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24: Trojan Horse - Now available!
A powerful world leader is expected to join the Hollywood elite at a star-studded ceremony to be broadcast around the globe. But security has been severely compromised -- and a plot is already in motion to turn the Los Angeles Chamberlain Auditorium into a gruesome slaughterhouse.

When an on-line "Trojan Horse" detected by the CTU cyber unit sends up red flags, rogue operative Jack Bauer is called into action. He has less than twenty-four hours to prevent an unthinkable act of death and destruction from occurring -- a televised massacre intended to topple a foreign government and bring terror into millions of American households.

The countdown is on.

HarperEntertainment, 352 pages, $6.99

Adventure House - Scans needed!
I address this to all pulp collectors and fans, as I'm in the need for high resolution scans of items such as:
1) Photographs of pulp authors, artists, editors, publishers and others.
2) Photographs of newsstands.
3) Public Domain music or sheet music from the 10s, 20s and 30s.

I'm working on a new project that deals with an overall historical view of the pulps. 
I'm willing to either barter, trade or buy material relating to the above.
If you have any questions or comments please email them to me at

Remove the NOSPAM from the address to reach me.  Thanks.

John Gunnison
Adventure House

Adventure House - Special notice to subscribers!
Adventure House's shipper lost an entire pallet of books being shipped to Adventure House.
According to Adventure House, the printer is working to print and deliver new copies.
HIGH ADVENTURE and G-8 and HIS BATTLE ACES subscription copies will not be sent until the new copies are delivered.  Adventure House apologizes for the delay and is working hard to get it right.
For updates, visit the Adventure House website at

Captain Spectre and the Lightning Legion - Update!
"SECRET WORLDS" Chapter 3 of Captain Spectre has begun!!!
It is a great time to jump on board, with the opening of this new thrilling chapter in the life of Captain Spectre.
This chapter is of the jungle/lost world serial genre, complete with jungle princess, dinosaurs, ancient science, and cannibals. Join the Lightning Legion, and get in on the adventures.  It's Free!!


THE COMPLETE CHRONICLES OF CONAN - Now available in hardcover!
A sumptuous hardback to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Robert E. Howard, one of the true Masters of Fantasy.  Conan the Cimmerian: the boy-thief who became a mercenary, who fought and loved his way across fabled lands to become King of Aquilonia. Neither supernatural fiends nore demonic sorcery could oppose the barbarian warrior as he wielded his mighty sword and dispatched his enemies to a bloody doom on the battlefields of the legendary Hyborian age.

Collected together in one volume for the very first time, in chronological order, are Robert E. Howard's tales of the legendary hero, as fresh and atmospheric today as when they were first published in the pulp magazines of more than seventy years ago.  Compiled by and with a foreward and afterword by award-winning writer and editor Stephen Jones.
£18.99, Hardback, 944 pages, 198 x 129 mm


CONAN AND THE DEMONS OF KHITAI #4  - Available in comic shops February 1st!
Written by Akira Yoshia, art by Paul Lee, cover by Pat Lee.

The ultimate battle begins as King Conan crosses blades with the demonic swordsman who has been terrorizing the kingdom of Khitai from his haunted monastery. While these two warriors engage in mortal combat, an even greater evil reveals itself, a darkness that threatens to consume first the Far East, and then the world, unless Conan can make the necessary sacrifice to end its reign of misery. Superstar artist Pat Lee provides the cover for this final installment of the tale that explores King Conan's travels to the exotic eastern lands of Khitai.
Dark Horse Comics
32 pages, $2.99

Cross Plains Fire Relief Fund - Call for articles for a Cross Plains benefit book!
From Dennis McHaney:
A couple of weeks ago, I emailed Paul Herman and asked him if he'd be interested in a booklet of some of the poetry that was scheduled to be read at the Howard 100th Birthday Bash at The Black Dog Tavern.  He jumped on that like a vampire bat on a hemorrhaging hemophiliac.
 I was working on that and trying to think of some other way I could possibly help the folks in Cross Plains. Why just do a booklet? Why not a benefit book for the Fire Relief Fund?

The next day, I sent a message through the REHupa e mail group that only got a couple of immediate responses.  The first two guys to jump up to contribute were Bill Cavalier and David Burton.  Thanks, guys, I appreciate the quick response.

Then I emailed a number of individuals.  Glenn Lord, Don Herron, Rusty Burke and Patrice Louinet were quick to respond.  A second email to the REHupa group, this time chastising them for their shyness about expanding the readership for their intense Howard studies, brought in more of my old brothers into the project, and after another week of private e mails, more have joined in, and I have the beginnings of a terrific volume of articles and other material on Robert E. Howard for the purpose of a benefit volume, the profits going to the Fire Relief Fund for Cross Plains, Texas.

Now that I know that there is sufficient support for this project, I am announcing it to the internet public, in hopes of gaining more support and more contributions.  I am looking for articles, bibliographic reference pieces, or other material related to Robert E. Howard.  This does not necessarily have to be new material.  If you have written something for an apa or a fanzine, something that you feel deserves a wider readership, please consider having your work included in this publication.

I'm not interested in fan fiction or art.  The book will be illustrated, but probably not as liberally as most of the publications I've done in the past.  I know there are professional writers and artist in this internet group.  Your names would lend support and further credibility to this project, and I sincerely hope you can find the time to contribute to this worthy cause.  All topics related to Howard are welcome - comics, films, etc.

If you are a contributor to any current Howard fanzine, small press journal, or involved in any type of Howard research project, you need to be in this book.  Every corner of the Howard related world should be represented.

If any of you have reservations about involving yourself in a project with ME, because of any personal issues, you should put that aside.  This is not about me or for me - it is about Robert E. Howard and it is for Cross Plains.

If you are not a writer, or an artist, if you just care about Cross Plains, if you have ever gone to Howard Days at Cross Plains, but you would still like to contribute, then you can do so in the Cross Plains Memories Section of the Book.  For that , I need quotes, a few sentences or a couple of paragraphs, about what Cross Plains means to you, how attending the festivities have affected you, etc. That will be a really nice section, and will demonstrate to Cross Plains just what we think of them, and how much we love visiting there each year.

Now for the Business end of this book.  It will be available on line in hardback and paperback from lulu.com.  I will make arrangements for some other direct mail order set-up for the book, possibly with Project Pride in Cross Plains.

All royalties, profits, etc. for this book will be paid into the Paypal Cross Plains Fire Relief Fund set up by Bill Cavalier.  Since I will be donating all the pre-press production work for this book, there will be no expenses or deductions from the sale price of the book.  Everything will go to Cross Plains.

I am going to publicize this project as much as possible.  It is a worthy cause, and this is already shaping up to be a worthwhile book, and I'm still adding to the contributors.
If you are interested in being involved in this fund raising project, please e mail me at my new address, dennishmch@inbox.com

If you want to contribute to the Cross Plains Memories quotes section, send your quotes to the same address, along with your real name and city, so that you can get credit for it in the book.

Unfortunately, I have a tight deadline for this project.  I can't wait for your contributions for six months.  Cross Plains needs help now!  So, I need any material for this book around the middle of February.  Ifyou want to contribute but have something that might take longer, I can extend that deadline another week or so, but weneed to get the ball rolling on this.

If you have any questions about this contact me at the e mail address above or through the group.  This is a great opportunity to show the people of Cross Plains what great folks Howard fans are, and help out a very deserving community that needs our help.  Please circulate this plea for assistance with other email groups, web discussion groups, etc.

Dennis McHaney

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow in Review: 
This weeks review is "The Stars Promise Death" from December 1945.
 "The Return of Skally" written by Jarret W. Buse
is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Shadows of the Pulps:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 650 stories online!

Nothing new this week.

FARMERPHILE: The Magazine of Philip José Farmer - Now available!
Issue No. 3 - January 2006
FARMERPHILE is a quarterly digest devoted to making available previously unpublished writings by Hugo Award-winning author and SFWA Grandmaster Philip José Farmer. 

The first ten issues of FARMERPHILE will serialize the first-time publication of Up from the Bottomless Pit, Philip José Farmer’s “lost” novel about the ultimate ecological disaster in the oil industry.  Each of the initial ten issues will also feature a heretofore unpublished short story or article by Farmer, as well as a regular column on Creative Mythography by Wold Newton scholar Win Scott Eckert, editor of Myths for the Modern Age: Philip José Farmer’s Wold Newton Universe.  Future issues are scheduled to include articles on PJF & Tarzan, Ancient Opar, and tributes from the top science fiction authors of our day.  Fabulously illustrated by such talented artists as Charles Berlin, Keith Howell, and Karl Kauffman.

Contents for Issue No. 3 - January 2006:
"A Man Bigger Than His Works" by Tracy Knight
"The Roller Coaster Ride" with Phil Farmer by Bette Farmer
"That Great Spanish Author, Ernesto" by Philip José Farmer and illustrated by Charles Berlin
Farmerphile Interviews Chris Roberson and Win Scott Eckert
"Creative Mythography" by Win Scott Eckert
"Bibliophile: Hadon of Ancient Opar" by Christopher Paul Carey
"I Still Live!" a speech by Philip José Farmer, illustrated by Charles Berlin
"Essex House, Tarzan and Time’s Last Gift" by Bob Zeuschner
"How Tarzan Introduced Me to Philip José Farmer" by Rick Beaulieu
"The Peerless Pastiche Farmer Does Doyle and Burroughs" by Archimedes Q. Porter, Ph.D.
"Up from the Bottomless Pit" (part 3) by Philip José Farmer and illustrated by Keith Howell

Complete ordering information for FARMERPHILE may be found at:

The Legend of Zorro - Available January 31st!
The original caped crusader is back! Antonio Banderas and Academy Award-winner Catherine Zeta-Jones (2002, Best Supporting Actress, Chicago) return for more swashbuckling action, adventure and excitement in the explosive cinematic thrill-ride, THE LEGEND OF ZORRO! Having spent the last ten years fighting injustice and cruelty, Alejandro de la Vega (Banderas) is now facing his greatest challenge: his loving wife Elena (Zeta-Jones) has thrown him out of the house! Elena has filed for divorce and found comfort in the arms of Count Armand (Rufus Sewell), a dashing French aristocrat. But Alejandro knows something she doesn't: Armand is the evil mastermind behind a terrorist plot to destroy the United States. And so, with his marriage and country's future at stake, it's up to Zorro to try and save two unions before it's too late.

Retail Price: $28.95

Moonstone Books - Moonstone nabs The SPIDER!
Joe Gentile publisher of Moonstone Books has announced that they have gained the rights to create comics and other works featuring another pulp staple, The Spider, Master of Men.  Gentile writes:

Moonstone has licensed the “Master of Men” for use in an illustrated prose anthology!
Similar to Moonstone’s Stoker nominated “Kolchak Chronicles”, The Spider will be subject to the prose anthology treatment!  The tentative author line up includes: John Jakes (yes, the guy who wrote “The Kent Family Chronicles” as well as “North and South”!), and (in alphabetical order):
(horror author) Mort Castle, (horror/mystery author) Bill Crider, Chuck Dixon, Steve Englehart, Ron Fortier, (Batman/Kolchak scribe) CJ Henderson, (western novelist) Howard Hopkins, (Army of Darkness comics writer), James Anthony Kuhoric, (Buffy novelist) Elizabeth Massie, Chris Mills, (#1 Pulp writer), Will Murray, (Vampire the Masquerade writer) Rafael Nieves, Ann Nocenti, (“Scarlet in Gaslight” writer) Martin Powell, Bruce Timm, Richard Valley, (“Science of Superheroes” writer) & Robert Weinberg.

And further exciting news!
A NEW Kolchak anthology is on the way!
This volume, entitled “The Kolchak Casebook” includes stories by: Mike Baron, Steve Bissette, (horror novelist) Rachel Caine, Mark Dawidziak, Tom DeFalco, (Hellboy author) Richard Dean Starr, (horror novelist) PN Elrod, (horror author) John Everson, (detective novelist) Jim Fusilli, Christopher Golden, Tom Ostrander, (Angel City author) Gary Phillips, & Len Wein!

Night Shade Books - Now available!
The Night Land : The Collected Fiction of William Hope Hodgson Volume 4
This is it… The Grand-Daddy of “dying earth” fiction, along with several Hodgson rarities you have probably never seen before.

Editor’s Introduction
The Night Land
Perilous Romances
The Captain of the Onion Boat
The Smugglers
In the Wailing Gully
The Girl with the Grey Eyes
Kind, Kind and Gentle Is She
A Timely Escape
A Note On The Texts

Hardcover, 500 pages, $35.00

Pulp Fiction Art: Cheap Thrills & Painted Nightmares - New pulp documentary!
There is a new pulp fiction art documentary "Pulp Fiction Art: Cheap Thrills & Painted Nightmares." 
The film takes an extensive look at the art of pulp fiction magazines.
It includes interviews with the artists and collectors of this forgotten era in Americana history.

Currently the distribution company, Tapestry International, is shopping the documentary around broadcast in Europe and Asia.  Once that's done they will be looking to broadcast it on PBS or cable TV in the U.S.  They also hope to offer it for sale on DVD in the near future.  More news when available.

In the meantime, there is a documentary trailer now online for viewing at  http://www.pulpfictionart.com

Pulprack - New addition!
"'We Die In Glory!' A Look at the Air-War Pulps" is a nice overview and appreciation of the air-war pulps that originally ran in the now defunct Aviation Quarterly magazine, Vol. 3 No. 4, 1977.

