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    Ten Story Mystery (UK) (1948)   (about)
    British reprint edition of 10 Story Mystery Magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Pemberton’s (of Manchester) Ltd.; 14 Lever Street, Manchester 1: Ten Story Mystery (UK).

    Terror Detective Story Magazine   (about)
    Despite the title, the stories in Terror Detective Story Magazine displayed neither terror nor detection, but focussed instead on blatant sexual content. Despite the presence of well-known authors like Harlan Ellison, Fredric Brown & Henry Slesar, the magazine had little to recommend it and folded after 4 issues.

    • Publishers:
      • Arnold Magazines, Inc.; 1 Appleton Street, Holyoke, MA: Terror Detective Story Magazine.
    • Editors:

    Three Detective Novels   (about)
    Announced as a companion to Three Western Novels, no trace of this magazine has yet been found and it may not exist.

    • Publishers:
      • Atlas News: Three Detective Novels.

    The Thriller (UK, 1929):   (about)
    Contained a complete mystery story (25,000 words) each issue, plus supporting serials, short stories or features. Published masses of crime, mystery and thriller serials and stories, many adapted from US sources. This was the British crime-fiction story paper which most closely resembled the American pulp magazines (in content, not format).
    Details for all issues supplied by Steve Holland.

    The Thriller

    • Publishers:
      • The Amalgamated Press, Ltd.; The Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London EC4: The Thriller.
    • Editors:

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