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Scott, R(obert) T(homas) Maitland (1909-1945) (stories)

Scott, Robert L(ee, Jr.) (1908-2006) (stories)

Searls, Hank [i.e., Henry Hunt Searls, Jr.] (1922- ) (stories)

Sebenthall, Roberta Elizabeth (1917-1979) (stories)
Name given variously as Betty R. Sebenthall and Elizabeth R. Sebenthall.

Sergi, Joe (fl. 2000s) (stories)

Severance, Paul (fl. 1920s-1930s) (stories)
Tennessee writer and editor.

Seville, Marjorie (1894?-1980?) (stories)
Born in Helston, Cornwall; attended Girton College, Oxford; librarian, Surrey County Library and Leicestershire County Library, then cataloguer and braillist, National Library for the Blind from 1936.

Sewall, Sumner (1897-1965) (stories) (assoc.)

Seward, Edna Bell (1877-1963) (stories)

Sewell, Amos (F.) (1901-1983) (art)

Shafer, Don(ald) Cameron (1881-?) (stories)
Journalist and novelist. Perhaps from New York.

Shannon, Mary (fl. 1920s-1940s) (stories)
Teacher and writer. Born in British Columbia, Canada.

Sharp, Drury D(ubose) (fl. 1880s-1960s) (stories)

Shaver, Richard S(harpe) (1907-1975) (stories)

Shaw, [Captain] Frank H(ubert) (1878-1960) (stories)
English sea captain. Born in Yorkshire, England. Brother of Stanley Gordon Shaw.

Shaw, (Frederick) Stanley (1870-1935) (stories)
Born and died in Boston; A physician in general practice.

Shaw, Stanley Gordon (1884-1938) (stories)
Brother of Frank H(ubert) Shaw.

Shay, Frank [i.e., Francis Xavier William Theodore Shay] (1888-1954) (stories)
Born in East Orange, N.J.; died in Wellfleet, Massachusetts; bookstore owner, editor, actor, biographer and novelist. (Note: Last name originally spelled Shea.

Shea, Cornelius (1863-1920) (stories)

Shearer, Lloyd (1914-2001) (stories)

Shedd, George C(lifford) (1877-1937) (stories)
Born in Ashland, Nebraska; educated at U. of Nebraska; teacher in rural Nebraska school, dealer in real estate, and full-time writer after 1918; lived in California after 1928.

Sheehan, Perley Poore (1875-1943) (stories)

Sheldon, (Anna) Louise Vescelius (1851-1928?) (stories)
Born in Michigan; may have died in Illinois; singer and author; lived in South Africa for 3 years.

Sheldon, Lurana W. [i.e., Lurana Waterhouse Sheldon Ferris] (1862-1945) (stories)
Born in Hadlyme, Connecticut; died in Maine.

Sheldon, Walter J(ames) (1917-1996) (stories)
Writer of mysteries, editor. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; lived in Bellingham, Washington.

Shelton, Richard Barker (1876-1944) (stories)
Not to be confused with editor Richard Shelton (1926-1963).

Shenton, Edward (1895-1977) (stories)
Book illustrator and author. Born in Pottstown, Pennsylvania.

Shepherd, George (fl. 1910s) (stories)
Probably not engineer George DeFrees Shepherd (1864-1926).

Shereshaw, Ben(jamin) (fl. 1930s) (stories)

Sherman, Harold M(orrow) (1898-1987) (stories)

Shippey, (Henry) Lee (1884-1969) (stories)
Born in Memphis, Tennessee.

Shirley, Florence Henderson (1883-1934) (stories)
Writer, editor of journal The Editor. Born in New York City; died in Newark, New Jersey.

Shively, Thornton T. (1913-1980) (stories)
Born in Nebraska; in 1950s living in California and instructing in English and speech at a junior college; actor; writer under another name.

Short, Luke; pseudonym of Frederick D. Glidden (1908-1975) (stories)

Shotwell, Ray P.; house pseudonym (fl. 1930s-1960s) (stories)
used by at least 15 different writers in as many different magazines.

Shulman, Max(imilian) (1919-1988) (stories)

Shurtleff, Bertrand L(eslie) (1897-1967) (stories)
Author of animal stories. Born in Adamsville, Rhode Island.

Sibson, Francis H(enry) (1899-1972) (stories)

Sieveking, Lance(lot de Giberne) (1896-1972) (stories)

Sikorsky, Igor I(vanovich) (1889-1972) (stories) (assoc.)

Simak, Clifford D(onald) (1904-1988) (stories)

Simko, Michael V. (1893-1989) (stories)

Simpich, Frederick (1878-1950) (stories)
Traveler, editor and author. Born in Urbana, Illinois; died in Washington, D.C.

Sims, Burt(on R.) (1919- ) (stories)
California writer.

Sinclair, Bertrand W(illiam) [born William Brown Sinclair] (1881-1972) (stories)

Singer, Malvin (1911-1974) (art)

Skidmore, Joseph William (1890-1938) (stories)

Skinner, Alanson (Buck) (1886-1925) (stories)
Noted anthropologist. Born in Buffalo, New York; died near Tokio, North Dakota.