Part 3 (the third and final section) of the article, "'We Die In Glory!' A Look at the Air-War Pulps," is now available at: http://pulprack.com/arch/aviationquarterly3.pdf

To read Part 1, visit this URL:  http://pulprack.com/arch/2006/01/we_die_in_glory.html
Part 2 of the article is now available at this URL:  http://pulprack.com/arch/aviationquarterly2.pdf

Best wishes to all,

Duane Spurlock
The Pulp Rack

Pulpville Press New in Hardcover!
THE GIRL FROM HOLLYWOOD by Edgar Rice Burroughs
THE EFFICIENCY EXPERT by Edgar Rice Burroughs

New in hardcover and trade paperback:
SORAK OF THE MALAY JUNGLE (Sorak of the Jungle series #1) by Harvey D. Richards

Hardcover   $24.95
Trade paperback  $14.95

RED SONJA #5 - Available in comic shops February 1st!
by Michael Avon Oeming, Mike Carey, Mel Rubi, Ceasar Rodriguez, & Richard IsanoveAs the journey nears its end, we are coming full circle to the beginning. Osin and Sonja battle their way into the tower as they encounter unspeakable horror and evil, while the Dark Lord behind the scenes makes a final play at victory, and immortality! While the battle reaches its ultimate conclusion, one hero makes the ultimate sacrifice. Featuring covers by Mel Rubi (bonus wraparound cover), Richard (Origin/1602) Isonove, Nick (Danger Girl/AOD) Bradshaw, and Eduardo (100 Bullets) Risso. Shipping in equal ratio.
32 pages, Full Color, $2.99

RED SONJA VS. THULSA DOOM #1 (of 4) - Now available (see exclusion below)!
by Peter David, Luke Lieberman, Will Conrad, & Imaginary FS
From the special back-up tale presented in issue #2 of the all-new Red Sonja comics, comes the tale of Doom... Thulsa Doom! Taking place before the events of the original Conan #23, writers Luke Lieberman and Peter David, along with artist
Will Conrad present a powerful limited series that introduces the Lord of the Snakes to Hyboria. Presented under cardstock covers, and featuring covers by Gabrielle (Secret War) Dell'Otto and Will (Serenity) Conrad in equal ratio, this is a series no
Sonja or Conan fan can be without! Each will feature 26 pages of story and art!
32 pages, Full Color,  1 of 4, $3.50    

by Peter David, Luke Lieberman, Will Conrad, & Imaginary FS
This special issue, launching from the special back-up tale presented in Red Sonja #2, is also available as a High End Fiery Red foil edition, featuring all-new art by Will (Serenity) Conrad!
32 pages, Full Color

Due to a printer error, Diamond retailers serviced out of the Memphis, TN Distribution Center did not receive their copies of RED SONJA VS THULSA DOOM #1 this week. Diamond expects to have the book to those retailers next week for an On Sale Date of FEBRUARY 1.

REH: Two-Gun Raconteur - Special 30th Anniversary Edition!
Pre-orders are now being accepted for a special 30th Anniversary Edition of REH: Two-Gun Raconteur.
Issue #9 will also coincide with the 100th anniversary of Robert E. Howard's birth and will focus on Howard's female characters, featuring articles and essays written by women.  Orders will ship in mid-February. 

Here is the line-up and ordering info:

Dark Agnes cover by Stephen Fabian
Inside front and back covers scenes from "Pigeons from Hell" by Robert Sankner
Back cover featuring Helen Taveral by Bill Cavalier
"The Shadow of Doom" by Robert E. Howard, Illustration by Joe Wehrle
"Dark Agnes, A Critical Overview of Robert E. Howard's Sword Woman" by Jessica Amanda Salmonson,
       Illustration by Stephen Fabian
"Forbidden Mirrors: Reflections on Robert E. Howard" by Ann Poore
"Of Red-Headed Stepchildren & Cojones: An Appreciation of Robert E. Howard's Conan" by Nancy A. Collins,
       Illustration by Esteban Maroto
"Conan's Women: A Portfolio" by David Burton
"How Wide was The Whole Wide World?" by Linda Melchione
"Howard Who . . . ?" by Doris Salley
"Robert E. Howard: Barbarian & Neighbor" by Jennifer Rosson,
Illustration by Bill Cavalier
Plus news, additional artwork, features and more!

Price is $13.25 ($10.50 + 2.75 for US postage and handling).

Order from and make checks and money orders payable to:
Damon C. Sasser
6402 Gardenspring Brook Lane
Spring, TX 77379


Renaissance E Books - Now available and coming soon!
Renaissance E Books announced that they have acquired ebook rights to every word of science fiction and fantasy that veteran pulp master Stuart J. Byrne ever wrote, including the Burroughsesque novels he penned under the byline John Bloodstone.

Contemporary readers will have a chance to discover for themselves why Gene Roddenberry once said, "I'd stand in line in the rain for one of Stu Byrne's stories." Already out are editions of classics that have never been reprinted since their original magazine publication, including "Last Days of Thronas," which might be inadequately described as a hard astrophysics, Freudian, Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, and a one volume edition of a pair of novellas from the legendary Other Words, "The Metamorphs & The Naked Goddess."

Coming soon is "The Music of the Spheres," the first ever, and complete collection of Byrne's short stories, including three never before published tales too controversial for the sf magazines of the 1950s and '60s. Readers can also expect to see his famous Star Man series reprinted in omnibus volumes featuring two Star Man novels in each low priced ebook. Right after that we will be issuing the first complete edition of his Land Beyond the Lens magazine trilogy, which was published in a truncated volume, minus the third and concluding installment, as "Godman" some years ago. Also up soon will be our ebook edition of Byrne's masterpiece, "Star Quest," another pairing of his never reprinted novellas, "Children of the Chronotron" and "The Ultimate Death," plus "Thundar, Man of Two Worlds," and other titles.

Robert Silverberg - In the Beginning - Now available!
The sf Grandmaster's follow up to the career retrospective PHASES OF THE MOON is a glance back to the earliest days of his career. Included with pulp stories not reprinted in decades will be more of the commentary that made PHASES so much more than just a collection.

"I have to confess, right up front here, that you will not find a great deal in the way of poetic vision in these stories, or singing prose, or deep insight into character. Nor are these stories that will tell you much that is new to you about the human condition. These are stories in what is now pretty much a lost tradition in science fiction, the simple and unselfconsciously fast-paced adventure story of the pulp-magazine era. They are stories from the dawn of my career, which began in the closing years of that era, and are straightforward tales of action, in the main, that were written partly for fun and partly for money."  --Robert Silverberg, from the Introduction

Limited: 1000 signed numbered hardcover copies -

Lettered: 26 signed traycased copies, bound in leather - $150

Visit the Subterranean Press website to order.

Table of Contents:
Yokel with Portfolio (1955)
Long Live the Kejwa (1956)
Guardian of the Crystal Gate (1956)
Choke Chain (1956)
Citadel of Darkness (1957)
Cosmic Kill (1957)
New Year's Eve--2000 A.D. (1957)
The Android Kill (1957)
The Hunters of Cutwold (1957)
Come into My Brain (1958)
Castaways of Space (1958)
Exiled from Earth (1958)
Second Start (1959)
Mournful Montster (1959)
Vampires from Outer Space (1959)
The Insidious Invaders (1959)

The Wraith
In the tradition of the great pulp heroes the Shadow and the Spider, The Wraith sallies forth to wreak havoc upon the underworld!  
The Wraith is a mix of classic 1970s/early 1980s comic book storytelling and such pulp magazines as The Shadow and, particularly, The Spider.

The first Wraith novel is now available and the comic book series begins in February.

In a world not far removed from our own, a city lies ravaged. Crime overruns its streets; its citizens are helpless. Crimelord Robert Latham, to the world-at-large a legitimate businessman, holds the city in his sway. Fear and intimidation rule throughout. One man stands above the rest, willing to fight for freedom.

That man is The Wraith.

The Wraith, the city’s bogeyman, is known to exist only by a very few, and seen by even fewer. Those that do know of him, especially Latham, know to fear him, for his fury at those who commit evil has no bounds. By day, the Wraith is the reclusive billionaire Paul Sanderson, a man more mysterious and less seen than his night-time counterpart. Sensing the desperation of Latham and that his own time may be limited, Sanderson readies a replacement, a man deemed worthy to continue in his stead, whether that man likes it or not. That man is Michael Reeve, an honest cop, someone similarly fighting for justice in a city where very little justice remains. It’s a struggle for Reeve to come to terms with his new identity and the destiny handed to him by someone he has only heard of but never seen.

Those around him are pulled, unwittingly and seeringly, into his nightmare. In desperation, Latham calls in someone to finish the job, to ensure Metro City finally becomes his, completely and utterly. Enter the Cobra, a creature whose origins have been lost in the mists of time. A creature whose sole purpose in life is to destroy—and conquer.

Can the new Wraith save his city even while he struggles to save his own soul?

Visit The Wraith website at  http://www.the-wraith.com/

20 January 2006

Adventure House - Coming May 2006!
Pulp detective heroes from the "Thrilling Group" of magazines, including POPULAR DETECTIVE and THRILLING DETECTIVE. Edited with foreword by John Wooley and John Locke.  
200 plus pages, 6 by 9 in size, the price has not yet been set.

From co-author John Locke:
The main part of the book is a collection of about nine series detective stories from the Thrilling pulps. Most of them feature obscure characters and are the best, most entertaining stories of the class that we could find from mining several hundred pulps. We include some of the wilder `30s stuff like Doctor Coffin and Mister Finis; also, stories from the "mature era" of the late `40s which includes some first-rate hardboiled/private eye stories from Stewart Sterling and Carroll John Daly.
 Each story will be preceded by a profile of the author (assuming we know who it is--some were published under house names) or the character.

Of particular non-fiction interest will be a major (16,000 words) history of the Thrilling pulps that leads off the book. This is based on original research, is very detailed, covers every Thrilling title, and includes revelations that will add to pulp history. We put the company's actions in context of what was happening in the industry, and the country. We've been able to explain virtually every move Thrilling made, from the phantom company names, to the ordeal of the WWII years, to the responses to other publishers and comic/pb/tv competition, etc. We've even uncovered some illegal activity. Threaded through the narrative is a profile of Leo Margulies, the most prominent figure in the company, and one of the over-sized personalities of the era. It's the three-decade rise and fall of one of the major pulp houses.

Exact length, format, and price are still up in the air.
We expect to have TDH ready by the Windy City convention (May 5-7).

Adventure House  - Coming in April!
G-8 and His Battle Aces #20: "The Gorilla Staffel"

"You cannot kill me," the spy shouted.  "Your execution squad has just shot me, yet here I stand, as much alive as ever.  There are many more like me in Germany.  Bullets cannot kill them!"  And G-8, listening, knew this strange man spoke the truth—in part at least.  He had already met a Boche staffel whom bullets could not injure!  Who were these invincible pilots?  How could G-8 and his aces dare hope to conquer an enemy that could not die?

Soft Cover, 7x10, 112 pages, B&W, SRP: $9.95

G-8 #20 is solicited in the February PREVIEWS (available January 25th).
The Diamond Item Code is FEB063433.

BUCKAROO BANZAI #1 - Coming in April!
by Rauch, Thompson, Williams, Calero, Haley, & Stribling
RETURN OF THE SCREW: Part 1-Everyone's favorite adventurer/surgeon/rock star is back, just in time to save the world one more time! Along with his Hong Kong Cavaliers, Banzai must battle more than one surprise arch enemy, each with their own motives, but all acting in concert to bring Banzai (and the universe as we know it) to his knees! All this action comes sandwiched between a couple of great rock and roll guitar solos, a few surgical procedures, a crazy gun battle on land and air, Buck's one chance for the ultimate revenge, his soul in turmoil, all the chicks digging him, engineering synchronicity, pretty toilets, a human pickle, and a giant sombrero! It just doesn't get more fun than this!
32 pages, Full Color,   SRP: $3.50  

BUCKAROO BANZAI  #1 is solicited in the February PREVIEWS (available January 25th).
The Diamond Item Code is FEB063168.

CONAN #27 - Coming in April!
Written by Kurt Busiek, penciled by Tim Truman, colored by Dave
Stewart, cover by Tony Harris.

Double-barreled action as two tales intertwine! In one, Conan leads a daring raid in the high mountain ranges of the East for the prize of a new-minted crown. Is this the beginning of Conan's kingdom, or will treachery and guile bring him down? In the other storyline, the Prince and his Wazir face turmoil on the empire's border, and must punish a daring rebel--but is it justice? How the two tales, set centuries apart, affect one another make for surprise twists and a unique showdown that sets the stage for serious trouble to come. Part two of a two-parter drawn by Tim Truman. Two stories, two leads, and two fateful choices.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on April 19.
Dark Horse Comics

CONAN #27 is solicited in the February PREVIEWS (available January 25th).
The Diamond Item Code is FEB060055.

CONAN: BOOK OF THOTH #2  - Coming in April!
Written by Kurt Busiek and Len Wein, art and cover by Kelley Jones, colored by Michelle Madsen.

The young acolyte Thoth-amon rises quickly through the priestly ranks of Ibis as one by one his fellows fall victim to grisly deaths by an unseen hand. Bewildered and powerless to halt the carnage, one priest fears he has discovered the source of the evil encroaching upon the city, only to learn that the truth is far more horrifying than anyone could have imagined. Meanwhile, the citizens of Memphia are losing faith in the ability of Ibis to protect them, and rumors are spreading of a far more powerful and ancient deity--the snake-god Set.
48 pages, $4.99, in stores on April 19.
Dark Horse Comics

CONAN: BOOK OF THOTH #2 is solicited in the February PREVIEWS (available January 25th).
The Diamond Item Code is FEB060058.

