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    Jackson’s Novels [#5, 1882] (James Jackson, 1d, 32pp) []
    • · Scouting Dave, the Trail Hunter · James L. Bowen, uncredited · nv American Tales April 18 1865, as “Scouting Dave; or, The Winnebago Renegade. A story of the Black Hawk War”

    Jackson’s Novels [#7, 1882] (James Jackson, 1d, 32pp) []
    • · The Silent Rifleman. A tale of the Texan prairies · Henry W. Herbert, uncredited · nv (r)
      reprint from Williams Brothers, 1848 (Pierre, the Partisian. A tale of the Mexican marches)

    Jaguar [v1 #1, 1961] ed. E. C. Harris (American Art Agency, 50¢, 48pp) []
    assoc. ed. Alfred H. Strull.
    Details supplied by Richard Newsome from an online copy at the Internet Archive. Listing fiction and articles only.

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