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    Crime Story Magazine [v6 #5, March 1953] (Blue Diamond Publishing Company, 1/3d, 66pp, digest) []
    Issue not indexed.

    Crime Story Magazine [v6 #8, February 1954] (Blue Diamond Publishing Company, 1/3d, 64pp, digest) []
    • · Corruption City · Jeff Bogar · n. Hamilton & Co., 1951

    Crime Story Magazine (second series)

    • Publishers:
      • Blue Diamond Publishing Company: Crime Story Magazine.
      • Page Publications Pty. Ltd.; Surry Hills, New South Wales: Crime Story Magazine.

    Crime Time   (about)
    Crime Time was a critical journal that occasionally featured fiction—usually novel extracts, but sometimes original short stories as well.

    • Publishers:
      • CT Publishing; Oldcastle Books, P.O. Box 394, Harpenden, AL5 1XJ: Crime Time.
      • Crime Time; 7A King Henry’s Walk, Islington, London N1 4NX: Crime Time.
    • Editors:

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