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Christie, Agatha (Mary Clarissa, née Miller) (1890-1976) (stories)

Christopher, John; pseudonym of C. S. Youd (1922-2012) (stories)

Christy, Howard Chandler (1873-1952) (stories)

Chubb, Thomas Caldecot (1899-1972) (stories)

Church, Henry F. (fl. 1930s-1950s) (stories)
South Carolina writer.

Churchill, Roy P. (fl. 1910s-1930s) (stories)
Served in the Navy. Perhaps from Ohio, perhaps from Kentucky.

Churchill, [Sir] Winston (Leonard) S(pencer) (1874-1965) (stories)

Chute, Arthur Hunt (1890-1929) (stories)

Chute, Verne (1917-1986) (stories)

Clamp, H(elen) M(ary) E(lizabeth) (1892-1973) (stories)
Born in Woking, England.

Clark, (Charles) Badger, Jr. (1883-1957) (stories)

Clark, Ellery H(arding) (1874-1949) (stories)
Born in West Roxbury, Mass.; educated at Harvard University; lawyer and author.

Clark, Philip (1907-1975) (stories)
Raised in Plainfield, New Jersey; with the counter intelligence corps in WWII; lived in Charleston, West Virginia; died in Swannanoa, North Carolina.

Clark, Valma (1894-1953) (stories)

Clarke, C(harles) Langton (1857-1936) (stories)
Editor, journalist and engineer. Born in England; died in Toronto, Canada.

Clarke, (John) Emery (1911-1990) (art)

Clarke, James Mitchell (1903- ) (stories)
Writer. Born in Miles City, Montana; went west to California.

Clason, Clyde B(urt) (1903-1987) (stories)
Born in Denver; an advertising copywriter in Chicago, trade paper editor, and public relations manager.

Claudy, Carl H(arry) (1879-1957) (stories)

Clausen, Carl (1885-1954) (stories)
Born in Denmark; he was a sailor, miner, pearl-fisher, life insurance salesman, window cleaner, lumber jack, copra trader and opera singer before turning to writing; came to the U.S. in 1906 knowing practically no English; died in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania.

Clay, Robert (Henry Keating) (1889-?) (stories)
Born in Killiney, Dublin, Ireland; lived in Vancouver, Canada; death not traced, but probably in Canada.

Clements, Colin (Campbell) (1894-1948) (stories)
Born in Omaha, Nebraska; educated at Harvard University.

Clifford, Charles L(ewis) (1890-1991) (stories)
Born in Boston in 1890, Clifford rose to the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Army becoming Commanding Officer of the 2nd Filipino Infantry Regiment in 1942. He wrote several books and stories about the Philippines including The Real Glory (1937) which was made into a film starring Gary Cooper & David Niven in 1939. The film seems also to have been based in part on Jungle Patrol (1938) by Vic Hurley which had led some to suggest that Clifford was actually a pseudonym for Hurley. Clifford died in New Jersey in 1991.

Cline, Leonard (Lanson, Jr.) (1893-1929) (stories)
Born in Bay City, Michigan; died in New York City; reporter for the Detroit Times and Baltimore Sun; playwright and poet; wrote the novel listed while serving a year in prison for manslaughter; published pulp magazine stories under the pseudonym Alan Forsyth.

Cobb, (Geoffrey) Belton (1892-1971) (stories)
Son of Thomas Cobb.

Cobb, Thomas (1854-1932) (stories)
Born and lived in London; left school at age 12 and worked for some 20 years in his father’s tallowing business; then started writing in 1887; died in Hampstead, London, England. Father of Belton Cobb.

Cobb, Ty(rus Raymond) (1886-1961) (stories) (assoc.)

Cobham, [Sir] Alan J(ohn) (1894-1973) (stories)

Coburn, Walter J(ohn) (1889-1971) (stories)
Writer of western novels and short stories. Born in White Sulphur Springs, Montana Territory; lived in Arizona.

Cochran, Jacqueline (1906-1980) (stories) (assoc.)

Cockrell, (Nancy) Amanda (1948- ) (stories)
Daughter of Frank and Marian Cockrell.

Cockrell, Frank [i.e., Francis M. Cockrell, III] (1906-1987) (stories)
Father of Amanda Cockrell.

Coe, Charles Francis (1890-1956) (stories)
Born in Buffalo, N.Y.; Joined the Navy at 17, spent 5 years as a professional fighter, then a radio sports announcer (and may have invented ringside commentary), then took up writing, went to Hollywood as a screenwriter, then became a lawyer and general counsel for the motion picture producers; moved to Florida and practiced there; became editor and publisher of the Palm Beach Post; died in Palm Beach, FL. Father of Betty Coe Spicer.

Cohan, George M(ichael) (1878-1942) (stories)

Cohen, Inez Lopez [Mrs. Octavus Roy Cohen] (1892-1953) (stories)

Cohen, Octavus Roy (1891-1959) (stories)
Noted writer. Born in Charleston, South Carolina; died in Los Angeles, California.

Colby, C(arroll) B(urleigh) (1904-1977) (stories) (art) (assoc.)

