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Herndon, Laurence (Jesse) (1880-1961) (art)

Herron, Edward A(lbert) (1912- ) (stories)
Author, writer of juvenile novels. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; lives in California.

Hersey, Harold (Brainerd) (1893-1956) (stories)

Hershman, Morris (1926- ) (stories)

Hessell Tiltman, (Hubert) (1897-1976) (stories)

Heuman, William (1912-1971) (stories)
Prolific author of action and adventure stories. Born in Brooklyn, New York; died in Huntington, New York.

Heurlin, (Magnus) Colcord (1895-1986) (art)

Hewitt, Don(ald Charles) (1904-1998) (art)

Hilliard, John Northern (1872-1935) (stories)
Poet, novelist and journalist; born in Palmyra, New York and lived in California.

Hillman, Gordon Malherbe (1900-1968) (stories)
American writer of books that were turned into screenplays. Not to be confused with reporter and novelist Gordon M. Hillman (1908-1968).

Hillyer, Lambert Harwood (1893-1969) (stories)

Hinds, Roy W(esley) (1887-1930) (stories)
Born in Midland City, Michigan; typographer, journalist and writer.

Hinkler, Bert [i.e., Herbert John Louis Hinkler] (1892-1933) (stories) (assoc.)

Hjertstedt, Gunard [birth name of Day Keene] (1904-1969) (stories)
American writer of mysteries. Died in Hollywood, California (?). Father of Albert James Hjertstedt.

Hoagland, Vernon Bernard (1888-1970) (stories)
Born in Golden, Colorado; died in California; actor, screenwriter and author.

Hobart, Donald Bayne (1898-1970) (stories)
Born in Baltimore, Maryland; died in New York City.

Hobart, Richard L. (1896-1971) (stories)
Born near Chattanooga, Tennessee, worked on the Atlanta Constitution, and for Time, Fortune, and Nation’s Business magazines. Residing in Montgomery, Maryland when he died.

Hoch, Edward D(entinger) (1930-2008) (stories)

Hocking, Joseph (1861-1937) (stories)
Born in St. Stephens, Cornwall; ordained as a Methodist minister. His three daughters were writers. Brother of Silas (Kitto) Hocking, father of Mona (Naomi Annie Hocking Dunlop) Messer, and (Mavis) Elizabeth (Hocking) Nisot.

Hocking, Silas (Kitto) (1850-1937) (stories)
Born in St. Stephen-in Brannel, Cornwall, England; ordained as a Methodist minister in 1870, and retired from the ministry to write; founded and edited Temple Magazine and Family Circle. Brother of Joseph Hocking.

Hodge, William T(homas) (1874-1932) (stories)

Hodgson, William Hope (1877-1918) (stories)

Hoffmann, Rosa (Margarita Rossi) (1905-1931) (stories) (assoc.)

Hogan, Robert J(asper) (1897-1963) (stories) (assoc.)

Holberg, Richard A. (1889-1942) (art)

Holcroft, Monte [i.e., Montague Harry Holcroft] (1902-1993) (stories)

Holden, J(ohn) Railton (1891-1952) (stories)
Born in Manchester, England; died in Evesham, Worcestershire.

Holding, James (Clark Carlisle, Jr.) (1907-1997) (stories)

Holling, Lucille (Webster) (1900-1989) (art)

Holmes, Wilfred Jay (1900-1986) (stories)
Engineer, naval officer. Born in Freeport, New York; lived in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Holt, George E(dmund) (1881-1950) (stories)
Novelist, short story writer, popular among Adventure readers for his stories of the Near East. Holt’s interest in Morocco led to his appointment in 1907 as American Vice and Deputy Counsul General in Tangier, Morocco; from 1909-1911 Holt was the acting Consul General; widely traveled; author of many stories and serials in U.S. and European magazines. Born in Moline, Illinois; died in San Diego, California.

Holt, Harrison Jewell (1875-1956) (stories)
Born and died in Portland, Maine; graduate of Harvard..

Holt, Henry P. (1879-1962) (stories)
Crime reporter for London newspapers before becoming full-time writer.

Honig, Donald (Martin) (1931- ) (stories)

Hooker, (William) Brian (1880-1946) (stories)
Born in New York City.

Hopen, Stuart (fl. 1980s-2010s) (stories)

Hopkins, R(obert) Thurston (1883-1958) (stories)
Educated at University College, London; Literary Editor to London International Press.

Hopkins, Seward W(ashington) (1864-1919) (stories)

Hopper, James M(arie) (1876-1956) (stories)
Born in Paris.

Hopson, William L(ee) (1907-1975) (stories)

Horler, (Harry) Sydney (1888-1954) (stories)

Horn, (Alfred John) Holloway (1886-1967) (stories)
Born in Goring-on-Thames; magazine and film writer; died in Eton, England.

Horn, Peter; house pseudonym (fl. 1940s) (stories)

Horn, R(oy) de S(aussure) (1894-1973) (stories)
Naval officer, editor, publisher. Born in Boston, Georgia; died in Annapolis, Maryland.

Hornblow, Arthur, Jr. (1893-1976) (stories)

Horton, Robert J. (1885-1934) (stories)

Hosken, William Henry Martin (1874-1963) (stories)
Born in England; lived in the U.S. after 1904 and died in Santa Monica, California; editor of The New Yorker (1906) and Pearson’s Magazine (1915); staff writer for Encyclopedia Britannica; motion picture producer.

