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    The Argosy (UK) [v75 #2, August 1901] ed. Herbert Morrah (George Allen, 120pp) []
    Details supplied by Denny Lien from an online copy at HathiTrust or Google Books.

    The Argosy (UK) [v75 #3, September 1901] ed. Herbert Morrah (George Allen, 116pp) []
    Details supplied by Denny Lien from an online copy at HathiTrust or Google Books.
    • 241 · England, to Thee · Arthur Leigh · pm
    • 242 · Malicious Fortune [Part 9 of 9] · Stella M. Düring · sl; copyright 1901 by Stella M. Düring in the United States of America.
    • 269 · In Modern Spain II. The Women of Spain · Havelock Ellis · ar
    • 285 · The Broader Outlook · Edith Rickert · ss; romance thwarted when her “black blood” is discovered; she will instead devote her life to teaching “little pickannies”.
    • 300 · Under the Stars · Thos. Fortebus · ar
    • 308 · “As We Forgive Them—” · Florence Aylward · ss
    • 323 · A Fair Frondeuse · Evelyn H. Gifford · ss
    • 334 · The Convalescence of the Boy · G. · ss
    • 340 · The Understudy · Horace Wyndham · ss
    • 352 · A Great Art Discovery: A Lost Titian and a Lost Velasquez · Rev. Alexander Robertson, D.D. · ar

    Argosy (US, 1882):   (about)
    Started as a boys’ magazine; in 1888 widened its areas of interest but was still basically juvenile. In Oct-1896 became an all-fiction magazine. Remained one of the leading fiction pulps until 1943 when it changed to a men’s adventure magazine. Circulation peaked at 500,000 in 1907.

    Argosy carried the “combined with All-American Fiction Magazine” on its front cover in decreasing sizes of type from September 24, 1938 through December 17, 1938--a total of 11 issues.

    The final issue of the main sequence of the magazine is “November- December 1978”. It is Vol. 338, No. 3, a misnumbering since the preceding two issues (September and October) bore the volume number of 388. This was followed by at least four issues in 1979 from a different publisher for which Argosy was subtitled “for a Greater America” and was focussed on articles attacking the government.

    The 1990 incarnation was a semi-pro version, with a good helping of SF. The origin of the numbering is not known, but does not derive from the earlier incarnations.

    The Golden Argosy
    Fiction, poetry (except that within letter, puzzle, etc. columns), and long and/or signed articles are indexed; short/unsigned filler material is ignored.

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