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    The Century Magazine [v120, January 1930] (standard) []
    Issue partially indexed from The Standard Index of Short Stories by Francis J. Hannigan.

    Chacal   (about)
    Semi-professional magazine. Shayol, from the same editors, was a replacement for this title.

    • Publishers:
      • Nemedian Chronicles; Shawnee Mission, KS: Chacal, #1.
      • Daemon Graphics; Shawnee Mission, KS: Chacal, #2.
    • Editors:
    • Features:

    Challenger [#33, Winter-Spring 2011] ed. Guy H. Lillian, III (GHLIII Press; New Orleans, LA, quarto) []
    Details supplied by Martin Wooster.
    • 42 · Wings O’Bannon Rides Again · Mike Resnick · ss; private eye parody.
    • 59 · The Fabulous ’Nufties · Taral Wayne · ss; really a “non-fact” faaaanish article about a fictional faaaanish fan. But I’m going to call it a short story.

    Challenger [#41, Summer 2017] ed. Guy & Rose-Marie Lillian []
    Fiction only indexed.
    Details supplied by Martin Wooster.
    • 32 · Visitor’s Night at Joey Chicago’s · Mike Resnick · ss Something Magic This Way Comes ed. Martin H. Greenberg & Sarah A. Hoyt, DAW, 2008
    • 66 · The Damned Man · Guy Lillian · ss

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