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    Blackmail: Mystery Stories by Master Writers (The Mitre Press, 194?, 9d, 32pp, pb, an)

    Blood Rights/Flame Thrower (Roadkill Press, October 1991, no ISBN, $5.00, 30pp, quarto, oa, cover by Edward Bryant & Angela Barsotti)
        Back-to-back anthology of two horror short stories, with illustrations by Edward Bryant and Angela Barsotti. This is a signed limited edition of 300 copies.

    Blood Splattered & Politically Incorrect (Cemetery Dance Publications, December 2010, $15.00, 36pp, ph, oa)

    Blossoms (Signet, April 1995, 0-451-18249-9, $4.99, 346pp, pb, oa)
        Details supplied by Kenneth R. Johnson.

    Bolos 3: The Triumphant (Baen, September 1995, 0-671-87683-X, $5.99, 389pp, pb, oa, cover by Paul Alexander) [Bolo]
        Anthology of four stories, third in a series featuring the sentient tanks created by Keith Laumer. Stories are by Linda Evans (alone and with Robert R. Hollingsworth) and David Weber.

    The Bone Yard (Berkley, May 1991, 0-425-12726-5, $4.95, 329pp, pb, oa)
        Reissue (Dark Harvest 1988 as Night Visions VI) original horror anthology of three stories by F. Paul Wilson and novellas by Sheri S. Tepper and Ray Garton, with an introduction by Dean R. Koontz.

    Book of Mini-Sagas ed. Brian Aldiss, uncredited (Alan Sutton, 1985, 0-86299-269-9, £3.95, 256pp, tp, oa, cover by Richard Sawers)
        Anthology of 220 original 50-word “mini sagas” submitted to the Telegraph Sunday Magazine competition. Only selected contents listed.

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