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    Racketeer Stories    (about)
    Racketeer Stories was one of Harold Hersey’s less successful gangster pulp magazines, attempting to cash in on the popularity of Gangster Stories. It lasted for only 19 issues before being merged with its companion magazine, Gangland Stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Good Story Magazine Co., Inc.; 25 West 43rd Street, New York, NY; and later at Myrick Building, Springfield, MA: Racketeer Stories

    Racketeer Stories [v1 #1, December 1929] (Good Story Magazine Company, Inc., 20¢, 16pp, pulp)
    Unpublished “ashcan” issue containing no fiction. Details taken from Table of Contents.
    • 5 · Women in Windjammers · Anon. · ar
    • 8 · What Beggars Earn · Anon. · ar
    • 10 · American Jails and Speak-Easies · Anon. · ar
    • 12 · Why My Marriage Is a Failure · Anon. · ar

    Racket Stories    (about)
    The rumor that a pulp magazine existed by this title has not been confirmed by any positive evidence, and no issues have been found. It may have resulted from a confusion with Racketeer Stories.

    Rapid-Fire Detective Stories    (about)
    Published as a companion to Rapid-Fire Action Stories and Rapid-Fire Western Stories, Rapid-Fire Detective Stories was an undistinguished detective pulp that ran for 8 issues.

    • Publishers:
      • Rapid-Fire Publications, Inc.; 400 Pearl Street, New York, NY; and later at 405 Hudson Street, New York, NY: Rapid-Fire Detective Stories

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