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    Dan Dunn Detective Magazine    (about)
    Dan Dunn Detective Magazine was an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of comic-strip characters by placing them in pulp stories. It lasted a mere two issues.

    • Publishers:
      • C.J.H. Publications, Inc.; 49 West 45th Street, New York, NY: Dan Dunn Detective Magazine

    • Editors:

    Daring Detective (Canada):
    There were at least 14 issues of this Canadian pulp in 1941/1942. The first issue was published in May 1941 under the title Daring Detective, but the publisher was forced to change the magazine name to Daredevil Detective Stories because of conflict with the existing US true crime magazine of the same name.

    Daring Detective (Canada)

    • Publishers:
      • Daring Publishing Company; 28 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario: Daring Detective (Canada)

    • Editors:

    Daredevil Detective Stories
    Title changed from Daring Detective. The title given on the cover was Dare-Devil Detective Stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Daring Publishing Company; 28 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario: Daredevil Detective Stories, Jul 1941 – Feb 1942.
      • Adam Publishing Company; Suite 403, 455 Spadina Ave, Toronto, Ontario: Daredevil Detective Stories, Mar 1942 – Apr 1942.
      • Norman Book Company; 95 King Street, East, Suite 206, Toronto, Ontario: Daredevil Detective Stories, Aug 1942 – Oct 1942.

    • Editors:

    Dell Mystery Novels Magazine    (about)
    Dell Mystery Novels Magazine published a combination of short, hard-boiled, mystery novels and novelettes. Its first (and only) issue featured a new, short, Mike Shayne novel.

    • Publishers:
      • Dell Publishing Co., Inc.; 261 Fifth Avenue, New York 16, NY: Dell Mystery Novels (Magazine)

    • Editors:
      • Don Ward - Editor: Dell Mystery Novels (Magazine)

    Detective    (about)
    A very rare, and short-lived, magazine which was unusual in that the lead story actually started on the cover of the magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Delo Publications; Myrick Building, Springfield, MA: Detective

    Detective [v1 #3, January 1934] (large pulp)
    Issue not found - may be phantom.
    • Need Contents

    Detective (UK)
    Mike Cook, in Mystery, Detective and Espionage Magazines, describes this as a small thriller published by Gerald G. Swan twice a month (for 24 issues) during 1949. The item in question is is actually an anonymous anthology called DETECTIVE: 24 COMPLETE YARNS.

    Detective Aces (UK)    (about)
    British reprint edition of Ten Detective Aces, including some stories from Lone Wolf Detective and one from Marvel Science Stories.

    • Publishers:
      • L. Miller & Son, Ltd.; 342-344 Hackney Road, London E2: Detective Aces (UK)

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