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    The Flag Library for Boys   (about)
    Short-lived series from Newnes which was launched in October 1935. It is thought that four issues were published per month (although other sources state 2 per month) and the dates below should be considered provisional; certainly the British Library date all 12 issues as being published in 1935.

    Flair [v1 #3, April 1950] (50¢, 124pp, 10″ x 13″)
    Details taken from eBay listing.

    Flair [v1 #4, May 1950] (50¢, 121pp, 10″ x 13″)
    Details taken from eBay listing.

    Flame (1936)   (about)
    Flame was an Australian pulp magazine that had a four issue run in 1936. All four issues were 64 pages and the covers were abstract art deco designs. There were no interior illustrations. The stories included were general fiction with only four being considered as even marginal science fiction or fantasy. This magazine is not to be confused with the modern verse publication of The Avalon Arts Academy (U.S.) issued in the mid-50’s. (Thanks to Graham Stone for the above information.)

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