27 February 2004
Ape Entertainment's THE ATOMIC AGE TREASURY OF PULP ACTION will be available in comic shops on March 3rd.  Set in the "Atomic Age Universe" of creator Brent Erwin, THE ATOMIC AGE TREASURY OF PULP ACTION serves up four all-original action tales told in the two-fisted pulp tradition of Doc Savage and the Shadow. 

The first issue features The Bronze Dragon and The Vengeful Ghost By Mike Hall, The Only Thing We Have By Bob Elinskas, and Waking Deep By David Wharton.  Story samples in PDF format are available for download on the Ape Entertainment website at http://www.ape-entertainment.com/

THE ATOMIC AGE TREASURY OF PULP ACTION is 128 pages long with a cover price of $12.95. 

Black Mask Magazine.com
Black Mask Magazine.com has a new e-text available for download.
The Tattooed Cobra by William E. Barrett from DIME DETECTIVE MAGAZINE [August 1933]

Thanks to John Locke for passing along this information.

BULLDOG DRUMMOND #2 Double Feature will be available on DVD (SRP $9.99) March 5th.
Bulldog Drummond’s Revenge: When a dangerous cargo of powerful explosives is stolen, Drummond seeks to retrieve it and track down the gang of ruthless spies who is responsible for the murders associated with the heist. This clever entry begins the string of Bulldog Drummond’s ill-fated attempts to marry the lovely Phyllis Clavering. Directed by Louis King. Starring John Howard as Captain Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond, John Barrymore as Col. Nielson with Louise Campbell as Phyllis Clavering, Reginald Denny as Algy Longworth and E.E. Clive as “Tenny” Tennison. (1937 • 57 min. • B & W) 
Bulldog Drummond’s Peril:  This time Captain Drummond’s wedding to Phyllis Clavering is interrupted by murder, sending the sleuth on an adventure to find the formula for a synthetic diamond that will no doubt throw the international diamond market into turmoil. Directed by James P. Hogan. Starring John Howard as Captain Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond, John Barrymore as Col. Nielson with Louise Campbell as Phyllis Clavering, Reginald Denny as Algy Longworth and E.E. Clive as “Tenny” Tennison.
CONAN #1 - Now Available!
The first issue of the new ongoing Conan series by Kurt Busiek with art by Cary Nord, colored by Dave Stewart and cover by Joseph Michael Linsner is now available.  Dark Horse is pleased to report that despite a hefty overprint, the first issue of the new Conan series has completely sold out at the publisher on its first day of release!  A second printing is planned that will feature a new variant cover by artist J. Scott Campbell.

The Official Conan website has a interview with series scribe, Kurt Busiek.
Dark Horse Comics has a series of Conan one-shots coming up in addition to the monthly series.
The first is written by Jimmy Palmiotti and penciled by Mark Texeira.
The second will be illustrated by Mike Oeming. The writer has not yet been determined.

CONAN #1: The greatest warrior of all time. The original epic fantasy hero. One of the best-selling comics writers of all time, Kurt Busiek, who revitalized the superhero world with Marvels and Astro City, turns his attention to one of the greatest heroes of all time. Teaming with Cary Nord, Busiek presents Conan's story from day one, in the manner it was meant to be told. Drawing only on the original Robert E. Howard stories, the legend of Conan is brought to vivid life for the modern audience.  32 pages, full color, $2.99.

CONAN is published by Dark Horse Comics.
Click here for a preview of the first issue on the Dark Horse website.
Click here for a preview of the second issue on the Dark Horse website.
Conan #1 can also be ordered online from Things From Another World.

Doc Con 2004
Doc Con 2004 will be held Saturday, November 6th at the residence of Paul Cook, 1108 W. Cornell, Tempe, Arizona 85283.  Contact Paul Cook at pcook@dancris.com to let him know you will be attending.
Visit the Pulpshows page for a listing off all the upcoming pulp shows.
E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
Terror Island is reviewed this week.
Flames of Doom by John Olsen is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

ShadowPDF:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 400 stories online!
Nothing new this week.

F. Paul Wilson - CRISSCROSS
F. Paul Wilson's latest Repairman Jack novel, CRISSCROSS, is now at the printer, thus keeping it on track for a Spring 2004 release. The book is 400 pages long, and reveals a side of Jack that is darker than we have ever seen as he crisscrosses the two fix-it jobs to settle deadly scores. Pre-orders can be placed on Gauntlet Books website.
CRISSCROSS will come in two editions:
475-copy Numbered edition (signed by F. Paul Wilson)
The cover price is $55 plus postage & handling, $50 for those ordering through Gauntlet plus postage & handling.
You can get the Numbered edition with a slipcase for $65 plus postage & handling.
26-copy traycased lettered edition.
Firefly Movie is a Go! 
Universal Pictures has quietly added Serenity to the Coming Soon section on the its official website, which is the working title for the film and the name of the crew's vessel. The studio has also already registered the Serenitymovie.com domain name.  The first meeting on the film apparently took place the second week of February and they are targeting a May production start for the big screen version.
Haffner Press is redesigning their website and the temporary page now online announces Seventy-Five: The Diamond Anniversary of a Science Fiction Pioneer - Jack Williamson as their next release.

Stephen Haffner and Richard A. Hauptmann, Jack Williamson's bibliographer, have been working for the better part of three years on Seventy-Five: The Diamond Anniversary of a Science Fiction Pioneer - Jack Williamson.
This will be an oversized 600-page hardcover with excerpts from Jack's key novels, classic short stories and essays, plus four never before published stories from across Jack's amazing career.  It includes sidebars with over 300 illustrations and an 18-page full color reprint of his Beyond Mars Sunday comic strip.  Arthur C. Clarke and Connie Willis provide introductory material. 

The January 2004 issue of LOCUS has a full page ad for the book. It comes in three editions:
The trade edition is $40.
The 75-copy Signed Edition is $175
A 26-copy Signed Leather Edition will also be available. Inquire for the price at info@haffnerpress.com.

Pulp T-shirts
Fusion Tees offers a line of pulp and paperback t-shirts, jerseys, and postcards.
Many sizes are available to accomodate almost everyone.
Visit the Fusion Tees website at http://www.fusiontees.com
RAY HARRYHAUSEN: AN ANIMATED LIFE by Ray Harryhausen & Tony Dalton, with a Foreword by Ray Bradbury will be available in April. 

Who among film fans and movie buffs cannot remember with fondness the marvelously realistic dinosaurs, fantastic aliens, and imaginative mythological creatures in 20 Millions Miles to Earth, Jason and the Argonauts, One Million Years B.C., and Clash of the Titans? Who cannot recall the battling skeletons in The 7th Voyage of Sinbad or the chaos and destruction wrought from the skies over our nation's capitol in Earth vs. The Flying Saucers? These and other classic movie moments represent the work of Ray Harryhausen, arguably the greatest stop-motion animator in the history of motion pictures. 

Inspired by Willis O'Brien's King Kong and schooled by animation genius George Pal (The War of the Worlds, Time Machine, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm), Harryhausen blazed new trails in special effects from the 1950s to the 1980s. Now, in the animator's own words, accompanied by hundreds of previously unpublished photos, sketches, and storyboards from his personal archive, comes RAY HARRYHAUSEN: AN ANIMATED LIFE. 

Anecdotal, insightful, illuminating, and honest, the book takes readers through Harryhausen's entire career - film by film, triumph by triumph - from the impact that watching The Lost World and King Kong had on his life to creating the magnificent creatures seen in Clash of the Titans, his last movie. In words and images, it explains the basics of special effects and stop-motion animation, along the way telling tales of working with the film stars of the day - such as Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, and Lionel Jeffries, to name a few - and revealing how Raquel Welch was picked up by a flying dinosaur in One Million Years B.C., why the octopus in Mysterious Island was really only a sixtopus, and what Madusa's blood was made from in Clash of the Titans
* No motion picture animator has greater recognition than Ray Harryhausen 
* The book explores in detail how the animation models were made 
* It also offers a film-by-film breakdown of the animation techniques used 
* And it includes never before seen concept sketches and movie production drawings from films such as The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans, and many more 
* And provides frame-by-frame deconstructions of how ground-breaking effects were achieved 
* Finally, it contains previously unpublished behind-the-scenes photos revealing Harryhausen's expert artistry, unique talent, and production secrets 

Hard Cover, 9x11, 304 pages, Full Color,  691 black and white illustrations, 366 color illustrations, Publisher: Watson-Guptill / Billboard, $50.00

This book can be pre-ordered from the March PREVIEWS (now available). 
The Diamond Order Code is MAR043171.

Robert E. Howard -  Gates of Empire and Other Tales of the Crusades
Now available from Wildside Press is Gates of Empire and Other Tales of the Crusades by Robert E. Howard.
Gates of Empire presents eight of Robert E. Howard's classic adventure stories, all of which are set during the Crusades. The contents include:
Red Blades of Black Cathay
Hawks of Outremer
Blood of Belshazzar
The Sowers of the Thunder
The Lion of Tiberias
The Shadow of the Vulture
Gates of Empire
plus one more!
This collection retails for $39.95 plus shipping.
For more information and to place your order, visit the Wildside Press website. 
Brad Johnson (Riverworld) and Ryan Malgarini (Freaky Friday) have joined the cast of the WB's remake of the cult classic sci-fi series as John and Will Robinson respectively. The duo join the previously cast Jayne Brook  Maureen Robinson), Adrianne Palicki (Judy Robinson) and Mike Erwin (Don West) in the project. Guy Williams and Bill Mumy played the roles of John and Will in the original 1965-68 CBS series while William Hurt and Jack Johnson assumed the parts for the 1998 feature. Production is set to begin next month in Vancouver on the $2 million pilot, which comes from writer/producer Doug Petrie (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and director John Woo (Mission: Impossible 2). 20th Century Fox Television, Fox TV Studios, Woo's Lion Rock Prodctions and Synthesis are all behind the project.
Star Wars: Clone Wars
Here is the complete schedule for Star Wars: Clone Wars. All times listed ET/PT.
* Friday, March 26, at 8:00pm: Chapters 1-5
* Friday, March 26, at 9:00pm: Chapters 6-10
* Friday, March 26, at 9:30pm: Chapter 11 
* Monday, March 29, at 8:00pm: Chapter 12
* Tuesday, March 30, at 8:00pm: Chapter 13
* Wednesday, March 31, at 8:00pm: Chapter 14
* Thursday, April 1, at 8:00pm: Chapter 15
* Friday. April 2, at 8 8:00pm: Chapter 16
* Monday, April 5, at 8:00pm: Chapter 17
* Tuesday, April 6, at 8:00pm: Chapter 18
* Wednesday, April 7, at 8:00pm: Chapter 19
* Thursday, April 8, at 8:00pm: Chapter 20
* Friday, April 9, at 8:00pm: Chapters 11-15 
* Friday, April 9, at 9:00pm: Chapters 16-20 
* Saturday, April 10 at 9:00pm: Chapters 1-5 
* Saturday, April 10 at 10:00pm: Chapters 6-10
* Saturday, April 10 at 11:00pm: Chapters 11-15
* Saturday, April 10 at 12:00am: Chapters 16-20
Subterranean Press - Retro Pulp Tales!
Coming soon from Subterranean Press is a new antholgy, RETRO PULP TALES, edited by Joe R. Lansdale.
Brand new stories by F. Paul Wilson, Norman Partridge, Al Sarrantonio, Chet Williamson, Stephen Gallagher, Tim Lebbon, Alex Irvine, and others.  These stories are all pulp-inspired, hoping to capture the story-telling ability and fast pace of tales from 30, 40, 50 years ago and more. In RETRO PULP TALES, the hunt for a serial killer plays out in a pulp-magazine letters column (Chet Williamson), mishaps haunt a helicopter crash simulator (Stephen Gallagher), and a real-life "Gidget" sees things in space alien terms (Melissa Mia Hall). 
Available only from Subterranean Press.
Trade: $40
Limited: $65
Lettered: $150
Tarzan - Coming soon on DVD!
Warner has just announced a Tarzan Collection box set featuring 6 classic films for June 8th (SRP $59.92). Included will be Tarzan the Ape Man, Tarzan Escapes, Tarzan and His Mate, Tarzan Finds a Son, Tarzan's Secret Treasure, and Tarzan's New York Adventure (1942). The films will be arranged 2 per disc, and the set will include a 4th disc of just special features, among witch you'll find a feature-length documentary on Johnny Weissmuller and the history of the Tarzan character. Also coming on 6/8 are Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan and Tarzan, the Ape Man (1981).
Van Helsing
An exclusive interview with the actress Silvia Colloca for the film "Van Helsing" coming out at the beginning of May is now available online at http://www.granditaliafestival.it/SilviaCollocaSpeciale.htm
Website of Interest
There is a Lovecraft, WEIRD TALES, and FAMOUS FANTASTIC MYSTERIES cover scan collection plus index online at the Miskatonic University website.  Visit http://www.yankeeclassic.com/miskatonic/
The best way to get there is to click on the following links CAMPUS ENTRANCE, DEPARTMENT OF LIBRARY SCIENCES, LIBRARY ENTRANCE, PERIODICALS. 

