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    Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine   (about)
    The Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine was born from the ashes of The Sexton Blake Library and the first few issues featured authors from that magazine, before settling down to more standard detection mystery. Edgar Wallace had a story in all but one of the issues, and was also featured on the inside front cover. After a run of 35 monthly issues the magazine folded, but was “revived” two years later for two further issues (which, confusingly, reused issue numbers from the main sequence).

    • Publishers:
      • Micron Publications Ltd.; Micron House, Gorringe Park Avenue, Mitcham, Surrey: Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine, Aug 1964 – Nov 1964.
      • Edgar Wallace Magazines, Ltd.; 4 Bradmore Road, Oxford: Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine, Dec 1964 – Jun 1967.
      • Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazines Ltd.; 50 Alexandra Road, London SW19: Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine, 1969 – 1970.
    • Editors:

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