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    Burroughs Bulletin [Summer 1971] []
    Issue partially indexed.
    • · The Arms of Tarzan (The English Nobleman whom Edgar Rice Burroughs called John Clayton, Lord Greystoke) · Philip José Farmer · ar [Ref. Edgar Rice Burroughs]
      originally presented as a speech at the Dum-Dum banquet on Burrough’s day, 1970.

    Burten’s Follies:   (about)

    Title changed from Burten’s Follies.

    Follies [v10 #1, Winter 1933] (25¢, 40pp) []
    Pinups, joke pages, Hollywood gossip, and some fiction of sorts in an unpaginated magazine from NYC, but with no publisher or editor listed in the online copy. Listing fiction only.
    Details supplied by Denny Lien from an online copy at the Internet Archive.

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