Thanks to Arthur Lortie for passing along this information.

Will Murray
Will Murray has an article in COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #109 (now available). 
The article, The Strange Saga of the Skull, runs 11 pages and is profusely illustrated. 
The Skull is the MLJ character who battled The Black Hood in comics and the pulps.
COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE is available in comic shops or direct from Gemstone Publishing.
MasterCard or VISA orders call 800-322-7978. 
Windy City Pulp & Paperback Convention - Progress Report
The fourth Windy City Pulp & Paperback Convention is just over a month and a half away!  Last year, nearly 400 pulp and paperback fans gathered for the show, and browsed through 100 tables of pulp goodies.  Although the hotel has changed franchises since then from a Radisson to a Ramada, we're in the same great facility we were in last year. 

THE HOTEL - Our hotel is convenient to the City of Chicago and O'Hare airport (an airport shuttle is available for $12 if you call the hotel), which makes it easy for folks flying in, as well as easy to travel in to Chicago if you want to engage in some tourist activities.  The hotel is also located in the midst of a major shopping area with dozens of restaurants, many within walking distance (a restaurant guide will be available in the registration materials given out at the con).  The hotel has set aside a block of rooms for the convention with a special room rate; please be sure to mention the convention when booking rooms. 

EVENTS - The website (http://www.windycitypulpconvention.com) has been newly updated, and please be sure to check it regularly for updates between now and show time. The dealer's room opens to the public at 2:00 pm on Friday afternoon (March 26), with the con suite opening at noon that day.   Our third annual Pulp Film Fest will kick off Friday evening, with some rare, pulp-related films being shown; also on Friday evening will be a panel on collecting original pulp and paperback art.  Films will also run periodically on Saturday afternoon and evening.  Those who attended last year's show were treated to a large display of original pulp and paperback art.  This year's attendees will have a similar treat in store; the art show will open Saturday morning and will draw from many of the top collections across the country – artists who will be represented include Walter Baumhofer, George Rozen, Virgil Finlay, Edd Cartier, Hannes Bok, Frank Kelly Freas, Harold DeLay, Paul Stahr, Michael Whelan, Ed Emshwiller, George Gross and many more.  Some will be for display only, while others will be for sale.  If you've got any art you'd care to bring along for display or sale, please contact us!

GUEST OF HONOR – Our Guest of Honor this year will be famedauthor, editor and agent Frederik Pohl, whose writing career is approaching 70 years.  In addition to a presentation Saturday evening, there will be an autographing session Saturday afternoon.  Or feel free to chat with this science fiction legend as he's wandering around the con!

DEALER TABLES - We will have approximately 100 dealer tables again.  Wall space is sold out, and only a handful of the island tables are still available.  The current dealer list is posted on the website, and includes many Pulpcon regulars as well as several dealers who don't usually do the summer con.  Full tables (6') are $55 each and half tables (3') are $35.  If you haven't reserved one yet, reserve one very soon. 

ATTENDEES & PROGRAM BOOK - Attendees who pre-register by March 1, 2004 will receive their badges in the mail, avoiding the need to stand in line at the convention.  As in each of the past 3 years, there will be a souvenir booklet for the show, which will be given to each attendee.  This will be an approximately 64 page digest sized booklet containing a mix of genre articles and reprints, including a story by Frederik Pohl. 

ADVERTISING - We are also accepting advertising for the booklet.  Rates are as follows: full page size ads (4 1/8" x 6.75") @ $ 60.00 half page size ads (4 1/8" x 3 3/8") @ $ 35.00 business card size ads (3.25" x 2") @ $ 20.00.  The deadline for submitting and paying for ads is February 29, 2004. Please contact Tom Roberts at  tom.roberts2@verizon.net for all matters relating to the show booklet.

AUCTION - There will also be an auction Saturday night. To encourage dealers and collectors to place items in the auction, no fee will be charged by the convention; all auction proceeds will go to the consignor. If you have material you'd like to submit to the auction, please contact John Gunnison at gunnison@adventurehouse.com

CON SUITE & OTHER DINING - Finally, as mentioned, there will be a con suite open on Friday and Saturday nights, so stop by for some free munchies and conversation about our favorite hobby!  The hotel features 2 restaurants as well as a sports bar and a martini/cigar bar and there are plenty of other dining choices are located nearby.  While it's unlikely to be in the 80's, springtime in Chicago has its fair share of sun.

We look forward to seeing you at the fourth Windy City Pulp & Paperback Convention! 

Doug Ellis & Cat Jaster 

Contact: Cat Jaster, PO Box 45495, Madison, WI 53744 
Phone/Fax 608-241-3004

Zorro - The First Encounter/Beastly Battles/High Seas Hero 
Warner Home Video will release Zorro - The First Encounter/Beastly Battles/High Seas Hero on DVD March 2nd. The DVD contains three adventures from the animated Zorro series.  The suggested retail price is $12.98. 
20 February 2004
Adventure House - Coming in May!
HIGH ADVENTURE #76 will be available in May.
Ki-Gor, stars in two classic adventures: The Sword of Sheba and Lost Priestess of the Nile!
It was the strangest army of all time... from the distant waters of the Blue Nile came the giant, white-robed Watusi, the sullen and deadly Shilluks; from Central Africa, the Tofoke and Bankutu cannibals, the dread Akkha leopard society... marching, killing as they came, to attack and destroy Ki-Gor's jungle kingdom. And leading them, a beautiful woman who bore a name of ancient terror... Bilqis. 
Soft Cover, 7x10, 112 pages, b&w $7.95

HIGH ADVENTURE #76 can be pre-ordered from the March PREVIEWS (available February 25th). 
The Diamond Order Code is MAR043042.

Leaping onto center stage from the wings of comics history comes that dazzling Master of Elusion, foe of tyranny, and champion of liberation--the Escapist. Operating from a secret headquarters under the boards of the Empire Theater, the Escapist and his crack team of associates roam the globe performing amazing feats of magic and coming to the aid of all those who languish in the chains of oppression. The history of the Escapist's creators, Joe Kavalier and Sam Clay was recently chronicled in Michael Chabon's Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. Now the best of the Escapist's adventures are collected into a giant 80-page anthology for all to enjoy.

THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF THE ESCAPIST is published by Dark Horse Comics.
It is 80 pages for $8.95. Click here for a preview on the Dark Horse website.

This title can also be ordered online from Things From Another World.

CONAN #1 - Available February 25th!
Conan #1 will be available in comic shops on February 25th!
The first issue of the new ongoing Conan series by Kurt Busiek with art by Cary Nord, colored by Dave Stewart and cover by Joseph Michael Linsner will be in comic shops February 25th.

The greatest warrior of all time. The original epic fantasy hero. One of the best-selling comics writers of all time, Kurt Busiek, who revitalized the superhero world with Marvels and Astro City, turns his attention to one of the greatest heroes of all time. Teaming with Cary Nord, Busiek presents Conan's story from day one, in the manner it was meant to be told. Drawing only on the original Robert E. Howard stories, the legend of Conan is brought to vivid life for the modern audience.  32 pages, full color, $2.99.

CONAN is published by Dark Horse Comics.
Click here for a preview of the first issue on the Dark Horse website.
Click here for a preview of the second issue on the Dark Horse website.
Conan #1 can also be ordered online from Things From Another World.

CONAN #4 - Coming in May!
The fourth issue of the new ongoing Conan series by Kurt Busiek with art by Cary Nord (pencils), Tom Yeates (Inks), colored by Dave Stewart and a cover by Joseph Michael Linsner will be in comic shops May 26th.

A captive Conan is brought north in chains and learns just how far off the mark was his vision of Hyperborea as a land "of gleaming cities, of riches, and wonders, and exotic women, who live lives of serenity and contemplation, in peace with all manner of bird and beast, from the lamb to the griffin and milk and honey flow in streams from the hills."  Robert E. Howard hinted at the nightmares that his character Conan suffered in Hyperborea, but Busiek and company reveal them here for the first time in livid detail.
Full Color, 32 pages, $2.99

CONAN #4 can be pre-ordered from the March PREVIEWS (available February 25th).
The Diamond Order Code is MAR040038.

