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    Thrilling Mysteries   (about)
    Intended as a weird-menace pulp to cash in on the success of sister publications Dime Mystery Magazine, Horror Stories and Terror Tales, Thrilling Mysteries folded after a single issue when Standard Magazines sued over the use of the word “Thrilling” and the two companies settled out of court.

    • Publishers:
      • Popular Publications, Inc.; Chicago: Thrilling Mysteries.
    • Editors:

    Thrilling Mystery:   (about)
    Thrilling Mystery started as a weird menace title in reaction to the success of titles like Dime Mystery Magazine and Terror Tales. By the 1940s it had started a gradual shift to more conventional mysteries, becoming a character pulp in September 1942 when the Green Ghost novels were shifted into it. It changed its name in 1945 to Thrilling Mystery Novel Magazine, followed two years later by Detective Mystery Novel Magazine and two years after that by 2 Detective Mystery Novels Magazine, running for a total of 88 issues in all.

    Thrilling Mystery

    • Publishers:
      • Beacon Magazines, Inc.; 22 West 48th Street, New York, NY: Thrilling Mystery, Oct 1935 – Jun 1937.
      • Better Publications, Inc.; New York: Thrilling Mystery, Jul 1937 – ????.
    • Editors:

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