of Lost City by Chester Hawks is now available.
Python Men of Lost City is reprinted from the first and only issue of CAPTAIN HAZZARD MAGAZINE (05/38).
This tale was previously reprinted by Robert Weinberg in PULP CLASSICS #2 (1974). 

"A fiery curtain of doom draped on the first act of the Phoenix's sinister murder spectacle.  And that curtain eclipsed the drama of the reptile-skinned stowaway from nowhere.  But is was just the first act, for the Phoenix and his barbaric battalions of Python Men were staging a weird welcome for the one man who defied them.  That man was Capt. Hazzard--peer of perilous adventure and master of modern science."

HIGH ADVENTURE #72 will be in comic shops on 24 September.

$7.95 plus $2.50 shipping (Media Mail) for a single copy.

Alien Quadrilogy 
Reportedly, all four Aliens films will get extended cuts when they are re-released on DVD later this year.
The most comprehensive list so far of extras is now available on the DVD Answers website. 
Although there has been no formal release date announced, a December release is rumored.
The new ARGOSY magazine will be available in comic shops this November. 
It is solicited in the October PREVIEWS (available 24 September).

This re-imagining of the classic pulp magazine sports a cover by legendary artists Leo and Diane Dillon, and new fiction by Jeffrey Ford, Caitlin R. Kiernan (DC's The Dreaming), Harlan Ellison, and more! Plus, in the second volume, an all-new novella by Michael Moorcock, illustrated by Jon Foster (DC's The Names of Magic). 

ARGOSY is two volumes in a printed slipcase for $12.95.
The Diamond Item Code is OCT032261.

Ash-Tree Press - Now available!

NIGHT CREATURES by Seabury Quinn
Edited and with an Introduction by Peter Ruber & Joe Wrzos
The eleven stories gathered together for NIGHT CREATURES—only one of which features Quinn's plucky phantom fighter de Grandin—were all published in WEIRD TALES between 1923 and 1947, and few have been reprinted since. They concern werewolves and witches, vampires and demons, and even a conventional ghost or two; but they are far more than variations on standard themes. Quinn was as concerned with the minds and hearts of his characters as he was with the horrors of their situations; and the result is a collection of stories which is as compassionate and poignant as it is chilling and horrifying.  The retail price is $46.50.

CONTENTS: Introduction; The Golden Spider; The Gentle Werewolf; Mortmain; Uncanonized; The Thing in the Fog; Two Shall Be Born; Glamour; Masked Ball; Is the Devil a Gentleman?; There Are Such Things; The Phantom Farm House.

THE GHOST PIRATES by William Hope Hodgson
With an Introduction by A. F. Kidd, and an Afterword by Douglas A. Anderson
THE GHOST PIRATES was first published in 1909, as part of a series including The Boats of the 'Glen Carrig' and The House on the Borderland, and over the years has been overshadowed by the latter novel, as well as the epic The Night Land. However, as A. F. Kidd argues in her introduction, THE GHOST PIRATES is a little masterpiece: a 'small and almost perfectly formed gem' written by an author who, at his best, 'can make your flesh creep like a master'.  The retail price is $21.

The Official Conan Website reports that new screenshots from the upcoming Conan video game are now available for viewing at the TDK Mediactive website at  http://www.conangame.com/.
Toy Vault has announced that its line of Cthulhu products is one of its most successful. 
Coming late this year or early next year are:

Baby Nyarlathotep:
Solicited in the September PREVIEWS.  The Diamond Order Code is SEP03 3235.

Cthulhu furry slippers: 
Solicited in the October PREVIEWS (available 24 September). I will have details next week.

Secret Agent Cthulhu: 
According to Huston, this high concept plush will have Cthulhu in sunglasses and carrying a briefcase. 

The Deep One: a half human, half hybrid that worships Cthulhu. 

Cthulhu backpack

Cthulhu the King: in a white sequin outfit!

Doc Savage lifesize bust
Jacques announced in the alt.fan.doc-savage newsgroup that he is working on a lifesize sculpture of Doc Savage and would like to show his work so far. Visit his website at http://www.clic.net/~jlam/doc.jpg to view this fantastic sculpture.

Thanks Jacques!

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
Noose of Death  (07/01/39) 
Death at Lake Ossipig by John Olsen this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Robert Mullen's Shadow PDF:   Murder Lake (June 1943)

The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork: Nothing new this week.

ShadowPDF:  Nothing new this week.

Doc Savage PDFQuest of Qui (July 1935)  This is an updated and corrected file.

The Shrevnitz Memorial Library
Coming Soon: The Phantom Detective in The Island of Death  (June 1933)

Blackmask Online
Doc Savage in  The Whisker of Hercules (April 1944)

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 250 stories online!
Haywire Ace by Robert Sidney Bowen from THE LONE EAGLE (April, 1939)
Mr. Clackworthy's Pipe Dream by Christopher B. Booth from DETECTIVE STORY (March 11, 1922)
Whispering Death by Laurence Donovan from ACTION NOVELS (August, 1929)
Uranian Justice by Wilbur S. Peacock from CAPTAIN FUTURE (Fall, 1940) 
Who Killed Gilbert Foster? by E. Hoffmann Price & Ralph Milne Farley from FIVE-NOVELS MONTHLY (01/36) 

EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS AND THE SILENT SCREEN by Jerry L. Schneider is a comprehensive reference book devoted to all of the silent films and serials which have been based on the writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs, from 1917 with The Lad and the Lion through 1928 with Tarzan the Tiger. Each film listing contains the most complete cast and crew listing, detailed synopsis, production history, location information, and reviews. This trade paperback comes with an illustrated front cover and is profusely illustrated with film scenes, behind the scene photos, and advertisements. Click here for ordering information from the publisher.

Trade Paperback, 374 pages, $25.99, ISBN 1-59109-733-9. 

The first issue of CrossGen Entertainment's new pirate comic , EL CAZADOR, is sold out from Diamond Comics Distributors. The book is gathering positive reviews and CrossGen has sent the debut issue back to press. 

EL CAZADOR #1 Second Printing will include no interior ads or additional editorial back matter and will feature a new cover (shown at the right) showcasing an iconic image that captures the exotic setting of the pirate adventure. The 32-page Second Printing of the debut issue by writer Chuck Dixon, artist Steve Epting and colorist Frank D'Armata will reach stores on October 8th, the same day that EL CAZADOR #2 goes on sale.