- Coming in May and June!
Written by Kurt Busiek, penciled by Cary Nord and Michael Wm. Kaluta, colored by Dave Stewart.

Continuing Dark Horse's best-selling Conan series with an adaptation of one of Robert E. Howard's greatest Conan tales, "The Tower of the Elephant." Fed up with both civilization and mysticism, Conan travels to the infamous City of Thieves to take out his frustrations. When a bar fight uncovers the legend of the impregnable Tower of the Elephant, he becomes determined to rob it, setting out on a quest unlike any he's undertaken--one that will involve new comrades, sudden death, horrifying creatures, and gruesome unsettling fates for both gods and men. Collecting Conan #0, #16-17, #19-22.
Hardcover, 168 pages, $24.95, in stores on May 17.
Softcover, 168 pages, $15.95, in stores on June 21.

CONAN: TOWER OF THE ELLEPHANT is solicited in the February PREVIEWS (available January 25th).
The Diamond Item Code is FEB060060  for the hardcover edition.
The Diamond Item Code is FEB060059  for the trade paperback edition.

Dark Horse Comics

CTHULHU TALES #1 - Coming in April!
by Various
Lovecraft lives! From the writing team behind the hit Zombie Tales series comes a collection of six different tales of dark, cosmic horror. Keith Giffen pens a tale, as his Blue Beetle co-writer, screenwriter John Rogers writes his own. Creator of Sci-Fi TV show Eureka, Andy Cosby joins Johanna Stokes, CBR columnist and TV show writer. War of the Worlds: Second Wave writer Michael Alan Nelson joins in on the fun with a constellation of the best artists.
48 pages, Full Color, 
 SRP: $6.99  

CTHULHU TALES #1 is solicited in the February PREVIEWS (available January 25th).
The Diamond Item Code is FEB062919.

Doc Savage Reprints - Five more books (10 more stories) are now available!
The Blackmask Online Store has more Doc Savage reprints available.
Each volume is
8.25x11 perfectbound, and
features two stories for $10.99.
56   Pirate Isle and The Speaking Stone
57   The Man Who Fell Up and The Three Wild Men    
The Fiery Menace and The Laugh of Death
59   They Died Twice and The Devil's Black Rock
60   The Time Terror and Waves of Death

Five new reprints featuring The Shadow are also now available. Click here for more info.

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow in Review: 
There is no new Shadow review this week. Next weeks review is "The Stars Promise Death" from December 1945.
"The Three Heirs"  by Jonathan Blade
is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Shadows of the Pulps:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 650 stories online!

The Madness of Method by Frank Leon Smith from ALL-STORY, March, 1914
A Broadway Love Song by Helen Ahern from THRILLING LOVE, August 1934
The Giant Has Fleas by Carroll John Daly from DETECTIVE STORY MAGAZINE, February 1947

Indiana Jones 4 - Harrison Ford imposes a deadline!
Harrison Ford has told George Lucas and Steven Spielberg that if they don't get "Indiana Jones 4" off-the-ground next year - they can find themselves a new man to wear 'the hat'.  The 63-year-old told Contact Music that, "It's looking very good to do another one. I haven't felt this positive about it happening in a long time... but if it doesn't happen in the next two years we should all forget it."  The latest is that the film will begin shooting in Autumn this year.
Producer Frank Marshall says it's a definite priority at the moment. "Way back when Harrison was being honored by the AFI when this all started, we were all standing backstage, we saw all the movies and everything and we were a little nostalgic and mellow and we said, 'You know, that was fun. We ought to do that. Let's try and do this."  Marshall tells Zap2it.com.

"Well that was a while ago. And I think that what we want is we want it to be as good as the others. These are not stories based on anything, so it's taking a while. But I'll tell you, it's on the front burner and we're gonna decide to do this or not real soon. We're gonna have a script real soon and now it's a question of getting our schedules all to where we can do it," is all Marshall can promise. "There's four of us, so it's hard."

Pulpville Press New in Hardcover!
KI-GOR OF THE JUNGLE by John Murray Reynolds and John Peter Drummond


ADVENTURES OF TARZAN by Maude Robinson Toombs
This is the novelization of the 15-chapter serial, Adventures of Tarzan, starring Elmo Lincoln and Louise Lorraine as Tarzan and Jane. The novelization appeared in newspapers across the country in 1921 and 1922, during the initial run of the serial.

THE MASTER MIND OF MARS by Edgar Rice Burroughs

THE GIRL FROM FARRIS'S by Edgar Rice Burroughs

THE MARK OF ZORRO by Johnston McCulley

RED SONJA: GOES EAST ONE-SHOT - Available in comic shops January 25th!
by Ron Marz, Joe Ng, & UDON Studios
Dynamite! Udon! Marz! Sonja! Put them all together and you have the next big one-shot featuring the She-Devil With a Sword! The Red Sonja Goes East one-shot is written by fan favorite writer Ron (Green Lantern, Sonja) Marz and features the blistering art of UDON Studios' Joe Ng. In this self-contained one-shot, Sonja heads East to the fabled city of Khitai on a mission of mercy. Along the way she joins a harem and becomes embroiled in palace intrigue! But, to what end? Find out in this all-new story featuring two covers by Alvin Lee of UDON Studios with a painted cover in homage of Frank Frazetta(50%), and Joe Ng of UDON Studios (50%).
40 pages, Full Color, $4.99

RED SONJA STATUE by Rivera - Now available!
Inspired by the art of cover artist and sculptor, Paolo Rivera, Dynamite Entertainment presents their first Red Sonja Statue! The deadly, red-haired, and beautiful warrior of the Hyborean Age has finally been captured in resin!

Limited to just 1,000 pieces world-wide, and standing 10.5” inches tall, this stunning piece will be the centerpiece of your collection!   

SRP: $199.95

Written by John Layman, art by Andy Smith, cover by Gabriele Dell'Otto, variant cover by Jim Lee.

Get ready for more fantasy action as the red-hot miniseries continues with an issue featuring covers by Jim Lee and Gabrielle Dell'Otto! Red Sonja and Claw, two legendary warriors of a long-ago era, take refuge in a town just outside the walls of an enemy's castle. Betrayed, the two come under siege from the minions of an evil sorcerer from Red Sonja's past, who may also have clues to Claw's unbearable curse and how to end it! Co-published wih Dynamite Entertainment.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on April 19.

RED SONJA/CLAW  THE UNCONQUERED #2 is solicited in the February PREVIEWS (available January 25th).
The Diamond Item Code is FEB060318.

Ok, the party has moved. It will now be at The Torch, another of the more well-known FW bars. The address is at 711 Barden, just a couple blocks from the Black Dog, one block north and one block west of the intersection of 7th and University.

The Black Dog owner called and said that he just could not get it opened in time, the city inspectors were just yanking him again and again, and now he's got to rip out all the sinks and raise them ONE inch. Oy.

So, for those of you coming, be sure to bring your Sharpies, so you can take ALL THE GOODIES we've made for the event and scratch out BLACK DOG and write in TORCH. Huge sigh.

Paul Herman

Click here for additional details on the celebration.

The Shadow Reprints - Five more books are now available!
The Blackmask Online Store has four new Shadow reprints available.
Each volume is
dual-column, perfectbound, and illustrated for $8.96.

The Killer
The Death Triangle
Road Of Crime
Master Of Death
The Grove Of Doom

Tales of the Shadowmen 2 - Now available!
On the rooftops of the Louvre, Fantômas duels with Zenith the Albino...  Meanwhile, in Surrey, the Sâr Dubnotal and Harry Dickson team up to destroy the Werewolf of Rutherford Grange...  Arsène Lupin joins forces with Kogoro Akechi to thwart the Vampires, and with Lady Diana Wyndham to outwit Baron Karl von Hessel...  The Countess Cagliostro runs afoul of the Phantom of the Opera's Angels of Music and Rouletabille meets its deadliest challenge...  D'Artagnan faces an untimely impediment on his quest to recover the Queen's diamonds...  Doctor Omega meets Albert Einstein and ponders the mystery of the Melons of Trafalmadore... And also Judex, the Nyctalope, Doc Ardan, Fu-Manchu, Sherlock Holmes, John Devil, Frankenstein and many more!

$22.95 - 6x9 trade paperback, 300 pages

Blackcoat Press

Wild Cat Books - Now available!
This is the First Issue of a new Anthology series featuring Classic Pulp Fiction of the 20th century. In our effort to attract a new generation to pulp fandom, "Strange Adventures" will present a wide variety of material, from Novellas to Short Stories, by acclaimed writers, in several genres: Science Fiction and Fantasy, Mystery and Adventure, Horror and more.

This issue includes: "The Monsters Of Jutonheim" by Edmond Hamilton; "The Fangs Of Otan" by Harold F. Cruickshank;  "Mistress Of Snarling Death" by Paul Chadwick; "The Yellow Curse" by Lars Anderson; "The Transposed Man" by Dwight V. Swain; and "The She-Wolf" by H.H. Munro.
Cover art by Margaret Brundage.

Each issue will have a little something for everyone!
256 pages, 6"x9" Trade Paperback, $14.99
Available at:  http://www.lulu.com/wildcatbooks

Zorro - Filmation's animated Zorro series may be coming to DVD
Filmation's animation library is currently owned by a U.K. company called Entertainment Rights.  
Reuters.com  reports that Entertainment Rights has sold the rights to Zorro and other properties to BCI.
Entertainment Rights (ER) said its agreement with BCI, a Navarre Corporation Company, will allow 230 hours from its Filmation library, featuring characters such as She-Ra, Ghostbusters and Zorro, to be available on DVD in the United States and Canada.

13 January 2006

Adventure House - Available in comic shops January 18th!
HIGH ADVENTURE #86 featuring Ki-Gor in "The Devil's Death Trap" and "Blood Priestess of Vig N'Ga"

Into the soulless domain of the gray apes; into the jungle city of Dargh-Abar—where man was slave and beast was king—stormed a wrathful Ki-Gor to pit muscle and guile against the brute strength and simian cunning of a power-mad ape army.

Soft Cover, 7x10, 112 pages, B&W, SRP: $7.95

Adventures of Superman Season 2 on DVD - Available January 17th!
The Adventures of Superman: The Complete Second Season will be available on January 17.

The Adventures of Superman set will be five discs and will cost $39.98.

It also will be sold separately and in a package with the first-season collection.

THE CIMMERIAN, VOLUME 3, NUMBER 1, JANUARY 2006 - Now available!
Edited by Leo Grin
Features an important biographical essay by Rusty Burke, a series of scans featuring rarely seen REH biographical documents, a short article on Howard's use of guns by J. D. Charles, the beginning of an ambitious Hyborian poetry cycle by Richard L. Tierney, coverage of the recent Cross Plains Fire, an obituary of Howard heir Zora Mae Bryant, art, letters, and more.   40 pages

This issue was printed in two editions. The deluxe edition, numbered 1-75, uses a black linen cover with foil-stamped gold text. The limited edition, numbered 76-225, uses an gold cover with solid black text.
Visit The Cimmerian website for complete details.

Deluxe edition: still available. $15 each.
Limited edition: still available. $10 each.

By popular demand, The Cimmerian is now offering a subscription service of sorts. For anyone who wants their orders delivered regularly without having to worry about ordering every time, send editior Leo Grin an email letting him know which books you would like sent automatically (all deluxes, all limiteds, the index and awards, all library issues, etc.) Once he knows your preferences, he will put you on a list and from then on ship your orders as soon as they are available without you having to do anything. You then pay for the orders after you receive them. The only caveat to this is that if you haven't paid for your previous order, then next one will not be sent out automatically until your account is square. Email Leo Grin with any questions at  editor@thecimmerian.com.

Shipping is $3 per every 4 books shipped in the US. Canadian shipping is $5, UK and Australian and French shipping is $10.
You can only pay with a credit card or bank account by using PayPal.
Send PayPal payments to editor@thecimmerian.com.

You can also send check or money order, made payable to THE CIMMERIAN, to:
P. O. Box 5572
Visit The Cimmerian website for full ordering information and back issue availablility.

CONAN #24  - Available in comic shops January 18th!
Written by Kurt Busiek, art by Cary Nord, colored by Dave Stewart, cover by Tony Harris.

Eisner-award-nominated artist Cary Nord and Eisner-Award-winning colorist Dave Stewart return to Conan to launch a brand-new story arc by Kurt Busiek building up to the adaptation of Robert E. Howard's original Conan yarn, "The Hall of the Dead." Fresh from his triumphs in the City of Thieves with a willing, wanton wench at his side, Conan's out for the good life‹drinking, debauchery, and a nighttime looting spree so unrestrained that even the crowned heads of Zamora are displeased. All this attention-getting sets a rogue as wily as Conan on his tail, and if that wasn't enough, the Cimmerian's ways might just place him on the business end of an entire army.

Dark Horse Comics

32 pages, $2.99

CONAN #27 - Coming in April!
Written by Kurt Busiek, penciled by Tim Truman, colored by Dave
Stewart, cover by Tony Harris.

Double-barreled action as two tales intertwine! In one, Conan leads a daring raid in the high mountain ranges of the East for the prize of a new-minted crown. Is this the beginning of Conan's kingdom, or will treachery and guile bring him down? In the other storyline, the Prince and his Wazir face turmoil on the empire's border, and must punish a daring rebel--but is it justice? How the two tales, set centuries apart, affect one another make for surprise twists and a unique showdown that sets the stage for serious trouble to come. Part two of a two-parter drawn by Tim Truman. Two stories, two leads, and two fateful choices.

