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    The Captain    (about)
    The Captain—UK; Apr. 1899-Mar. 1924 (300 issues); George Newnes, London; monthly; standard format on slick paper (but pulp stock by 1918), price 6d, rising to 1/-; editors R. S. Warren Bell (1899-1910), Cecil H. Bullivant (Managing Editor, 1911-1912), Reeves Shaw (fl. 1919-1922); a “quality” boys’ magazine, almost like a junior version of the same publisher’s The Strand, noted for its school stories and adventure yarns; authors included R. S. Warren Bell, P. G. Wodehouse, John Buchan, Frank H. Shaw, etc.

    The Captain [v10, #59, February 1904] (6d, tabloid)
    Details supplied by John Clute from bound volume. Editorial features are excluded.

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