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    Hampton’s Magazine:   (about)
    Hampton’s Magazine—USA; Apr. 1898-May 1912; began as The Broadway Magazine (to Nov. 1907), then The New Broadway Magazine (to Sep. 1908), then Hampton’s Broadway Magazine (to Jan. 1909); Benjamin Hampton; monthly; standard format, coated stock, at its peak reached 312pp (130pp of advertising), price 15¢; went letter-size Feb. 1912 (i.e. briefly a big slick); editors Theodore Dreiser, Harris Merton Lyon, Ray Long; circulation rose from 13,000 in 1906 to 444,000 in 1911; authors of fiction included Jack London, O. Henry, Damon Runyon, P. G. Wodehouse, Ellis Parker Butler, Edwin Balmer.
    Details supplied by David Pringle.

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