Colcord, Lincoln (Ross) (1883-1947) (stories)

Coleman, Gilbert P(ayson) (1866-1918) (stories)

Coleman, Loren L. (1968?- ) (stories)

Colin, Galen C(yril) (1890-1973) (stories)

Collings, Kenneth Brown (1888-1941) (stories)

Collins, Dabney Otis (?-{c}1986) (stories)
Writer. Born in Alabama; lived in Denver, Colorado.

Collins, Gilbert (Henry) (1890-1960) (stories)

Collins, Shad (1915- ) (stories)
Arizona writer, not to be confused with the musician of the same name.

Collison, (Clyde) Wilson (1893-1941) (stories)
Born in Ohio; a playwright.

Colter, Eli; pseudonym of May Eliza Frost (1890-1984) (stories)

Comfort, Will Levington (1878-1932) (stories)
Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan; novelist and short story writer; war correspondent for various newspapers; sportsman; veteran of Spanish-American War; died in Los Angeles, California.

Comtois, Pierre V. (fl. 1980s-2010s) (stories)

Condon, Frank (1882-1940) (stories)
Born in Toledo, Ohio and a reporter there; advertising man in NYC; then screenwriter and magazine writer in L.A.; died in Beverly Hills, California

Condy, Esmond (1888-1962) (stories)
Born in Wandsworth, London, England; died in London.

Connell, Richard (Edward) (1893-1949) (stories)
Born in Poughkeepsie, New York; educated at Harvard and Georgetown Universities; began writing for the Poughkeepsie News-Press while a child and rose to city editor; graduated from Harvard; reporter and advertising copywriter; novelist, prolific short story writer and screenwriter.

Connolly, James B(rendan) (1868-1957) (stories)
Author of sea stories, 1896 Olympic champion (gold metal in the triple jump). Born in South Boston, Massachusetts; died in Boston, Massachusetts.

Considine, John L(yons) (1871-1951) (stories)

Cook, Albert Jay (fl. 1910s-1930s) (stories) (art)
Probably not the banker and surgeon (1849?-1931).

Cook, Berton E(llsworth) (1889-1958) (stories)

Cook, (Richard Martin) Oscar (1888-1952) (stories)

Cook, W(illiam) Victor (1875-1955) (stories)
Born in London; a journalist.

Cook, William Wallace (1867-1933) (stories)

Cooksley, (Sidney) Bert (fl. 1920s-1940s) (stories)
California writer and poet.

Coombs, Jack [i.e., John Wesley Coombs] (1882-1957) (stories)

Cooper, Courtney Ryley (1886-1940) (stories)
Born in Kansas City, Missouri, ran away age 16 to become a circus clown; later sign painter and performer, circus general manager, press agent for William “Buffalo Bill” Cody; journalist in Kansas City, New York and Denver; lived in Florida; died in New York City.

Cooper, Edgar L(eake) (1892-1945) (stories)
Born and died in Texas; writer of western pulp fiction.

Cooper, James Fenimore (1789-1851) (stories)

Coppel, Alfred [i.e., Alfredo José de Araña-Marini y Coppel] (1921-2004) (stories)

Copple, R. L. (fl. 2000s) (stories)

Corbaley, Kate (1879-1938) (stories)

Corcoran, William (B.) (1901-1969?) (stories)
Born in Pennsylvania; writer and editor. Editor of Adventure from March 1934 until August 1934.

Corlett, Dudley S. ({c}1880-1946) (stories)

Corley, H(arriet) W(orks) (1889-?) (stories)

Corning, Howard McKinley (1896-1977) (stories)

Corrigan, Douglas “Wrong-Way” (1907-1995) (stories) (assoc.)

Costello, Frederick H(ankerson) (1851-1921) (stories)

Costello, P. F.; house pseudonym (fl. 1940s-1950s) (stories)

Coughlin, John A(lbert) (1885-1965) (art)

Coutts, Ed (fl. 2010s) (art)

Cowper, William (1731-1800) (stories)

Cox, A(nthony) B(erkeley) (1893-1971) (stories)

Cox, William R(obert) (1901-1988) (stories) (assoc.)
Writer of westerns and mystery novels. Born in Peapack, New Jersey; died in Los Angeles, California.

Cozzens, James Gould (1903-1978) (stories)

Craft, Fred (Page) (1883-1935) (art)

Craigie, (Henry) Hamilton (1880-1956) (stories)
Born in Connecticut; died in Florida; prolific pulp writer.

Crane, (James) Leo (1881-?) (stories)
Author. Born in Baltimore, Maryland; lived in Boulder City, Nevada.

Cranford, Scott ({c}1967- ) (stories)

Crawford, Alexander; pseudonym of Alexander Lindsay (1869-1915) (stories)

Crawford, Anne [i.e., Anne Crawford, Baroness von Rabe] (1846-1912) (stories)

Crawford, F(rancis) Marion (1854-1909) (stories)
Sister of Anne Crawford.

Crawford, Griff [i.e., Oliver Griffith Crawford] (1876-1935) (stories)

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