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    Dixon Hawke Library    (about)
    The Dixon Hawke Library was an obvious attempt to rival the Amalgamated Press’ Sexton Blake Library but with a smaller format. The stories featured Hawke and his assistant Tommy Burke and were published anonymously throughout. Some of the authors known to have written stories include Richard Goyne, John G. Brandon, Rex Hardinge, H.H. Clifford Gibbons, T.C.H. Jacobs, John Creasey, F. Addington Symonds, Reginald G. Thomas, Frank Howe, D. M. Cumming-Skinner, and W. W. Sayer (his title was “The Red Motor-Car Mystery”, which was changed); Lewis Carlton is also a possible author, and it has been suggested that G. H. Teed and Francis Warwick also contributed.

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