Dark Shadows
Rob Bowman will helm the Dark Shadows pilot for the WB.
DON WINSLOW OF THE NAVY - Available February 24th!
DON WINSLOW OF THE NAVY will be released on two separate DVDs February 24th. 
U.S. Navy hero Don Winslow counters a diabolical Nazi agent known as "The Scorpion" in this 12-chapter serial. 
The first DVD contains Chapters 1 through 6.  The second DVD contains Chapters 7 through 12.
Each DVD retails for $9.99.
E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
Ten Glass Eyes is reviewed this week.
Challenge To The Black Flame by John Olsen is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

ShadowPDF:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 400 stories online!
Trick For Trick by Radnor M. Coote from THE ARGOSY [June 1909] 
A Doting Burglar by Ben Hecht from ALL-STORY [October 6, 1917]
The Hick Cop by Leo Hoban from CRACK DETECTIVE [May 1942]

EL CAZADOR #5 - Available February 25th!
The secret of Serpenthead Cay! Where is Blackjack Tom…and what is the villainous rogue’s connection to the fabled island of treasure known as Serpenthead Cay? Plus: who is helping Redhand Harry track Captain Sin and El Cazador? 32 pages, full color, $2.99.
The Green Hornet - A new film by Kevin Smith!
Variety confirms that Kevin Smith will write and direct a film version of comic's "The Green Hornet". Smith expects to have a script ready in time to begin shooting scenes of the masked Hornet and his kung-fu-fighting chauffeur, Kato, by late summer. The film will be based on the venerable character created by Fran Striker and George Trendle for a radio serial that launched in 1936. 

"I dig the fact that he kicked off a run of billionaire playboys who decided to put on a mask and fight crime, and that he was Batman before there was a Batman," said Smith. 

While he never thought he would make a superhero film, Smith made an exception for The Green Hornet, for several reasons. Among them is the fact that the character has high name recognition but isn't shackled by the storyline, says the trade. Most people remember the title character and Kato, but cannot name their adversaries or even recall the tricked-out car they drove. For Smith, that leaves plenty of room for imagination. 

"I always said I'd never do one, based on my limited experience writing on 'Superman' and having to answer to the studio, the producer, the comics company and eventually a director," Smith said. "Then there's a fandom that gets up in arms if you even try to stray from their character. Here, there is simplicity in the character and the situation. 

"Equally important, the only person I have to answer to is Harvey [Weinstein], with whom I've made four movies. This is the only circumstance that led me to take on a comicbook movie, and something so big." "I couldn't have asked for a better vote of confidence in me as a filmmaker than being afforded the opportunity with Hornet to push beyond the boundaries of what I've done in film thus far," he added. "And making this movie with Miramax means that not only will we deliver an exciting, chop-socky-filled action flick, but it's gonna have a compelling story, believable characters, and great dialogue to boot! Let's roll, Kato!"

Smith hasn't gotten to the casting stage yet, but said he was intrigued by both actors who were linked to the film while it was at Universal. George Clooney had a pay-or-play deal for the title character before Steven Spielberg extricated him to star in DreamWorks' first drama, "The Peacemaker". Jet Li once was linked to the role of Kato. 

Variety also reported that Miramax will exploit all the various merchandising opportunities such a franchise will offer.

James Bond - The Man with the Golden Gun - Available February 25th!
The Man with the Golden Gun will be available in comic shops on February 25th!
Bond is back! 007, the world’s greatest secret agent, returns in a classic adventure! 
James Bond is dead! Or so his employers at MI5 believe... until he attempts to assassinate his boss, M — because he’s been brainwashed by the KGB! With his conditioning removed, M sends Bond on a deadly mission; to track down Francisco Scaramanga — The Man with the Golden Gun! But with a KGB agent and the usual quotient of beautiful, treacherous girls in his path, will Bond make it back?  This volume also features the story, The Living Daylights, plus background on Bond creator, Ian Fleming, and a foreword by Ian Fleming’s niece, Lucy Fleming. 

This is a 80 page, 9 X 12 softcover in black and white.  The retail price is $16.95. 

This book can be ordered from Amazon Books

The JONNY QUEST SEASON ONE DVD Set is coming this May from Warner Home Video! 
Follow young, intrepid adventurer Jonny Quest, his scientist father Dr. Benton Quest, bodyguard Race Bannon, boyhood companion Hadji, and pup Bandit, in the globe-trotting, harrowing exploits featured in this DVD set collecting all 26 Season 1 episodes of Hanna/Barbera's 1964-65 animated classic! 
The March PREVIEWS solicitation indicates that this DVD set is scheduled to ship in April 2004. 
The retailer ordering data lists May 12th as the ship date.
JONNY QUEST SEASON ONE DVD SET can be pre-ordered from the March PREVIEWS (available Wednesday, February 25th).  The Diamond Order Code is MAR044107.
Mystery*File - #42 is now available!
Steve Lewis has revived his fanzine, MYSTERY*FILE. 
MYSTERY*FILE consists of reviews of mysteries and detective novels, of commentary on mystery and crime fiction, of checklists and matters of bibliographic interest, and of letters.  MYSTERY*FILE is a "print" magazine only.  None of the material in it will appear on-line.  The Internet has revolutionized the world, but there's still nothing like the feel of paper in your hands and the thrill of seeing printed words on the page.

The primary focus of MYSTERY*FILE is not to be an up-to-date newsletter for the field, but a place where old and new works co-exist, where older mysteries can be brought up and discussed as well as those by the most recent hot authors, and where the careers of writers can be looked at in perspective.  MYSTERY*FILE is for those fans who love to read and talk about mysteries and series characters, and those who love to make checklists and those who love to have them, and if you can assist in  accomplishing any of these goals, then so much the better.

The efforts of a number of people helped produce each issue, and they'd appreciate your comments, both on their work and on the books and the movies they talk about.  Letters are not only accepted for publication, they are requested, if not demanded.

MYSTERY*FILE #42 is now available.
The first two pages of this issue can be read at http://users.ntplx.net/~lewis/Mfile.htm
The contents include:
LETTER COLUMN - you the readers
FATAL KISS - reviews by Steve Lewis 
THE MAX THURSDAY FILE, by Gary Warren Niebuhr
THE LATER WADE MILLER - reviews by Bill Crider & Ted Fitzgerald
       Conducted by Ed Lynskey, Steve Lewis, & Bill Pronzini
        by Meredith Phillips 
FIRST YOU READ, THEN YOU WRITE - Mystery Commentary by Mike Nevins.
ROBERTA ISLEIB - An Interview with Steve Lewis.
THE RAMBLING HOUND RAMBLES 'ROUND – Book & Movie Commentary by Dan Stumpf.
WEDDING MYSTERIES, by Caryn Wesner-Early
REVIEWS - by Diverse Hands: Caryn Wesner-Early, Lorraine Gelly, Maddy Van Hertbruggen, 
Michelle L. Zafron, Allen J. Hubin, Jeffrey Marks & Vince Keenan

MYSTERY*FILE is published approximately eight times a year (every six weeks) by
Steve Lewis, 62 Chestnut Road, Newington CT 06111. 
Subscriptions are available at $3.50 an issue, or four for $13 U.S.
Canada: $4.00 an issue, or four for $15
Overseas: $5.50 an issue, four for $21

Night Shade Books
The House on the Borderland : The Collected Fiction of William Hope Hodgson Volume 2 will be out the first week of March.  The Ghost Pirates and Other Revenant of the Sea, the third of Night Shade's Hodgson volumes, is now available for order.  You can check out the table of contents on the Night Shade website. Volume 3 is due out in October 2004. 

Night Shade is reprinting The Ancient Track: The Collected Poetical Works of H.P. Lovecraft, which has been out of print for about a year. Visit Night Shade Books at http://www.nightshadebooks.com/.

Renaissance E-Books - Now Available!
Now available from Renaissance E-Books:

The Shadow #3: The Shadow Laughs
290 pages for $3.99

Nemesis Pulp Magazine #2: Featuring Rachel Rocket in Hell Wings over Manhattan
Fans of The Spider, Doc Savage, and The Shadow won't want to miss the second pulse-pounding issue of Nemesis, featuring Rachel Rocket, the Winged Nemesis of Foreign Terror, in the book-length novel of Nazi treachery in the skies, "Hell Wings over Manhattan." It’s the late 1930s, and enemy spies have honeycombed the cities of the United States with their corrupting burrows. Like termites, they shun the light of liberty, even whole they seek to snuff it out and replace it with the sinister darkness of Fascism. Then their leader, The Demolition Master and his fifth columnists launch an assault of death and destruction upon the heart of New York City. This merciless agent of the Gangster Nations rains terror down on to the great metropolis with an unstoppable armada of explosives-laden robot planes, and all a helpless populace can do is watch the skies and prepare to evacuate the city. But the American spirit of youth and freedom refuses to submit meekly. Rachel Rocket, the beautiful, red-headed pilot, and her comrades have vowed to man the nation’s defenses against the threat of Totalitarianism. When Nazi treachery puts her best friend, Dr. Mitzi Rowan, in a hospital room hovering between life and death, and lays her partner, Hank Rowan, low with a gangster’s bullet in his body, Rachel Rocket must take to the skies alone to save America from the evil plans of a mad, Axis dictator and his evil henchmen. Aided only by her skill and daring, Rachel pits herself against gangster hordes, the Axis' greatest aerial Aces, and the masked spymaster from an enslaved, central European country, when the heavens explode and "Hell Wings Over Manhattan." Plus spine-tingling science fiction stories, including EPPIE nominee Stefan Vucak's "Hunger," author J. D. Crayne's disturbing "Point of View," Hugo Award winner Larry Niven's "No Exit," written with Jean Marie Stine, and a classic novelette of space ship mystery by the king of space opera, Edmond Hamilton. Cover: Stephen Adams.  300 pages for $4.



Mike Erwin (Everwood) is set as Don West in the WB's remake of the cult classic sci-fi series. Erwin takes over the role made famous by Mark Goddard in the original TV series and later played by Matt LeBlanc in the 1998 feature. He joins the previously cast Jayne Brook (Maureen Robinson) and Adrianne Palicki (Judy Robinson) on the project. 
Tom Strong #25 - Available February 25th!
Tom Strong #25 will be available in comic shops on February 25th!
A spectacular 25th issue celebration written by Geoff Johns (TEEN TITANS) with art by John-Paul Leon (Earth X)! Tom Strong, the champion of Millennium City, is many things to many people: hero, nemesis, husband, father. But when a series of unlikely and inexplicable occurrences happen in seemingly random order, Tom must don a new hat, that of best friend. How will this affect the occasionally standoffish hero? Guest-starring the Strongmen of America!

AMERICA'S BEST COMICS, 32 pages, color, $2.95.

Wildside Press
The following title is now available from Wildside Press (http://www.wildsidepress.com/index2fr.htm):

While Howard Phillips Lovecraft was closing the final chapter of his writing career, Fritz Reuter Leiber was only beginning to open his own. The year was 1936 and Jonquil Leiber, Fritz's first wife, sent a letter on her own initiative to Lovecraft, knowing that her husband had been an avid admirer of his work, ever since his first reading of The Colour out of Space and hoping that Lovecraft's presence in Fritz's slow-paced writing career might be the source of inspiration he so dearly needed. Lovecraft replied promptly on November 2 of that year, the seed of an invigorating correspondence, which lasted till Lovecraft's passing. FRITZ LEIBER AND H.P. LOVECRAFT: WRITERS OF THE DARK presents Lovecraft's letters to Leiber, an impressive selection of Leiber's fiction which shows Lovecraft's influence, and a selection of Leiber's essays on Lovecraft and Matters Lovecraftian. Features an introduction by Ben J. S. Szumskyj and an afterword by S.T. Joshi.