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on April 19.
Dark Horse Comics

CONAN: BOOK OF THOTH #2  - Coming in April!
Written by Kurt Busiek and Len Wein, art and cover by Kelley Jones, colored by Michelle Madsen.

The young acolyte Thoth-amon rises quickly through the priestly ranks of Ibis as one by one his fellows fall victim to grisly deaths by an unseen hand. Bewildered and powerless to halt the carnage, one priest fears he has discovered the source of the evil encroaching upon the city, only to learn that the truth is far more horrifying than anyone could have imagined. Meanwhile, the citizens of Memphia are losing faith in the ability of Ibis to protect them, and rumors are spreading of a far more powerful and ancient deity--the snake-god Set.

48 pages, $4.99, in stores on April 19.
Dark Horse Comics

- Coming in May and June!
Written by Kurt Busiek, penciled by Cary Nord and Michael Wm. Kaluta, colored by Dave Stewart.

Continuing Dark Horse's best-selling Conan series with an adaptation of one of Robert E. Howard's greatest Conan tales, "The Tower of the Elephant." Fed up with both civilization and mysticism, Conan travels to the infamous City of Thieves to take out his frustrations. When a bar fight uncovers the legend of the impregnable Tower of the Elephant, he becomes determined to rob it, setting out on a quest unlike any he's undertaken--one that will involve new comrades, sudden death, horrifying creatures, and gruesome unsettling fates for both gods and men. Collecting Conan #0, #16-17, #19-22.

Hardcover, 168 pages, $24.95, in stores on May 17.
Softcover, 168 pages, $15.95, in stores on June 21.

Dark Horse Comics

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow in Review: 
This weeks review is for "Toll of Death," from March 1944.
"The Tome and The Terror" written by Jeff O'Bryant
  is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Shadows of the Pulps:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 650 stories online!

Death Plays Santa Claus by Johnston McCulley from POPULAR DETECTIVE, December, 1945
Lieutenant Mike O'Hara of homicide makes short work of a murder case -- so that he can spend his Christmas at home!

Hippocampus Press - 2006 publication schedule
Here is the Hippocampus Press lineup for 2006.  Please visit their website for more information on these titles, or to order, and also check their new "Future Projects" feature for a look at some of the great projects they are working on for 2007 and beyond.

January 2006: ISBN 0976159279: Pb: $20.00
During the past two decades, Robert H. Waugh has established himself as a leading scholar on H. P. Lovecraft. Bringing to the study of Lovecraft a remarkable breadth of knowledge in literature, aesthetics, history, and philosophy, Waugh has approached his subject with sensitivity and nuance. In this volume of his collected essays on Lovecraft, the reader will learn of the importance of documents in Lovecraft’s work; his provocative similarities to the Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi; and his fascination with underground horror, as exemplified in At the Mountains of Madness and other tales. In a trilogy of substantial essays, Waugh looks at Lovecraft’s seminal story “The Outsider” from a variety of critical perspectives. A concluding article probes the controverted issue of religion in Lovecraft’s life, thought, and writings. In all, the essays demonstrate that Lovecraft’s multifaceted work is a virtually inexhaustible treasure-trove for the scholar and analyst. Robert H. Waugh is professor of English at the State University of New York at New Paltz. In addition to his articles on Lovecraft, he has written on David Lindsay, Samuel R. Delany, Arthur C. Clarke, and other science fiction writers. He is also a widely published poet.

Edited by Mara Kirk Hart and S. T. Joshi
March 2006: ISBN 0976159295: 185 pages: Pb: $15.00
During H. P. Lovecraft's residence in New York City, his social and literary life centered upon a group of friends collectively known as the Kalem Club, so named for the initials of the surnames of original members--K, L, or M. Gatherings or “meetings” were frequently held in members’ homes, and particularly in Manhattan’s Chelsea district, for it was there that Lovecraft’s friend George Kirk lived, and where, in the building HPL utilized as the setting of “Cool Air,” Kirk operated his Chelsea Book Shop. From August 1924 until March 1927, George Kirk wrote almost daily to his fiancee in Cleveland, revealing many details of his interactions with the other Kalems. After nearly seventy years, the letters were discovered Kirk’s daughter Mara Kirk Hart, who used portions of them as the basis for her fascinating chronicle of the Kalem Club, “Walkers in the City.” Now expanding greatly upon that earlier work, she and S. T. Joshi have here assembled all the letters of George Kirk that relate information about the Kalem members and their activities during this time, together with representative writings of all the Kalem members during their most active and fruitful period.

Edited by Scott Connors
May 2006
Cloth:  ISBN 0976159244: $49.95
Paper: ISBN 0976159252: $20.00
The world's first full-length collection of critical essays on Clark Ashton Smith! This landmark volume, edited by Smith biographer Scott Connors, includes both classic critiques from Smith's contemporaries and also new, cutting-edge evaluations of the latest developments in Smith studies. Please visit our website for a complete table of contents.

LAZARUS by Henri Béraud

With an Introduction by S. T. Joshi
July 2006: 0-9771734-4-5: Pb: $15.00
H. P. Lovecraft was constantly in search of lost masterworks of weird fiction, and the two short novels in this volume are among the choicest rarities in his library. Barry Pain’s An Exchange of Souls (1911) deals fascinatingly with a scientist who fashions a machine for exchanging his personality with that of another—but when he “exchanges souls” with his fiancée, only horror is the result. The novel unquestionably influenced Lovecraft’s own tale of personality exchange across gender lines, “The Thing on the Doorstep.” Henri Béraud’s Lazarus (1924) is an even more obscure work, and yet its account of a man who, in an accident, loses his memory and for sixteen years adopts an entirely different personality makes one think immediately of Lovecraft’s “The Shadow out of Time,” where exactly the same idea is used. These two novels, reprinted for the first time since their original publication, shed new light on Lovecraft’s creative process—and at the same time constitute superb works of weird fiction in their own right. Each novel contains an introduction by S. T. Joshi, providing background on the authors and detailing Lovecraft’s appreciation of them.

Edited by Benjamin Szumskyj
September 2006: 0-9771734-5-3: Pb: $15.00
Robert E. Howard is enjoying a renaissance of interest in his centennial year, and rightly so. Of the triumvirate of Weird Tales authors, only Howard has been so long misunderstood, and his works so thoroughly adulterated, as to permit of little serious study. In fact, some of us here at Hippocampus Press have neglected even to read Howard ourselves, because no definitive editions were available. With the new recently released editions of his fiction, however, we have tasted the waters, and come into the fold of Howard enthusiasts. Towards this end we have commissioned a critical study of his entire body of work, edited by the outspoken and often controversial Benjamin Szumskyj. Like Howard himself, this is a volume that will evoke a variety of strong emotions, perhaps even by our mere announcement of it. Love it or hate it, this volume will not be ignored -- and we are convinced that it will withstand even the most cynical and jaundiced critical evaluation to stand on its own merits. Hippocampus Press boldly steps into the fray with TEXAS REAVER.

Working Table of Contents:
a. Benjamin Szumskyj - as-of-yet-untitled essay exploring the female characters and representation of the feminine in REH's oeuvre
b. Dave Hardy - "Indomitable Wildness, Unquenchable Vitality: El Borak and the Orient"
c. Fred Blosser - "Sleuths, Secrets, and Grisly Mysteries: The Detective Fiction of Robert E. Howard"
d. Dr. Charles Gramlich - "Robert E. Howard: A Behavioral Perspective"
e. Glenn Lord - "The Junto", being a brief look at the amateur press association REH partook in as a youth
f. Paul Shovlin - "Raising Kane: Transcendence through Subversion in the Solomon Kane Corpus"
g. Charles Hoffman - as-of-yet-untitled essay examining REH as a shrewd critic of human nature and dissector of human foibles, as revealed in various stories
h. S. T. Joshi - as-of-yet-untitled essay exploring REH's Brak Mak Morn saga and its Roman influence
i. Martin Andersson - as-of-yet-untitled essay exploring REH's science fiction stories and the theme of the "cosmic"
j. Patrice Louinet - as-of-yet-untitled essay exploring the influence of the Old Testament on REH's oeuvre
k. Ryan Harvey - as-of-yet-untitled essay exploring the Crusades-themed stories of REH

October 2006: 0-9771734-3-7: Pb: $15.00
The theme of the book, as the author explains it, are “Lovecraftian dreams as thresholds to alien emotion, dimension, salvation, damnation.” Cross the threshold with one of the very few practitioners of Mythos fiction to win accolades from S. T. Joshi. Many and multiform are the pleasures this volume offers to Lovecraftians, including a hotly anticipated novelette set in Pugmire’s trademark locality, Sesqua Valley; a lengthy prose poem sequence; decadent, dreamlike vignettes in the style of Oscar Wilde, and much other new material. His first book since Sesqua Valley and Other Haunts, a limited edition now difficult to obtain, The Fungal Stain and Other Dreams is sure to be the Mythos title of the year.

Edited by S. T. Joshi and David E. Schultz
This project has been many years in the making and we are ecstatic that it is nearing completion. The first two volumes will contain Smith's own poems; Volume 3 will consist of his translations. The editors have arranged the poems by date of writing, as nearly as can be determined, and not grouped under broad thematic headings as was done with our previous Smith poetry volume, The Last Oblivion.  Handsomely clothbound in three Smyth-sewn volumes with illustrated dust jackets, a strictly limited edition of just 250 copies per volume is anticipated. The retail price is $50.00 per volume. However, a discounted subscription is available for advance purchasers. The discounted set is available for $125.00 plus postage.
As a bonus, a revised paperback edition of Donald Sidney-Fryer's rare scholarly work, THE ANNOTATED HASHISH EATER, packaged with an audio CD of Donald dramatically reading the poem, will be included free with each paid series subscription.

Volume 1: 0-9771734-0-2 (November 2006)
Volume 2: 0-9771734-1-0 (November 2007)
Volume 3: 0-9771734-2-9 (November 2007)

IRON GHOST #5 (OF 6) - Available in comic shops January 18th!

Tannhauser and Volz close in on the Iron Ghost's identity after the raid at Alexanderplatz. Their loyalties will be tested as they decide which is more surprising: the Ghost's identity or his final plan. The two detectives must decide if it's better to
arrest the Ghost before or after he completes his mission.
On sale December 14, 32 pages, Full Color,  $2.99 

LAIRS OF THE HIDDEN GODS, Volume 3: Straight to Darkness - Available for pre-order!
This well-received collection of original stories and articles inspired by the 'Cthulhu Mythos' created by H.P. Lovecraft was published in Japan in 2002 as a two-volume set under the name Hishinkai. The list of contributing authors is a who's-who of Japanese horror fiction, featuring some of the finest writers in Japan today, and reviews demonstrate that the Japanese taste for horror can send shivers up English-speaking spines as well! In cooperation with Tokyo Sogensha, the Japanese publishers, and the anthology editor, Mr. ASAMATSU Ken, we are proud to present this third volume of the series, with a new selection of eerie masterpieces to delight and chill you. Each story is accompanied by a fascinating introduction by Robert M. Price, the recognized master of the Mythos. The cover is by Yamada Akihiro, who is already winning fans with his "four seasons" approach to the four books in this series. In addition to handling many of the covers for the Japanese-language editions of Lovecraft and other Mythos works, he has built up a loyal following in the States as well for his work.

You can pre-order this book now at Shocklines.

MOONSTONE BOOKS  - Available in comic shops January 18th!
Written by Chuck Dixon, art by Eric J, colors by Joe Bucco, cover by Doug Klauba.
"They're called conflict diamonds." The Phantom is in Antwerp, running down a lead in an effort to stop the trade of these miserable stones. Meanwhile in America's heartland Kathy Prebble is about to embark on missionary work sponsored by her church. Her work will be dangerously proactive-she plans to be the high bidder at an illegal Slave market. Meaning well, but too naïve, she sets off a chain of events that lead her to a mysterious stranger...who is dressed in...purple.
32 pages, $3.50.

PEARLS FROM PEORIA by Philip Jose Farmer - Coming this Summer!
PEARLS FROM PEORIA is a mammoth book containing over 300,000 words of unpublished and rare work by the SF Grandmaster.
Included will be a long Doc Savage screen treatment, material on Edgar Rice Burroughs and Tarzan, and
much more.
 This book will weigh in at 700-800 pages when fully-designed, with full-page black and white interior illustrations by Keith Howell.

PEARLS FROM PEORIA will be published in three unique editions:
Lettered: 26 signed leatherbound copies housed in a custom traycase  $150
Limited: 100 signed and numbered leatherbound copies  $300
Trade: Deluxe cloth bound hardcover  $45

Visit the Subterranean Press website to reserve your copy.

