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    Underworlds    (about)
    Underworlds was launched as a tri-annual paperback magazine that sought “to create a bridge between crime fiction (especially, but not necessarily exclusively, of the noir school) and horror fiction”. It folded after only two issues in two years.

    • Publishers:
      • Underworlds Magazine; Ridgewood, NY: Underworlds

    • Editors:

    Variety Detective Magazine:
    Promising “12 stories for 10¢”, Variety Detective Magazine only lasted for 8 issues before changing to Lone Wolf Detective Magazine under which it ran for a further 8 years until wartime shortages brought it to an end. The early issues, at least, featured a number of unacknowledged reprints from Detective-Dragnet Magazine under different author names and titles and there are no doubt many more that have not yet been identified.

    Variety Detective Magazine [v1 #4, April-May 1939] (10¢, pulp, cover by Norman Saunders)
    • 11 · Homicide Hostess · G. T. Fleming-Roberts · nv
    • 34 · Rapid-Fire Justice · Lionel Paxton · ss
    • 37 · Hell on High Heels · Harold F. Sorensen · ss
    • 46 · Slug Safety [Mike Monk] · John Gregory · ss; possibly a reprint of “Blood on the Ice” by Anthony Clemens (Secret Agent X, February 1935).
    • 51 · Advertisement for Murder [Nelson Scott] · Eric Lennox · ss; possibly a reprint of “Murder Meteors” by Donald S. Aitken (Secret Agent X, October 1935).
    • 63 · Satan’s Hour [Robert Corliss] · Paul Adams · vi; probably a reprint of “The Expert Fixer” by Ralph Andre (Ten Detective Aces, August 1933).
    • 65 · Killer’s Choice [Neal Burton] · Dennis Layton · ss; probably a reprint of “The Big House Snatch” by Norman A. Daniels (Ten Detective Aces, September 1934).
    • 75 · Marked for a Fadeout [“Flash” Berger] · Leon Dupont · ss; probably a reprint of “Easy Does It” by W.T. Ballard (Detective-Dragnet Magazine, December 1930).
    • 81 · Portrait of Vengeance · William A. Langford · ss
    • 91 · Beauty and Bullets [Clark Willis] · Ronald Flagg · ss; probably a reprint of “Hot Cash” by Ralph Powers (Ten Detective Aces, July 1933).
    • 97 · Death Makes a Hero · Arthur Flint · ss
    • 104 · Phantom Legacy [Neil Mahon] · Regis Blake · ss; probably a reprint of “Blood Money” by Charles Molyneux Brown (Ten Detective Aces, May 1934).

    Lone Wolf Detective Magazine
    Title changed from Variety Detective Magazine.

    • Publishers:
      • Ace Magazines, Inc.; 29 Worthington Street, Springfield, MA: Lone Wolf Detective Magazine

    • Editors:
      • A. A. Wyn - Editor: Lone Wolf Detective Magazine

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