The hardcover edition is $39.95.
The softcover edition is $19.95.

13 February 2004
The Adventures of Tarzan starring Elmo Lincoln 
Coming soon from The Serial Squadron is The Adventures of Tarzan starring Elmo Lincoln.
A new state-of-the-art digital transfer and reconstruction of one of the most popular serials of all time, in 10 chapters, tinted and with a new original musical score. This serial, a national sensation on its original release, has not been seen in serial form for many years. Adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Return of Tarzan, the serial's major players are Tarzan's arch enemy Rokoff and Queen La of Opar. Tarzan's companions are Tantor the elephant and a female ape friend called Ara. Plenty of amazing stunts and deathtraps in this fast-paced serial involving live lions and other wild animals, and a memorable performance by the amazing vine-swinging, villain-bashing, chest-beating Elmo Lincoln, who had so much fun doing this he was willing to wrestle live lions onstage to promote the serial in 1921. A beautiful transfer for this title is now complete and the project awaits scoring and assembly. 1-2 DVD Set with illustrated menus and bonus introductory feature version of the first Tarzan feature, Tarzan of the Apes.

This title is in production now and  is expected to be complete within two months.  Due to the amount of restoration and extras included in the DVD, a release date will not be given till it is complete.  At that time, the news will be posted on the Serial Squadron main page and the DVDs shipped. The pre-order price is $19.95.
Visit the Serial Squadron website to pre-order your copy.

Alias - Season 3 on DVD!
More information on Alias - Season 3's planned DVD release on Sept. 7th, at a list price of $69.99. 
Who can you trust? Can you trust yourself? This is where super secret agent Sydney Bristow finds herself in the exciting third season of Alias, collected on the Alias - Season 3 DVD box set from Buena Vista Home Entertainment and Touchstone Television. This explosive knockout 6-DVD set includes all 22 third season episodes and a ton of thrilling, never-before-seen bonus features.

Among the bonus features on this knockout DVD box set are: 
Audio Commentaries, including the "Biggest Alias Fan," who will be chosen in a national promotion 
"Burbank to Barcelona" - a featurette on production design, and how the show creates cities around the world 
"An Inside Look at the Gadget Lab" - see Marshall Finkman's gadgets go from script to screen 
"The Alias Diaries" - meet the unsung craftsmen and technicians who bring the show to life, and go behind the scenes as they interact with the creators 
Script Scanner 
Deleted Scenes 
Blooper Reel 
And More!

ARGOSY's second issue is 28 pages longer than the first, and features a full-color interior and a fold-out cover on the main magazine. Contributors to the second issue are documented on the ARGOSY Magazine website. 
ARGOSY No. 2 (March/April 2004 issue) can be pre-ordered directly from the publisher.
Send $12.95 per copy, plus $2.05 postage & handling.

ARGOSYcan also be pre-ordered from Mike Chomko.
Orders over $30 are discounted 10% and shipped postpaid.
Orders under $30 are no discount and add $2 for shipping and handling.
Contact Mike at chomko@enter.net.
Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542 

Back Numbers Can Be Easily Procured
Warren Harris's apa-zine, BACK NUMBERS CAN BE EASILY PROCURED #10 (January 2004) is now available.
This issue features:
The Men Who Made The Argosy: George Surdez
The Men Who Made The Argosy: Will McMorrow..
Robert E. Howard Collector’s Checklist
The Round Table: Letters of Comment
Mailing Comments
Books Bought/Books Read

If you have not read Warren's excellent apa-zine, click on over to Bill Burns' eFanzines website at http://efanzines.com/ and download #1 through #10.  All issues are in PDF format.

Bill Burns has many other great efanzines on his site that you might also want to investigate.

It is finally official!  The SCI FI Channel has greenlit production on the Battlestar Galactica franchise as a new original weekly series. Based on the top-rated December miniseries event of the same name, the one-hour drama is slated to begin production on 13 episodes in Vancouver next month.

All principal cast from the mini will reprise their roles for the series, including Edward James Olmos (Commander Adama), Mary McDonnell (President Laura Roslin), Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck), and Tricia Helfer (Number Six), among others.

Ronald D. Moore (Carnivale, Mission Impossible 2) returns as executive producer as well as writer. The project will be produced exclusively for SCI FI, in association with Sky One. The series will be distributed by USACE, where David Eick, an executive producer of the miniseries, serves as Executive Vice President.

Bold Venture Press - Domino Lady Update!
Bold Venture Press reports that COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY is done!
The solicitation for COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY will appear in Diamond's PREVIEWS catalog for April 2004.  The April PREVIEWS will be in comic shops on March 24th. 
COMPLIMENTS OF THE DOMINO LADY will ship in late June/early July 2004.
Visit the updated Bold Venture Press website at http://www.boldventurepress.com/.
The Codex 
Paramount Pictures has optioned THE CODEX by Douglas Preston for the big screen treatment.
"Greetings from the dead," declares Maxwell Broadbent on the videotape he left behind after his mysterious disappearance. A notorious treasure hunter and tomb robber, Broadbent accumulated over a half a billion dollars' worth of priceless art, gems, and artifacts before vanishing---along with his entire collection---from his mansion in New Mexico. At first, robbery is suspected, but the truth proves far stranger: As a final challenge to his three sons, Broadbent has buried himself and his treasure somewhere in the world, hidden away like an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. If the sons wish to claim their fabulous inheritance, they must find their father's carefully concealed tomb.

The race is on, but the three brothers are not the only ones competing for the treasure. This secret is so astounding it cannot be kept quiet for long. With half a billion dollars at stake, as well as an ancient Mayan codex that may hold a cure for cancer and other deadly diseases, others soon join the hunt---and some of them will stop at nothing to claim the grave goods.

THE CODEX is a 400 page hardcover now available from Forge Books for $24.95. 

CONAN MINI-BUST #2 - Available February 18th!
Dark Horse Comics second mini-bust in their Conan series will be in comic shops February 18th.
This bust is another masterpiece of savagery from sculptor Jeffery Scott and the painting and production team at Gentle Giant Studios. This piece features Robert E. Howard’s immortal warrior intertwined in a fearsome death struggle with a gigantic snake. In a piece that burns with the bloody fury of hell, the hard-to-define but obvious-when-seen quality that is Conan burns brightly. The bust is approximately 7" high, packaged in deluxe full-color box, includes certificate of authenticity signed by the sculptor, limited, numbered edition of 3,500 pieces, and will retail for $49.99. 

Click here to see the finished product in color on the Dark Horse website and place an order.
You can also see a Quicktime movie that allows you to rotate the finished mini-bust 360 degrees.

DUM DUM 2004 - June 25-26, 2004
The 2004 DUM DUM is set for June 25-26 in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Honoring Glenn Morris, 1936 Olympic champion and film Tarzan No. 9, and enjoying the beauty of Colorado will be two of the main attractions of the 2004 DUM DUM.  Mike Chapman will host the event.  He is the author of the book The Gold and The Glory, which is the biography of Glenn Morris.  He also hosted the 1997 DUM DUM in Newton, Iowa. 

The mayor is going to declare Saturday, June 26, as Glenn Morris Day in Fort Collins," said Mike. "He has pledged to help support the weekend event in any way he can. And so has the director of the convention and visitors bureau. They are really excited about this event coming to Fort Collins.

The Dum Dum will be held at the Ramada Inn, which sits just 100 yards off of Interstate 25, the busiest freeway in the entire state. It connects Fort Collins (a city of 150,000) to Denver (50 miles south) and Cheyenne, Wyoming (35 miles north). The basic rate is $59 a night for Dum Dum attendees. You can call 970-484-4660 to make your reservation. Mike also met with officials from Colorado State University, where Morris was a standout athlete in both football and track. The college officials are also excited about the event coming to Fort Collins. "Colorado State University athletic people think this is wonderful." said Mike. "They are going to promote the event on their
web site and in press releases."

The Dum Dum weekend will include showing of Glenn's Tarzan film, Tarzan's Revenge, and two other films he appeared in.  Decathlon Champion is a ten-minute short produced shortly after his gold-medal performance in the Berlin Olympics. Hold That Co-Ed is a campus comedy starring George Murphy, Joan Davis and John Barrymore. Morris plays a college football star and is seen throughout the film.

A local running club is hosting a Glenn Morris 5K run on Friday, June 25. It will begin at 6 p.m. at the South College Fieldhouse — the very spot where Glenn Morris trained for the Olympics in 1936. Dum Dum attendees will be able to walk on the indoor track where Glenn trained and see the brand new "Glenn Morris-CSU Track Hall of Fame" that has been established in the South College Fieldhouse.

The gold medal that Glenn won in '1936 in Berlin in the decathlon will be on display during the DUM DUM.  Morris Ververs, a former high school principal in Glenn's hometown of Simla, Colorado, is the custodian of the gold medal. He and Jim Larson, who served with Glenn Morris in the Navy during World War II, will both attend the convention.

Denny Miller, who played Tarzan in 1959 and starred on the TV hit series Wagon Train, will be one of the special guests in Fort Collins. He has just written his autobiography and it will be available at the DUM DUM.

A panel discussion is being planned to discuss the careers of the four Olympic athletes who played Tarzan: Johnny Weissmuller, Herman Brix, Buster Crabbe and Glenn Morris. Mike says he is working on several other major guests.
More details will be forthcoming soon. 

Friday June 25th: Huckster room opens at 10:00 AM, Glenn Morris 5k Run at 6:00 PM, Showing of three Morris films at 8:00PM
Saturday, June 26th: Huckster room opens at 9:00 AM, panel discussion on Olympic Tarzans, Showing of three Morris films throughout the day.
Sunday, June 27th: Farewell breakfast brunch at 8:00AM

Glenn Morris and ERB 
on the set of
Tarzan's Revenge.

Denny Miller

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
King of the Black Market is reviewed this week.
The Black Flame Strikes Again by John Olsen is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

ShadowPDF:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 400 stories online!
On the Job by Carl Mattison Chappin from ALL-STORY [December 18, 1915] 
Stumps of Good Timber by Raymond S. Spears from ALL-STORY [October 6, 1917] 

Firefly - The Movie!
While there has been no official word yet on the Firefly movie, it is known that the project was placed on temporary hold in December when Joss Whedon shelved the original script and began work on a new one.  Reportedly the shelved script was somewhat of an epilogue to the TV series and the studio wanted a potential springboard for a series return. 
The Green Hornet
The Internet Rumour mill is in overdrive with a suggestion that Kevin Smith might be set to bring "The Green Hornet" to the Cinema Screen. 
Hippocampus Press - Coming Soon!
Edited by S. T. Joshi
March 2004
Cloth: ISBN 0-9721644-1-3: $40.00      Paper: ISBN 0-9721644-2-1: $20.00
Discovering the amateur press in 1914, Lovecraft immediately flooded the many small papers of his friends and colleagues with contributions discussing the nature, purpose, and future of amateur journalism. He also edited his own magazine, The Conservative (1915-23), filling it with additional essays. In these articles Lovecraft discusses the conflict between the United and the National Amateur Press Associations; the "halcyon days" of the amateur movement (1885-95); and the "needs and betterment" of the amateur cause. We read of Lovecraft's bitter feuds with his fellow amateurs; his exhaustive critiques of their writing; and, most poignant of all, his touching affirmation of "What Amateurdom and I Have Done for Each Other," in which he concludes simply: "What Amateur Journalism has given me is—life itself." 

