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    All Mystery   (about)
    Dell’s first attempt to issue a mystery digest magazine. A good line-up of authors, but all with reprinted stories.

    • Publishers:
      • Dell Publishing Co., Inc.; 261 Fifth Avenue, New York 16, NY: All Mystery.

    All Sports Magazine (1936)   (about)
    Title given on the cover as The Frank G. Menke All Sports Magazine. Subtitled “Facts-Fancies-Figures-Fiction Running the Gamut of Sportdom”. Although the word “Fiction” appears on the covers, this barely qualifies as a fictionmag, as it is almost all non-fiction. The vast majority of the contents are sports coverage of the era—news, anecdotes, trivia, statistics, etc. covering virtually all sports played in the US.

    All Sports Magazine [v1 #2, November 1936] ed. Frank G. Menke (All Sports Record Book, Inc., 15¢, 96pp+, digest) []
    Details supplied by Ira B. Matetsky.
    • 85 · “Wild Bill” Hickok, Super-Pistoleer Hero—or Bad Man · Frank G. Menke · bg [Ref. James Butler Hickok]; presented “in lieu of a fiction story this month”; the author says this is an attempt at a true account of Hickok’s life, but observes that “much of his history seems fictions when put to a test, many parts of it legendary”.

    All Sports Magazine [v1 #3, 1937] ed. Frank G. Menke (All Sports Record Book, Inc., 15¢, 96pp+, digest) []
    Frequency changed to quarterly; “this #3 issue substitutes for a Midwinter Edition”. Details supplied by Ira B. Matetsky.
    • 91 · The Birdsburg Busher · Thaddeus Kowalski · ss; baseball.
    • 96 · When · [uncredited] · pm from Self-Defense Sporting Manual, Vol. 2, 1930

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