Jurassic Park IV
"Keira Knightley is in no way involved with Jurassic Park IV or the next James Bond film" said the actress's agency to KKWaveFront this week.  Writer William Monahan has been writing the Jurassic Park IV script from an original story by Stephen Spielberg. The following is known:  It will not take place in the jungle or any "green" environment. Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum are on board. Stan Winston's crew are in heavy design mode for the film. There should be a ton of new bdinosaur reeds.  Steven Spielberg has apparently been mining Crichton's original novel for more unused material.  The film is scheduled for Summer 2005.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen DVD
Details of the DVD for this Summer's adaptation of Alan Moore's graphic novel have been released. 
It will be a single disc albeit with separate 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen and 4:3 full screen transfers available. According to DVD File, each has Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 surround tracks, two audio commentaries with cast members Trevor Albert, Jason Fleming and Tony Curran and a second with the visual effects crew, a featurette, twelve deleted scenes and trailers. 
THE MEMOIRS OF HORATIO HUMBERTON by J. Paul Suter has already been announced for this Fall.
Click here for more details.
If you would like to view the cover for this volume, it is now posted on Robert Weinberg's website.
In addition, covers for THE COMPLEAT ADVENTURES OF BILL BRENT by Frederick C. Davis and THE COMPLEAT ADVENTURES OF THE DEAN by Merle Constiner are also posted.  Both volumes are due in 2004.  Finally, it is announced that coming soon are the complete adventures of the GREEN GHOST and the complete DON DIAVOLO.  Visit Robert Weinberg's website at http://www.robertweinberg.net/editing.htm.
Mike Chomko
Mike has announced that he is adding Night Shade Books to his offerings.
Night Shade publishes collections by William Hope Hodgson, Karl Edward Wagner, Manly Wade Wellman and others.  Visit the Night Shade Books website at http://www.nightshadebooks.com/.

Mike is also establishing an account with Subterranean Press.
Forthcoming is SKELETON IN THE CLOSET AND OTHER DARK SECRETS: THE READER'S BLOCH, VOLUME ONE. Edited by Stefan Dziemianowicz SKELETON is the first of a two-volume set that will collect about 50 stories (25 per volume) that have never been reprinted since their original appearance. Mike will be selling the limited edition which lists for $40.  Visit the Subterranean Press website at http://www.subterraneanpress.com/.

Mike is also now accepting orders for the September Pulp Replicas from Girasol Collectables.

Orders over $25 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid.
Contact Mike at chomko@enter.net.
Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542 

Renaissance E-Books
Now available from Renaissance E-Books:

Ghost Hunters & Psychic Detectives: 9 Classic Tales of Sleuthing and the Supernatural
This anthology brings together nine rare and vintage tales of ghost hunters and psychic sleuths. In it you will meet such legendary, and nearly forgotten fictive practitioners as Gordon Acreage's Dr. Munsing in The Exorcist; Seabury Quinn's Jules DeGrandon in Body and Soul; Sax Rohmer's Moris Klaw in The Headless Mummies; E. and H. Heron's Flaxman Low in The Grey House; T. Meade and Robert Eustace's Bell, Master of Mystery in The Warder of the Door; Conrad Richter's Mason Bell in The Toad Man; William Hope Hodgson's Carnacki, Ghost Finder, in The Whistling Room; Victor Rousseau's Ivan Brodsky, Surgeon of Souls, in The Tenth Commandment; and Algernon Blackwood's John Silence in A Victim of Higher Space.

300 pages for $4

Star Wars Episode III
Production on the third Star Wars prequel has gone swiftly and all according to schedule. In fact, the main shoot wraped up on Wednesday, with most of the cast and crew heading home afterwards.  For full details, visit the IGN Filmforce website at http://filmforce.ign.com/starwars/articles/450/450220p1.html.
Star Wars Trilogy on DVD
The Digital Bits reports that Lucasfilm is so happy with the format of their upcoming "Indiana Jones Trilogy" DVD set hitting shelves late October that they're rumoured to be planning to use the same style to release the classic Star Wars films. This would mean a four disc set with one film on each, plus a fourth disc with extra features for all three films. Work is believed to have already begun with a 4th Quarter 2004 release date being targeted. For now though this is still rumour, nothing official has yet come from Lucasfilm about this.
Terra Obscura #4 - Available 24 September!
Terra Obscura #4 will be available in comic shops on 24 September.
The issue is written by Alan Moore and Peter Hogan, with art and cover by Yanick Paquette and Karl Story. 

Here's how DC describes the issue: 
"S.M.A.S.H.'s return to action has been anything but glorious, as our heroes' advance has been foiled by the null field. Meanwhile, the hunt for Tom Strange takes the Invertica City gang to the coldest reaches of Earth." 

Terra Obscura #4 will be 32 pages and will cost $2.95. 

NBC and Universal are hammering out an idea to bring Transylvania to television. The series will be based on the new Stephen Sommers flick Van Helsing starring Hugh Jackman, Kate Bekinsale and Richard Roxburgh.  The show will only be connect by the spirit of the film. The series will be set in the same 19th century vein as the film, but Van Helsing will not be a character in Transylvania. Instead, the series will be a character-driven soap opera and the central figure will be a young cowboy from Texas who's pressed into duty and becomes the sheriff in a town where oddities abound. It is not, however, being conceived as a monster-of-the-week series like the last successful film-to-TV vampire transition, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Instead it will revolve around two warring families, both of whom have monstrous genes and the sheriff is trying maintain peace between them. In all likelihood, the pilot will be shot on the same 19th-century village set that Universal built in Prague and used for Van Helsing.   Sommers will script the series pilot and initial episodes for Transylvania, which is slated for fall 2004.

Van Helsing was inspired by the classic Universal monster films of the 1930s and '40s. The titular monster hunter (Hugh Jackman) travels to Transylvania to face down Dracula, The Frankenstein Monster and The Wolf Man in the tale of ultimate evil against a lone force of good. The film is scheduled to open May 7, 2004.

12 September 2003
Leaping onto center stage from the wings of comics history comes that dazzling Master of Elusion, foe of tyranny, and champion of liberation--the Escapist. Operating from a secret headquarters under the boards of the Empire Theater, the Escapist and his crack team of associates roam the globe performing amazing feats of magic and coming to the aid of all those who languish in the chains of oppression. The history of the Escapist's creators, Joe Kavalier and Sam Clay was recently chronicled in Michael Chabon's Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. Now the best of the Escapist's adventures are collected into a giant 80-page anthology for all to enjoy. 

THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF THE ESCAPIST is published by Dark Horse Comics.
It is 80 pages for $8.95 and is scheduled to be in comic shops on 17 December.
THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF THE ESCAPIST can be pre-ordered from the October PREVIEWS (Available 24 September).

Batman - Movie Update!
Warner Brothers’ has announced that Christain Bale assume the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman on the silver screen in the upcoming Batman movie directed by Christopher Nolan. The Warner Brothers’ press release follows:

Christian Bale has been cast in the starring role of Bruce Wayne in Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming Batman movie, to be directed by Christopher Nolan and produced by Emma Thomas. The announcement was made today by Jeff Robinov, President of production for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Principal photography on the film is expected to begin in early 2004. The movie is written by David Goyer and Nolan, and will follow the early career of The Dark Knight.  Said Nolan, "What I see in Christian is the ultimate embodiment of Bruce Wayne. He has exactly the balance of darkness and light that we were looking for." Robinov stated, "Now that we've found the best person to play Batman, we are really looking forward to moving ahead with the rest of our casting, and are excited about the exceptional group we are assembling."