Table of Contents

Myths and Paramyths
Nobody’s Perfect
Wolf, Iron, and Moth
Evil, Be My Good
Mother Earth Wants You
Opening the Door
The Wounded

Ralph von Wau Wau
A Scarletin Study
The Doge Whose Barque Was Worse Than His Bight
Jonathan Swift Somers III: Cosmic Traveller in a Wheelchair

Lost Futures
Seventy Years of Decpop
Fundamental Issue
Some Fabulous Yonder
Planet Pickers
The Terminalization of J.G. Ballard

Psychological Tales
The Blind Rowers
Hunter’s Moon
The Rise Gotten
The Good of the Land
O’Brien and Obrenov

Doc Savage
Writing Doc’s Biography
Savage Shadow
Doc Savage and the Cult of the Blue God
The Monster On Hold

Tarzan and Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Princess of Terra
The Golden Age and the Brass
An Appreciation of Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Arms of Tarzan
The Two Lord Ruftons
A Reply to "The Red Herring"
The Great Lorak Time Discrepancy
The Lord Mountford Mystery
From ERB to YGG
A Language for Opar
The Purple Distance
The Source of the River
A Rough Knight for the Queen
The Journey as the Revelation of the Unknown
The Josés from Rio
Getting A-Long with Heinlein
God’s Hat
To Forry Ackerman, the Wizard of Sci-Fi
Pornograms and Supercomputers
A Review of the 1977 Anthology Chrysalis ..
Review of The Prometheus Project ..
Review of How the Wizard Came to Oz ...
Oft Have I Travelled
White Whales, Raintrees, Flying Saucers...
IF R.I.P. .....
The Tin Woodman Slams the Door
Witches and Gnomes and Talking Animals, oh my
Suffer A Witch to Live


The Pterodactyl
Sestina of the Space Rocket
Beauty in This Iron Age
In Common
Black Squirrel on Cottonwood Limb’s tip
Job’s Leviathan

Maps and Spasms
Religion and Myths
Creating Artificial Worlds
Lovers and Otherwise
A Fimbulwinter Introduction
On A Mountain Upside Down

Mother of Pearl
The Artwork
Photo Montages

Pulprack - New addition!
After too long a hiatus from posting new stuff to the site, I'm pleased to present an article by Dale Walker dug out of the Lost Magazine Mines of King Solomon by aviation pulp fan Bill Mann. "'We Die In Glory!' A Look at the Air-War Pulps" is a nice overview and appreciation of the air-war pulps that originally ran in the now defunct Aviation Quarterly magazine, Vol. 3 No. 4, 1977.

To read Part 1, visit this URL:  http://pulprack.com/arch/2006/01/we_die_in_glory.html
Part 2 of the article is now available at this URL:  http://pulprack.com/arch/aviationquarterly2.pdf

Part  3 will follow in the coming weeks.
Best wishes to all,

Duane Spurlock
The Pulp Rack

Pulpville Press - Now available!
Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective #3
Written and created by Robert Leslie Bellem, the hardnosed, feisty, Hollywood Detective, Dan Turner, is featured in nine great stories from 1944, brought to you in the same order as they were originally published. Thrill to Dan Turner's exploits with the original text from the pulp magazine Hollywood Detective, and the original illustrations which graced the stories in that old-time magazine.

294 pages, 6.0" x 9.0", perfect binding, black and white interior

Hardcover - $26.95
Softcover - $14.95

RED SONJA #4 - Available in comic shops January 18th!
by Michael Avon Oeming, Mike Carey, Mel Rubi, Caesar Rodriguez, & Richard Isanove
The new and continuing adventures of the ultimate She-Devil with a sword continues. Sonja barely escapes the treachery that nearly ended her quest… and works with the mischievous Fa to raise up an army of Zedda’s to destroy the King. Just one problem, during their infiltration of the King’s stronghold, Sonja faces the one foe with which she cannot do battle! Featuring the continuing team of Carey, Oeming, Rubi, Rodriguez and Isanove along with cover artists Marc (X-Men, Hunter/Killer) Silvestri, Mel (Red Sonia) Rubi, Billy (X-23) Tan and Cully (Gaijin Studios) Hamner (shipping in equal ratio).
32 pages, Full Color     SRP: $2.99

Renaissance E Books: Audio Books - Now available!
A Shadow Audio Double-Feature: Starring Orson Welles
In "The Phantom Voice," the Shadow battles racketeers out to destroy one honest judge. Welles also works his vocal magic in "The Death House Rescue," when the Shadow races the clock to save an innocent man from execution. The Audio Archive is a unique series of Info-tainment audio books from REB Inc Audio Books and Mills Audio Productions. All Audio Archive productions present carefully selected programs from the Golden Age of Radio, digitally processed for the best possible quality, with entertaining and informative commentary written by top experts in the field. The series is hosted by its creator and producer Bill Mills. Total program time--76 minutes.

The Classic of Eldritch Horror! Here is one of horror master H. P. Lovecraft's eeriest tales of bone-chilling dread in an all new reading by versatile performer/producer Bill Mills. What happened to Harley Warren in that cemetery in Big Cypress Swamp? Only Randolph Carter knew. And Carter was mad! Or was he? An ancient book from India in undecipherable characters sends two men on a quest into nameless terror beneath the surface of the Earth. Carter remains above, listening in via a handset, while Warren reels a phone line behind him as he descends beneath an ancient crypt. There Warren comes face to face with the terrible, the monstrous, the unbelievable. Yet it is not this that sends Carter over the edge into madness, but the final, fateful words he hears over the receiver. This dramatization is preceeded by a brief "mini-biography" of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. H. P. Lovecraft's "The Statement of Randolph Carter", as read by actor and audiophile Bill Mills, is an audio thrill ride for lovers of suspense, horror and gothic fantasy!
 Read by Bill Mills.

FORT WORTH, TX - Robert E. Howard was the first great fiction author born and bred in Texas. He is now considered an inspiration to a who's-who of modern horror and fantasy fiction writers and illustrators. On January 21 2006, from 2-5PM, the 100th anniversary of his birth will be celebrated in Fort Worth, Texas. An open mic will be available, and various people will be reading excerpts from the vast range of REH works, from Sword & Sorcery (REH was the creator of Conan the Barbarian, and generally considered the godfather of the entire genre), to horror, fantasy, boxing, westerns, humorous, pirate, and historical adventures. Excerpts from letters will also be presented, as REH tells others about his love of Texas, the creation of his characters, and his views on the times he lived in. And various poems from his extensive portfolio of over 700 works will be presented. REH was a master poet, and skilled at all the various forms in which he worked. Guests are invited to participate, reading either their own favorite excerpts and verses, or serving as a reader of material that will be provided to them there. Or just come and listen.

The event will be at The Black Dog Tavern, recently moved to 2933 Crockett, just a block east and south of the intersection of 7th and University in the city of Fort Worth.

Admittance is only $5/head with all proceeds benefiting the town of Cross  Plains, TX, a small ranch and farm community in West Texas (and REH's hometown) that was recently consumed by wildfires, with over 100 homes destroyed. Books will be on sale, there will be door prizes and various scholars and editors will be on hand to sign books. Your envoy for the afternoon will be Paul Herman, a somewhat wizened and knowledgeable character familiar with the works of he who shall be honored, toasted and commemorated. Other REH editors and scholars will be on hand as well to sign books, answer questions and discuss topics of interest.

If you are unfamiliar with Howard's work or would like to get to know it better, this is the perfect opportunity to meet people and fans that will happily tell you everything they know about this true Texas legend.
There's a lot more to him than you think.

The Robert E. Howard 100th Birthday Celebration:
Saturday, January 21, 2006, 2:00 - 5:00 PM
The Black Dog Tavern, 2933 Crockett (new location), Fort Worth, Texas
$5.00 Per Person - All Proceeds will go the Cross Plains Fire Relief Fund, to benefit the city of Cross Plains, TX, home of the Robert E.Howard Museum.  For More Information - Contact Paul Herman @ 972-418-3571

THE SPIDER - Warehouse find!
Bud Plant Comic Art has located copies of six Spider paperbacks published by Carroll and Graf in the early 1990s. There were eight double novels published in the series and the first six double novels are now available again.
"Secret City of Crime" (1943) and "The Spider and the Painmaster" (1940)
- $10
"Dictator of the Damned" (1937) and "The Mill-Town Massacres" (1937)

"Death's Crimson Juggernaut" (1934) and "The Red Death Rain" (1934)

"Death Reign of the Vampire King" (1935) and "The Pain Emperor" (1935)

"Judgment of the Damned" (1940) and  "Master of the Flaming Horde" (1937)
"Slaves of the Laughing Death" (1940) and "Satan's Murder Machines" (1939)

Supernatural Crime
Two new pin-ups have been added to the FEMME NOIR Galleries by two "pulp" comics artists:
Eduardo Barreto (THE SHADOW STRIKES) and Mark Wheatley (FRANKENSTEIN MOBSTER).
Eduardo provides a sexier-than-usual look at Femme Noir, while Wheatley pits her twin .45 automatics against the smoking Tommy Gun of his fan favorite character, the aforementioned Frankenstein Mobster!  
Great pin-ups by great artists. Check 'em out.

Right now, it's looking like sometime in 2006, there will be a twelve-week MIDNIGHT EAGLE adventure tentatively titled: "The Flight of the War God." The MIDNIGHT EAGLE made his debut in the FEMME NOIR serial, "An Eye For A Spy," and readers have been demanding to see more of him ever since. "Flight of the War God" is intended to be a fast-paced tale of aerial adventure, and will introduce a megalomaniac named Mars the Conqueror, a sultry mercenary aviatrix known as The Red Baroness, and some intrepid members of the Eagle's elite Midnight Squadron.  It will be drawn by Ronn Sutton (ELVIRA).

Beginning the first week of February, Supernatural Crime will begin serializing the new 48-page BROTHER GRIM Graphic Novel by Ron Fortier, Chris Mills, and Jon Polacek, which pits our Undead Avenger against a slick Asian assassin. Imagine John Woo directing a 30's Warner Brothers gangster flick… that's "Bullets of Jade."

Visit the Supernatural Crime website at  http://www.supernaturalcrime.com

06 January 2006
2006 Film Release Dates
March 17, 2006
April 21, 2006

May 5, 2006
May 12, 2006
May 19, 2006
May 26, 2006

June 6, 2006
June 30, 2006
July 7, 2006
July 28, 2006

August 4, 2006





10th Annual Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale - April 29, 2006
The 10th Annual Fantastic Pulps Show & Sale will be held Saturday, April 29, 2006 from 10am to 5pm. 
The location as always, is the lower level of the Lillian H. Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

The show is a small but pulp specific event of 25 tables, featuring pulps, pulp reprints and related items, as well as video and a scattering of other collectables. The show is a friendly event, and the city of Toronto has many attractions to offer for a vacation/pulp outing. There is a slide show, auction, and periodic tours of the library's own pulp collection. The library is located in the heart of Toronto at 239 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

For more information contact Neil Mechem at Girasol Collectables at 905.820.7572 or email at:  info@girasolcollectables.com

The Windy City website has been updated to add initial info on this year's show. 

IMPORTANT NOTE – In mid-June, the hotel we’d used in April 2005 and had booked for April 2006, the Ramada Plaza O’Hare, informed us they’d been sold and were demolishing their convention facilities in late 2005.  We were fortunate enough to reach a deal with the Wyndham O’Hare (in many respects a nicer hotel) – which is right next to the Ramada – to take the con in 2006, but the only weekend they could accommodate us for 2006 was May 5-7.  So, both the hotel and dates have changed if you pre-registered at the past Windy City Pulp & PB Con!

This year's theme will be celebrating the 75th Anniversary of The Shadow, and in connection with that anniversary, we're planning a number of special Shadow displays and events.  Please check the website for details as they're available.

Click here to download the pre-registration form.

MEMBERSHIPS:  Memberships are $30 for all three days, $20 for Friday only, $20 for Saturday only, and $10 for Sunday only.  Please note that we can now accept payments online through paypal (account pulpvault@msn.com).  If you register before April 1, 2006, your membership badge will be mailed to you, allowing you to by-pass the registration line and pick up your program book and other materials at your convenience.

DEALER INFO:  Dealer setup begins Friday at 10am – the dealer room is open to the public from 2-6 pm Friday, 9 am-5 pm Saturday and 9 am-4pm Sunday.  There is no access to the room on Thursday.  For dealers, tables are 6’ long.  Each table includes: 1 tablecloth and 2 chairs.  Wall tables are $75, island tables are $65 and half island tables are $35.  Each dealer and dealer’s helper must also buy a membership.

AUCTION:  The auction will kick off Saturday at 8 pm.  If you have material you’d like to submit, please contact us at info@windycitypulpandpaper.com.

ART SHOW:  We will once again be hosting an art show displaying original pulp and paperback art.  For the second year in a row, the art show is sponsored by Dan Zimmer and the fine folks at Illustration magazine (www.illustration-magazine.com).  If you have any art you’d like to make available for display in the art show, please contact us.  The art show will be open Saturday and Sunday mornings and afternoons.

PULP FILM FEST:  Our Pulp Film Fest shows old movies based on pulp stories, on 16 mm film.  There will be one session Friday (beginning at 8 pm) and one session Saturday (following the auction).  More info will be posted on the website closer to the con.  The Pulp Film Fest is organized by Ed Hulse and sponsored by Blood ‘N’ Thunder magazine (http://www.geocities.com/poppub/).

PROGRAM BOOK:  All attendees will receive a program book, containing pulp articles and reprints.  To advertise in the program book, rates are: full page ads $60 (4 1/8" x 6.75"), half page $35 (4 1/8" x 3 3/8"), business card size $20 (3.25" x 2").  The deadline for submitting and paying for ads is March 1, 2006.  Please contact Tom Roberts at tom.roberts2@insightbb.com for ad matters (other than payment).

CON SUITE:  Our con suite will operate from Friday afternoon until late Saturday night/early Sunday morning – stop by and grab a drink and some munchies, while chatting about our favorite hobby.

WEBSITE:  The con’s website is http://www.windycitypulpandpaper.com.  We’ll be posting updates to it periodically up until the time of the show, so please check it for the most recent information.

