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    The Guardian [January 15, 2022] []
    • · “The Collapse of Humanity Is Deathly Funny”: Gary Shteyngart on Writing Comedy in Difficult Times · Gary Shteyngart · ar

    The Guardian [April 22, 2022] []
    • · “Villanelle Will Be Back!” Killing Eve’s Author Speaks Out Over the Catastrophic TV Finale · Luke Jennings · ar
    • · “Life is short, so you have to get on with it”: AF Steadman on Unicorns, Leaving Law and Her Record-Breaking Book Deal · Claire Armistead · iv [Ref. A. F. Steadman]

    The Guardian [August 16, 2022] []
    • · “More Zeroes Than I’ve Seen in My Life”: The Author Who Got a Six-Figure Deal Via “BookTok” · Alison Flood · ar [Ref. Alex Aster]

    The Guardian [August 27, 2022] []
    • · “I Just Wanted My Life to End”: The Mystery of Agatha Christie’s Disappearance · Lucy Worsley · ex [Ref. Agatha Christie]
      from Agatha Christie: A Very Elusive Woman forthcoming from Hodder & Stoughton (September 2022).

    The Guardian [September 17, 2022] []
    • · “I Think I Was Good, Though I Could Have Been Better”: Terry Pratchett and the Writing of His Life · Rob Wilkins · ex from Terry Pratchett: A Life with Footnotes, Doubleday, September 2022

    The Guardian [October 29, 2022] []
    • · Talking Typewriters and Slithering Eels: An Extract from Garth Marenghi’s Chilling New Novel · Garth Marenghi · ex
      from TerrorTomes forthcoming from Hodder Studio (November 3, 2022).
    • · Garth Marenghi: “Many writers cite me as an influence…and I will be suing them all” · Rich Pelley · iv [Ref. Garth Marenghi]
    • · Jonathan Coe: “We’re a nation driven by emotion and not by reason” · Lisa Allardice · iv [Ref. Jonathan Coe]

    The Guardian [November 5, 2022] []
    • · “I Want to Open a Window in Their Souls”: Haruki Murakami on the Power of Writing Simply · Haruki Murakami; translated by Philip Gabriel & Ted Goossen · ex from Novelist as a Vocation, Doubleday, November 2022
      translated from the Japanese.

    The Guardian [November 8, 2022] []
    • · “If masterpiece means anything, it means Cat’s Cradle”: The Kurt Vonnegut Novels Everyone Should Read · John Self · ar [Ref. Kurt Vonnegut]

    The Guardian [November 16, 2022] []
    • · Ink · Olivia Douglass · ss; winner of the 4thWrite prize for short story by a previously unpublished writer of colour, sponsored by the Guardian and publisher 4th Estate.
    • · Olivia Douglass Wins 4thWrite Prize for “Gripping” Short Story Ink · Sarah Shaffi · ar [Ref. Olivia Douglass]

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