Other casting announcements are expected to be announced shortly.

Bold Venture Press - Spider Update!
THE SPIDER: #5 Empire of Doom should begin shipping before the end of September and Spider #6 Citadel of Hell is not far behind!  The printers proofs for Spider #6 have been approved and it should be printed this month.  These and future issues of the Spider will feature one small change.  The type-size has been reduced slightly to bring the page count down to 96 pages (down from 112 pages) per issue.  This reduces the expense of producing each issue without compromising the quality of the books. The size reduction should help to get the Spider on a more regular schedule.
Dark Horse Comics THE CHRONICLES OF CONAN VOL. 3: THE MONSTER OF THE MONOLITHS AND OTHER STORIES will be available on 28 January 2004.  This is the third volume in a series collecting the early Conan comic-book stories by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith. Originally created in the 1930s, Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian has survived to emerge as one of this century's most powerful and popular characters. Even more impressive than the character's lasting appeal over the past seven decades, is the caliber of talent involved in all of the various Conan incarnations. Of those, there are few that speak as clearly and as uniquely as artist Barry Windsor-Smith. Over the course of these early stories, Windsor-Smith's stunning evolution from comic-book cartoonist to full-fledged artist is apparent. This volume collects issues #14, #15 and #17-#21 and features completely remastered color. 

THE CHRONICLES OF CONAN VOL. 3 is 156 pages for $15.95.
THE CHRONICLES OF CONAN VOL. 3 can be pre-ordered from the October PREVIEWS (Available 24 Sept.)

Detective No. 27
DETECTIVE NO. 27 is an original Batman Elseworlds 96-page hardcover graphic novel.
Reveling in the history of Batman, pulp magazines, and America itself, this story spans the decades, as Abraham Lincoln's assassination sets a chain of events in motion that shapes the destiny of Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Selina Kyle, and an array of real and fictional 20th century characters.  Bruce Wayne, whose parents were slain by an unknown assailant when he was a child, is about to become the latest inductee of a secret society of crimefighters...one in which the members are known only by their number.  Twenty-six detectives have preceded him - a roster including legendary lawman Allan Pinkerton, Teddy Roosevelt, and other well-known heroes - so clearly Bruce must become ...Detective No. 27!  Scheduled to be in stores on November 19th, this hardcover graphic novel will retail for $19.95.  It is written by Michael Uslan and illustrated by Peter Snejbjerg.  It can be pre-ordered at your local comic shop.  The Diamond Item Code is SEP030222.
E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
Merry Mrs. Macbeth  (02/01/45) 
The Scorpion's Doom by John Olsen this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Robert Mullen's Shadow PDF:   Nothing new this week.

The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork: Nothing new this week.

ShadowPDF:  Nothing new this week.

Doc Savage PDF: The Whisker of Hercules (April 1944)

The Shrevnitz Memorial Library
Coming Soon: The Phantom Detective in The Island of Death  (June 1933)

Blackmask Online
Secret Agent X in Legion of the Living Dead by Brant House (September 1935)
Doc Savage in Death Had Yellow Eyes (February 1944)
Doc Savage in The Derelict of Skull Shoal (March 1944)

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 250 stories online!
Heat by Beach Allen from THE SHADOW (April 15, 1936)
Borderland by Arthur J. Burks from THRILLING ADVENTURES (December, 1934)
The Azure Ring by Arthur B. Reeve from SCIENTIFIC DETECTIVE (May, 1930)
Fiction is Stranger Than Truth by Thomas Thursday from LAUGHTER (October, 1925)
Smoky Skies by Raoul F. Whitfield from WEST (December 24, 1927)

ERBville Press announced the forthcoming publication of the eigthth volume in the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Uniform Edition Hardcover Collection: TARZAN AND THE VALLEY OF LUNA. This is the original magazine version of TARZAN AND THE VALLEY OF LUNA.  Illustrated with the original book artwork by J. Allen St. John; color frontispiece of the original magazine cover.
The price: $40.95 postpaid in the United States; $51.95 postpaid for the rest of the world. 
The pre-publication order deadline is October 15, 2003.
The publication date is November 15, 2003. 
You can order online at the ERBville Press website at http://www.angelfire.com/film/locationbooks/uniform.htm
ERBville Press announced the forthcoming publication of the ninth volume in the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Uniform Edition Hardcover Collection: TARZAN AND THE JEWELS OF OPAR. This is the original magazine version of TARZAN AND THE JEWELS OF OPAR.  Illustrated with the original book artwork by J. Allen St. John; color frontispiece by R. A. Monahan.
The price: $40.95 postpaid in the United States; $51.95 postpaid for the rest of the world. 
The pre-publication order deadline is November 15, 2003. 
The publication date is December 15, 2003. 
You can order online at the ERBville Press website at http://www.angelfire.com/film/locationbooks/uniform.htm
ERBville Press - THE MAN EATER
ERBville Press announced the forthcoming publication of the tenth volume in the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Uniform Edition Hardcover Collection: THE MAN EATER. This is the original magazine version of THE MAN EATER.  Illustrated with all new artwork by Shaun Hoadley.
The price: $40.95 postpaid in the United States; $51.95 postpaid for the rest of the world. 
The pre-publication order deadline is December 15, 2003. 
The publication date is January 15, 2004. 
You can order online at the ERBville Press website at http://www.angelfire.com/film/locationbooks/uniform.htm
Fantastic Book Club
John Betancourt of Wildside Press and Warren Lapine of DNA Publication have announced the establishment of Fantastic Book Club, a joint venture. The club launched on September 1 and one of the first titles is The Hand of Zei by L. Sprague de Camp (originally published in ASTOUNDING STORIES). The Book Club will not ship books unless they are requested by members. Although some of the books may be available in bookstores, club members will receive a discount. The Fantastic Book Club's website is at: http://www.fantasticbookclub.com
Flash Gordon & Ming the Merciless Mini-bust Set - Now Available!
Classic comic strip spaceman Flash Gordon, and his arch-nemesis Ming the Merciless, Emperor of Mongo, leap from the funny pages and onto your mantle or shelf as this set of beautifully sculpted mini-busts. Designed and sculpted by Randy Bowen, the vibrantly decorated Flash and Ming mini-busts each stand approximately 6" tall and are only available as a set! 

The Flash Gordon & Ming the Merciless Mini-bust Set can be ordered from Bowen Designs website at http://www.bowendesigns.com/Flash_Gordon_Ming_Set.html
The retail price is $60.00 plus $8 shipping.

Fritz Leiber - Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser - Now Available!
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser: Book Three - Swords in the Mist featuring a cover illustration by Jim Steranko is now available!

