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    Over My Dead Body!    (about)
    Features short stories, author profiles, author interviews, and other articles of general interest to mystery fans.

    • Publishers:
      • OMDB!; P.O. Box 1778, Auburn, WA 98071-1778: Over My Dead Body!

    • Editors:

    Over My Dead Body! [#0, Spring 1993] ($3.95, 48pp, quarto)
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    Pep Tec:
    The issues seen are partial reprints of US saucy pulps such as Vice Squad Detective and Spicy Detective Stories, so it is quite likely that this is actually a UK magazine (as the only known issues are in the UK) and that the listed publisher and price are a smokescreen.

    Pep Tec

    • Publishers:
      • Graphic Arts, Inc.; 501 Seventh Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN: Pep Tec

    Pep Tec [v1, February? 1937] (Graphic Arts, Inc., pulp)
    Issue not found.
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