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LUPOFF, RICHARD A. (stories) (continued)

LUPTON, E. H. (fl. 2010) (stories)

LUPTON, (William) LEONARD (1907-2000) (stories)

LUPUS, MOSS (stories)

LURGAN, LESTER; pseudonym of Mabel Winifred Knowles, (1875-1949); other pseudonym May Wynne (stories)

LURIA, JACK (stories)

LURIAN, JACK (stories)

LURIAN, S. I. (stories)

LURIE, ALLISON (stories)

LURIE, CHARLES N. (stories)

LURIE, JACK (stories)

LURIE, JUNE (fl. 1946-1953) (stories)

LURIE, MORRIS (stories)

LURIE, RANAN R. (stories)

LURIE, ROD (stories)

LURTON, DOUGLAS E. (fl. 1928-1930) (stories)

LUSA, JESSE (stories)

LUSCOMBE, WILLIAM (Godfrey) (1912- ) (stories)

LUSCOMBE-WHYTE, A. P. (stories)

LUSH, LAURA (stories)

LUSHBOUGH, WM. H. (fl. 1932) (stories)



LU SHUN (stories)

LUSK, DANIEL (stories)

LUSK, HUGH H(art) (1838-1926); see pseudonym Owen Hall (stories)

LUSK, L. (stories)

LUSK, NORBERT (stories)

LUSK, RALPH (stories)

LUSK, ROBERT D. (stories)

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