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    Fantasy Mongers [#14, Spring 1985] ed. W. Paul Ganley (W. Paul Ganley, $1, 24pp, quarto, cover by Jean Corbin) []
    At one point in the editorial, Ganley refers to the magazine as Fantasy Mongers Quarterly but everywhere else in the issue it’s still just Fantasy Mongers.
    Details supplied by Denny Lien.

    Fantasy Mongers Quarterly [#28, Winter 1988/1989] ed. W. Paul Ganley (W. Paul Ganley, 16pp, cover by Tarkas) []
    Details supplied by Michael Brown.
    • 1 · Entr’acte · [The Editor] · ed; notes this is final issue, subscriptions moving to Caz’s new fanzine “Fantasy Collector”; nothing else but ads.

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