Skolsky, Sidney (1905-1983) (stories)

Sleath, Frederick (James) (1889-1966) (stories)
Born in Bo’ness, West Lothian, Scotland; served as a sniper officer in the 51st Highland Division in France in WWI.

Small, Austin J(ames) (1894-1929) (stories)

Small, Joe Austell (1914-1994) (stories)
Writer, publisher, editor. Born in Burleson County, Texas.

Small, Sidney Herschel (1893-1958) (stories)

Smith, A(ugustus) DeHerries (1881-1945) (stories)
Writer. Born in Cork, Ireland; lived in Alberta, Canada.

Smith, Arthur D(ouglas) Howden (1887-1945) (stories)

Smith, Cedric DeHerries (1913-1940) (stories)
Son of A. DeHerries Smith.

Smith, Clark Ashton (1893-1961) (stories)

Smith, David (W.) (1954- ) (stories)

Smith, E(dward) E(lmer) “Doc” (1890-1965) (stories) (assoc.)

Smith, Elinor (1911-2010) (stories)

Smith, Frederic H(arrison), Jr. (1908-1980) (stories)

Smith, Garret (1876?-1954) (stories)

Smith, Henry Justin (1875-1936) (stories)
Born in Chicago; reporter, then city editor, then managing editor of Chicago Daily News; lecturer in journalism, University of Chicago.

Smith, [Sir] Ross (MacPherson) (1892-1922) (stories) (assoc.)

Smith, Walton Hall (1898-?) (stories)
Advertising writer; also did a book on alcohol. Born in Kansas City, Missouri.

Smith, William Bryan [born William Bryan Schmidt] (1897-1995) (art)

Sneddon, Robert W(illiam) (1880-1944) (stories)
Writer of mystery stories. Born in Beith, Scotland; educated at Glasgow University; contributed over 400 short stories to American and European magazines; author of several successful vaudeville sketches; died in New York City.

Snell, Bertrande Harry (1882-1949) (stories)

Snell, Edmund (1889-1972) (stories)

Snow, Charles H(orace) (1877-1967) (stories)
Born in Lower Lake, California; extremely prolific writer of westerns, with 465 novels to his credit, an even more impressive achievement when one learns that he was totally blind since 1914. Died in Napa, California.

Snow, Walter (1905-1973) (stories)
Born in Connecticut; New York City newspaperman, short story writer.

Soare, William F(ulton) (1896-1940) (art)

Sokoli, Joseph [i.e., Joseph Szokoli] (1913-1981) (art)

Sokoloff, Natalie B. [name anglicized to Nancy Anderson Scott] (1906-?) (stories)
Novelist and journalist. Born in Ekaterinoslav, Russia. Daughter of Boris Kamyshansky.

Solomons, Theodore Seixas (fl. 1910s-1930s) (stories)
Traveller and writer. Born in San Francisco, California.

Somervell, Brehon B(urke) (1892-1955) (stories)

Somerville, Charles (Cecil Lee D’Montral) (1876-1931) (stories)
Born in New Orleans of Creole descent; magazine writer, New York City reporter.

Soutar, (Edward) Andrew (1879-1941) (stories)
Born Edward Andrew Stagg in Wiltshire; married Elspeth Soutar Swinton as Stagg in 1911; but then adopted the last name Soutar; death in Cornwall registered as Edward Andrew Soutar.

South, Marshal (1889-1948) (stories)
Born Roy Bennett Richards in Gelenelg, near Adelaide, Australia; came to the U.S. in 1908 with his mother and brother, settling in Oceanside, California; began using Marshal South for his writings in 1912 and it apparently became his adopted/legal name, under which his marriages, census records and WWII draft registration are listed. (His second wife Tanya is listed in social security death records as Tanya South and his first son as Marshal L. South Jr.) Author of 8 novels (none published in the U.S.), over 50 poems, short stories and essays and many Desert Magazine articles; lived latterly in a self-constructed house on “Ghost Mountain” in the California desert.

Southey, Robert (1774-1843) (stories)

Southon, Arthur E(ustace) (1887-1964) (stories)
Born in London; educated at Methodist College, Surrey; Methodist Minister, living in Somerset in the 1930s.

Spaatz, Carl A(ndrew) (1891-1974) (stories)

Sparks, David R. (1897-1968) (stories)
Writer and manufacturer. Born in Alton, Illinois; died in Whitefield, New Hampshire.

Spears, Raymond S(miley) (1876-1950) (stories)
Award-winning author, expert woodsman, journalist; popular for his tales of the wilderness. Born in Bellevue, Ohio; died in Inglewood, California.

Spence, (James) Lewis (Thomas Chalmers) (1874-1955) (stories)
Born in Broughton Ferry, England; educated at Edinburgh University; author and editor; lived in Edinburgh.

Sperry, Armstrong (Wells) (1897-1976) (stories)

Spicer, Betty Coe [born Betty Helena Coe] (1913-1994) (stories)
Daughter of Charles Francis Coe.

Spillane, Mickey [i.e., Frank Morrison Spillane] (1918-2006) (stories)

Spivak, John L(ouis) (1897-1981) (stories)

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