Edited by S. T. Joshi
March 2004
Cloth: ISBN 0-9721644-4-8: $40.00   Paper: ISBN 0-9721644-9-9: $20.00
Lovecraft's writings in the realm of literary criticism are unfailingly acute and cover a surprisingly wide range. Besides his authoritative early essay on "The Literature of Rome" (1918), other works condemn free verse and simple spelling, and devote attention to neglected poets. Discovering weird fiction as his chosen field, he produced such scintillating essays as "Lord Dunsany and His Work" (1922) and "Supernatural Horror in Literature" (1927), along with essays on Frank Belknap Long and Clark Ashton Smith. Late in life Lovecraft codified his grasp of weird literature by writing such trenchant pieces as "Notes on Writing Weird Fiction" (1933) and "Some Notes on Interplanetary Fiction" (1934). One of his last writings, "Suggestions for a Reading Guide" (1936), is a comprehensive discussion of world literature.

AN H. P. LOVECRAFT ENCYCLOPEDIA By S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz
May 2004: ISBN 0-9748789-1-X: $20.00
Publisher's Weekly called the hardcover edition of this work "an indispensable volume," sure to "please HPL purists." However, its price (nearly $80.00) may have kept some from making the acquisition. At last, an affordable quality paperback edition will be available.

Edited by S. T. Joshi
July 2004: ISBN 0-9748789-0-1: $15.00
H. P. Lovecraft regarded Algernon Blackwood as perhaps the greatest weird writer of his day and Incredible Adventures (originally published in 1914) as among Blackwood's finest works. This collection of five novellas is a landmark in the history of weird fiction, and is presented as part of the Lovecraft's Library series in a definitive form, superseding all other editions since the first.

Contact Hippocampus Press, P.O. Box 641, New York, NY 10156, 
Phone: 212-681-9120, Fax: 212-681-9126.
Visit the Hippocampus Press website at http://www.hippocampuspress.com/

James Bond - Pierce Brosnan is out?
According to The Daily Telegraph, old-favourite Hugh Jackman is tipped to be the next 007. 
"The most successful 007 of all, Pierce Brosnan, is being pensioned off as James Bond. Producers have decided that, at 50, he is not attracting young fans and will be recruiting a successor for the next film. And on the short-list is Australia's Hugh Jackman. Other contenders for one of the most sought-after roles in Hollywood include Jude Law, Christian Bale, Orlando Bloom and Colin Farrell. Brosnan was "optioned" for one more Bond film, meaning if producers still wanted him. But he has been told the option will not be taken up for the 22nd Bond, to be made next year. 

"In some ways he is a victim of his own success. The massive $1700 million box office takings for his four-film run and, in particular the $600 million triumph of his last appearance, Die Another Day, has left producers wondering how they can possibly go one better. So instead of trying to, they have decided to take a step back and recreate the early days of Bond with a younger actor, said a source at Eon productions." 

LatinoReview contacted MGM who confirmed the rumours are NOT TRUE, Brosnan is still very much 007. Further quenching the talk is an article in today's Variety which cites that Brosnan has just reupped his deal with MGM for his DreamTime production company, hardly a move of a company and star who have "bad blood" running between them. Brosnan's deal is expected to include a sequel to his 1999 remake of "The Thomas Crown Affair", the action vehicle "Mexicali", and a fifth go as Bond in the next flick due out November 2005. 

Julius Schwartz - R. I. P.
Julius Schwartz died Sunday morning, February 8th, at 2:30AM Eastern Time in Winthrop Hospital from complications related to his recent battle with pneumonia. He was 88 years old. 

From the DC Comics Press Release:
Schwartz, who was popularly called "a living legend" and served as DC's Editor Emeritus, will be remembered as one of the founders of science fiction fandom, as a comic-book editor whose vision spanned five decades with DC Comics, and as the architect of comics' Silver Age, revitalizing the careers of such super-heroes as Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern and The Justice League of America. 

Schwartz was born on June 19, 1915, in the Bronx, NY.  In 1932 he created science fiction's first fanzine, The Time Traveler, with fellow enthusiasts Mort Weisinger and Forrest J Ackerman.  With Weisinger, he formed Solar Sales Service, the first literary agency specializing in science fiction, with clients including Ray Bradbury, Henry Kuttner, Alfred Bester, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert Bloch, and many others.  In 1939 he helped organize the first World Science Fiction Convention.

Schwartz left the world of science fiction in 1944 to join the staff of All-American Comics (one of DC's predecessor imprints), where he was hired by Sheldon Mayer.  As script editor, Schwartz contributed to GREEN LANTERN, ALL STAR COMICS, THE FLASH, and many others.  As interest in super-hero comics faded in the late 1940s, Schwartz moved on to a variety of titles including ALL-AMERICAN WESTERN, DANGER TRAIL, HOPALONG CASSIDY, and REX THE WONDER DOG.  His passion for science fiction shined through in launching MYSTERY IN SPACE and STRANGE ADVENTURES, which featured fondly remembered series including Captain Comet, Space Museum, the Atomic Knights, Star Hawkins, and Space Cabby. 

During this time, Schwartz continued to work with his favored stable of writers including John Broome and Gardner Fox, and artists such as Gil Kane, Carmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson and Joe Kubert.  With these creators and others, Schwartz would soon lead comics into a new age.

Since his retirement in 1987, Schwartz made countless appearances as a goodwill ambassador for DC Comics.  He has received awards including the First Fandom Hall of Fame Award, the Shazam, the Eagle, the Alley, the Inkpot and the Jules Verne Awards.  In 1998, DragonCon established the Julie Award, whose recipients, including Bradbury, Ackerman, Gaiman, Ellison, Will Eisner and others,  are recognized for achievements in multiple genres. 

Schwartz's memoirs, Man of Two Worlds: My Life in Science Fiction and Comics, co-written with Brian Thomsen, was published by HarperCollins in 2000. 

COMICS BUYER’S GUIDE, in recognition of his 60 years at DC, had gathered remembrances from around the industry just prior to Schwartz's death. The issue, #1580, which shipped from the printer this week, is a tribute to the memory of a good friend. 

Karl Edward Wagner's Kane - On the Big Screen!
Producer Lauren Moews' Tonic Films has acquired Death Angel's Shadow, a collection of three short stories which features fantasy author Karl Edward Wagner's immortal anti-hero Kane. Moews has green-lit a film based upon "Reflections for the Winter of My Soul," which is the first of three short stories comprising Death Angel's Shadow. The other two short stories, "Cold Light" and "Mirage," are waiting in the wings to be developed into a possible Kane franchise for Tonic Films.

Karl Edward Wagner's anti-hero Kane will finally take the leap off the pages of Death Angel's Shadow and onto the big screen more than 30 years after its first printing. Wagner is credited by many with creating the "dark fantasy" genre in literature. Death Angel's Shadow features Kane, the Gothic anti-hero, an immortal who treks his world in three short stories where he encounters the werewolf's lair, the vampire's nest and ultimately the death angel's shadow.

McFarland Publishers
Coming this Fall from McFarland:
Arkham House Books: A Collector’s Guide by Leon Nielsen
This reference work covers the supernatural and speculative fiction published by Arkham House Publishers, Inc., of Sauk City, Wisconsin. The work begins with a history of the house and biography of August Derleth; it also includes a chapter on H. P. Lovecraft’s connection to Arkham. The main body of the text consists of chronologically listed descriptions and current values of the more than 230 titles published by Arkham House and its two imprints, Mycroft & Moran and Stanton & Lee. These entries detail editions, reprints, special points, restoration, care, buying and selling, investment, and future trends. Other features include alphabetical indeces of titles and authors, lists of scarcity and value ranking, a list of annual stock lists and catalogs, and a bibliography of reference literature. The book is illustrated throughout with dust jacket reproductions and photographs. 

The price is $39.95.

Up from the Vault: Rare Thrillers of the 1920s and 1930s by John T. Soister.
A number of thrillers made in the 1920s and 1930s have become available again thanks to new technology. There are a few, however, that remain elusive to most, if not all, movie buffs. This book covers twenty thrillers from those decades that are well-regarded and eagerly sought, but difficult to find—The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu (1923), The Unknown Purple (1923), The Sorrows of Satan (1926), While London Sleeps (1926), The Chinese Parrot (1927), Stark Mad (1929), The Unholy Night (1929), High Treason (1929), The Spider (1931), Eran Trece (1931), The Monkey's Paw (1933), Trick for Trick (1933), Deluge (1933), The Vanishing Shadow (1934), The Witching Hour (1934), Double Door (1934), Black Moon (1934), Le Golem (1936), The Scarab Murder Case (1937), and Sh! The Octopus (1937). For each film, the author provides such details as the production company, running time, release date(s), cast and production credits, a synopsis, and commentary.

The price is $55.

Storytelling in the Pulps, Comics, and Radio - How Technology Changed America by Tim DeForest 
The first half of the twentieth century was a golden age of American storytelling. Mailboxes burgeoned with pulp magazines, conveying an endless variety of fiction. Comic strips, with their ongoing dramatic storylines, were a staple of the papers, eagerly followed by millions of readers. Families gathered around the radio, anxious to hear the exploits of their favorite heroes and villains. Before the emergence of television as a dominant—and stifling—cultural force, storytelling blossomed in America as audiences and artists alike embraced new mediums of expression.

This examination of storytelling in America during the first half of the twentieth century covers comics, radio, and pulp magazines. Each was bolstered by new or improved technologies and used unique attributes to tell dramatic stories. Sections of the book cover each medium. One appendix gives a timeline for developments relative to the subject, and another highlights particular episodes and story arcs that typify radio drama. Illustrations and a bibliography are included.

The price is $32.

The Dime Novel in Children’s Literature by Vicki Anderson 
Frequently identified as sensational literature filled with violent characters, intricately woven plots, changing identities and confusion between issues of right and wrong, many considered the Dime Novel guilty of sending serious and improper messages to the day’s impressionable youth. Though read by many from the middle of the nineteenth century to the early twentieth century, these short, pocket-sized publications were severely criticized.

This work looks at the authors, publishers, illustrators, and subject matter of the dime novel. Other types of children’s literature, such as story papers, chapbooks, broadsides, serial books, pulp magazines, comic books and today’s paperback books are discussed, as well. The author explores the ways in which these works reveal much about early American life and thought and how they reflect cultural nationalism through their ideological teachings in personal morality and ethics, humanitarian reform and political thought; a study of the dime novel’s contribution to the genre of children’s literature is thus provided.

