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    Four in One Gang and Thrills Shorts   (about)
    The title suggests an omnibus from previous volumes of Gang Shorts and Thrill Shorts, but the copy seen contains Gang Shorts #3 & #4, Occult Shorts #2 and Weird Story Magazine #2 so it is possible there were different contents in different copies.

    • Publishers:
      • Gerald G. Swan, Ltd.: Four in One Gang and Thrills Shorts.

    Four Star Mystery   (about)
    One-shot mystery pulp. Numbering probably continued from Four Star Love.

    • Publishers:
      • Four Star Fiction Group: Four Star Mystery.

    F.P. Detective Stories:   (about)
    A thin pulp that reprinted from various Popular Publications magazines.

    The G.P. Detective Stories

    • Publishers:
      • Feature Productions Limited; Post Office Box 5065, Wellington, New Zealand: The G.P. Detective Stories.

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