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    Manhunt Stories   (about)
    The contents of the only known issue are identical to the only known issue (#9) of Detective Stories, also published by Page Publications.

    • Publishers:
      • Page Publications Pty. Ltd.; Surry Hills, New South Wales: Manhunt Stories.

    Mantrap   (about)
    Mantrap was published by the same publisher as Manhunt and featured the same type of hard-boiled crime-adventure stories, with many of the same authors, but never caught on and lasted only two issues.

    • Publishers:
      • Secret Life Publications, Inc.; 545 Fifth Avenue, New York 17, NY: Mantrap.
    • Editors:

    Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine   (about)
    Published by Family Circle, Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine was very mainstream, very slick, and very glossy. It was filled with trivia, lists, reviews, short interviews and even found room for some good stories. Its publishing schedule was sporadic at best, because it was published to fill the same slots as the traditional baking, knitting, etc., magazines which made up Family Circle “special projects”—this also explained the unusual volume numbering. However, it never really found a niche and died after seven issues.

    • Publishers:
      • Gruner+Jahr USA Publishing; 110 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 10011: Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine.
    • Editors:

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