HOTEL INFO:  The Wyndham is only minutes from O’Hare airport (the hotel operates a free shuttle service which runs approximately every 20 minutes – and from the east, you can now circle around the city, rather than go through; from other directions, you don’t have to go through the city).  The room rates at the new Hotel are $92/night plus tax (which is the same as the rate at our old hotel).  One car per room parks free of charge; otherwise there’s a parking charge of $6.00 (no in and out privileges).
Please make sure to mention the convention when booking hotel rooms.  Thanks!

Click here to download the pre-registration form.

For more info on the con, please contact:
Doug Ellis
13 Spring Lane
Barrington Hills, IL 60010

Adventure House - January pulp facsimile releases are now available!
A new series of complete pulp replica/reprints.  Except these are printed on acid-free paper and guaranteed not to crumble into dust while you read them.  Adventure House will bring you some of the scarcest pulps imaginable in this great new series, reprinting them as the reading public saw them on the newsstands, at a fraction of their current collectors prices. Pulp replica - full color covers, complete with all ads, illustrations and facsimile pages. 

Now available:
SPICY DETECTIVE STORIES  April 1941, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
MARVEL TALES  December 1939,  7x10,  112 pages, $14.95
FAR EAST ADVENTURE STORIES - February 1931, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95

Coming in February:
DAN TURNER-HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE March 1943, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
NEW MYSTERY ADVENTURES - November 1935, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
VARIETY DETECTIVE MAGAZINE  August 1938,  7x10,  112 pages, $14.95

Coming in March:
NEW MYSTERY ADVENTURES - December 1935, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
SAUCY MOVIE TALES December 1936, Cover Artist:  Norman Saunders, 7x10,  96 pages, $14.95
UNDERCOVER DETECTIVE  April 1939,  7x10,  112 pages, $14.95

Coming in April:
SPICY MYSTERY STORIES  October 1942, Cover Artist:  Allen Anderson, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
SPICY DETECTIVE STORIES  July 1942, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
NEW MYSTERY ADVENTURESFebruary 1936, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95

Coming in May:
SPICY MYSTERY STORIES  October 1937,  7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
SPICY MYSTERY STORIES  July 1942,  7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
NEW MYSTERY ADVENTURES - March 1936, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95

Coming in June:
SAUCY DETECTIVE  April 1937,  7x10,  160 pages, $14.95

Still available:
DON WINSLOW OF THE NAVY - May 1937, 7x10,  96 pages, $14.95
EERIE MYSTERIES  August 1938,  7x10, 128 pages, $14.95
EERIE STORIES  August 1937,  7x10, 128 pages, $14.95
HIGH SEAS ADVENTURES February 1935,  Cover Artist: Sidney Riesenberg, 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95
HOODED DETECTIVE  January 1942 7x10, 98 pages, $14.95
JACK DEMPSEY'S FIGHT MAGAZINE  May 1934, Cover Artist: Earle Bergey, 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95
MYSTERY TALES December 1939, Cover Artist: J. W. Scott, , 7x10, 112 pages, $14.95
NEW MYSTERY  ADVENTURES  April 1936, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
RED MASK DETECTIVE STORIES  March 1941, 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95
SAUCY MOVIE TALES  - June 1936, Cover Artist:  Norman Saunders, 7x10,  96 pages, $14.95
SAUCY MOVIE TALES July 1936, Cover Artist:  Norman Saunders, 7x10,  96 pages, $14.95
SAUCY MOVIE TALES August 1936, Cover Artist:  Norman Saunders, 7x10,  96 pages, $14.95
SAUCY MOVIE TALES  - September 1936, Cover Artist:  Norman Saunders, 7x10,  96 pages, $14.95
SAUCY ROMANTIC ADVENTURES August 1936,  7x10,  96 pages, $14.95 -  featuring Domino Lady!
SPICY ADVENTURE STORIES  August 1936, Cover Artist:  H. J. Ward, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
SPICY ADVENTURE STORIES  September 1941, Cover Artist:  H. J. Ward, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
SPICY DETECTIVE STORIES June 1938,  Cover Artist: H.J. Ward, 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95
SPICY DETECTIVE STORIES  July 1941, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
SPICY MYSTERY STORIES February 1938, Cover Artist: H. L. Parkhurst, 7x10, 128pages, $14.95
SPICY MYSTERY STORIES May 1936, Cover Artist: H.J. Ward, 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95
SPICY MYSTERY STORIES  July 1941, Cover Artist:  H. J. Ward, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
SPICY MYSTERY STORIES  April 1942,  7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
SPICY MYSTERY STORIES  May 1942,  Cover Artist:  H. L. Parkhurst, 7x10,  128 pages, $14.95
UNDERCOVER DETECTIVE  February 1939,  7x10,  112 pages, $14.95

96 pages of art and discussion on Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan, and The Death Dealer by one of the worlds greatest artists, Arthur Suydam. Publisher: Heavy Metal, Hard Cover, 96 pages, Full Color,  $19.95  

Captain Hazzard - PYTHON MEN OF THE LOST CITY Chapters 1 thru 14 are now available!
Ron Fortier has revived the pulp hero CAPTAIN HAZZARD and is bringing him back for the fans to enjoy. He has completely rewritten the one and only CAPTAIN HAZZARD pulp story, PYTHON MEN OF LOST CITY.  The first chapter of the story is now available online at the Modern Pulp website with illustrations by Rob Davis.  This story will run as a weekly serial for the next fifteen weeks, with new chapters being posted every Sunday.  After all fifteen chapters have been posted, they will be collected into a trade paperback available from Wild Cat Books.

Then what will follow is a brand new series of Captain Hazzard adventures by Ron and veteran comic-scribe, Martin Powell. At the same time, Chris Mills and Ron have a three part comic mini-series based on PYTHON MEN in the works.  
Craig Shepard is the penciller for the project and he is embellished by inker Sean Tenoff.  Both are newcomers to the field and have tremendous potential.   Shepard's pencils are delicate in the tradition of Tom Yeates and Gene Colan, whereas Tenoff's inks are smooth and true to those pencils.  Rounding the team will be Digital Caps own Jaymes as our letterer and Bishop Bowie of Graphic Balance as our colorist.   Chris Mills will also take on editing and design duties.

The idea is to bring back the character two-fold, both in pulps where he was sired, and in comics, in all new stories.
A Captain Hazzard cover mockup is shown at the right.

Captain Spectre and the Lightning Legion - Update!
The Captain Spectre online pulp/serial comic, by Tom Floyd, has reached the end of Chapter 1, 'The Mark of Death', consisting of 24 episodes complete with the thrilling cliffhanger. Read the complete Chapter from start to finish for free at http://www.captainspectre.com. The next exciting Chapter "The Electric Soldier" has concluded with 21 strips that are now available online.   Coming soon: Captain Spectre in "Secret Worlds."  
Join the Lightning Legion....it's free, just download your free Legionnaire Membership Card and you are in!

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow in Review: 
There is no new Shadow review this week. Next week you can read the review for "Toll of Death," from March 1944.
"Blood Brothers of Death"  by Jarret W. Buse
  is this week's Two-Minute Shadow Mystery.

Shadows of the Pulps:   Nothing new this week.

Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week.

Larry Estep-Online Pulps:    Now with over 650 stories online!

Nothing new this week.

The Greatest REH Collection Ever Assembled!  Two massive hardcover facsimile volumes totaling more than 1200 pages with ALL of Robert E. Howard’s writings from the original run of WEIRD TALES Magazine!
ALL the stories & illustrations.  All the verse.  Plus letters to the editor.  
Scanned right from the original pulp pages! No editing! No reset text!
Volume 1 will be available February 2006.  
Volume 2 will be available Spring 2006.

2 volume set: $175 (+ $10 s&h)  Save $25!
Volume 1 or 2 : $90 (+ $5 s&h)  Save $10!

Limited Edition True 1st Printing:
$225/set of 2 volumes (+ $10 s&h) - Save $25!  

An extremely small quantity will be available of the Limited Edition True 1st Printing with an additional Roy G. Krenkel frontispiece.

The cover for Volume 1 is a sketch by Rudy Nebres!  
The cover for Volume 2 is a sketch by Neal Adams!

All payments must be made in $US payable to Girasol Collectables and mailed to:
Neil Mechem c/o Girasol Collectables
3501 Glen Erin Drive, Apt. 1409,
Mississauga, ON, Canada L5L 2E9 

Girasol Collectables - January Pulp Replicas!
Girasol Collectables is pleased to announce three more issues in its ongoing series of Pulp Replicas.
Click here or on the images to the right for a look at larger Pulp Replica cover images.

The SPIDER/OPERATOR #5 rotation will continue in 2006 with eight new issues of THE SPIDER and four new issues of OPERATOR #5.

Monthly Special: All three for $85 ($10 off)
Girasol Collectables Inc. is pleased to announce the January Pulp Replica lineup. Our 100th available Replica! That makes approximately 13,000 interior pulp pages of classic material in the present lineup. Our thanks to  everybody who has, and continues to support and enjoy these facsimile reprints. As a special treat for this landmark event, we have BLACK
MASK from June 1, 1923 ($35), the controversial KKK issue!
 This issue features stories by Carroll John Daly (his Race Williams story, "Knights of the Open Palm"), Ray Cummings, Herman Peterson, and six others.  It is extremely hard  to come by in original form.

Our second Replica this month is OPERATOR #5 for August 1934, the fifth issue of the series, features "Cavern of the Damned," written by Frederick Davis. The Davis issues of this pulp are probably the best issues of the series - $35.

Our third Replica is SPICY DETECTIVE STORIES for January 1936, the twenty-first issue of this magazine, features stories by E. Hoffman Price, Robert Leslie Bellem, Norvell W. Page (as N. Wooten Poge), and six others - $25.

We have also recently begun accepting Paypal as an alternate method of payment. Other than Replicas or the upcoming REH book, please confirm availability first before ordering items such as pulp magazines or other books. Payments can be made to our regular info@girasolcollectables.com email address. Any of you with the old girasol@interlog.com address please note the new address for Paypal payments.

As always, these reprints are exact copies including the illustrations, ads and back-up stories and have been printed on off-white paper, staple-bound and finished off with a high quality reproduction of the original cover.
The only thing missing is the smell (alas) and the flaking newsprint.

Here is a complete listing of the Pulp Replicas currently available for $25, $35, or $50 each postpaid within North America. Overseas will be a few dollars more.

BLACK MASK MAGAZINE   ($35 each postpaid within North America)
June 1, 1923 - the rare KKK issue

CIVIL WAR STORIES ($25 each postpaid within North America) 
Spring 1940

DAN TURNER  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
Dan Turner Hollywood Detective No. 1 (January 1942)

DOCTOR DEATH  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1  (February 1935)

#2  (March 1935)

#3  (April 1935)

EERIE TALES ($20 each postpaid within North America)
#1 July 1941

GOLDEN FLEECE  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1 (October 1938)

HORROR STORIES  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1 (January 1935)

MYSTERY ADVENTURE MAGAZINE  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
November 1936 with a rare Domino Lady cover appearance

THE OCTOPUS ($35 each postpaid within North America)
February/March 1939

OPERATOR 5  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1  The Masked Invasion  (April 1934)
#2  T
he Invisible Empire  (May 1934)
#3  The Yellow Scourge (June 1934)
#4 The Melting Death (July 1934)
#5  Cavern of the Damned (August 1934)

ORIENTAL STORIES ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1  (Oct./Nov. 1930) featuring the Robert E. Howard story, TheVoice of El-Lil.                           
#2  (Dec. 1930/Jan. 1931)
#3  (February/March 1931) featuring the Robert E. Howard story, Red Blades of Black Cathay.
#4  (Spring 1931) featuring stories by Otis Adelbert Kline and Robert E. Howard (Hawks of Outremer).

PIRATE STORIES ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1  (
November 1934)

SAUCY MOVIE TALES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#3   December 1935 (#1 after a title change) - Terrific Saunders cover, spicier than the Spicy's!
#4   January 1936 (#2 after a title change) with a great Saunders 'Shark' cover!
#11 September 1936

THE SCORPION ($35 each postpaid within North America)
April/May 1939

SPICY ADVENTURE STORIES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#2  (November 1934) [#1 after the ashcan] with a great Ward cover.
#6   (March 1935) featuring a spicy Thai cover by HJ Ward
#8   (May 1935) featuring a Great Middle Eastern motif cover 
#12 (September 1935)
#19 (April 1936) featuring She Devil by Robert E. Howard (writing as Sam Walser) 
#22 (July 1936) featuring a Parkhurst cover
#26 (November 1936)
#28 (January 1937)

SPICY DETECTIVE STORIES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1  (May 1934)

#2  (June 1934) featuring Dan Turner's first appearance!