Swords in the Mist is volume three of the chronicles of the adventures of Fafhrd and The Grey Mouser, the two greatest swordsmen ever seen in the kingdom of Lankhmar. The two heroes forfeit a peaceful new way of life in favor of adventure on the high seas and the promise in a sorcerer's gambit, and are lead into unfamiliar territory and unequal contests against crafty magicians and tempting enchantresses. Yet not even two such erstwhile swordsmen could have predicted the abruptly strange paths they would be taking into the heart of the kingdom, through its dark alleys and mist-shrouded shores. In a forgotten tomb lies many secrets, and only the greatest duel of The Grey Mouser's life will help to reveal them. 

This is a mass market paperback published by Pocket Books.
It runs 240 pages for $6.99. ISBN: 0743474651

Fu Manchu
Rykodisc is releasing two DVDs featuring Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu on 30 September.
The Blood Of Fu Manchu: Christopher Lee stars as the diabolical asian crime lord with a taste for fiendish mayhem and global destruction. Fu Manchu inoculates ten women with poison, to kill ten world leaders. 
The Castle Of Fu Manchu: Christopher Lee as the mad Dr. Fu Manchu, prepares to activate a device that will freeze the Earth.

Both films are directed by Jess Franco and retail for $19.95.

Hippocampus Press
THE PLEASURES OF A FUTUROSCOPE By Lord Dunsany is Edited by S. T. Joshi
October 2003: 0-9721644-8-0: Hardcover: $32.95
The first-ever Hippocampus hardcover, THE PLEASURES OF A FUTUROSCOPE by Lord Dunsany, is at the printer. Each copy of the limited first edition will be shrink-wrapped, feature a sewn binding, and a dust jacket with original art by Jeff Remmer (Graphic Classics: HP Lovecraft). Check out the Hippocampus Press website for a view of the cover, featuring Jeff's fantastic painting. In the novel, a futuroscope—a device that allows the novel's obsessive narrator to see into the near or distant future—reveals an awful fate for humanity. This is far more than just another post-apocalyptic SF novel -- this is pure Dunsany: humorous, poignant and cosmic, with masterful storytelling throughout. 

The George Sterling collection, THE THIRST OF SATAN, is going to be delayed two more weeks. A printer glitch, which did not manifest on the proof copy, caused certain pages to print illegibly. After the amount of work that has gone into this book there's no way Hippocampus Press can release the defective copies, so they will be destroyed and the book reprinted. 

PRIMAL SOURCES: ESSAYS ON H. P. LOVECRAFT by S. T. Joshi is on schedule for a December release. The cover will be by Sean Madden, known to us for his depiction of the window scene from Lovecraft's "He" which adorns FROM THE PEST ZONE. 

Jason C. Eckhardt has done his usual outstanding job on the cover and interior illustrations for THE SWORD OF ZAGAN by Clark Ashton Smith, scheduled for release in January 2004. 

Are you ready for 600+ pages of essays by H. P. Lovecraft, on Amateur Journalism and Literary Criticism? We hope so, because 
they're coming your way in March 2004, when Hippocampus Press releases the first two books of their massive COLLECTED ESSAYS series! The discounted advance subscription rate for the series is still in effect. Visit the Hippocampus Press website for details and to order! 

OUT OF THE ORDINARY has been indefinitely postponed, as the COLLECTED ESSAYS series will contain most of that material: CE2 will include all the supplementary items, CE5 the Commonplace Book itself.

David E. Schultz's ANNOTATED FUNGI FROM YUGGOTH has now become a 2005 title. 

Lovecraft Forum
The 16th annual Lovecraft Forum will be held at SUNY-New Paltz, in New Paltz, New York, on Thursday, October 16, from 7:30 to 9:30pm.  This is the longest-running academic forum dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft. Lovecraftian scholar Dr. Robert Waugh will be running the event as usual. For more information please contact John Langan at langanj@newpaltz.edu.
Years ago, when these stories were composed, life on Mars resided solely in the imaginations of certain special inhabitants of Earth. This anthology captures the spirit of that "exploration"—long before a rocket from Earth had actually visited the fourth planet and shown it to be a sandy red surface pockmarked by meteor impacts and with no life-sustaining atmosphere.  These writers gave us romantic "canals," mono-manned solo flyers, six-legged riding thoats, Mars men who could remove their heads and protect them under their arms, along with heroes and villains, adventure and mis-adventure, conquest and redemption. Volume I of MARTIANTHOLOGY offers many classic reprints from the pulps featuring the red planet.  Click here for a complete list of the stories reprinted in this anthology and a look at the cover.

MARTIANTHOLOGY is compiled by Forrest J Ackerman and edited by Anne Hardin
MARTIANTHOLOGY is published by Sense of Wonder Press, an imprint of James A. Rock & Co., Publishers.
302 pages, 6"x 9", illustrated
Trade Paper: ISBN 0-918736-45-5 $19.95
Trade Cloth:  ISBN 0-918736-46-32 $34.95

Modern Pulp featuring DOCTOR SATAN and THE MOON MAN! 
For the first time, two characters from the pulp era, DOCTOR SATAN and THE MOON MAN, will meet face to face in a single adventure, as they go toe-to-toe against one another. When the canine population of Great City suddenly turns into an army of fanged killers, the Moon Man goes into action to solve the mystery. Thus begins his most dangerous mission pitting him against the merciless, evil mastermind known as Doctor Satan!

Hounds Of Hell by Ron Fortier & Gordon Linzner with spot illustrations provided by Jim Schumaker and Bradley Walton is a classic pulp tale in 29 chapters.  Chapter Eleven: Flames Of Terror is now available on the Modern Pulp website. Visit the Modern Pulp website at http://www.modernpulp.com/index.htm to read this new adventure.

Hounds Of Hell is copyright © 2003 Ron Fortier and Gordon Linzner.

Night Shade Books - Update!

MIDNIGHT SUN by Karl Edward Wagner. 
MIDNIGHT SUN is now shipping. 
MIDNIGHT SUN is the companion volume to GODS IN DARKNESS, and collects all of the Kane short stories and poetry.  $35 trade/$75 slipcased limited. The limited edition is sold out.

RED WORLD OF POLARIS by Clark Ashton Smith. 
RED WORLD OF POLARIS is at the printers and planned for a mid-to-late September release. 
This book is sold out in both states at Night Shade Books.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Rumour is Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom mightn’t be returning for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” sequel. They reportedly want to get going on the film soon, and the duo are all booked. Johnny Depp is already lined up to appear in the film.
Raymond Chandler's Marlowe - Now Available!
Now available from ibooks new line of graphic novels is RAYMOND CHANDLER'S MARLOWE.
Three classic Philip Marlowe mysteries, adapted by a group of comics masters fully authorized by the Chandler estate.  The featured stories are The Pencil, Goldfish, and Trouble in My Business.
This is a 7" X 10", 144 page trade paperback for $17.95.
The cover is by Jim Steranko!

