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    About Mysteries [December 1999] []
    • · Death on the Rocks · Guy Belleranti · vi; “Can you help Sheriff Dark solve the mystery of ”Death on the Rocks“?”.

    About Mysteries [January 2000] []
    • · The Deadly Friend · Guy Belleranti · vi; “A conflict between friends turns deadly—2 murders solved in under 250 words”.
    • · A Painful Day in Pinedale · Guy Belleranti · vi; “Sunday morning stick-ups aren’t supposed to happen in Pinedale… neither is murder”.
    • · A Witness’s Words · Guy Belleranti · vi; “A victim’s murmurs are the only clues to the identity of her attacker”.

    About Mysteries [February 2000] []
    • · The Case of the Broken Window [Jason Johnson] · Guy Belleranti · vi; “Some kids don’t miss any clues—Can you figure out who broke the window?”
    • · The Case of the Murdered Manager · Guy Belleranti · vi; “Unraveling the clues left by the victim, Lieutenant Molly Mulroy makes sure his killer strikes out”.
    • · Reprisal · Guy Belleranti · vi; “There are some people you just should never mess with”.

    About Mysteries [March 2000] []
    • · The Case of the Stolen Apples [Jason Johnson] · Guy Belleranti · vi; “When Mrs. Allison’s apples are stolen—and on her birthday, too—Jason follows the clues to solve the mystery”.
    • · Meeting at Midnight · Guy Belleranti · vi; “Be careful who you trust when you’re planning a murder”.

    About Mysteries [April 2000] []
    • · The Case of the Missing Money [Jason Johnson] · Guy Belleranti · vi; “Jason Johnson is back on the case when his cousin’s club house is robbed”.
    • · Dodging Shadows · Guy Belleranti · vi; “Sometimes when you are dodging shadows, you end up running right into danger”.

    About Mysteries [Spring 2000] []
    • · The Cajun Triangle · Stephen D. Rogers · vi; “What to do… What to do… when your husband is so inconsiderate as to cause you to murder him”.

    About Mysteries [August 2000] []
    • · The Expert · Guy Belleranti · vi; “When you are doing a job for the crime boss, you want to make sure you’ve hired an expert”.
    • · It’s All Relative · Donna Moore · vi; “There’s nothing like an unexpective inheritance from an unknown relative… especially when you’re prepared to do anything to get it”.

    About Mysteries [September 2000] []
    • · The Case of the Stolen Jewelry [Jason Johnson] · Guy Belleranti · vi; “When Jason Johnson is accused of the crime, he has no choice but to find the true culprit”.
    • · In a Writer’s Mind · Guy Belleranti · vi; “In mystery fiction, the time to be afraid is when the story becomes all too real in the writer’s mind”.

    About Mysteries [October 13, 2000] []
    • · A Halloween Surprise · Tim Myers · vi; “Halloween holds many surprises—and things are rarely as they seem… a halloween mini-mystery”.
    • · Trick or Treat · Tim Myers · vi; “The true rewards in life, even on Halloween, are not what treats you receive but what treats you give out… a halloween mini-mystery”.
    • · The Tell-Tale Glow · Mary Welk · vi; “A Modern Retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart”.
    • · A Howling Good Mystery [Stanley Street Irregulars] · Patricia Harrington · vi; “When a dognapper hits Stanley Street, the Stanley Street Irregulars go to work to rescue a neighbor’s pregnant dog.”

    About Mysteries [November 27, 2000] []
    • · The Cocktail Party · Michelle Giles · vi Murderous Intent Fall 1999; “You just never know what might be on the minds of the man and woman whose eyes met across a crowded room at the cocktail party”.
    • · A Messy Obsession · Nick Andreychuk · vi; “Rory’s obsession for his own form of sadistic entertainment could get him life if he’s caught”.
    • · The Fugitive · Tim Myers · vi; “Fate has a funny way of bringing her own brand of justice—even to a fugitive who’s having a really bad day”.
    • · Too Many Cozies? · Donna Moore · vi; “A tongue-in-cheek look at what could happen if you overdose on cozy mysteries”.
    • · The Assignment · Michelle Giles · vi Murderous Intent Winter 1998; “Just when the teacher had begun to lose hope for her student, she turns it around with the assignment”.
    • · Kitchen Killing · Guy Belleranti · vi; “You just never know how a kitchen killing will serve justice”.

    About Mysteries [December 26, 2000] []
    • · Frosty the Snowman · Donna Moore · vi; “Not your ordinary holiday tale, this Frosty the Snowman has murder on his mind”.
    • · The Case of the Christmas Wagon · Guy Belleranti · vi; “There’s nothing worse than having a Christmas gift stolen—but not to worry, Jason Johnson is on the case”.