#5 ­ (September 1934)
#7  (November 1934)
#10 (February 1935)

#17 (September 1935) featuring Dan Turner and a terrific HJ Ward cover

#20 (December 1935) featuring a HJ Ward cover and a Dan Turner story

#21  (January 1936) features stories by E. Hoffman Price, Robert Leslie Bellem, and Norvell W. Page
#29 (September 1936) featuring a gun toting gal from Mr. Parkhurst on the cover.                                     
#30 (October 1936) featuring an incredible, truly classic HJ Ward cover
#76 (August 1940) featuring a great HJ Ward cover, Dan Turner, Eel stories

SPICY MYSTERY STORIES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#2   (June 1935) featuring Fangs of the Bat
#3   (July 1935) featuring a nice Parkhurst cover
#4   (August 1935)
#5   (September 1935)
#7   (November 1935
#8   (December 1935) featuring a nice Parkhurst cover
#10 (February 1936) featuring Batman
#15 (July 1936)
#16  (
August 1936) featuring H. J. Ward on the cover.
#17 ­ (September 1936 )

SPICY WESTERN STORIES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#14 (December 1937)  Great HJ Ward cover

THE SPIDER  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1  The Spider Strikes! (October 1933)
#2  The Wheel of Death (November 1933)
#3  Wings of the Black Death (December 1933)
#4  City of Flaming Shadows (January 1934)
#5  Empire of Doom (February 1934)
#6  Citadel of Hell (March 1934)
#7  Serpent of Destruction (April 1934)
#8  The Mad Horde (May 1934)
#9  Satan's Death Blast  (June 1934)
#10 The Corpse Cargo  (July 1934)
#11 Prince of the Red Looters (August 1934)
#12 Reign of the Silver Terror (September 1934)
#13 Builders of the Black Empire (October 1934)
#14 Death's Crimson Juggernaut (November 1934)
The Red Death Rain  (December 1934)
#16 The City Destroyer  (
January 1935)

STRANGE STORIES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1 (February 1939)

STRANGE TALES  ($25 each postpaid within North America)
#1  (September 1931)
#2  (November 1931)
#3  (January 1932) featuring Wolves of Darkness by Jack Williamson
#4  (March 1932)
#5  (June 1932)
#6  (October 1932) Famous 'Worm Monster' cover
#7  (January 1933)

TERROR TALES  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1 (September 1934)
#2 (October 1934)
#3 (November 1934)
#4 (December 1934)
#5 (January 1935)
#6 (February 1935)
#7 (March 1935)
#8 (April 1935)

WEIRD TALES  ($35 each postpaid within North America)
#1   March 1923
Available in 2 cover choices: the 'regular' cover, or the recently discovered 'rarer' version. 
Exactly the same, except the black and orange of the cover illustration are switched.
#2   April 1923 
#4   June 1923
#5   July/August 1923 
#8   November 1923

#9    December 1923/January 1924 
#10  February 1924
#11  March 1924
#12  April 1924
#13  Anniversary Issue May/June/July/24 (Note: $50 for this triple issue)
#14  November 1924 - One of the rarest WT's

 July 1925 featuring Robert E. Howard's first published story, Spear and Fang.
#31  April 1926 featuring Robert E. Howard's first cover for "Wolfshead" plus H. P. Lovecraft's "Outsider"!

#118 October 1933 featuring the famous Margaret Brundage "Batgirl" cover.

Email Girasol Collectables at: info@girasolcollectables.com.
A complete listing, along with other items such as books, fanzines and of course pulps, can be found on
the Girasol Collectables website at http://www.girasolcollectables.com/

All payments must be made in $US payable to Girasol Collectables and mailed to:
Neil Mechem c/o Girasol Collectables
3501 Glen Erin Drive, Apt. 1409, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5L 2E9 

Last Months Replicas

Gotham Pulp Collectors Club - Next meeting January 14th!
Gotham Pulp Collectors Club meeting will be January 14, 2006.
Place: Hudson Park Library, 66 Leroy Street, Manhattan (West Village)
The time, as per usual, is from 1 to 4 PM.

This meeting, in addition to our usual discussions of pulps, Ed Hulse will screen a 16mm version of the feature film "Hi-Yo Silver" a cut down feature from the original 1938 serial about the Lone Ranger.

Hard Case Crime - Coming in January and beyond!
January 2006
NIGHT WALKER by Donald Hamilton; Cover art by Tim Gabor
When Navy Lieutenant David Young came to in a hospital bed, his face was covered with bandages and the nurses were calling him by a stranger’s name. But David’s nightmare was only beginning. Because the man they believed him to be was suspected of treason—and had driven his wife to murder.

Now David’s got to make his way through a shadow world of suspicion and deception, of dirty deals and brutal crimes, and he needs to stay one step ahead of enemies whose identity he doesn’t even know—since if he can’t, his impersonation of a dead man is about to become a lot more realistic...

February 2006
A TOUCH OF DEATH by Charles Williams; Cover art by Chuck Pyle
When Lee Scarborough came upon the brunette sunbathing topless in her back yard, getting involved in a heist was the last thing on his mind. But somehow that’s where he found himself—sneaking through a stranger’s house, on the hunt for $120,000 in embezzled bank funds.  It looked like an easy score. But one thing stood between him and the money: the beautiful and deadly Madelon Butler.

March 2006
SAY IT WITH BULLETS by Richard Powell; Cover art by Michael Koelsch
Bill Wayne told his beautiful tour guide that he took the bus trip through the West to relax. But who can relax with dead bodies turning up at every stop?

From Cheyenne to Salt Lake City, from Reno to Yosemite, Bill’s secretly on a mission to discover which of his former army buddies shot him and left him for dead four years earlier. But with all the lead that’s flying around, Bill will be lucky to make it to the end of the tour in one piece...

HIPPOCAMPUS PRESS - Now available!
edited by David E. Schultz and S. T. Joshi-in 1911, the poet George Sterling was the focus of a thriving literary community in California that included Jack London, Mary Austin, and the aged Ambrose Bierce. When he received a letter and some manuscript poems from a young writer in Auburn named Clark Ashton Smith, he immediately recognized that a literary prodigy of tremendous potential had come his way, and for the remaining fifteen years of his life he nurtured Smith's poetic talent with care and sensitivity. This volume presents the complete surviving correspondence between these two poetic titans. In the decade and a half of their involvement, they exchanged many poems and prose works, visited each other on several occasions, and discussed the burning literary and social issues of the day-Modernist poetry, the founding of WEIRD TALES, the publication of their collections of cosmic and fantastic verse, and much else besides. Such figures as H. L. Mencken, H. P. Lovecraft, and Donald Wandrei are the subjects of their frequent letters, and we come to see why Smith took over the mantle of poetic greatness from Sterling, whose suicide in 1926 left Smith shocked and bereft. As an appendix, all of Smith's essays on Sterling, and Sterling's writings on Smith, are gathered. This volume has been scrupulously annotated by David E. Schultz and S. T. Joshi, leading authorities on Smith, Sterling, Lovecraft, Bierce, and other writers, and is available in softcover for $20.

JAMES BOND: COLONEL SUN - Available in comic shops January 11th!
by Kingsley Amis, Jim Lawrence, & Yaroslav Horak
When the enigmatic M is kidnapped, Bond must race to his rescue in Greece. But once there, he uncovers a plan to sabotage a Soviet summit! Featuring Kingsley Amis' only James Bond story, this never-before-collected edition also includes A River of Death. With exclusive features examining the post-Fleming Bond comics! Collects Colonel Sun
and A River of Death, plus 12 pages of back-up features.
Soft Cover, 9x12, 112 pages, B&W, SRP: $19.95

James Van Hise - Now available!
THE MAD PLANET - a photocopy facsimile of the complete Murray Leinster science-fiction novel as it originally appeared in the June 1920 issue of ARGOSY plus the version of the story as it appeared in the June 1953 issue of SCIENCE FICTION + (as "The Red Dust"). Leinster's novel was later revised and published as THE FORGOTTEN PLANET. Available as a stapled, photocopy facsimile for $20.

UNDER THE ANDES - a lost race adventure novel written by the creator of Nero Wolfe-Rex Stout. This is a photocopied facsimile of the story as it originally appeared in THE ALL-STORY for February 1914. The magazine's editor called it the most exciting story since "Tarzan of the Apes." Available as a stapled, photocopy facsimile for $20.

Shipping is $7.00 priority mail (for one item or all of them!) or $3.00 media mail for one item (add 50 cents per additional book for 2 or more).  All books are 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size.
James Van Hise, 57754 Onaga Trail, Yucca Valley, CA  92284.
Email and Paypal Jimvanhise@aol.com 

McFarland Publishing - Now available!
H. P. LOVECRAFT IN POPULAR CULTURE: THE WORKS AND THEIR ADAPTIONS IN FILM, TELEVISION, COMICS, MUSICS ,AND GAMES - influenced largely by Lord Dunsany and Edgar Allan Poe, Lovecraft's stories are known for their unique assimilation of gothic themes into science fiction. Lovecraft's influence has stretched far beyond literary horror, as a number of his works have been adapted for feature films, television episodes, comic book tales and, in recent years, video games. This scholarly study highlights Lovecraft's profound impact on 20th century popular culture. Early chapters introduce his complete writings, providing an annotated bibliography of the author's horror and science fiction tales. The works are discussed in the context of the Cthulhu Mythos, an invented mythology centering on ancient and alien beings interacting with the terrestrial world. Later chapters provide a filmography of motion pictures that credit Lovecraft or are identifiably adapted from his works, as well as a discussion of the works that have been adapted for television, comic books, role-playing video games, and music. The book concludes with a close examination of the Lovecraft legacy, commenting on his specific social and metaphysical ideologies and placing the author in context among such notable literary personalities as Mary Shelley, Nathanial Hawthorne, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Written by Don G. Smith, 184 pages, softcover,  $32.

Mike Chomko - January 2006 newsletter is now available!
Mike's January2006 newsletter is now available. Click here to view/download it.
Orders over $20 are discounted approximately 10%.
Shipping is between $2-6, depending on the weight of your order (media mail or bound printed matter).  
Michael Chomko, 2217 W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542
Mike is also having an Inventory Reduction Sale.  Click here to view/download the PDF catalogue.
Contact Mike by email at chomko@enter.net

Partners in Wonder: Women and the Birth of Science Fiction, 1926-1965 - Now available!
Partners in Wonder
by Eric Leif Davin
revolutionizes our knowledge of women and early science fiction. Davin finds that at least 203 female authors published over a thousand stories in science fiction magazines between 1926 and 1965. This work explores the distinctly different form of science fiction that females wrote, offers a comprehensive bibliography of these works, and provides biographies of 133 of these women authors.

It has a comprehensive bibliography of every story published by female authors, 1926-1965, including a bibliography of women in British SF mags, 1950-1960. It also has a comprehensive bibliography of all prose and poetry by women in WEIRD TALES.

Publisher: Lexington Books, Paperback, 406 pages, $28.95

Pulp Fiction Art: Cheap Thrills & Painted Nightmares - New pulp documentary!
There is a new pulp fiction art documentary "Pulp Fiction Art: Cheap Thrills & Painted Nightmares." 
The film takes an extensive look at the art of pulp fiction magazines.
It includes interviews with the artists and collectors of this forgotten era in Americana history.

Currently the distribution company, Tapestry International, is shopping the documentary around broadcast in Europe and Asia.  Once that's done they will be looking to broadcast it on PBS or cable TV in the U.S.  They also hope to offer it for sale on DVD in the near future.  More news when available.

In the meantime, there is a documentary trailer now online for viewing at  http://www.pulpfictionart.com

Pulp Newsgroups - Now online!
There are numerous pulp newsgroups that are of potential interest to pulp fans.  
Information on several of these groups and a link to sign up is posted below.

PulpMags: If you're interested in the old pulp magazines, this forum is the place to be. We deal with OLD pulps only! If you're looking for something dealing with modern "pulp fiction" style writing, you'd be bored here. This moderated list is set up along the lines of PEAPS, the Pulp Era Amateur Press Society, and all pulp fans across the world are welcome.

CoverUps: Sharing and trading of Pulp Fiction covers. Discussion not only allowed, but encouraged!

REH Comics Group: This group is dedicated to the characters created by Robert E Howard that have appeared in comic book form from Marvel Comics , Dark Horse Comics , Cross Plains Comics , Dynamite Entertainment etc.

Edgar Rice Burroughs Group: This group is dedicated to the study and appreciation of one of the great masters of literary adventure, Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950). Creator of numerous famous characters, such as Tarzan, Carson Napier, and John Carter of Mars, and exciting worlds, such as Venus, Barsoom, and Pellucidar, Burroughs is widely recognized as one of the fathers of the Pulp Era and modern heroic fiction. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/edgarriceburroughs/

Pulp Swap Group:  Place your swappable pulps and digest, plus wants, in the file section or individual messages. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PulpSwap/

Pulpville Press - Now available!
Blue Murder by Robert Leslie Bellem
Duke Pizzatello, private investigator, was employed by the Kohlar brothers, Steve and Joe. Dixie Parker was the private secretary of Steve Kohlar. Gertie Kohlar was the wife of Joe and was an eye-full. Nelia Mason, wife of Dr. Carney Mason, was seeking evidence on the infidelity of her husband with his nurse, Myra Holly. Dr. Mason's partner, Dr. Sebring, also had a crush on the nurse. Then all hell broke loose. Dr. Mason was found with a bullet through his brain and a naked, skinned, female was found dead on his examination table and Duke Pizzatello was up to his throat in crime and underdressed women. Illustrated
164 pages, 6.0" x 9.0", perfect binding, black and white interior
Soft cover: $14.95
Hardcover: $24.95

ReelArt Studios: Frazetta's Snow Giants - Coming soon!
First it was Frazetta's Eqyptian Queen and now ReelArt Studios presents a sneak peek at Frazetta's Snow Giants as sculpted by Tony Cipriano.
The work is in between 1/8th to 1/9th scale and will be paintmasted by Danno.
The tentative release date is mid 2006.

Visit the ReelArt Studios website and take a look!

ReelArt Studios: Tarzan and the Golden Lion - Coming soon!
ReelArt Studios is a new licensee with ERB, Inc.  
Their first piece will be "Tarzan and the Golden Lion" as envisioned by the masterful J. Allen St. John whose work graced the original editions of many Burroughs' titles.

The sculptor for this piece will be Shawn Nagle.
The edition size will be strictly limited and the scale will be approximately 1/8th.
The resin statue will be painted as a muted color faux bronze and should be quite stunning.