RAYMOND CHANDLER'S MARLOWE will arrive in comic shops on 17 September.
Diamond did not initailly receive their full order of this book and it is being allocated.

SAHARA - Upcoming Dirk Pitt Film
Penelope Cruz is in talks to join the cast of SAHARA, the movie based on Clive Cussler's novel of the same title. Starring as Cussler's rough and ragged adventurer Dirk Pitt is Matthew McConaughey while Steve Zahn will play Pitt's sidekick. 

Cruz's character is Eva Rojas, a United Nations scientist marked for death because she is investigating the cause behind mysterious deaths of North Africans and an alarming dropoff of coastal sea life. Breck Eisner will direct; shooting is anticipated to start this fall. 

The Shadow
The USA network will air The Shadow on Saturday September 20th at 3 AM in the morning.
This is the 1994 version with Alec Baldwin, John Lone, and Penelope Ann Miller.
The Shadow Strikes - Now Available!
The Shadow Strikes starring Rod La Rocque is now available on DVD.
The owner of a large estate is mysteriously shot and killed and leaves an 11 million dollar fortune. The heirs begin fighting over the inheritance and soon underworld figures move in to steal the prize. The only hope for the innocent heir to the fortune is… The Shadow.  The retail price is $5.99.

The Shadow Strikes is available from  DVD Planet

The Shadow Strikes/International Crime
The Shadow Strikes and International Crime starring Rod La Rocque as The Shadow is now available on DVD.

The Shadow Strikes - The owner of a large estate is mysteriously shot and killed and leaves an 11 million dollar fortune. The heirs begin fighting over the inheritance and soon underworld figures move in to steal the prize. The only hope for the innocent heir to the fortune is… The Shadow. 

International Crime - The Shadow becomes involved in the case of a wealthy businessman's murder. The plot thickens when foreign agents appear and begin to extort money from the businessman’s brother.

The retail price of this DVD is $9.99.
It is available from Vintage Library.

Lucy Lawless is joining the cast of The WB's "Tarzan" in the part of Tarzan's aunt.

The actress will play Kathleen Clayton, a publishing magnate and younger sister of Mitch Pileggi's Richard Clayton, the acting head of Greystoke Industries. Kathleen and Richard have very different ideas of how to handle their recently rediscovered nephew Jack (Travis Fimmel). Richard believes that Tarzan must be rehabilitated and reintroduced to non-simian society, while Kathleen wants to give the monkey man time to find his own way.  Both may have ulterior motives, as they know that whoever controls Tarzan also controls Greystoke. 

Lawless is only signed as a regular for the show's first season. Her deal with The WB also includes an exclusive series development deal for the 2004-2005 season.

Wildside Press
The following titles are now available from Wildside Press (http://www.wildsidepress.com/index2fr.htm):

Charlie Chan, visiting San Francisco to make a speech, finds himself swept into one of his most puzzling--and dangerous--cases! A cult known as the Golden Horde is running a spiritual retreat, helping the disturbed and the depressed find inner peace. Benny Chan, who worked for the Golden Horde, is dead . . . but the priceless treasure he carried has been recovered. Benny's sister is searching for the truth, and Chan agrees to help her. The rarest of scrolls from the days of Genghis Khan, shadowy villains, and an ancient organization with ties to modern organized crime are just the start. For this case will take Chan across the Pacific in search of answers . . . and to the edges of the human psyche!

128 pages, Trade Hardcover, ISBN: 1-59224-014-3,  $29.95

ZORRO'S BLACK WHIP on DVD - Now Available!
Now available from The Serial Squadron is ZORRO'S BLACK WHIP on DVD. 
This is a 3-disk special edition with all 12 chapters, super-sharp in beautiful black and white, readable opening title and recap sequences, in-synch sound (it's 6 frames off on the Republic laserdisc), animated menus, theatrical trailer, Photos of Linda Stirling & stunt woman Helen Thurston (the "face behind the mask" who was really in the costume and did the riding/whip-cracking!), and the rare El Coyote 1958 TV pilot which also featured a female Zorro-like character. The retail price is $29.95.

Visit The Serial Squadron webiste at http://www.serialsquadron.com/ to order.

05 September 2003
ALIAS Season 1 on DVD
ALIAS Season 1 is now available.
The six disc box set features: pilot production diary, Deleted scenes, "A Mission Around the World", Marshall Finkman's gadget gallery, Auditions, Gag reel, Audio commentaries, Special Season 2 preview, PS2 game sneak peak, DVD-ROM web puzzle, script link, and Season 3 preview link.
The list price is $69.99.

Buena Vista will release ALIAS Season Two on December 2nd (SRP $69.99). 
Like the first season, this six disc set will feature anamorphic widescreen video and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Extras will include audio commentaries with the cast and crew, The Telling documentary on the making of the season finale, the Undercover: The Look of Alias featurette, more deleted scenes, another gag reel, the Alias parody seen on Monday Night Football, and a look at the making of the Alias video game. 

The third season of ALIAS premieres on ABC the night of 28 September.
Djimon Hounsou (Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life) is joining ALIAS as a new baddie, reports Variety.

Coppervale International announced that due to the immense support and demand for ARGOSY, they are increasing the frequency from quarterly to bimonthly!  A one year subscription to ARGOSY will now represent six issues instead of the earlier stated four. Thank you for the support!

ARGOSY will retail for $12.95.
Contributors for the first issue include:
Benjamin Rosenbaum - The Valley of the Giants
Ann Cummins - Pyromaniac
Caitlin R. Kiernan - Riding the White Bull
Barry Baldwin - VE Knights
Michael Moorcock - The Mystery of the Texas Twister
as well as Adam Roberts interviewing Samuel R. Delany and one or two surprises.

To be informed when ARGOSY is available to receive subscriptions, send an email to subscriptions@argosymag.com.

Visit Coppervale International's website at http://www.coppervaleinternational.com/

Charlie Chan film festival 
Fox Movie Channel will run a Charlie Chan film festival on September 13th.
The films include "Murder Over New York," "Charlie Chan at the Opera," "Charlie Chan in Honolulu" and "Castle in the Desert," according to The Hollywood Reporter. The four films will feature wraparound segments featuring panel discussions on racial insensitivity. Actor Harry Shen and Peter Feng, professor of Asian-American studies at the University of Delaware, will sit on the panel moderated by "Star Trek's" Mr. Sulu, George Takei. 
Clive Cussler - New Series!
In October, Berkley will release a new novel by Clive Cussler and Craig Dirgo.
GOLDEN BUDDHA introduces Cussler's latest high seas action hero: the enigmatic captain of the Oregon, Juan Cabrillo. In his first feature-length adventure, it's up to Cabrillo and his crew of expert intelligence and Naval men to put Tibet back in the hands of the Dalai Lama by striking a deal with the Russians and the Chinese. His gambling chip is a golden Buddha containing records of vast oil reserves in the disputed land. But first, he'll have to locate--and steal--the all-important artifact. And there are certain people who would do anything in their power to see him fail... This will be a $15 trade paperback.
The Official Conan Website has a short interview with Cary Nord, artist for the upcoming Conan comic from Dark Horse.  A preview of Nord's artwork is also available for viewing.  The Official Conan Website is at http://www.conan.com/index.shtml.
David Burton
Now available in comic shops is LOST WORLDS OF FANTASY & SF #3.
This issue features The Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars Art of David Burton.
There are 10 pages of Burton's black & white art and a full color back cover.

