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    Boys’ Life [v54 #3, March 1964] ed. Harry A. Harchar (The Boy Scouts of America, 25¢, 84pp, 10¼″ x 13½″, cover by Robert McCall) []
    Table of Contents also lists three “Articles” (one by Phil Rizzuto about then-Yankee-second-baseman Bob Richardson; one on Scouts boat-racing through the Panama Canal; and one on medicine as a career) and thirteen “Short Features,” mostly on topics involving the outdoors, handicrafts, or popular science. There is also a “Color Section” containing ten one-page comic strips, including “Pee Wee Harris” (whose origins can be traced to a boys’ book series of decades earlier), “Rocky Stoneaxe” (a frontiersman, not a caveman), “The Tracy Twins” (by Dik Browne, today best-known for Hagar the Horrible and for Hi and Lois), “Tono” (South Sea islander), “Space Conquerors!” and miscellaneous strips on American history, the Bible, and “The Romance of Chess” (!). Regular features include “Hitchin’ Rack” (letters to the alleged editor, a burro named Pedro, who specializes in snappy comebacks); “On the Screens” (brief movie reviews), “Boys’ Life Bookshelf,” “Think and Grin,” etc. Interior art is a mixture of black and white and color; ads include greeting card sales, boats, Bell Telephone, cameras, shoes, Coke, model car kits, pimple medication, cars, another “sell greeting cards and win prizes” scam, a “sell seeds and win prizes” scam, a “Sell GRIT and win prizes” scam, etc. There’s also a three-page classified ads section given over almost entirely to stamps and coins, summer camps, and junior military academies. Reading level seems appropriate for what would have been expected of average to intelligent high school students at the time.
    Details supplied by Denny Lien and James D. Keeline.

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