Eight appendices are offered: Appendix A provides a chronology of the Dime Novel and related works from 1860–1902; Appendix B is an annotated bibliography of Dime Novels; Appendix C lists Series Books; Appendix D lists Story Paper periodicals; Appendix E is a chronological list of significant children’s literature published year by year; Appendix F provides pseudonyms; Appendix G is a list of character names and Appendix H is a biographical dictionary. A book and periodical reference section, an index and illustrations are all included.

The price is $35.

Moonstone Books - Coming in April!
The Phantom: Valley of the Golden Men 
Written by Tom DeFalco and illustrated by Art Nichols, Terry Pallot, and Lou Manna with a cover by Joel Naprstek.  48pgs, color, squarebound, self-contained, $6.95
An airplane crashes in Bangalla, carrying both a much needed vaccine AND Diana Walker. THE PHANTOM wastes no time making his way onto the scene, but a tribe of unusual natives find his quarry first!  The "Golden Men" of whispered legend hold both medicine and Mrs.Phantom as a prize in a bloody competition "The Ghost Who Walks" must be victorious in.  But closing in quick are the Singh pirates, hungry for the riches the vaccine will fetch on the black market!
Valley of the Golden Men can be pre-ordered from the February PREVIEWS (available now).
The Diamond Order Code is FEB042507
This is a resolicitation! All previous orders have been cancelled.
Moonstone Books - Available February 18th!
Written by Dave Ulannski, art by Chris Marrinan and Keith Williams, colored by Ken Wolak. 
Kolchak heads out to Seattle to investigate the connection between missing teenagers and a Satanic cult... and ends up uncovering a major political scandal that catapults him into the spotlight. But fame and respect aren't all he brings home with him... who is the attractive mystery woman who follows him back to Los Angeles? Now an overnight sensation, Carl must ask himself... was the devil in Seattle? And if so, where is he now? Ships with two covers in a 50/50 split, by Monte Moore and Dave Ulanski.  32 pages, $3.50 

KOLCHAK: TALES OF THE NIGHT STALKER #2 will be available in comic shops February 18th.

PULPDOM #37 (January 2004) is now available. 
This is a PULPDOM Art Issue celebrating Frank R. Paul, Howard V. Brown, and Hugo Gernsback in Electrical Experimenter/Science & Invention. Eighteen issues of Electrical Experimenter from 1916 to July 1920, when it changed its name to Science & Invention, and seventeen issues of Science & Invention through December 1921 were reviewed and the most outstanding illustrations are presented in this excellent issue.

This issue has full color front and back covers and is profusely illustrated with full color and black & white illustrations throughout.  Copies are $6 each (postpaid) anywhere in USA.  Six issue subscriptions are $30.
Contact C. Cazedessus II, P.O. Box 2340, Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147, email: cazbooks@frontier.net

Pulpdom Reprints
DAUGHTER OF THE SUN by Johnston McCulley
66 pages, facsimile, color cover, illustrations, from ARGOSY, 1918, $9 plus $1.52 postage.
WEB OF THE SUN by T. S. Stribling
84 pages, original color cover, facsimile., from ADVENTURE, 1922, $11 plus $2 postage.
Contains "Fred Brown's SF and Fantasy Guide" to over 800 books. Checklist Spider pulps, Strange Tales Index, Ray Bradbury in EC, etc. 24 pages, $2 plus $0.37 postage.
facsimile of a short story from 1856 Harper's, weird illustrations, 13 pages, $5 plus $1 postage.
Contact C. Cazedessus II, P.O. Box 2340, Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147, email: cazbooks@frontier.net
Pulp Shows
I have added a new page to the COMING ATTRACTIONS website for Pulp Shows.
Click here or on the button at the top of the page to access the new webpage.
Please contact me using the link above if you would like to have your Pulp Show listed here.
Jayne Brook (John Doe, Chicago Hope) is set as Maureen Robinson in the WB's remake of "Lost In Space." June Lockhart played the character in the original 1965-68 CBS series while Mimi Rogers took over in the role for the 1998 feature. Brook joins the previously cast Adrianne Palicki (Judy Robinson) on the project, which comes from 20th Century Fox Television and Fox TV Studios.
SerialFest 2004
The Serial Squadron has announced the 4th annual SerialFest.
The 4th annual all-cliffhanger film festival will present some of the rarest silent and sound serials of all time on the big screen in 16mm and 35mm including Spy Smasher complete over 3 days! Mark May 21-22-23 on your calendar to join us at Bucks County Community College in Newtown, Pennsylvania so you won't miss live entertainment, special themed dinners, costumed serial characters, Ace Drummond's Serial Jeopardy game, and presentations by serial experts and authors! 

FEATURED SERIALS this year will be: 
SPY SMASHER, shown in its entirety over all 3 days,
THE SPIDER'S WEB, featured on Friday evening,
ADVENTURES OF TARZAN, chapters shown on Saturday,
FLASH GORDON'S TRIP TO MARS, shown on Friday afternoon
SON OF THE GUARDSMAN, shown on Sunday

Visit the Serial Squadron website for complete details.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
IGN Filmforce visited the computerized home of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.
Click here take the tour.
It's official!  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the original "Star Wars Trilogy" is expected to be released as a four-disc DVD box set Sept. 21. A global rollout on DVD is expected within days of the domestic release, according to Lucasfilm Ltd. and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. 

The Digital Bits spoke with Lucasfilm and got the following details:
The release will be a 4-disc set, encompassing 3 movie discs and a 4th bonus disc of supplemental material. All three films will be digitally-remastered and THX-certified, and will be available in anamorphic widescreen video (there MAY also be a separate full frame edition, but this is still TBD). The audio for the films will be English Dolby Digital 5.1 (they may also be EX, although again this is still TBD), with subtitles in English, French and Spanish. The films will also be closed-captioned. Each film will include new audio commentary with creator George Lucas, along with various members of the cast and crew (the specific participants will be announced at a later date). The highlight of the bonus disc will be an all-new, feature-length documentary about the making of the films, which will include never-before-seen footage and other material. There may also be DVD-ROM weblinks to the official Star Wars website (TBD). There WILL be additional supplemental features, which will be announced at a later date. The films will only be available as a box set, the retail price for which has yet to be decided (despite reports to the contrary). The Digital Bits  has officially confirmed that the films will be the 1997 Special Edition versions, as determined by Lucas himself. You should also know that, as with the Indiana Jones DVDs, the folks at Lowry Digital are once again involved in the remastering process. They're doing digital restoration and clean-up work on the new masters.

Stephen K. Cannell
Stephen K. Cannell, the man behind some of the decade's most famous shows like The A-Team, The Greatest American Hero, 21 Jump Street, Hunter and Wiseguy, is reinventing some of his creations for the big screen.

The A-Team
A feature film version of The A-team will be headed to theaters if Stephen's plan comes together. However, in order to modernize the plot, instead of four Vietnam vets on the run for a crime they did not commit the characters will be comprised of four Desert Storm vets. It's genre will also shift towards a more serious action-oriented Die Hard style film. Cannell promises the characters to be much better at aiming than their predecessors, yes people will die with this A-Team. No mention of casting decisions as of yet but I had to ask who could possibly portray B.A. Barracus. He mentioned Ving Raimes as a possibility among others.

The Greatest American Hero
Disney is moving forward with this project to create a feature film. Cannell has completed the story outline and writers have been hired to finish the first draft within the next few months. He stated he already has an actor in mind for the lead role of Ralph, but declined to say exactly who. Also, unlike the route Starsky and Hutch has taken, American Hero will not be a spoof or parody. Instead, it will follow along the same comedic lines as the original show and stay true to it's genre. Disney is aiming for a PG rating.

Disney's animated Tarzan will debut on Broadway as a stage musical in 2005.
Wildside Press has put together three compilation volumes of WEIRD TALES.
This compilation includes the four legendary "lost" issues of WEIRD TALES magazine, when it temporarily changed its name to WORLDS OF FANTASY AND HORROR: #309-312 (Summer 1994-Summer 1996). 
Collects WEIRD TALES #313-316 (Summer 1998-Summer 1999). 
Collects WEIRD TALES #317-320 (Fall 1999-Summer 2000). 

All three volumes retail for $24.95 each.
I was unable to locate these books in the Wildside Press online bookstore, but I am sure they will be available there soon.  In the meantime, they can be ordered from Bud Plant using the links above. Additional information on the contents of each volume is also available using the links above.

Will Murray
Will Murray has an article in ALTER EGO #33 (now available). 
Lost Comics Lore Part 3: Continuing Our Look at the Early Comic Book Biz - as Witnessed in the Pages of WRITERS DIGEST MAGAZINE runs five pages.  Part 1 of this article was published in ALTER EGO #25.  Part 2 was published in ALTER EGO #32.
06 February 2004
8th Annual Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale
The 8th Annual Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale will be held Saturday, April 24, 2004 from 10am to 5pm. 
The location as always, is the lower level of the Lillian H. Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

The show is a small but pulp specific event of 25 tables, featuring pulps, pulp reprints and related items, as well as video and a scattering of other collectables. The show is a friendly event, and the city of Toronto has many attractions to offer for a vacation/pulp outing. There is a slide show, auction, and periodic tours of the library's own pulp collection. The library is located in the heart of Toronto at 239 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

For more information contact Neil Mechem at Girasol Collectables at 905.820.7572 or email at:

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
The Official Conan website has announced that Ace Books has acquired the rights to the book series "Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures", which will be packaged by Conan Properties International. The series will consist of three original trilogies, each set in a different realm of Robert E. Howard's ancient Conan world of "Hyboria". 

The first book in the first trilogy, set in Cimmeria, is due Summer 2005, with the rest following close behind, set in Aquiloina and Stygia. Ace's agreement with Conan Properties also includes three unconnected YA novels that conform to the Hyborian continuity. Authors will be announced shortly.  Noted fantasy artist Justin Sweet will be the cover artist for the series.  Click here to checkout some Justin Sweet artwork.

