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    Boys’ Wonder Library   (about)
    A short-lived pocket library series from Amalgamated Press, Boys’ Wonder Library reprinted serials primarily from Chums, but included three stirring adventure serials by George E. Rochester from Boys Own Paper. Other authors include Draycot M. Dell (the last editor of Chums) under his pseudonyms Piers Anson and Rodney Holland, Leslie Beresford, John Hunter and John Wheway. All titles were abridged from their original appearances, some quite considerably.

    The Bram Stoker Society Journal [No. 3 (1991)] ed. Richard Dalby (The Bram Stoker Society, 45pp, ph) []
    Details supplied by Douglas A. Anderson.
    • 1 · Introduction · [Misc.] · in
    • 2 · Editorial · Richard Dalby · ed
    • 3 · Bram Stoker and the Tradition of Irish Supernatural Literature · Albert Power · ar
    • 22 · Witchcraft and the Origins of “The Unfortunate Fursey” · Mervyn Wall · ar
    • 35 · Bram Stoker’s Debut in an Encyclopedia · Richard Dalby · ar
    • 35 · Contemporary Reviews 3: Famous Imposters · [uncredited] · br The Bookman Spring Supplement April 1911 [Ref. Bram Stoker]
    • 38 · The Tendency of the Modern Stage: A Talk with Sir W. S. Gilbert on Things Theatrical · Bram Stoker · iv The Daily Chronicle January 2 1908 [Ref. W. S. Gilbert]

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