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    Taboo 2 (New Classics House, 1965, 75¢, 91pp, pb)

    Tad Williams’ Mirror World (HarperPrism, June 1998, $23.00, 170pp, hc, cover by Ron Mahony)
        Original anthology of three stories, plus background information, based on a comic-book idea by Williams. Authors are Mark Kreighbaum, John Helfers, and Michelle West; illustrations by Ron Mahoney and Robin Kline. This is being promoted as an “illustrated novel.” Copyrighted by BIG Entertainment.

    Take This Man (Silhouette UK, 2000, £4.99, 717pp, pb)
        Reprint (Harlequin 2000) omnibus of 3 romantic novels, including a werewolf novel by Nora Roberts. The books are separately paginated.

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