Burton's Mars artwork graces the covers of Wild Cat Books STRANGE WORLDS #8 thru #11.
STRANGE WORLDS #7 thru #11 reprinted ERB's A Princess of Mars complete with interior illustrations by David Burton.  Click here to view the covers for STRANGE WORLDS #9 and #11.

LOST WORLDS OF FANTASY & SF #3 is $2.95 and can be ordered in comic shops.
The Diamond Item Number is APR031995.

LOST WORLDS OF FANTASY & SF can also be purchased from the publisher at http://www.mikehoffmanart.com/store.html.

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
 Murder for Sale (07/01/38) 
 The Scorpion Unmasked by John Olsen this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Robert Mullen's Shadow PDF:   Nothing new this week.

The Shadow Magazine Interior Artwork: Murder Lake (06/01/43)

ShadowPDF:  Nothing new this week.

Doc Savage PDF: The Derelict of Skull Shoal (March 1944)

The Shrevnitz Memorial Library
Secret Agent X in The Murder Brain by Brant House (April 1935)
Coming Soon: The Phantom Detective in The Island of Death  (June 1933)

Blackmask Online
Bill Barnes in The Blood-Red Road to Petra from BILL BARNES AIR TRAILS (09/36)
Secret Agent X in The Golden Ghoul by Brant House (July 1935)
Secret Agent X in The Assassins' League by Brant House (October 1937)
Crash Carringer in Hellion Hunch by Arch Whitehouse

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 250 stories online!
Men of Honor by Will Garth from CAPTAIN FUTURE (Spring, 1940)
Shoulder Straps by C. S. Montanye from THRILLING DETECTIVE (September, 1944)
The Ogre From the Depths by Cyril Plunkett from CLUES (March, 1938)
Servant of the State by Thomas Thursday from SMASHING DETECTIVE (May, 1956) 
Pearl Hunger by Albert Richard Wetjen from ACTION NOVELS (April, 1929)

El Cazador - Available 10 September!
CrossGen Entertainment's new pirate comic will be available in comic shops on 10 September.
The first issue is 48 pages with 32 pages of story for $2.95.

Writer Chuck Dixon had the following to say at this years Megacon in Florida.

"El Cazador is set in the 1600s, and is a period pirate adventure set on earth in the past – so we’ll be seeing the Caribbean, the African Coast, the pirate rounds – all of that,” Dixon said. “We’re in the middle ground between strict historical accuracy and an Errol Flynn movie. We’ll be buckling many swashes.”

Given the slight confusion that can arise when seeing the name El Cazador (with the male-referring El) in front of the Spanish word for ‘hunter,’ Dixon explained what everything referred to. 

“El Cazador is the name of the ship of Captain Sin, a lady prate,” Dixon said. “She’s a Spanish Donessa who turns to the pirate trade when some of her family is kidnapped by a villainous pirate, Blackjack Tom. So El Cazador is what she renames her ship, because she is hunting for her family.”

Sin won’t be alone in her adventures, Red Hand Harry, a disgraced English nobleman who has turned to privateering will play a role in the series as well – with his own ship. But even though the goal of Captain Sin sounds simple – finding her family – Dixon said that it’s not going to be any easy task. 

“It’s the 1600’s, and the main mode of large-scale transportation is sailboats, so, it’s going to take a while,” Dixon said. “But along the way, of course, there will be all kinds of pirate adventure – maroonings, headhunters, boarding parties and all of that.” 

Dixon also stressed that El Cazador will be a strict historical adventure – there will be no fantasy or supernatural elements to it at all. Given that, the writer said that he and artist Steve Epting are hip deep in researching the elements of the series. “We’re trying to get into the difficulties of fighting under sail, and all the period detail,” Dixon said. “Right now, the language is the challenge for me.”

Finally, Dixon added that, due to it being historically accurate, at first, El Cazador may be a little disillusioning to some whose only experience with pirates or sea-based adventures has been in the realm of fiction. The life was brutal, the battles were savage, the travel was at times wildly unpredictable, and the ship maneuvering was a science unto itself. In short – not many will be singing “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me!” after the series gets rolling. 


Fading Shadows - Now Available!
The Phantom Detective in Murder Rides The Skies

BEHIND THE MASK #65 featuring:
   Kwa of the Jungle by Paul Regard from THRILLING ADVENTURES, August 1937
   Fangs of the Jungle by Capt. Walt R. Bethel from WORLD ADVENTURER, February 1934

DETECTIVE MYSTERY STORIES #40  featuring The Scent of Death by Pam Herman, Good Deed by Dan A. Sproul, Murder for Art’s Sake by Daniel Erickson, Alibi for Murder by Eugene C. Flinn, The Last Supper by James P. Hanley, Integrity Issue by Jason Bobzin, Clear Conscience by Lawrence Harvey, Cleaning by Kenneth M. Austin, A Likely Alibi by R. Ambardar, and Book Review: Egg by James Mc Connell.

Each issue is 5.5 by 8.5 inches in size and runs approximately 80 pages.
One issue is $6.30 postpaid. Two or more issues are $6 each postpaid.
Not responsible for packages lost in the mail.
Insurance is $1.10 per $50.00 value and highly recommended.

Order from:   Fading Shadows, Inc., 504 E. Morris Street, Seymour, TX 76380-2212

Fading Shadows - Coming Soon!
Below is the publication schedule for the next year of ACTION ADVENTURE STORIES!
Please do not order until these are announced as being available.  Lineup changes are possible.
#130 October 2003: Champion of Destiny (Lone Eagle), 9/35, V8 N3
#131 November 2003: Curse of the Crimson Horde (Secret Agent X),  9/38, V14 N1
        originally was written as the 2nd Captain Hazzard story.
#132 December 2003: Outlaws of the Moccasins (Masked Rider), 2/36, V2 N3
#133 January 2004: The Medieval Murders (Phantom Detective), 7/42, V39 N2
#134 February 2004: Winged Peril (Lone Eagle), 10/35, V9 N1
#135 March 2004: Brand of the Quanahy Clan (Masked Rider), 3/36, V2 N4
#136 April 2004: The Case of the Poison Formula (Phantom Detective), 12/45, V46 N3
#137 May 2004: Hell Over America (Lone Eagle), 12/40, V21 N3
#138 June 2004: Wide Open Town (Masked Rider), 6/36, V3 N3
#139 July 2004: Death In The Desert (Phantom Detective), 6/43
Firefly the Movie
FIREFLY creator Joss Whedon is about to turn it into a feature film, which will be released theatrically by Universal Pictures. In addition to adapting it for the big screen, Whedon will also make his feature directorial debut with the project. Whedon hopes to reunite the cast of the show and introduce new characters in the feature film. Plot details are being kept quiet for now, but the story will likely be wider in scope while keeping in line with the FIREFLY mythology. Plans are to see FIREFLY go into production in first-quarter 2004. 

