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    Mystery Novels Magazine Quarterly:
    Initially a giant-sized, 256-page, quarterly, the magazine changed hands after only 8 issues and shrank to 128-page issues, with an emphasis on weird crime. Although the new publisher claimed their magazine was not a continuation of the previous one, the issue numbering is continuous throughout. After a further 9 issues it changed to a frontier adventure magazine called Real Northwest Adventures which is not indexed here.

    Mystery Novels Magazine
    Title changed from Mystery Novels Magazine Quarterly.

    • Publishers:
      • Winford Publications, Inc.; 165 Franklin Street, New York, NY: Mystery Novels Magazine

    Mystery Stories (UK) (1930s)    (about)
    A companion title to Mystery and Detection, Mystery Stories was a mixture of new stories and reprints, but drew mostly from lesser-known British sources or American pulps.

    • Publishers:
      • The World’s Work (1913) Ltd.; Kingswood, Surrey: Mystery Stories

    Mystery Stories [#8 (1937?)] (World’s Work, 1/-, 127pp, pulp)
    Subtitled “A Selection of Thrilling Tales of England by British Writers”. Details supplied by Alistair Durie.

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