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    Essex Chronicle [June 23, 1944] (newspaper) []
    Details supplied by Steve Holland.
    • · A Letter from Adolf Hitler · John Tanner · ss; Tanner’s stories appear regularly in the Newsman-Herald, Fridays and Tuesdays; the narrator of these yarns is a Fleet Street journalist.

    Essex Chronicle [February 11, 1949] (newspaper) []
    Details supplied by Steve Holland.
    • · My Pretty Maid · Eliza Vaughan · ss; “The Jane Austin of Essex” who died last week at the age of 85. She was laid to rest on Monday (Feb 7th) in her native village, Finchingfield, which she truly loved. Eliza Vaughan wrote charmingly about the people who live in Essex villages. There was no one who knew as much about her beliefs and superstitions of the Essex countryside.

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