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    The Hyborian Age by Robert E. Howard (The Robert E. Howard Foundation Press, June 2011, iv+65pp, ph, oc)
        This chapbook was provided to Legacy Circle members of the Robert E. Howard Foundation. It is a limited edition and all surplus copies were be destroyed at year’s end.
    Details taken from online listing.
    • · Background · Rob Roehm · in
    • · The Hyborian Age (Draft A) · Robert E. Howard · uw; typescript.
    • · The Hyborian Age (Draft B) · Robert E. Howard · uw; typescript.
    • · The Hyborian Age (Draft C) · Robert E. Howard · uw; typescript.
    • · The Hyborian Age · Robert E. Howard · ar LANY Cooperative Publications, 1938
      the first half was published in The Phantagraph, Feb, Aug, & Oct/Nov ’36.

    The Incredible Adventures of Dennis Dorgan by Robert E. Howard (Zebra, December 1975, 0-89083-149-1, $1.50, 192pp, pb, oc) [Dennis Dorgan]
        Reprint (FAX 1974) collection of adventure stories, mainly original, with an introduction by Darrell C. Richardson.

    The Iron Man by Robert E. Howard (Donald M. Grant, 1976, 0-937986-12-7, $7.00, 186pp, hc, co)
        Reprint (Zebra 1976) collection of three boxing stories and one boxing article by Howard.

    Isle of Pirate’s Doom by Robert E. Howard (George Hamilton, 1975, ph, nv, cover by Steve Fabian)
        Novelette. Limited to 302 copies.
    • · [illustrations] · Steve Fabian · il George T. Hamilton, 1975

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