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    Personal Adventure:

    Pirate Stories [v1 #2, January 1935] (Adventure Publications, Inc., 15¢, pulp)
    Details supplied by John Locke from Table of Contents.

    Prize Air Pilot Stories [v1 #3, March 1930] (Affiliated Magazines Inc., 25¢, 96pp, pulp, cover by R. C. Wardel)
    President: Saul Willbach; Secretary: J. M. Mann. Announced for the next issue (which does not exist) is as follows: “The Valley of Feuds” by Erle Stanley Gardner listed on TOC page, page 80 features the blurb: “A rip-roaring yarn of an airman, a ranch maid and a gold mine. Six-guns flash, planes battle, claim jumpers cut their capers, a crooked sheriff does his stuff, the intrepid hero foils his foes, the beautiful ranch maid fights side by side with her men, and the villain still pursues her. A story that grips the reader’s interest paragraph by paragraph and holds him spellbound with its rapid action and absorbing, startling situations.” (April 1930 issue of Air Pilot Stories)
    Another story adverted for April is titled “Suicide Flight.” Blurb: “Ace Brennan, Pop Kennedy’s buddy, lost his life over German territory trying to lick four Fokker’s single-handed... that’s why Kennedy, the careful fighter, was so strict with his pal’s son, Paddy, who was a big chip off the old block. Paddy loved to stunt, and those three wrecks at Kennedy’s airport were not all his fault—someone didn’t like Paddy... a suicide flight in a forest fire proved to Pop Kennedy that Paddy could stunt safely—and how!
    Page 96 advertises E. R. Punshon’s "The Cottage Murders” to appear in Prize Detective Magazine, the February 1930 issue. Details supplied by Morgan Wallace.

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