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    Alcoholman   (about)
    Self-described as a “metaphysical crime series”, Alcoholman only had three official issues, with a fourth produced but never officially distributed, each featuring an installment of the serial “Monster Zipper” about Alcoholman, the “intoxicated detective”.

    • Publishers:
      • Mystery Island; P.O. Box 465, Clarksburg, CA 95612: Alcoholman.
    • Editors:

    Alcoholman [#2, Autumn 1998] ed. Nicky Clifton (Mystery Island, $4.99, 24pp, quarto, cover by Mr. Bubba) []
    Details supplied by Richard Bleiler. Masthead: Alex Adams, Publisher / Writer / Adventurer; Bradley Mason Hamlin, Writer/Drinker; Devilgirl, Contributing Staff; El Secreto, Contributing Staff; Nicky Clifton, Editor and Interviewer; Nicole Hamlin, Senior Editor; Robert Berry, Website Engineer.

    Aldine Adventure Library   (about)
    Publisher: Aldine Publishing Co.
    Run: Nov 1927-Dec 1928 (20 numbered issues).
    Frequency: 2 per month / 1 per month from May 1928.
    Format: 8¼″ x 5¾″; pictorial covers.
    Price: 4d.
    Editor: Walter H. Light.

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