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    Illustrated [v5 #23, July 21, 1943] (Odhams Press, 3d, 28pp, tabloid) []
    Details supplied by Mike Ashley.
    • 18 · Defender of the Balkans · Willi Frischauer · ar
    • 23 · Minchenko, the Schoolmaster · B. L. Jacot · ss; based on a true episode.

    The Illustrated Detective Magazine:   (about)
    Launched in 1929, Illustrated Detective Magazine was a smooth, bright-coloured, slick-papered publication that was sold exclusively in Woolworth’s and was aimed mainly at female customers. After 33 (mainly) monthly issues the title was changed to the rather more bland Mystery, as which it lasted for a further three years. Note that some of the stories listed may be true cases.

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