    About Mysteries [January 3, 2001] []
    • · Bank on It · Remy LeDoux · vi; “There are some advantages to being behind the teller line—and you can bank on it!”
    • · Inherit the Works · Walda Cameron · vi; “There are times when you inherit just what you deserve—take, for instance, the situation in this original mini-mystery”.
    • · I Never Promised You a Rose Garden · Maddy Van Hertbruggen · vi; “Take a wild romp in this purely-for-fun flash mystery”.
    • · The Houdini Homicide · Henry Slesar · vi; “Only the master illusionist Houdini could solve this homicide”.
    • · No More Excuses · Guy Belleranti · vi; “There comes a time in every man’s life when he has no more excuses”.
    • · The Case of the Disappearing Doggie · Christine A. Verstraete · vi; “Gina and her cousin Mick decide to help little Tim find his lost dog—can you figure out where he is before they do?”
    • · Temporary Assignment · J. R. Skelton · vi; “The first day on the job can be murder”.

    About Mysteries [January 29, 2001] []
    • · You’ll Never Look Better · Guy Belleranti · vi Murderous Intent Summer 1997; “Some people never looked better than they do in death”.
    • · Two-Timing · Michelle Giles · vi; “How hard could it be to get away with murder of your two-timing husband?”.
    • · Loyal Love · Patricia Harrington · vi; “There is nothing quite like the loyal love of your cat”.
    • · Big, Beautiful Woman in Love · Chelle Martin · vi; “This big, beautiful woman in love can really knock ’em dead”.
    • · Lady Luck · Walda Cameron · vi; “Sometimes the only real luck you have is the kind you make for yourself”.
    • · Front Row Center · Jake Jacobson · vi; “When the pay price you’ve paid is too high, you want to be seated front row center”.
    • · The Wrong Combination · Janet Salvage · vi; “Why worry just because your mother thinks your boyfriend and you make the wrong combination?”.
    • · Lucky Man · Ali Seay · vi; “Sometimes there is just know way to know when you are about to become a lucky man”.
    • · Perfect Timing · J. R. Skelton · vi; “Sometimes your life depends on Perfect Timing”.

    About Mysteries [February 2, 2001] []
    • · The Thanksgiving Theft · Guy Belleranti · vi Murderous Intent Fall 1999; “Serving a warrant on Thanksgiving is no fun—for the cops or the thieves—but sometimes the smell of roasting turkey can inspire the solution to the mystery of The Thanksgiving Theft”.
    • · Physician Heal Thyself · Stephen D. Rogers · vi; “The trouble, you see, is how to hide the mud on your shoes when you’ve dug your own grave.”

    About Mysteries []
    The date the following stories were posted has not yet been identified.
    • · The Case of the Purple Hands [Stanley Street Irregulars] · Patricia Harrington · vi; “The Stanley Street Irregulars band together to catch some thieves purple handed”.
    • · A Clean View on Murder · Patricia Harrington · vi; “Never under estimate your neighbor… especially when you’re planning a murder”.
    • · Death on the Cliffs of Moher · Patricia Harrington · vi; “Irish Garda Inspector Seamus Fitzgerald matches wits against a hired killer”.
    • · The School Locker Mystery [Stanley Street Irregulars] · Patricia Harrington · vi; “The Stanley Street Irregulars are on the case when a Kosovo refugee finds ”go home“ messages in her ”.
    • · She Scrawled M for Murder · Patricia Harrington · vi; “When does a homeless camp need a detective? When one of their own is murdered”.
    • · Solved Is a Six-Letter Word · Patricia Harrington · vi; “What do you do when your livelihood depends on a crossword puzzle book—and its been stolen?”.
    • · The Bell’s Toll · Charlotte Richards · vi; “Intrigued by an iron dinner bell hanging from a lightning-blased tree, mystery writer Charlie Hanaman’s inquiries led him to a story about the toll of the bell”.
    • · “Far Away” · J. R. Skelton · vi; “When your husband is working late… again… sometimes a homemade treat can solve the problem of him being so… far away”.
    • · One Step Ahead · J. R. Skelton · vi; “To be successful in business, and in life, one must always be a step ahead of the competition”.
    • · Shopping List · J. R. Skelton · vi; “When you’ve got a rat in the house, you may find you need to add a new item to your shopping list.”

    Absolute Magnitude:   (about)
    SF adventure semi-prozine.

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