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    Accused Detective Story Magazine   (about)
    Accused Detective Story Magazine was an attractively-packaged digest with tough, fast-moving, and colorful fiction, that developed out of the pulp magazines of the 1950s. It survived for a mere four issues.

    • Publishers:
      • Atlantis Publishing Co., Inc.; 1 West 47th Street, New York 36, NY: Accused Detective Story Magazine.
    • Editors:

    Ace [v1 #5, February 1958] (25¢, quarto, cover by George Eisenberg) []
    Details taken from eBay listing.
    • · Psychiatrists Warn: “Don’t Give Up—Smoking” · Henry Jackson · ar; “The side effects of breaking the habit may do more harm that the habit itself”.
    • · Medical Operation the Army Won’t Talk About · Anthony Kemp · ar; “Science can now rebuild sex organs destroyed battle or accidents”.
    • · I Killed the African Slave King · Walter Kraemer · ts; “The big German sold ”virgins“ into brothels”.
    • · They Butchered Us Like Pigs · Jimmy Travers · ts; “The cannibals liked missionary flesh”.
    • · My Flesh Was on Fire · Michael Shrayer · ts; “The men trapped in the plane screamed and screamed”.
    • · We Slaughtered the Head-Hunters · O. Fenstemacher · ts; “When we saw what they’d done to the explorer’s wife”.
    • · Worse Than Pearl Harbor · Charles V. Nemo · ar; “Two typhoons almost destroyed a U.S. fleet - USS Hornet - USS Pittsburgh - USS Sata Fe”.
    • · We Kill and Die in Algiers · Rene Belloc · ts; “A little war can be as deadly as a big one - Bou-Halloufa”.
    • · Auto Racing Is for the Birds · Peter De Paolo · ar; “A champion may retire, but he’ll always come back”.
    • · Men Over 40 Are the Greatest Lovers · John Peters · ar; “Why pretty young girls prefer more mature males”.
    • · Science Now, Asks: Was Abraham Lincoln Sane? · W. P. Robertson · ar; “His brain was severely injured in a boyhood accident”.
    • · The Moore the Merrier · [uncredited] · pi; featuring Marian Moore.
    • · Not Just Anybody · Various · pi; featuring Ann Palmer, Gerri Goss, Francesca deScaffa, Lorraine Gleason & Liz Burgess.
    • · The Reds’ $50 Million Counterfeit · Herman Levart · ts; “The fake $100 bills were printed by the Kremlin”.
    • · The Innocent and the Damned · Joseph Hilton · ss; illustrated by Kirkbride; “He thought she was only a cheap hustler”.

    Ace [v2 #2, August 1958] (50¢, quarto) []
    Details taken from eBay listing.

    Ace [v2 #4, December 1958] (50¢, quarto) []
    Details taken from eBay listing.

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