Alias - Season 3 on DVD!
Buena Vista revealed that the exact release date for the third DVD set in Region 1 will be on September 7th.
The Season 3 set should retail somewhere in the region of $69.99. Each of the episodes will be presented in anamorphic widescreen along with Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks.
ALIEN QUADRILOGY - Alien Head Box Set!
Fox Home Video is preparing to release the nine-disc ALIEN QUADRILOGY set in the land of the rising sun and one of the shelf storage sets the company is offering consumers is a replica of the Alien's head, to be used as a storage unit for the discs!  The price listed for the Alien Head Box Set is 29,800 Yen -- which works out to about $282 bucks. Pretty pricey, but it is also pretty darn cool!
Battlestar Galactica 
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Sci Fi Channel has picked up the options last week on key cast members of the “Battlestar Galactica” mini-series – including Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell and Katee Sackhoff. 
The trade says the cable network is aiming to bow "Galactica" as a full-fledged series as early as fourth-quarter 2004. The Sci Fi Channel ordered 13 episodes and at least six episodes are expected to be shot in Vancouver as soon as April. If the ratings are strong enough, the remaining seven episodes will be shot. 
Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Epic Series - Available February 10th!
Universal will re-issue Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Epic Series on 2/10 in new packaging. The inner digipak packaging will now be contained in a smaller slipcase or box that actually fits on your video shelf, rather than the oversized "Cylon helmet" box that's available in stores now.  The retail price is $119.95.
BLOOD 'N' THUNDER #6 - Now available!
The sixth issue of BLOOD 'N' THUNDER is now available.  Some subscriber copies have been mailed, the 
rest are going out no later than Monday. To get back on schedule, the next issue (#7) will hopefully be ready in two months for debut at the Windy City show.  90 percent of the material for #7 is already on hand. BnT #7 will have a mystery/detective theme. Click here or on the image at the right for a larger cover image.

The date of #6 was changed from Fall 2003 to Winter 2004. It includes the following: "Last Hurrahs," a lengthy article on the waning days of the hero pulps; "Dithering Over Doc," Will Murray's conjectures regarding the timing of Doc Savage's debut; "Reminiscences of Nick Carter," a reprint of a fascinating 1918 piece written by Nick's creator, John R. Coryell; and "A Million Words a Month," a 1935 WRITER'S DIGEST article written by Mort Weisinger based on his interview with the Thrilling Group's Leo Margulies. This issue's "Cliffhanger Classics" column discusses THE JUNGLE GODDESS, a hugely successful 1922 chapterplay. As always, the articles are accompanied by pulp-cover repros, photographs, and b&w illustrations.

The BLOOD 'N' THUNDER website is at http://www.geocities.com/poppub/.

Single issues are $6 postpaid from: 
Ed Hulse, 2467 Route 10 East, Mountain Club, Bldg. 15, Apt. 4B, Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Four issue subscriptions are available for $20. 
Make checks or money orders payable to: 
MGT Media Services, POBox 0174, Baldwin, New York 11510-0174

Bold Venture Press - Domino Lady and Spider Updates!
Bold Venture Press has updated their website at http://www.boldventurepress.com/.
The site lists the following schedule for upcoming publications:
THE SPIDER #5 "Empire of Doom" — March 2004
THE SPIDER #7 "Serpent of Destruction" — July 2004
THE SPIDER #8 "The Mad Horde" — September 2004
THE SPIDER #9 "Satan's Death Blast" — November 2004
A new issue of PULP ADVENTURES (#15) is also listed as "Coming Soon."
Chronicles of Conan Volume 4: Red Nails and Other Stories 
Dark Horse Comics Chronicles of Conan Volume 4 will be available March 31st.
Volume four collects the end of Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith's seminal run on Marvel Comics' Conan the Barbarian. As with any collaboration between two extremely talented artists, before their partnership on Conan came to an end, Thomas and Windsor-Smith were producing the finest work of their careers up to that point. Also included is the first issue of acclaimed artist John Buscema's definitive run. Collecting issues 23 through 26 of the original Marvel series, and material from the second and third issues of SAVAGE TALES magazine, originally published in the 1970s. As an added bonus, this volume features Richard Isonove, colorist of Marvel's Origin: The True Story of Wolverine and Neil Gaiman's 1602, bringing to life Thomas and Windsor-Smith's ultimate masterpiece, Red Nails
Format: Trade Paperback, full color, 160 pages. $15.95

Visit The Official Conan website for a sneak peek at the artwork from this collection.

CONAN COLLECTOR PIN 1  - Conan #1 Cover by Barry Smith now available!
Over 30 years ago, the epic saga of Conan's comic career started with this image. An iconic illustration familiar to any "true believer," this not only kick-started the Cimmerian's rise to popularity, but also gave a showcase to the talents of Barry Windsor-Smith. The two have become intertwined in the annals of comic book history, and damn if it doesn't make a hell of a cool piece of wearable art. A full color metal pin, measuring 1.25 x 2 inches, and limited to just 2,500 pieces. The pin retails for $9.95.
CONAN - Collectable Card Sets!
Rittenhouse Archives, noted publisher of collectable card sets, has announced two Conan sets for 2004.

First up will be a limited edition set of nine full-color cards from CONAN THE BARBARIAN, all featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger from various scenes in the film. This collection will be issued in an edition of 999 copies and will be available by March 2004.  Set (x9) MSRP: $15.00.  They can be purchased directly from the company's website, at http://www.scifihobby.com, or from any of their authorized dealers.

Next up will be their first full-series of Conan art-based cards, entitled "Conan: Art of the Hyborian Age." This series is built around remastered artwork from the pages of Marvel's Savage Sword of Conan magazine from the mid-1970s (presented in color for the first time).  This unique set of Conan imagery is planned for Spring, ‘04. 

Rittenhouse has hired several different artists who actually worked on the Savage Sword of Conan magazine to create series of hand-drawn sketch cards (aka "SketachaFex" cards) that will be randomly inserted into the packs and boxes of these art cards. To be clear, these sketch cards do not feature mechanically reproduced art ----- every card is actually hand-drawn, and the art is amazing. So we've gotten sample art from Pablo Marcos, Geof Isherwood, Mark Pennington, Michael Kraiger, Watten Martineck, and Dan and David Day, with more contributors in the works. 

Rittenhouse has also worked out a deal with Stan Lee to sign Conan cards for this series. Stan will sign cards featuring the cover of the very first Conan comic; there will only be 500 of these cards signed in total. 
For a look at cards from both series, visit the Official Conan website.

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow Magazine
The Grove of Doom is reviewed this week.
The Black Flame by John Olsen is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.
You will also notice that the site has been redesigned and the Shadow etexts have been removed to comply with Conde Nast's recent copyright guidelines.

ShadowPDF:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online
Dime Novels:  Frank Merriwell's Nobility by Burt L. Standish
Dawn by H. R. Haggard 

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 400 stories online!
The Pain Master's Bride by Rexton Archer from EERIE STORIES (August 1937) 
Midget Mayhem by Robert Sidney Bowen from EXCITING SPORTS (Spring 1950) 
Headline Flyer by Cylvia S. Elvay from THRILLING LOVE (November 1937) 
Special Reason by Louis Griffin from CRACK DETECTIVE (May 1943) 
Open and Shut by C.S. Montanye from CLUES DETECTIVE STORIES (November 1935) 

Fading Shadows - Now Available!
ThePhantom Detective in The Medieval Murders by Robert Wallace (Henry Kuttner) from July 1942

BEHIND THE MASK #67 featuring:
  Sword of Gimshai by Joseph W. Musgrave
  Madman's Trek by Walt Sheldon
  The Fangs of Umkuku by Harlin Messer
  The Crocodile's Saint by Edgar Wallace
  Cover by Ron Wilber

DETECTIVE MYSTERY STORIES #45  featuring A Cold Murder by B.J. Bourg, A Case of the Querulous Hack by Allan M. Heller, Play a New Game by Kent Robinson, Brothers of the Hunt by Jake Steele, The Laundromat by Ricky D. Cooper, and Evil under the Sun (Part 2 of 5) by Lawrence Harvey

Click here or on the images to the right for a look at larger cover images.

Each issue is 5.5 by 8.5 inches in size and runs approximately 80 pages.
One issue is $6.30 postpaid. Two or more issues are $6 each postpaid.
Not responsible for packages lost in the mail.
Insurance is $1.10 per $50.00 value and highly recommended.

Order from: 
Fading Shadows, Inc.
504 E. Morris Street
Seymour, TX 76380-2212

Fading Shadows - Coming Soon!
Below is the tentative schedule for ACTION ADVENTURE STORIES!
Please do not order until these are announced as being available.  Lineup changes are possible.
#135 March 2004: Brand of the Quanahy Clan (Masked Rider), 3/36, V2 N4
#136 April 2004: The Case of the Poison Formula (Phantom Detective), 12/45, V46 N3
#137 May 2004: Hell Over America (Lone Eagle), 12/40, V21 N3
#138 June 2004: Wide Open Town (Masked Rider), 6/36, V3 N3
#139 July 2004: Death In The Desert (Phantom Detective), 6/43
Girasol Collectables - February Pulp Replicas!
Girasol Collectables is pleased to announce three more issues in its ongoing series of Pulp Replicas.
Click here or on the images to the right for a look at larger Pulp Replica cover images.

Girasol Collectables Inc. regrets to announce that our Shadow Replicas will no longer be available. We have received notice from a law firm stating that we are in violation of copyright. We were producing Shadow Replicas under the understanding that the original magazines were not covered by the copyright held by Conde Nast on the Shadow character but apparently we were mistaken. We ceased selling the Shadows immediately but will, of course, still be offering our other Replica titles on an ongoing basis.

Pulp Replicas now 3 a month! 
Our three new Replicas for February are listed below. Anyone that purchases all three of this month's Replicas will pay a reduced price of $75 versus the actual total of $85.

We lead off the month with the next issue of TERROR TALES. The date is October 1934, issue #2. Cover stories featured are Village of the Dead and Satan's Roadhouse. Quite the travel guide!

Our second Replica this month is SPICY ADVENTURE, July 1936. A Parkhurst cover featuring a lady being introduced to the local customs in far away lands and not looking like she's enjoying it!

Our late breaking replacement Replica for February is SPICY DETECTIVE, December 1935. A Ward cover and Dan Turner story so what more could one ask for?

Coming Soon:  SPICY MYSTERY #2 (Fangs of the Bat), SPICY DETECTIVE #2 (First Dan Turner), SPIDER #2 and up, TERROR TALES #3 and up, WEIRD TALES 1924 Anniversary issue.

As always, these reprints are exact copies including the illustrations, ads and back-up stories and have been printed on off-white paper, staple-bound and finished off with a high quality reproduction of the original cover.
The only thing missing is the smell (alas) and the flaking newsprint.

Here is a complete listing of the Pulp Replicas currently available for $25 or $35 each postpaid within North America. Overseas will be a few dollars more.

THE SPIDER  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1 - The Spider Strikes! (October 1933)

SPICY ADVENTURE  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#8   (May 1935) featuring a Great Middle Eastern motif cover
#22 (July 1936) featuring a Parkhurst cover
#26 (November 1936)

SPICY DETECTIVE  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#10 (February 1935)
#17 (September 1935) featuring Dan Turner and a terrific HJ Ward cover 
#20 (December 1935) featuring a HJ Ward cover and a Dan Turner story
#30 (October 1936) featuring an incredible, truly classic HJ Ward cover
#76 (August 1940) featuring a great HJ Ward cover, Dan Turner, Eel stories

SPICY MYSTERY  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#3   (July 1935) featuring a nice Parkhurst cover
#4   (August 1935)
#10 (February 1936) featuring Batman

DAN TURNER  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
Dan Turner Hollywood Detective No. 1 (January 1942)

STRANGE TALES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1 - September 1931
#2 - November 1931
#3 - January 1932: Wolves of Darkness
#4 - March 1932
#5 - June 1932 
#6 - October 1932: Famous 'Worm Monster' cover
#7 - January 1933

SPICY WESTERN  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
Dec 37:  Great HJ Ward cover

TERROR TALES  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
TERROR TALES #1 (09/34)
TERROR TALES #2 (10/34)

WEIRD TALES  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
March 1923:  WEIRD TALES #1 
Available in 2 cover choices: the 'regular' cover, or the recently discovered 'rarer' version. 
Exactly the same, except the black and orange of the cover illustration are switched.