Visit the ReelArt Studios website and take a look!

ReelArt Studios: 3D Pulp Cover Reliefs  - Coming soon!
ReelArt Studios is a huge fan of all things pulp-related. They are proud to be introducing a very unique and limited new line titled 3D Pulp Cover Reliefs which they hope will appeal to pulp fans everywhere.

These resin reliefs will be shadow boxed with the name and date of the corresponding magazine on the side panel of the work. The back panel of the relief will feature a vintage ad (not necessarily the same as the original pulp although we will endeavor to do so). The size of the product will be pulp formatted at 7" x 10" and the depth of the product side will be 1.5" with the images extending beyond the side another ½" or so. The first product being released in the line will be SPICY MYSTERY, July 1936 as sculpted by Shawn Nagle.

Visit the ReelArt Studios website and take a look!

Robert E. Howard Birthday Celebration - Fort Worth, Texas, January 21, 2006!
Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 21 (the day before REH's birthday). On that day, on the beautiful west side of Fort Worth, just down from the art museums, a Celebration of the 100th birthday of REH will be held at the Black Dog Tavern.  Lots of different beers to choose from, darn few lectures, and an open mic where various folks (including YOU if I recognize you coming in the door) will be reading bits and pieces of REH material, including letters, poems and snippets from stories. The emphasis will be on introducing folks to the range of REH's work, as well as his love of Texas. I'd expect there to be around 2 hours of material to work through. Folks can either bring in what THEY would like to read, or I will have several set pieces that I'll be looking for volunteers to read.

The owner is VERY excited to get the chance to do this. While they host lots of different live bands through the week, from jazz to heavy metal, they have a regular Thursday night poetry open mic, so this is right up their alley. He's already lining up the local papers and literati, and discussing posters (Dave: NO, I won't save you one, unless you could down here and get it), and I've got someone here that knows how to work the Dallas side. We'd obviously like as many REH fans and scholars as possible to show up as we can get. I'd shore like to get Mark Finn to come on up, either by himself or bring the troupe and do a live one. Hopefully James Reasoner, the Baums, Glenn sounded VERY interested when I mentioned it to him. Me, Romeo, Ethan, whoever else we can get here. Need to figure out the weight to DHL Rusty here.

The party will be from 2-5 PM on the 21st.
If it goes beyond that, no problem, they won't have a band coming in until 9 or some such.

The Black Dog Tavern has MOVED, to a new larger location, out around the museums.
So all those online places you read, they got it wrong, now.
The new correct address is:  2933 Crockett, Fort Worth.
Its just a block east and south of the intersection of 7th and University, for those that know the area.

I'd point out, the Fort Worth Livestock Show and Rodeo will be in full swing, if you want to enjoy any of that while you're here. Also, the main art musuems here are VERY good, especially the Kimball, and just a couple blocks from the Black Dog. Those who enjoy art will be appropriately wowwed. And the Fort Worth Zoo is considered one of the top five in the country (they have Komodo dragons, in case you've never seen one up close, as well as a 10-ft catfish, white tigers, and all the usual suspects), just a couple miles south on University. And if you want to wander around the area, the Stockyards is normally quite the party place late night. And lots of live music venues as well. So if you want to make a little longer day of it, there will be plenty to do. I'll doubtlessly be doing dinner around there somewhere, so we can group that as well, whoever wants to jump in.

More details to come as they become available.
Please spread this around to all the usual places and suspects, if you would please. Thanks.
Paul Herman

Upcoming Modern Hero-Pulp Novels by Christopher R. Yates
Dark Mirror (X-Men), Marjorie M. Liu, Pocket Star, $7.99, December 27 - Now Available!
What Fire Cannot Burn, John Ridley, Warner Books, $6.99, January 6 - Now Available!
V for Vendetta (movie novelization), Steve Moore, Pocket Star, $6.99, January 31
Wild Cards: Death Draws Five, John J. Miller,  ibooks, $23.00, January 9
Durham Red: Manticore Reborn, Peter J. Evans, Black Flame, $7.99, January 31
Judge Dredd: Psykogeddon, Dave Stone, Black Flame, $7.99, January 31
John Constantine, Hellblazer: Warlord,  John Shirley, Pocket Star,  $6.99, January 31
DC Universe #1: Last Sons, Alan Grant, Warner Books, $6.99, February 1
Justice Society of America: Book 1, Geoff Johns & Paul Kupperberg,  ibooks, $6.99, February 9
Fear the Darkness: Anderson PSI Division, Mitchell Scanlon, Black Flame, $7.99, February 28
Tomorrow Men (The Ultimates), Michael Jan Friedman, Pocket Star,  $7.99, February 28
Crisis on Infinite Earths (softcover), Marv Wolfman, ibooks, $12.95, March 12

Nikolai Dante: Honour Be Damned!, David Bishop, Black Flame, $7.99, March 28
Batman: (untitled), Michael Reaves, Del Rey, $6.99, March 28
Rogue Trooper: The Quartz Massacre, Rebecca Levene, Black Flame, $6.99, March 28
Unnatural Selection (Hellboy),  Tim Lebbon, Pocket Star, $6.99, March 28
Astounding Hero-Tales, James Lowder, editor, Hero Games, $15.99, Spring 2006
Watchers on the Walls (X-Men), Christopher L. Bennett, Pocket Star, $7.99, April 25
Watchers on the Walls (X-Men), Christopher L. Bennett, Pocket Star, $7.99, May 1
X-Men 3 (movie novelization), Chris Claremont, Del Rey, $6.99, May 16
City of Heroes: The Freedom Phalanx, Robin Laws, CDS Books, $6.99, May 30
Superman Returns (movie novelization), Marv Wolfman, Warner Books, June 1
DC Universe: Inheritance, Devin Grayson, Warner Books, $6.99, June 1
Anderson PSI Division: Red Shadows, Mitchell Scanlon, Black Flame, $
7.99, June 6
The Darkest Hours (Spiderman), Jim Butcher, Pocket Star, $7.99, June 27
Durham Red: Black Dawn, Peter J. Evans, Black Flame, $7.99, July 11

Batman: Dead White, John Shirley, Del Rey, $6.99, July 25
City of Heroes: The Rikti War, Shane Hensley, CDS Books, $6.99, August 6
Subterranean (Hellblazer series), John Shirley, Pocket Star, $7.99, November 28

Delayed - No new publication date available.
Wild Cards: Deuces Down (softcover), George R.R. Martin, ed.,  ibooks, $6.99
Wild Cards 4: Aces Abroad, George R.R. Martin editor, ibooks, $7.99
Rising Stars: Book 3; Change the World, Arthur Byron Cover, ibooks, $6.99
The Science of Superman,  Mark Wolverton & Howard Zimmerman, ibooks, $7.99
Fathom: Book 2: Tides of Destiny, Kevin Andrew Murphy, ibooks, $6.99



Western Heroes of the Pulp Page
The Western Heroes of the Pulp Page website has been updated to announce the availablility of the new Chad Cull novel "Alias:The Cattle King's Son."  It is available from Amazon.com and Book Surge publishers.

A brief synopsis:

THE NOWHERE MAN!  The man mistakenly known as the Laredo Kid tries to shuck his outlaw past and reputation by impersonating his recently killed partner who happens to be heir to a vast cattle ranch in Wyoming.

Blackmailed by a corrupt detective and former outlaw friends, as well as pursued by three women with their own agendas, he finds it extremely difficult to fool the greedy Cattle King patriarch and his fortune hunting wife while trying to head off a brewing range war and keeping one step ahead of the law.

Don't forget to check out some of the fine western pulp downloads on the website.
Follow the exciting adventures of new and vintage pulp heroes such as: Frontier G-Man, Texas Rangers, Masked Rider, Rio Kid, The Lone Ranger, and more coming soon.

Wild Cat Books - Now available!
MASTER OF THE PULPS: The Collected Essays of Nick Carr
This is the definitive collection of essays from this Award-winning Pulp Fiction historian! For over 30 years, Wooda Nicholas Carr has written for almost every pulpzine ever created. This book includes articles on: Operator 5, the Moon Man, the Secret 6, Wu Fang & Dr. Yen Sin, Ki-Gor, Sex and Torture in the Pulps, Zorro, Captain Satan, Matalaa, the Park Avenue Hunt Club, the Range Riders, G-8, and many more!     

Lavishly illustrated with Covers and Art from the pulps, this is a must-have for all pulp fans as all of these essays only appeared in small-press publications
(Nemesis, Inc.; Doc Savage Club Reader; Echoes; Pulp Collector;
Pulp; Pulp Vault), which are almost impossible to locate today.

6"x9" Trade Paperback, 362 pages,  $19.99

Table of Contents:
Remember The Bloody Pulps?
The Pets Of Satan
Contemplating Sex And Torture In The Pulps
The Brain That Lives In A Box
The Saga Of The Secret 6  
A Man Named Steeger  
The Range Riders Ride  
The Oriental Synchronous
A Man Called: Zorro
Ki-Gor, King Of The Jungle
Incident At The Grand Canyon
Len Siringo And The Villains
The Moon Man’s Aides
Operator 5
The Mysterious Wu Fang
The Flying Daredevils
The Devil You Say!
Close Call For The Spider
Calling Dr. Yen Sin
The Sky Gladiator
Meet The Man ‘With-Hair-Like-The-Sun’
Deadlier Than The Male
The 10 Best G-8 Novels
The Fraternity Of Death

Wildside Press
WEIRD TALES 338  is at the printer and will ship to subscribers around 1/10/2006.
Contents :
"My Sister's House," by Parke Godwin
"Kitty and the Moshpit of the Damned," by Carrie Vaughn
"Seven Hours from Termini," by William Alexander
"Family Business," by Maurice Broaddus
"Ripper!" (conclusion), by William F. Nolan

The Eyrie
The Den, by Scott Connors
The Classic Horrors: Down There, by Allen Koszowski

"Lost," by George Filip
"Halloween Killer Sonnet," by M.V. Moorehead
"If Life gives . . . ," by Nicholas Ozment
"Illustrated Limerick," by George Barr

Wildside Press - Now available!
JIMGRIM AND THE AFFAIR IN ARABY - a highly exciting adventure story featuring James Schuyler Grim, better known as Jimgrim, an American secret service agent employed by the British and stationed in Jerusalem. With him are his faithful Sikh shadow, Narayan Singh, as well as Ramsden, an American, and Jeremy Ross, an ex-soldier of the Australian forces, both eager for a fight of any kind. In this story, the opportunity soon presents itself, as the ambitions of the French in Syria arouse the enmity of King Feisal of the Arabs. For his aid in WWI, the Allies promised Feisal the kingship of Syria, Palestine, and Trans-Jordania. This promise they have not kept, however, and the French are out to discredit or kill the Arab chieftain. To further their ends, an order is forged, ostensibly from Feisal to his Arab adherents, which calls for a massacre of the Jews in Jerusalem. When this message is intercepted, Jimgrim swings into action. With Ramsden and Ross as volunteers, he matches wits and weapons with the powerful plotters who are financed by the French. With a considerable amount of little-known historical truth worked into the background, THE AFFAIR IN ARABY is one of the most colorful, fast-moving, and exciting of Talbot Mundy's "Jimgrim" stories. It is available in softcover for $14.95 and hardcover for $29.95.

JIMGRIM AND ALLAH'S PEACE - another of Talbot Mundy's highly exciting adventure story featuring James Schuyler Grim, better known as Jimgrim. Jimgrim is an American secret service agent employed by the British and stationed in the Middle East. His adventures, protecting British interests against the French and other countries meddling in the region following World War I, comprise one of the most interesting creations from the pulp magazines of the early 20th century. It is available in softcover for $19.95 and 
hardcover for $29.95.

Wildside Press - Still available!
The Phantom Death and Other Stories, by W. Clark Russell
This volume collects 11 of Russell's classic horror-laced nautical stories, including: "The Phantom Death," "Brokers' Bay," "The Lazarette of the Huntress," "A Memory of the Pacific," "So Unnecessary!," "The Major's Commission," "A Nightmare of the Doldrums," "Try For Her in Fifty," "The Chiliman Tragedy," "The Secret of the Dead Mate," and "The Transport."
Hardcover: $29.95
Trade paperback: $19.95

Adventure Tales #2, ed. by John Gregory Betancourt
The second issue of Adventure Tales includes work from Dorothy Quick, Achmed Abdullah, John D. Swain, Christopher B. Booth, Harold Lamb, Nelson Bond, and Arthur O. Friel.
The magazine edition ($7.50) is now available
The book edition with extra content will be out in January ($15.00).

The Phantom Detective: Stones of Satan, by Robert Wallace
From the March 1943 issue of "The Phantom Detective" magazine, here is the lead novel, THE STONES OF SATAN -- a thrilling full-length Phantom Detective Adventure!
Trade paperback: $15.00

Caesar Dies, by Talbot Mundy
Set during the reign of the Emperor Commodus, here is Talbot Mundy's tale of palace intrigue, the brutalities and debaucheries of Rome, and a man who would make himself ruler of the civilized world! Features an introduction by scholar Darrell Schweitzer.
Hardcover: $29.95
Trade paperback: $14.95

Strange Tales #4 (March 1932)
The March 1932 issue features work by Paul Ernst, Henry S. Whitehead, Gordon MacCreagh, and more.
The fine cover by H.W. Wesso illustrates "The Duel of the Sorcerers," by Paul Ernst.
Trade paperback: $15.00

Visit the December News Archive for older stories.