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    Futuristic Stories   (about)
    Both issues are unnumbered and undated; they are believed to have been published in late 1946. See also Strange Adventures, a companion title in the same format.

    • Publishers:
      • Hamilton & Co. Ltd.; London, England: Futuristic Stories.

    Futuristic Tales:   (about)

    • Publishers:
      • Futuristic Tales; Spit Junction, NSW: Futuristic Tales.
    • Editors:

    G-Men:   (about)
    G-Men was launched by Standard Magazines in 1935 and rapidly established itself as the most popular of those featuring federal agent crime stories. It ran for 53 monthly issues until Feb-1940 at which point the decline of interest in “G-Man” stories caused a slight change in title (and emphasis) to G-Men Detective and a shift to a bimonthly schedule (occasionally falling to quarterly) which it maintained for a further 59 issues until the magazine folded in Winter 1953.


    • Publishers:
      • Beacon Magazines, Inc.; 22 West 48th Street, New York, NY: G-Men.

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