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    Boston Review [Fall 2018] ($16.00, 128pp, tp) []
    Subtitled “Evil Empire: A Reckoning with Power.”
    Details supplied by Martin Wooster.
    • 123 · Appendix 15, Number 2. The Agent Probii Exploration · Yuri Herrera; translated by Lisa Dillman · vi
      translated from the Spanish.

    Boston Review (online) [November 2, 2016] []
    Details supplied by Martin Wooster.
    • · Stranger Things: The Rise and Fall of UFO’s and Life on the Moon · John Crowley · br [Ref. Jack Womack & Tom Gauld]; review of Flying Saucers Are Real! by Jack Womack and Mooncop by Tom Gauld.

    Boston Review (online) [March 27, 2019] []
    Neshat Khan won the Aura Estrada Short Story Contest, while Carolyn Byrne and Abigail Rose were runners-up.
    Details supplied by Martin Wooster.

    Boston Review (online) [January 28, 2022] []
    Details supplied by Martin Wooster.
    • · Simon Stålenhag’s Alternate Histories · John Crowley · br; review of The Electric State by Simon Stålenhag, Tales from the Loop by Simon Stålenhag, and season one of the Amazon Prime series Tales from The Loop.

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