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    Different (1945)   (about)
    Different was a quarto magazine edited by Lilith Lorraine. It was published by the Avalon World Arts Academy, Rogers, Arkansas. The earliest issue appeared in the World War II era but has not been seen. The first issue actually examined was #18, March-April, 1948.

    Different was a pretentious magazine. It mainly was an outlet for poetry but it did carry the occasional piece of fiction. The poetry and the fiction could be of a fantastic bent or they could be mainstream. Both the goal of the magazine and its flavor can be found in the following from Lilith Lorraine’s article on the history of Different. “Different was founded as a sincere attempt to use whatever influence we might attain to salvage some last remnants of American culture and to restore within the limits of that influence some of the lost glory of the poetry of earth. For poetry, as we have said before, is the atomic energy of the soul, which exploded against the battlements of hate and terror will level them in the dust of oblivion and leave the liberated soul free in an expanding universe.”

    The issues seen all had the same cover by Elizabeth Manning. They were priced at 35¢ and then at 50¢ for the last few issues. All of the issues were 32 pages in length not counting the covers. The last quarto sized issue was v7 #3 dated Autumn 1951. The magazine was then reborn in a large saddle-stapled digest format in Spring 1953. It was now 40 pages and was published in Floral Park, Long Island, New York. The price remained 50¢ and the numbering was resumed with v7 #4. This incarnation lasted eight issues (v7 #4 to v7 #7 and v8 #1 to v8 #4). It ended with the Winter 1954 issue (v8 #4). The last issue mentions the continuation of Different as an annual hardback but that can not be confirmed.

    Different ran poetry from unknowns and from established authors. John Updike, Clark Ashton Smith, Stanton Coblentz and many others all appeared in the 12 or more pages of poetry per issue. There was also the occasional piece of fiction and an article or two of interest. The items listed below reflect those stories and articles. Please keep in mind that most issues of Different were not found. Hence the absence of a listing normally means that the issue was not available for inspection. Lilitth Lorraine also published two other magazines that were totally poetry; Flame and Challenge.

    • Publishers:
      • Avalon World Arts Academy; Rogers, AR: Different.
    • Editors:

    Different [v1 #2, May-June 1945] (quarto) []
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    Different [v1 #3, July-August 1945] (quarto) []
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    Different [v1 #4, September-October 1945] (quarto) []
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