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    Black Magic [Vol. 5 No. 2, April/May/June 1968] (American Art Agency, $2.00, 80pp) []
    Issue partially indexed.

    Black Mask:   (about)
    Black Mask started life fairly innocuously as a general pulp running all types of fiction from adventure to romance to westerns. However, it was the advent of Joseph T. Shaw as editor in November 1926 that saw Black Mask transformed into what is generally regarded as the finest detective pulp magazine ever published. Even though Shaw was fired in 1936, the magazine continued with a consistently high standard into the early 1950s, reaching a total of 340 issues.

    The Black Mask

    • Publishers:
      • Pro-Distributors Publishing Company, Inc.; 25 West 45th Street, New York, NY: The Black Mask.
    • Editors:

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