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    Murder   (about)
    Launched after the success of Manhunt, Murder featured the same mix of contemporary murder and crime-adventure stories, but was discontinued in the face of fierce competition before establishing its identity with the reading public. The title is given as Murder! on the cover only.

    • Publishers:
      • Flying Eagle Publications, Inc.; 545 Fifth Avenue, New York 17, NY: Murder, Sep 1956 – Dec 1956.
      • Fine Art Publications, Inc.; 545 Fifth Avenue, New York 17, NY: Murder, Mar 1957.
      • Decker Publications, Inc.; 122 East 42nd Street, New York 17, NY: Murder, Jul 1957.
    • Editors:

    Murder Mysteries (1929)   (about)
    Short lived pulp magazine about which little is known.

    • Publishers:
      • Magazine Publishers, Inc.; Myrick Building, Springfield, MA: Murder Mysteries.
    • Editors:

    Murder Mysteries (1934):   (about)
    A very uncommon title, not to be confused with the earlier Hersey magazine called Murder Mysteries or the later Blue Ribbon magazine called Detective and Murder Mysteries. Very little is known about the magazine, and it is not even clear how many issues there were. The numbering of the October 1936 issue as v1 #9 suggests two further issues between May 1935 and October 1936, but none have ever been located.

    Murder Mysteries

    • Publishers:
      • Associated Authors, Inc.; Hollis, Long Island, NY: Murder Mysteries.
    • Editors:

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