April 1923: WEIRD TALES #2
July/August 1923: WEIRD TALES #5
February 1924: WEIRD TALES #10
April 1924: WEIRD TALES #12

Email Girasol Collectables at: girasol@interlog.com.
A complete listing, along with other items such as books, fanzines and of course pulps, can be found on
the Girasol Collectables website at http://www.girasolcollectables.com/

All payments must be made in $US payable to Girasol Collectables and mailed to:
Neil Mechem c/o Girasol Collectables
3501 Glen Erin Drive, Apt. 1409, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5L 2E9

Last Months Replicas



Gryphon Books
Just out from Gryphon Books:
World Out of Step and The Shadow People by John Russell Fearn. 
Novels #16 and 17 in the classic pulp SF Golden Amazon series.
Trade paperback, $15 each + postage.

Primal Spillane by Mickey Spillane, a new collection of his comic book prose stories from the early 40s with an intro by Max Allan Collins and Lynn Myers and cover art by Robert Maguire.  Trade paperback $20.00 + postage. 
There is also a limited 100 copy SIGNED EDITION, signed by Spillane, Collins, Myers and Maguire at $40.00 plus postage.

Visit the Gryphon Books website at http://www.gryphonbooks.com

Hippocampus Press - Now Available!
January 2004: ISBN 0-9721644-5-6: Paper: $15.00
This is a new volume of previously unpublished writings by the young Clark Ashton Smith. The volume will 
contain his recently discovered fantasy/adventure novel THE SWORD OF ZAGAN, plus never-before seen short stories, poems and fragments. Edited by Dr. W. C. Farmer, a close friend of Clark Ashton Smith in his later years, this volume will be a must-have for Smith fans and those who thrilled to THE BLACK DIAMONDS.

Visit the Hippocampus Press website at http://www.hippocampuspress.com/

Hippocampus Press
The INTERNATIONAL HORROR GUILD announced its nominations for the IHG Awards recognizing outstanding achievements in the field of horror and dark fantasy from the year 2003. Hippocampus Press was recognized in the nonfiction category for H. P. Lovecraft's LETTERS TO ALFRED GALPIN, edited by S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz. 

Edited by S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz
June 2003: 0-9673215-9-X: Paper, $15.00
Alfred Galpin (1901-1983) was among H. P. Lovecraft's most brilliant and stimulating correspondents: a youthful prodigy, he had already become so knowledgeable in literature and philosophy that by 1921 Lovecraft wrote: "He is intellectually exactly like me save in degree. In degree he is immensely my superior--he is what I should like to be but have not brains enough to be." In this volume, Lovecraft's fascinating letters to his friend are collected for the first time, with footnotes and detailed commentary by the editors. Also included are the surviving letters to the Gallomo, a round-robin correspondence cycle including Galpin, Lovecraft, and Maurice W. Moe. In these letters we find fascinating accounts of Lovecraft's dreams, remarks on the inspirations for his early horror tales, and further details on amateur journalism controversies. Lengthy letters written jointly to Galpin and Frank Belknap Long relate his travels along the eastern seaboard. As an appendix, a substantial amount of Galpin's own writings--some never-before published--are included, shedding further light on the Lovecraft-Galpin relationship. 

For additional information on the International Horror Guild, visit  http://www.ihgonline.org 

Indiana Jones 4 
Variety reports that the fourth "Indiana Jones" pic is on hold as a new script draft has been commissioned. 

Frank Darabont had been brought in to script a concept the trio (Spielberg, Ford and Lucas) liked and earlier this week it was reported the work was complete, but sources close to the production said Producer George Lucas was unhappy with the draft. So now another screenwriter has been brought in to hone Darabont's script.  Spielberg had no comment on his plans, but with the time now required and the small availability window for the trio to work together - it is now looking like a 2005 production start at the earliest for release in 2006.

A supposed Paramount insider sent in the following scoop a few hours before the trade report broke which could reveal some of the reasoning behind why Lucas didn't like it: "Darabont has been ordered to rewrite it, one of the elements he apparently didn't go for was a sub-plot involving Indy's brother. The brother is still going to be in it, but not as much a focus as in the current script. There needs to be more dimension to the character as well. Apparently Kevin Costner has talked to Spielberg too - but I don't know if he's in it". 

Modern Pulp featuring DOCTOR SATAN and THE MOON MAN! 
For the first time, two characters from the pulp era, DOCTOR SATAN and THE MOON MAN, will meet face to face in a single adventure, as they go toe-to-toe against one another. When the canine population of Great City suddenly turns into an army of fanged killers, the Moon Man goes into action to solve the mystery. Thus begins his most dangerous mission pitting him against the merciless, evil mastermind known as Doctor Satan!

Hounds Of Hell by Ron Fortier & Gordon Linzner with spot illustrations provided by Rob Davis, Jim Schumaker and Bradley Walton is a classic pulp tale in 29 chapters.  Chapter 20, Startling Discovery, is now available on the Modern Pulp website. Visit the Modern Pulp website at http://www.modernpulp.com/ to read this new adventure.

Hounds Of Hell is copyright © 2003 Ron Fortier and Gordon Linzner.

Newcomer Adrianne Palicki has been cast as Judy Robinson in the WB's revival of the 1965-68 cult-classic, which is now being developed under the title The Robinsons: Lost In Space. Marta Kristen played Judy in the original CBS series while Heather Graham played her in the 1998 feature film version. The news marks Palicki's first professional acting gig. Doug Petrie, John Woo, Kevin Burns, Jon Jashni, Terence Change and Suzanne Zizzi are the executive producers of "Robinsons," which comes from 20th Century Fox Television and Fox TV Studios.

John Woo ("Mission: Impossible 2") will direct the pilot episode of the new series. Shooting will begin March 2nd in Vancouver.

TheForce.net is reporting that Twentieth Century Fox and LucasFilm will formally announce the long-rumored Star Wars trilogy on DVD, possibly next Tuesday, February 10.

The Special Edition versions of Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi will be released in a four-disc set on September 21. The package would be similar to The Adventures of Indiana Jones set released by Paramount last year, with one film per disc and a separate, fourth disc for extras.

ThrillerUK - Issue #17 is now available!
A new issue of ThrillerUK (#17) is now available.
This issue features:
Analysing Agatha - The life and work of Agatha Christie
The Saint Files (Regular column looks this month at Hollywood from The Saint goes West)
Merlin's Grimoire - A strange tale…
Ripley Under Skin - The Murky Morality of Tom Ripley
Inspector Jipps and the Creature from Hell (An Inspector Jipps of the Yard mystery)
In Search of Livingstone - A Sam Elliott mystery

Price: £3.95 + 0.55p P&P (overseas shipping + £1.55)
Subscriptions: £15.00 (overseas £20.00) 

Please make cheques, postal orders or international money orders payable to: T. Fountain and send to: 
ThrillerUK, 130 Sackville Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 7AA, United Kingdom. 
Cash can be sent at your own risk (and in your own currency!) 
ThrillerUK now accepts credit cards via Paypal. 

Visit the ThrillerUK website at http://www.thrilleruk.fsnet.co.uk/index.htm.

Tom Strong and the Black Blade of the Barbary Coast
Fantasy novelist Michael (Elric, The Eternal Champion) Moorcock announced on his websites message board that he is doing a Tom Strong project. Moorcock posted, “I just got the green light on Tom Strong and the Black Blade of the Barbary Coast...Tom amongst the pirates... I think it will probably go over a couple of issues."
Van Helsing
The official Van Helsing website has relaunched with new photos, wallpapers, screensavers, and buddy icons. Also they have a 'behind-the-scenes' look at the film, which features interviews. Meanwhile another article on the filming of the movie is up at The Australian.
Vintage Paperback Covers
Visit the Vintage Paperback Cover website at http://www.vintagepbks.com/index.html
There are over 600 images of paperback books on this website.
Authors featured are Robert Bloch, Fredric Brown, Raymond Chandler, David Goodis, Dashiell Hammett, John D. MacDonald, Evan Hunter, Jim Thompson, Charles Willeford and Cornell Woolrich.
Cover artists featured are Rudolph Belarski, Earle Bergey, Reginald Heade, Robert Bonfils, Frank Frazetta, George Gross, Jeff Jones, Robert Maguire and Robert McGinnis.
Publishers featured are Ace, Avon, Banner, Graphic, Popular Library, Lion and Monarch Books. 
WEIRD TALES - Now Available!
The January-February 2004 issue of WEIRD TALES (#334) is now available.
The cover is by Marianne Plumridge.  The contents include:
IN THE CATACOMBS by Charles L. Harness
SYMPATHY FOR DRAGONS by ohn Gregory Betancourt
LORD ABERNAEVEN'S TALE by Darrell Schweitzer 
CTHULWHAT? by Joshua Rupp
The Eyrie

This issue retails for $5.95 ($7.50 Canada) and is available in better bookstores.
Subscriptions are available from DNA Publications and Wildside Press.

XENA Season 3 on DVD  - Available February 10th!
Anchor Bay Home Entertainment has provided a disc-by-disc breakdown of the nine-disc third season DVD release of the series, which is set to hit stores on February 10. Disc one includes the episodes "The Furies" (with audio/video commentary by R.J. Stewart, Robert Tapert and Liz Friedman), "Been There, Done That" and "The Dirty Half Dozen"; disk two features "The Deliverer," "Gabrielle's Hope" and "The Debt, Part 1" (with audio/video commentary by Lucy Lawless and Robert Tapert); disk three includes "The Debt, Part 2," "The King of Assassins" (with audio/video commentary by Ted Raimi); disk four has "The Quill Is Mightier," "Maternal Instincts" and "The Bitter Suite" (with audio/video commentary by Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor); disk five has "One Against Army" (with audio/video commentary by Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor), "Forgiven" and "King Con"; disk six includes "When In Rome" (with audio/video commentary by Steve Sears), "Forget Me Not" and "Fins, Femmes & Gems"; disk seven features "Tsunami," "Vanishing Act" and "Sacrifice, Part 1" (with audio/video commentary by Hudson Leick); disk eight includes the season finale "Sacrifice, Part 2" (with audio/video commentary by Hudson Leick) as well as bonus video material; and the ninth disc, a CD-ROM, includes screensavers, chronicles, trivia, bios, mythology and a timeline.  The retail price is $89.95.
Visit the January News Archive for older stories.