Hoskins, Gayle Porter (1887-1962) (art)

Hosmer, Paul (1887-1962) (stories)

Hotchkiss, Chauncey C(rafts) (1852-1920) (stories)
Born in New York City.

Hough, Clyde B(ird) (1889-1975) (stories)
Born in Illinois. Was (illegally) arrested on 5-June-1917, 10 days before the Espionage Act was passed on the 15th. He had been an anti-war activist and secretary to the Rockford Furniture Workers (a local chapter of the I.W.W., the Industrial Workers of the World) Charges were also brought forward on the account of his non-registration. He was released from jail in 26-July-1919 on bond, sentenced to a five-year term, and quickly took to writing fiction stories. That came a quick close when in 25-April-1921 he was sent back to Leavenworth to serve another five-year term, for obstruction of the draft. June 1922, President Harding commuted his sentence.

Houghton, Frank (1881-?) (stories)
Canadian writer; not to be confused with lawyer Frank Wilbur Houghton (1849-1932).

Household, Geoffrey (Edward West) (1900-1988) (stories)

Houston, Lee, Jr. (fl. 2010s) (stories)

Howard, Eric [born Howard Ernest Schaefle] (1895-1943) (stories)
Born in Nebraska; educated at University of California, and Harvard and Columbia Universities; contributed more than 600 stories and many articles to nearly 100 magazines; lived in Los Angeles; registered for the WWI draft under his birth name, but as Eric Howard for WWII draft and his death in California is under Eric Howard. Apparently wrote under many unidentified pseudonyms.

Howard, Harrison R. (1888-?) (stories)
Traveller, one-time worker in a lumber-camp. Born in San Francisco, California.

Howard, (John) Hayden (1925-2014) (stories)

Howard, Robert E(rvin) (1906-1936) (stories) (assoc.)

Howell, Kenneth (fl. 1920s) (stories)
Writer, spent time at sea. Graduated from Princeton University.

Howitt, John Newton (1885-1958) (art)

Hoys, (Frank) Dudley (1899-1980) (stories)
Born in London; for many years a hill farmer in Cumberland; died in Henley, Oxfordshire.

Hoyt, Murray (1904-1984) (stories)

Hoyt, (Edwin) Palmer (1897-1979) (stories)
Journalist, writer, editor, publisher. Born in Roseville, Illinois; died in Denver, Colorado.

Hubbard, L(afayette) Ron(ald, Sr.) (1911-1986) (stories)

Hubbard, Wynant Davis (1900-1961) (stories)

Hudson, Virginia Tyler (1886-?) (stories)

Hughes, Howard (Robard, Jr.) (1905-1976) (stories) (assoc.)

Hughes, Llewellyn (fl. 1920s-1950s) (stories)
Born in Wales; naturalized as an American.

Hughes, Rupert (1872-1956) (stories)
Born in Lancaster, Mo.; educated at Western Reserve and Yale Universities. Dramatist, novelist, biographer, and musicologist.

Hull, Alexander (1887-1953) (stories)
Composer, teacher, and writer. Born in Columbus, Ohio; lived in Oregon.

Hull, George C. (1878-?) (stories)
Writer, explorer; not to be confused with the journalist (1896-1958). Born in India; grew up in Tennessee.

Humphreys, Ray (1893-1973) (stories)
Born in Denver. Reporter, then chief investigator for a D.A.’s office.

Hunter, Evan (1926-2005) (stories)

Hunter, George McPherson (1867-1961) (stories)
Clergyman, author. Born in Glasgow, Scotland; lived in Mannington, West Virginia.

Hunter, (Alfred) John (1891-1961) (stories)

Hunting, (Henry) Gardner (1872-1958) (stories)

Hurley, Vic [i.e., Gerald Victor Hurley] (1898-1978) (stories)

Hurst, S(amuel) B(ertram) H(aworth) (1876-1937) (stories)

Hutchinson, Horace [or Horatio] G(ordon) (1859-1932) (stories)
Birth name Horatio Gordon Hutchinson, and under this name his marriage and death were also recorded; born and died in London; educated at Charterhouse; studied classics and trained as a lawyer; amateur national golf champion 1886-7 and wrote extensively on sport.

Hutchison, David C(hapel) (1869-1954) (art)
Born in Arboath, Scotland.

Hutton, J(oy) F(erris) (1912-1981) (stories)
He graduated from University of California; short story writer.

Hyman, (Vernon) Tom (1936- ) (stories)
Born in New Hampshire; editor with New York City publisher, turned full time-writer.

Hymson, Alma S(ylvia, née Jacobs) (1899-1995) (stories)
Born in California.

I’Anson, Alice (1872-1931) (stories)

Immelmann, Max (1890-1916) (stories) (assoc.)

Ingalls, Redfield (fl. 1910s) (stories)
Writer and editor. Born in Granby, Quebec, Canada.

Ingalls, (David) Sinton (1899-1985) (stories) (assoc.)

Ingelow, Jean (1820-1897) (stories)

Irving, Minna [Mrs. Harry Michener] (1857-1940) (stories)
Lived in Terrytown, NY.

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