Universal recently acquired the rights to "Firefly" from 20th Century Fox Television, where Whedon's Mutant Enemy Inc. production company has a television deal. A DVD set of the series, including three episodes filmed but never aired, is due in December.

Girasol Collectables - New Pulp Replicas!
Girasol Collectables is pleased to announce three more issues in its ongoing series of Pulp Replicas.
Click here or on the image to the right for look at some Pulp Replica covers.

This month we debut our TERROR TALES offering with issue #1 (Sept. 1934). Not an easy book to find in its original form and not fun to pay for if it's in nice shape either. $35, however, gets you a pristine Replica. Over the next twelve months we will also be doing TERROR TALES  #2, 3 and 4 so let us know what you think.

Our Shadow for this month is another early one; The Creeping Death, Jan. 15th 1933. A truly classic cover with the Shadow's shadow and a menacing skeleton!

Our bonus issue this month is SPICY DETECTIVE Feb. 1935. An early issue with a great H. J. Ward cover and a Dan Turner story.

As always, these reprints are exact copies including the illustrations, ads and back-up stories and have been printed on off-white paper, staple-bound and finished off with a high quality reproduction of the original cover.
The only thing missing is the smell (alas) and the flaking newsprint.

Here is a complete listing of the Pulp Replicas currently available for $25 or $35 each postpaid within North America. Overseas will be a few dollars more.

THE SHADOW  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
The Living Shadow (April 1931)
The Five Chameleons (11/01/32)
The Romanoff Jewels (12/01/32)
The Creeping Death (01/15/33)
The Shadow's Justice  (04/15/33)
The Red Blot (06/01/33)
The Black Hush (08/01/33)
Gray Fist  (02/15/34)
The Green Box  (03/15/34)
The Plot Master (02/01/35)
The Chinese Tapestry (11/01/35)
Strange Disappearance of Joe Cardona (11/15/36)
Intimidation Inc (12/15/36)
House of Silence  (07/15/37)
The Golden Dog Murders  (09/01/38) 
The Voice (11/01/38)
House of Shadows (12/15/39) 
The Book of Death (01/15/42)
Death About Town  (07/15/42) 

SPICY ADVENTURE  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
May 1935:  Great Middle Eastern motif cover

SPICY DETECTIVE  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
February 1935
October 1936:  Incredible, truly classic HJ Ward cover
August 1940:   Great HJ Ward cover, Dan Turner, Eel stories

SPICY MYSTERY  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
July 1935: a nice Parkhurst cover
February 1936: Batman

DAN TURNER  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
Dan Turner Hollywood Detective No. 1 (January 1942)

STRANGE TALES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
January 1932: Wolves of Darkness
March 1932
October 1932: Famous 'Worm Monster' cover
November 1932 
January 1933

SPICY WESTERN  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
Dec 37:  Great HJ Ward cover

TERROR TALES  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
TERROR TALES #1 (09/34)

WEIRD TALES  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
March 1923:  WEIRD TALES #1 
Available in 2 cover choices: the 'regular' cover, or the recently discovered 'rarer' version. 
Exactly the same, except the black and orange of the cover illustration are switched.

April 1923: WEIRD TALES #2
July/August 1923: WEIRD TALES #5
February 1924: WEIRD TALES #10

Email Girasol Collectables at: girasol@interlog.com to purchase any of these Pulp Replicas.
A complete listing, along with other items such as books, fanzines and of course pulps, can be found on
the Girasol Collectables website at http://www.girasolcollectables.com/

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Neil Mechem c/o Girasol Collectables
3501 Glen Erin Drive, Apt. 1409, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5L 2E9

Last Months Replicas

Haffner Press - Update!
Stephen Haffner reported in the PulpMags newsgroup that  that Alex Ebel has delivered 2 more of the interior illustrations (4 down, 3 to go!) for STARK AND THE STAR KINGS and Chris Kalb has designed a really cool logo for the book's dustjacket.  According to the Haffner Press website, Alex underwent a knee replacement surgery in the first quarter of the year, and other health problems have kept him away from the artwork.  Alex recently wrote that he's back to work and is pulling out all the stops to make this book a prestige piece. 

STARK AND THE STAR KINGS is a 600-page hardcover available in two editions.
Trade Edition: $40.00 
100-copy Slipcased Limited Edition (signed by Jakes & Ebel): $150.00 
The contents include: 
The Star Kings 
Queen of the Martian Catacombs
Enchantress of Venus 
Black Amazon of Mars 
Return to the Stars 
Stark and the Star Kings

Ordering information is on the Haffner Press website at http://www.haffnerpress.com/
STARK AND THE STAR KINGS will be available to ship approximately six weeks after receipt of the finished artwork. 

Click here to visit the Haffner Press website which includes thumbnails of Alex's excellent first two interior illustrations for STARK AND THE STAR KINGS and links to an Alex Ebel Gallery as well as past covers for Star Kings and Eric John Stark. 

The H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival will be held October 9-12 at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon.
Guests: Actors Jeffrey Combs and Jack Donner, director Brian Yuzna, and writer S.T. Joshi.
Films shown 7 p.m. nightly with 2 p.m. matinees on Saturday and Sunday.
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Available 10 September!
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 2 Number 6 will arrive in stores on Wednesday from DC Comics. 
Full Color, 32 pages, $2.50.
Mask of Zorro sequel
Antonio Banderas told Latino Review a little more about what’s in store for the “Mask of Zorro” sequel. "Steven Spielberg came to the theater [his Broadway play "Nine"] like several weeks ago and said to me “We want to do a different approach to Zorro this time, we want to make more of an adult movie, and we are going to talk about more of the human stuff, there’s going to be a big issue with General in the second part, and more of the relationship between you and your wife” and of course there’s going to be stunts and all that stuff but they are going to make the film a little bit more deeper than the first one was, and I thought that was an interesting approach instead of going for the popcorn straight forward, they wanted to something a little more complex than that. I thought that was interesting too...If everything goes as planned we will begin filming at the end of March beginning of April. We will probably start shooting in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico. [Laughs] I practically live there now, going back and forth from the states to San Miguel all the time".
Mike Chomko
Mike Chomko is now accepting orders for the following:
This is a collection of Howard's detective stories.  Stories include:
Introduction: A Black Wind off River Street, by Don Herron
Black Talons
Fangs of Gold
The Tomb's Secret
Names in the Black Book
Graveyard Rats
Black Wind Blowing

The retail price is $35.

