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    Everybody’s Story Magazine   (about)
    Story Magazine [“Vol. 1”; standard-size pulp in green cloth binding] (title and volume number are given on the spine only [but internal evidence of story-series numbering suggests “Vol. 1” is incorrect]; there is no indication inside as to publisher or dates; no masthead, no contents page, no issue covers, no editorial articles, no illustrations, no adverts; the layout is two-column throughout, and the print quite large; there are 768 pages, so if it was a monthly [as seems highly likely], and if this represents six months’ worth of the magazine, each issue would be 128pp). Further research suggests actual title is Everybody’s Story Magazine. Details supplied by David Pringle.

    Everybody’s Story Magazine [v3 #5, March 1911] (pulp) []
    Details supplied by David Pringle.
    • 513 · The Round Room Horror · A. Demain Grange · ss
    • 526 · Peter’s Pudding · Chris Fairlawn · ss
    • 532 · Windyknowe: The Doctor’s Bride · Ralph Dundas · ss; “Every story in this series is complete in itself”.
    • 544 · The Mystery of the Prison-House · Adam Barnhart Brown · ss
    • 553 · The Meteoric Career of Mr. Barry Webbling, Episode Three: A Glorious Restoration · William Freeman · ss; “a new and most diverting series of stories”.
    • 562 · Is She Had Known! · Noreen Culmer · ss
    • 570 · An Amateur Philanthropist · Helen H. Watson · ss
    • 581 · The Tragedy of the ’Mabel Allington’ · Henry MacDonald · ss
    • 590 · A White Lie · Hans Arnold · ss; translation from German.
    • 600 · Ann Fletcher’s Rash Attempt · John Inglis · ss
    • 609 · The Queen of the Island · L. B. Thoburn-Clarke · ss
    • 617 · The Marriage of Camilla · Laura Kingscote · ss
    • 624 · The Faithful Jarvis · Marie F. Salton · ss
    • 630 · Phineas Tooper, Dealer in Queer Lots: The Great Cache of the Blue Indians · Charles Henry · ss; “Each story in this series is complete in itself”.

    Everybody’s Weekly [No. 1, March 11, 1911] (London: Amalgamated Press, 1d, 44pp, 8½″ x 11½″, cover: photo of Oswald Mosley by Elliot & Fry) []
    From a bound volume (in poor shape) at the University of Minnesota. (Minnesota and U of Texas seem to be the only US libraries holding this title, though given the confusion with the later UK title of similar name it’s hard to be sure.) For the first issue I’m listing all substantial items; thereafter fiction only (with perhaps some exceptions). Much of the issue is filled with ads, mostly for downmarket products. Details supplied by Denny Lien.

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