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    Off Beat Detective Stories [v8 #1, March 1963] (Pontiac Publishing Corp., digest)
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    Suspect Detective Stories    (about)
    Suspect Detective Stories was a fairly standard crime digest featuring fast-action, contemporary, crime adventure stories. It never made a mark in the crowded marketplace for such fare and folded after 5 issues. The issue numbering was continued by Infinity SF.

    • Publishers:
      • Royal Publications, Inc.; 47 East 44th Street, New York 17, NY: Suspect Detective Stories

    • Editors:

    Suspense, the Mystery Magazine    (about)
    This magazine was based on the Columbia Broadcasting System radio show by the same name. Each issue also contained a preview of the next issue in the form of the first two pages of a story to be published in that issue.

    • Publishers:
      • Suspense Magazine, Inc.; 314 No. Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles 36, CA: Suspense, the Mystery Magazine

    • Editors:

    Suspense Magazine    (about)
    A second attempt to cash in on the popular CBS radio mystery show of the same name, this version also ran for only four issues but included a wider range of material including a lot of science fiction. There was a companion series of Suspense Novels that ran for 3 issues in 1951 publishing “Strange Pursuit” by N.R. DeMexico, “The Case of the Lonely Lovers” by Will Daemer and “Naked Villainy” by Carl G. Hodges.

    • Publishers:
      • Farrell Publishing Corporation; Chicago, IL: Suspense Magazine

    • Editors:

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