LOST TREASURES FROM THE PULPS featuring THE MEMOIRS OF HORATIO HUMBERTON by J. Paul Suter, introduction by Robert Weinberg. 

A total of ten adventure novelettes appeared in DIME DETECTIVE MAGAZINE between July 1932 and January 1937 featuring the Necrologist Sleuth, Horatio Humberton. These stories feature elements of the supernatural, and the outrageous, and are collected here for the first time. Unfortunately only one featured a cover illustration for the magazine. You will not be disappointed with these hard-boiled escapades, bordering on humorous escapist detective fiction.  The ten stories are:
1. The Angel of the Damned
2. Eyes of the Dead
3. The Werewolf Horrors
4. The Mill of Horror
5. Seconds of Doom
6. Shoes for the Dead
7. Post Mortem
8. Dead and Buried
9. The Hairy Death
10. The Corpse the Cat Dragged In

Writing in THE DIME DETECTIVES (The Mysterious Press, 1988), Ron Goulart said: "Horatio Humberton...was a part-time dick and a full-time undertaker. 'Though Horatio Humberton earned the principal part of his living by the
direction of funerals," it was explained "another science, the study of crime, was much nearer his heart. When it came to embalming a murdered man, he could do a good job; but he would be far more enthusiastic in the task of
finding the murderer."

LOST TREASURES FROM THE PULPS Volume 3 will retail for $50.

Orders over $25 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid.
Contact Mike at chomko@enter.net.
Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542 

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced that summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl will be available in a 2-disc DVD set ($29.99 SRP) and on VHS ($24.99 SRP) on December 2, just in time for Christmas.

The 2-Disc Disney DVD will include:
3 Audio Commentaries:
-Director Gore Verbinski and Star Johnny Depp
-Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Stars Keira Knightley and Jack Davenport
-Writers Stuart Beattie, Ted Elliot & Terry Rossio and Jay Wolpert

An Epic At Sea: The Making of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Deleted Scenes
"Moonlight" Scene Progression
Image Gallery
Blooper Reel
Below Deck: An Interactive History Of Pirates

The DVD is in 2.35:1 aspect ratio, enhanced for 16x9 screens, and includes Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Also available are a French language soundtrack and subtitles.

Rainbow Fantasia
RAINBOW FANTASIA is a massive anthology of wonderful re-discovered classic stories of the golden age of sci-fi and fantasy pulp fiction, many heretofore unavailable for decades. The selections in this anthology include stunning representatives of practically every type of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror represented in the pre-World War II era of speculative fiction. No anthology gives a better feel for or a more consistently higher caliber of golden age story telling in the genre. Some newer selections show the sense of wonder is alive a well today. Each selection is introduced with a commentary by Forrest J Ackerman. Authors include A. E. van Vogt; Gustav Meyrink, Catherine L. Moore, H. L. Gold, Dorothy Quick, P. Schulyer, and many more.  Illustrated throughout by masters such as Hannes Bok, Virgil Finlay, Lawrence, Coye, Orban, and others.

The publisher is James A. Rock & Co.  It is available in hardcover for $39.95 or trade paperback for $23.95.
The complete contents is listed on the James A. Rock & Co. website at http://www.rockpublishing.com/rainbow.htm.

RAINBOW FANTASIA is also available from Amazon Books.

This book was originally published in 2001, but this is the first that I have heard of it.
Thanks to Charles Cunningham for the information.

Super-Hero Cthulhu plush
Diamond Distribution shipped the Superhero Cthulhu plush to comic shops this week. 
Just when you thought you had seen them all, here's one super-hero yet to make his debut! More intimidating than a speeding bullet! Eats tall buildings in a single bite! It's a Mi-Go! It's a Shoggoth! It's... Superhero Cthulhu! Strange visitor from another dimension, this large-size Cthulhu measures 18" tall, and comes dressed in a super-hero costume. The retail price is $29.95. 

If your local comic shop does not stock this item, they can be reorder it for you.
The Diamond Item Code is JUL033172

Wild Cat Books
Now available from Wild Cat Books is FANTASTIC TALES # 1.  This is a Facsimile Reproduction from the Pulps featuring stories of Action and Adventure. It includes The Ancient Allan, an Allan Quartermain story, by H. Rider Haggard, from FAMOUS FANTASTIC MYSTERIES (Dec. '45);  Man Of Two Worlds by Robert Moore Williams, from FANTASTIC ADVENTURES (March '47); and The Hashish Man by Lord Dunsany, from FAMOUS FANTASTIC MYSTERIES (Dec. '45).   138 pages, 8.5"x11", Bound Softcover, with Color Cover, includes the original pulp illustrations. All pages copies directly from the pulps themselves!  The retail price is $16 postpaid U.S.  Please inquire for Overseas rates.  If there is enough interest in this type of pulp reproductions, there may be future issues.  Click here or on the image at the right for a larger picture.

Visit the Wild Cat Books website at http://www.cpu-net.com/host/wildcatbooks

Wild Cat Books
6664 Valley Pike
Middletown, VA 22645-1720
Please make all checks payable to Ron Hanna and not Wild Cat Books

Wild Cat Books
"Views Of Barsoom" is a full-color poster by Ver Curtiss on glossy paper, 11"x17", and features all the geographical locations mentioned in Burrough's John Carter series. Absolutely beautiful, based on the USGS Viking map photos, this looks great framed on the wall.  From the Kaolian Forest to the Artolian Hills, from Helium to the Valley Dor, see these locations like you've never seen them before! 
The poster will be sent rolled in a mailing tube. The retail price is $15 postpaid.
Available from Wild Cat Books, or directly from the artist, who will personally inscribe each print if desired:
   Ver Curtiss, 404 Appletree Dr.,  Leesburg,  VA 20176   pulps.fan@verizon.net

Click here or on the image at the right for a larger picture.
Visit the Wild Cat Books website at http://www.cpu-net.com/host/wildcatbooks

Wild Cat Books
6664 Valley Pike
Middletown, VA 22645-1720

Please make all checks payable to Ron Hanna and not Wild Cat Books

Wild Cat Books - Coming Soon!
Coming November 1st is STRANGE WORLDS #12 - a Special Barbarian Issue. This issue features Red Nails by Robert E. Howard, all new type-set with fantastic new artwork by Ver Curtiss... An article on the various incarnations of Conan... plus a complete Index and Bibliography of the writings of pulp historian Nick Carr... and as a special added bonus, this issue contains a facsimile reproduction of The Devil In Iron by Robert E. Howard, copied directly from WEIRD TALES (Aug. '34).  The price is yet to be determined.
Will Murray
Will Murray has an article in the October STARLOG (#315) that is now available.
The five page article is Duck Dogers Conquers the Universe.
Visit the August News Archive for older stories.